justice denied by anamaulida


									From: kaushik jogia Date: 24-07-2010 10:35:34 To:
cpbangalore@rediffmail.com Subject: Fw: Fwd: Justice delayed
Respected sir . I am forwarding this mail which I had sent to all
respective people and the dept.   The details been mention on accident
case in which we lost our only son . Sir the Mahazar done by the circle
inspector of police channapatna is complete wrong . How do I lodge the
complaint and asking the explanation. On what ground he as shown the
other car toppled. I have all the copy's and the case history. Thanking
you   Awaiting for reply . Kaushik jogia    9845172908/ 9845029228
-------Original Message-------     From: Chief Minister of Karnataka
cm.kar Date: 17-07-2010 11:06:28 To: prs-home@karnataka.gov.in; secy-
law@karnataka.gov.in Cc: kaushikjogia@gmail.com Subject: Fwd: Justice
delayed     for necessary action      ----- Original Message ----- From:
kaushik jogia   Date: Friday, July 16, 2010 3:20 pm Subject: Justice
delayed To: "Chief Minister of Karnataka cm.kar"    Cc: KAMALASAMY ,
cskarnataka@gmail.com, suresh.sadisu@gmail.com, secy-
law@karnataka.gov.in, secyegov-dpar@karnataka.gov.in, splsecy-
law@karnataka.gov.in, Rajdeep Sardesai , SCI , cj@network18online.com,
barkha@ndtv.com, complaint@network18online.com, pscm@mail.kar.nic.in,
vpbaligar@hotmail.com, pmosb@pmo.nic.in, 10janpath@vsnl.net,
vsacharya@gmail.com, scic@karnataka.gov.in,
dhananjay.mahapatra@timesgroup.com, toiblr.reporter@timesgroup.com,
secretarykshrc@gmail.com, amitabh.srivastava@aajtak.com,
crimereporter@zeenetwork.com, niranjan.keggere@timesgroup.com,
bmfeedback@indiatimes.com, deepthi.sridhar@timesgroup.com, JAGO-
INDIA@yahoogroups.com, RTI INDIA , rti-pib

       Respected chief minister sri yediurappa.     My name is kaushik
jogia. I have been interacting you on your official mail ID since last 20
months on my accident case in which we lost our only, son who came to us
after 10 years of wedding and he was 3years 3 month at the time of
accident.     Sir I do got the reply from you only after the PMO
intervene saying for necessary action, but nothing as happen so far. Sir
the TRIBUNAL CASE NUM CR 6889/10 and CR 6891/10. S.C.C.H 12 at bangalore
pass the order for 2 lakh 50 thousand to words compensation including
all.since the supreme court as fix the amount on the minor death for
1lakh 80 thousand only.I don't see any kind of justice or transparency in
this verdict,and the amount fix by the supreme court of India. I had also
written to Prime minister and he acknowledged my petition, I got the copy
sent from PMO Ref num 7/3/2010-PMP4/114553 dated 20/01/2010 singed by
B.K. Sharma section officer directing to CHIEF SECRETARY GOVT OF
KARNATAKA FOR APPROPRIATE ACTION. Again I had written to PMO on 3-5-2010
on the same subject, I got the information copy on 28-05-2010 directing
chief secretary govt of karnataka for action.     Sir I have updated
R.T.nagar police St as they had called me for the details on the case a
month ago. Sir the criminal case is in the Channapatna court case num CR
387/08 nothing as happen so far,The mahazar done by the circle inspector
of police channapatna, the sketch showing the other car been toppled
which hit from the behind, and the car num is also wrong in the charge
sheet,if its done on the mistake ground how can such error take place?.
Its deep hurting the way law and justice works it takes years for
justice, do anything take the bail and the dates will be followed. Every
day its frustrating, anger, pain, to words the system where to get the
justice its a big pain, its more painful then the lost of only son. We do
talk a lot on the transparency,non corruption,truth, etc etc but how far
been implemented?. Since year and a half I been writing to all the
related department,state minister, central minister,supreme court,RTI,all
the media news, there is nothing left for me now and I am forced to wait
for justice with this handicap system of law.        Sir I will ask you
this . Put your self as me watching the car toppled for six time your
only son been thrown out,your wife laying middle of the high way
unconscious and someone holding your son who is 40 meters away,neck turn
up ward When you take him into your arms pumping from mouth to mouth, and
when you reach the hospital the Dr says he is no more. The next ward is
your wife laying in critical condition , and just after 20 min police
arrives and your filing FIR in front of your son dead body.   Will you
able to wipe this things from the sub conscious mind?. Imagine this and
tell me honestly what would you have done ?.      Sir there are two
aspects of life one involved another spectator. I had no courage to go in
my son funereal. I am demanding the rigorous punishment to the person who
left us with this trauma and with out child.      Sir if the justice
denied I have to convinced my self saying that what ever happen is the
justice.      Kaushik jogia

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