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					SOC 213 Deviant Behavior         Dodd Bogart              Exam 3-B         11-13-01


Chapter 9 - Heterosexual deviance

1.Sociobiologists regard the ______ difference in adultery as the most significant finding because it exists in
virtually all societies. A. income; B. religious; C. gender; D. racial; E. legal   (P. 207)

2.According to the Perkins' study, ______ is the most important reason for entering prostitution. A. money; B.
nymphomania; C. excitement/adventure; D. curiosity; E. independence (p. 220)

3.In discussing why some women become prostitutes, the primary difference between psychological and
sociological theory rests on the assumptions of ______ and ______ . A. Abnormality, normality; B.
promiscuity, monogamy; C. patriarchy, matriarchy; D. functionalism, feminism; E. addiction, rehabilitation
         (P. 232)

4.According to the text, research suggests that people who engage in adultery are (best answer) ______ than
monogamous men and women. A. More immature; B. much less sexually active; C. much more sexually active;
D. more likely to be from sexually repressed families; E. more frequent pornography users                 (P.

5.       Which statement is NOT true of sexual harassment? A. any sexual misconduct that makes the
workplace environment so hostile or abusive to the victims that they find it hard to perform their jobs; B.
Involves a more powerful person victimizing the less powerful; C. With current gains in occupational gender
equality, women are now just as likely to engage in sexual harassment as men; D. Occurs most frequently in
traditionally and heavily male-dominated occupations; E. Reflects men's attempts to preserve their traditional
dominance over women (P. 212)

6.Liberals find pornography distasteful, and they ______ censorship because they view pornography as ______.
A. Applaud, horrific; B. are indifferent to, economically beneficial; C. oppose, harmless; D. oppose, healthy; E.
None of the above       (p. 205)

7.According to the National Opinion Research Center (1994), an individual is MORE LIKELY to have
extramarital sex if they possess which of the following social characteristics? A. Female; B. Regular church
attendance; C. Higher household income; D. Those who have had premarital sex; E. None of the above (p.

Chapter 10 - Homosexuality and Homophobia

8.Which of the following statements is true? A. All gay men walk like
women; B. Most child molesters are heterosexual; C. Gay men play one "role":
either a dominant or a submissive partner; D. Same-sex orientation is a mental
illness; E. gay men and lesbians have an unfulfilled, unnatural sex life. (P. 237-238)

9.Marcus (1933) defined "coming out" in all of the following stages EXCEPT: A. coming out; B. Commitment;
C. Sensitization, D. Dissociation; E. these are all stages of "coming out" (P. 244)

10.In June, 1969, the ______ began when men and women protested violently against police harassment at the
Stonewall Inn. A. Daughters of Bilitis; B. Matachine Society; C. The gay power movement; D. Queer
Nation; E. Same-sex marriage movement          (P. 259)

11.In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association began to refer to the problems that some gay men and lesbians
have with their sexual orientation as: A. Deviant sexual behavior; B. A temporary phase; C. Sexual
orientation disturbance; D. Special sexual preference; E. None of the above
(p. 262)

12.The Reproductive Norm would indicate that ______ is NOT deviant. A. Premarital sex; B. Extramarital
sex; C. Sex between married persons; D. Oral sex; E. Sex with a prostitute (P. 252)

13.Which of the following is a way that gay male couples differ from heterosexual couples? A. The gay couple
has a greater sensitivity to power imbalances; B. The gay couple are far more sexually exclusive; C. The gay
couple take roles of husband and wife from traditional (heterosexual) society; D. The gay couple tend to shun
marital roles; E. None of the above are true
(p. 244)

14.Examining the brain tissue of deceased gay and straight men to explain the difference between homosexual
and heterosexual identification falls into which major classification? A. Natural theory; B. Sociological theory;
C. Biological theory; D. Psychiatric theory; E. None of the above (p. 261)\

Chapter 11 - Drug Use

15.According to Goode (1981), which of the following statements about cocaine is FALSE? A. It increases
fatigue; B. It provides a sense of well being; C. It enhances self-confidence; D. It gives the user a sense of
elation; E. It causes sexual dysfunction(p 274)

16.Most drug users with AIDS are addicted to ______. A. Crack cocaine; B. Marijuana; C. Roofies; D.
Heroin; E. Cocaine     (P. 279)

17.According to Currie's economic deprivation theory, poor people turn to drugs to: A. Fulfill the need for
status; B. Make money; C. Escape poverty; D. Achieve social mobility; E. None of the above (p. 285)

18.     According to Thio, which of the following theories is the LEAST credible in explaining drug use?         A.
Cognitive association theory; B. biological theory; C. drug enslavement theory; D. economic deprivation
theory; E. general deviance syndrome theory      (p. 284)

19.      Unlike today, in the 17th century, people in China and Turkey would be put to death for: A.
Drinking alcohol; B. smoking hashish; C. smoking opium; D. eating psychedelic mushrooms; E. smoking
tobacco (p. 268)20.      Marijuana is: A. Physically addictive, but not psychologically addictive; B. Both
physically and psychologically addictive; C. psychologically addictive but not physically addictive; D. neither
physically nor
psychologically addictive; E. There is no consistent research to prove or disprove either form of addiction
        (P. 271)


Video #9 - Searching for Satan

21.At Rush North Side Presbyterian Medical Center, Mary was evaluated by ______ who used an analogy of
______ to describe Mary's condition in lay terms. A. Dr. Bennett Braun, rolling marbles; B. Dr. Roberta
Sachs, shattered vase pieces; C. Dr. Judith Peterson, scattered toothpicks; D. Dr. Meredith Shriner, crashing
waves; E. Dr. Jack Leggett, blowing leaves

22.Which of the following events in the community was coincident with the onset of Mary's illness? A. A
series of church sermons on Satanic cults; B. a fire in the apartment building where Mary's family lived; C. a

shooting at the neighborhood school; D. an increase in gang rapes in the neighborhood; E. people moving out of
the neighborhood because of the economy

23.Which of the following was included in Pat Burgess's history of the cult? A. matrilineal descent; B.
connections with Druids; C. connections with southern Slavic Europe; D. avuncular descent; E. connections
with eastern Balkan Europe

24.Which Best Seller book related the experience of an individual whose unhappiness was traced to satanic
ritual abuse by her family?     A. Michele Remembers; B. Losing Their Identity; C. Theresa's Story; D. A
Road Less Traveled; E. Satanic Cult Rituals

25.Mary worked as a ______ before being committed? A. Store clerk; B. Small business owner; C. Full-time
housewife and mother; D. telecommunications technician; E. School teacher

26.Geraldo Rivera interviewed which of the following? A. members of satanic cults; B. families of cult
members; C. Well known therapists; D. Clergy from Mary's church; E. academics who studied cults by

27.Children in MPD treatment were rewarded for doing which of the following? A. Telling good stories; B.
"ratting" on each other; C. Performing well in school; D. Participating in art therapy; E. Eating well and good
behavior at meals

Video #10 - Navy Blues

28.'Tailhook' became known to the public in 1991 because of which event? A. The Admiral's Panel discussed
the U.S. Navy's position regarding women pilots in combat aircraft; B. Lieutenant Paula Coughlin blew the
whistle on improper sexual conduct; C. the Secretary of the Navy personally awarded the Distinguished Flying
Cross to naval aviators for their actions in the Gulf War; D. officer's all night parties attracted public attention;
E. Ensign Rebecca
Hansen levied charges of sexual misconduct against Lieutenant Larry Myer

29.What did "PC", Admiral Boorda's slogan for the Navy in the 1990's, stand for?        A. Public concern; B.
People care; C. politically correct; D. power controversy; E. promotion cancelled

30.The final straw which led to Admiral Boorda taking his life was: A. stress from the Tailhook scandal; B. a
sexual harassment case filed against him; C. his dishonor, by wearing two "V" insignia which he had not earned;
D. lack of support from the Old Guard; E. his loss of credibility due to Admiral Arthur's retirement

31.Women in the Navy have many adjustments. The toughest challenge for the women in the film was: A.
bad weather during night landings; B. Becoming a pilot; C. living in close quarters; D. basic training; E.
separation from their families

32.How did Lt. Hultgreen prove herself worthy to enter the elite Knighthood of Naval Aviators? A. By
taking first place in naval flight competitions; B. by gaining admittance to the U.S. Navy Top Gun school; C. by
being at the top of her class in basic flight training school; E. by holding her own at the annual Tailhook

33.What is "flagging"? A. A black mark on a pilot's training flight; B.
being marked for rapid promotion; C. Becoming a pilot; D. basic training; E.
Being singled out for special scrutiny and review

34. Which group in the Navy was first to receive blame for the Tailhood scandal? A. The top brass; B. The
women pilots; C. the flight pilots; D. A few junior officers; E. The retired officers group

Video #11 - The Transformation

35.In a dramatic exchange, Richard says: "I just hate them." He is referring to: A. The members of his
original church; B. his breasts; C. his sexual urges; D. All the sins of his youth; E. His parents

36.When Ricardo (helping Terry) presses Gigi to "come with us, we have a place for you", Gigi responds: A.
"I can't right now"; B. "How would I support myself"; C. "I tried going straight before and it did not work"; D.
"You know what the problem is"; E. "Do you trust him (Terry) that much?"

37.As Ricardo contemplates the end of his life, he is most fearful of one thing; which is: A. losing Betty; B.
Being unable to pay his bills; C. growing thin and ugly; D. Having to face God; E. Not knowing what he is

38.Terry and Sara met each other ______.     A. In a church; B. at the Salt Mines; C. on the streets of Dallas; D.
In a rehabilitation clinic; E. In jail

39.After adopting a masculine image, Ricardo states that the reason he was gay is because ______. A. He
was born gay; B. he liked to wear women's clothing as a young boy; C. people called him a "faggot" when he
was growing up; D. He didn't do well in school; E. The gay culture is much more liberal in Cuba

40.When discussing the transformations of Ricardo and Hugo, Jovana suggests that they ______. A. Take a
lie-detector test; B. attend Bible classes; C. Take more time to repent their past lives; D. find jobs as social
workers; E. move in with her

41.Before he got married to Betty, Ricardo almost returned to the streets and to his life as a drag queen when he
______. A. Realized, after talking to Hugo, that he was not being true to himself; B. saw Gigi's videotaped
message; C. traveled back to New YorkCity with Terry, in order to bring his friends into the church; D.
Realized that he had nothing else to lose since he already was
HIV positive; E. Found out he could not get married in his church because of his past

42.Robby and Jim were in Ricardo's life for the purpose of ______: A. helping him choose a wife; B.
Convincing him to stay on the streets; C. assisting him in locating a rehab program; D. Disciplining him; E.
assisting him in getting a formal education in the U.S.

Video #12 - Godfather of Cocaine

43.Escobar's move of the headquarters of the cocaine business to Nicaragua followed ______: A. the U.S.
sponsored raid on his hacienda; B. Seals turning informant to avoid prison; C. threats from other members of the
cartel; D. some of the above; E. None of the above

44.According to the video; what gap in the drug distribution was filled by the development of the drug cartel in
the city of Medellin? A. Heroine; B. marijuana; C. cocaine; D. alcohol; E. None of the above

45.Lamb, the American ambassador, suggests that Colombians did not perceive cocaine as a Colombian
problem because: A. Of Hispanidid; B. they didn't use cocaine; C. it was just another export product; D. the
consumers were U.S. citizens; E. all of the above

46.Escobar got his start in the drug trade by ______. A. supplying ether; B. driving coca paste;C. serving as
in-house counsel to the Ochoa family; D. flying heroin and marijuana between Colombiaand the U.S.; E. Hiring
himself out as a contract killer

47.     Escobar's power base had its roots in ______.    A. La Catedral; B. the DEA; C. Tranquilandia; D. the
Palace of Justice; E. The barrios

48.     The most critical factor in the creation of a big American market for Colombian cocaine was: A.
American movie stars; B. The American drug policy under the Reagan administration; C. The American use of
pot; D. American foreign aid to Colombia; E. American collusion with Panama's dictator,

49.According to the video, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) used ______ to initially locate cocaine
production facilities in Colombia. A. Surveillance spy planes; B. intercepted communications; C.
transponders in ether shipments; D. paid informants; E. Combined U.S. and Colombian military patrols

50.In the video, Escobar is shown in various roles, but never as a ______. A. National folk hero; B. Ruthless;
C. strategic thinker; D. Devoted family man; E. Statesman


Chapter 9 - Heterosexual deviance

51.If you believe that pornography is dangerous to communal values such as marriage and the family, you agree
with the ______ view of pornography. A. liberal; B. feminist; C. radical; D. conservative; E. legitmate
        (P. 205)

52.According to the text's author, men participate in adultery more than women because of: A. a widespread
belief that men should prove their masculinity; B. An evolutionary need to create children; C. The male role in
all cultures that permits adultery; D. The belief of women that men should be permitted to wander; E. Male's
higher levels of testosterone (P. 207-208)

53. Which of the following is NOT a reason why someone might become involved in cybersex? A. The need
for anonymity; B. The need for an inexpensive sexual encounter; C. The relative convenience of finding sex
partners; D. The sharing of sexual fantasies; E. The fear of actual physical sex with another person   (p.

54.     Which of the following definitions of sexual harassment was accepted by the Supreme Court in 1993?
A. Any conduct leading to severe psychological injury; B. any conduct that involves actual sexual contact in the
workplace; C. Casual lewd remarks; D. Any conduct that makes the workplace environment hostile or abusive;
E. any conduct that could be interpreted as lewd and licentious (P. 211)

55.      Which of the following statements about the relation of AIDS to prostitution is TRUE? A. Only
long-term prostitutes have a chance of contracting AIDS; B. A major negative aspect of prostitution is its role in
spreading the AIDS virus; C. relatively few prostitutes in the United States
contract the AIDS virus; D. Few prostitutes in America insist on condomes and therefore most catch the AIDS
virus from their clients; E. In countries where prostitution is legal, most of the prostitutes there have the AIDS
virus(p. 221)

56. Sociologist Kingsley Davis asserted that prostitution exists because: A. The economic system demands it;
B. The genders are separate and unequal; C. the moral system encourages it; D. Of the courts reluctance to
prosecute prostitutes; E. The police try to suppress it            (P. 230)

Chapter 10 - Homosexuality and Homophobia

57.Which of the following statements about the differences between sexual orientations is TRUE? A. People
are either completely gay or straight; B. If a person commits one or two homosexual acts, he or she is
considered gay or lesbian; C. The difference between sexual orientation is actually a matter of degree; D.
Sexual orientation is determined by biology; E. Sexual orientationis strongly related to being male or female
         (p. 238)

58.Research has documented that children raised by gay parents ______: A. are much more likely to become
gay themselves; B. Are no more likely than children with heterosexual parents to become homosexual; C.
Rarely have problems accepting their parents; D. Rarely have problems being accepted by friends and their
friend's parents; E. Usually have psychological and school
problems          (P. 247)

59.Which of the following norms is used to define homosexuality as deviant?
A. The norm of sexual exclusiveness; B. the norm that sex should involve people
of different genders; C. The norm that married couples should produce children;
D. The norm that love should precede sex; E. The norm that deviance will lead
to crime         (p. 252)
60.      The majority of new AIDS cases today come from ______. A. Older
homosexuals; B. younger homosexuals; C. lesbians; D. IV drug users; E.
Prostitutes               (P. 258)

61.Studies that seem to support the biological theory of homosexuality: A. Have clearly demonstrated that
biological factors are a determinant of homosexuality; B. Strongly demonstrate that only biological factors can
cause homosexuality; C. conclude that social factors are actually more important than biological factors; D.
Have shown that homosexuality is associated with
chromosomal defects; E. Can only suggest that biological factors create a predisposition toward homosexuality
                 (P. 263)

62.According to social constructionists, which of the following overall statements about the causes of
homosexuality is true? A. genetic and other biological factors cause homosexuality; B. the social environment
causes homosexuality; C. homosexuality is simply a label that some persons place on others; D. Competent
scientists know what causes homosexuality; E. sociology is responsible for the creation of a homosexuality
label (p. 263-264)

Chapter 11 - Drug Use

63. Two legal drugs - alcohol and tobacco - annually kill at least ______ times as many Americans as do all the
illegal drugs combined. A. 2; B. 5; C. 30; D. 60; E. 100(p. 268)

64.Empirical evidence suggests that most people who use drugs to get high ______ A. do so moderately; B.
go on to deeper uses of drugs; C. experience problems in their personal lives; D. Should be considered social
deviants; E. Are involved in crime(p. 269)

65. Which of the following statements about heroin users is FALSE? A. Most users do not become addicts.
B. Users typically get less and less pleasure from the drug after their early experiences with euphoria. C.
Permanent addiction to heroin causes severe damage to the addict's health. D. The drug is harmless when
compared with other psychoactive drugs. E. All of the above are true. (P. 273)

66.Research has shown that since 1992, illegal drug use has generally ______. A. skyrocketed; B. risen
significantly; C. leveled off; D. declined steadily; E. taken a swift and steep decline (p. 277)

67.Frank lives in a poor, inner city neighborhood and does not see much hope for his life. He begins to hang out
with a group of friends who use drugs. Which drug would they most likely give to him? A. Meth; B.
Cocaine; C. nicotine; D. marijuana; E. heroin (P. 281)

68.All of the following are social factors promoting drug use, EXCEPT for ______:    A. the existence of a
legal drug culture; B. having friends who use drugs; C. a cognitive association between relieving pain and
drug use; D. A lack of attachment to family or school; E. all of the above promote drug use             (P.

69.The punitive strategy to end drug use has failed in part because: A. the demand for illegal drugs is still
strong; B. corruption among police agencies; C. the invention of new drugs; D. the failure of programs like
DARE; E. our society is lax about putting people in jail for drug violations
        (p. 290)

70.Which of the following statements about smoking is FALSE? A. 75% of adult smokers started before the
age 18; B. teenage smoking has decreased in recent years; C. the prevalence of smoking is 3 times higher
among people with less than 12 years of education; D. Among most U.S. groups, many more males than
females smoke; E. People receive benefits from smoking                 (P. 294)


Lecture #7 - Conflict Theory

71. General conflict theory is most closely associated with the concept and study of A. stratification, B.
evolution, C. urbanization, D. socialization, E. gender.

72. According to Vold (1958), street gangs are minority groups in the sense that they cannot A. earn
conventional livelihoods, B. assimilate culturally into the larger society, C. compete in the
conventionalclassroom, D. convene except in the streets, E. count on the police powers of
the state.

73. According to Vold (1958), criminology should be understood as a special case
of the sociology of A. institutions, B. gender, C. social change, D. conflict, E. the family.

74. In his classic analysis, Turk (1966) developed the unconventional argument that crime is A. more serious
among the powerful than the weak, B. economically determined, C. produced by essentially normal persons
with real conflicts of interest, D. decreasing in post-industrial societies,
E. contagious.

75. According to Turk (1966), the fundamental difference between a cultural norm and a legal one is that the
latter A. does harm to the society itself, B. has achieved a consensus of most of the society behindit, C. has been
created by the powerful or "political authorities, D. is supported by "natural law", E. has centuries of precedent
behind it.

76. Turk's (1966) summarized his thinking in propositions about (1) the greater the probability of conflict and
(2) the probability that A. conflict will lead to violence, B. less powerful members of thesociety will be dealt
with as criminals, C. the society will be highly integrated, D. fundamentalistic religion will thrive, E. the society
will invest heavily in public education.

77. Gusfield (1963) felt that the temperance movement in the U.S. could be insightfully analyzed as a(n) A.
historical schism, B. ideal type of class conflict, C. latent revolution, D. anticipatory religious extremism, E.
symbolic crusade.

78. Gusfield (1963) saw the temperance movement as a kind of desperate act of a(n) A. doomed class of
Americans, B. religious fundamentalists, C. upwardly mobile but socially unaccepted Americans, D.
economically wealthy but politically impotent leaders, E. class of educated butotherwise frustrated women.

79. Both Liazos (1972) and Mills (1942) based their critiques on A. newspaper editorials, B. popular magazines,
C. census data, D. sociological textbooks, E. public opinion surveys.

80. Liazos (1972) complained that American sociologists most clearly neglect the role of _____ in creating
deviance and crime. A. popular media, B. the ruling classes, C. the educational system, D. social change, E.
international conflict and war.