PB Millionaire Says His New Show Will Be No Jersey Shore

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					PB Millionaire Says His New Show Will Be No Jersey Shore

Will Be "Good Entertainment Without Any Snookis".

San Diego, CA, July 08, 2011 -- In about six months from now, San Diegans will finally get to see the
first episode of what producer Jim Lawlor promises to be “good entertainment without any Snookis.”
After three years of filming, “The PB Reality Show,” ( in which Lawlor is also
the star, will be released with much fanfare. Even though the show has not aired yet, Lawlor is already
recognized everywhere he goes in and around Pacific Beach. All the while Lawlor has been filming, he
has also been strategically marketing the show through his website and Facebook page so that the
buildup of fans has steadily climbed in anticipation to the show’s release.

By showing teaser clips on Youtube, Lawlor has already built a fan base that could be considered the
envy of Hollywood. His latest video release: “The PB Millionaire Present PB” has already gone viral
and is expected to reach 10,000 views within the first several weeks. In this video, Lawlor showcases
his favorite hangout spots in Pacific Beach. But what has most fans abuzz is the dance scene finale in
which he is seen moving to the tune of Rick Astley. (see video:

Lawlor's laid-back, easy-going style, along with his self-effacing humor, is magnetic to his fans.
Comments on the show’s Facebook Fan page like: “You are an amazing person!” - Alice says. “Vote
JIM FOR PB PREZ!!! - Marissa commented. “Way to go Jim!!!” - wrote Dick. “Man if I ever see you
around? PB I am going to give you the firmest handshake of MY life!” - someone commented on his
(See Facebook:

One reason for Lawlor's appeal is that he was once so broke he slept in his car and is now a self-
made millionaire living in a castle. Viewers can relate to his struggle and are inspired by his success.
“The PB Reality Show’s” motto reads: “It’s about celebrating life” - and Lawlor shows the world how it’s
done with his legendary parties and lavish lifestyle. He also is a philanthropist who gives back to the
community with his main focus on helping the homeless here in San Diego.

Part 2 of "The PB Millionaire Presents PB" will be released in just a few weeks. It will highlight more of
Lawlor's favorite spots and will also include some of "The PB Reality Show's" models. The show itself
is scheduled to release early next year and Lawlor guarantees that unlike "Jersey Shore," it "will make
San Diego proud."

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