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									                                    CITY OF SANTA BARBARA
                                      COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT

     AGENDA DATE:           October 17, 2006

     TO:                    Mayor and Councilmembers

     FROM:                  Administrative Division, Parks and Recreation Department

     SUBJECT:               2006 City Charitable Giving Campaign


     That Council receive a report on the 2006 City Charitable Giving Campaign.


     The annual City employee Charitable Giving Campaign began October 16, 2006, and
     wraps up November 17, 2006. Each year, city employees pledge support to Santa
     Barbara County's United Way or a favorite charity, making direct donations or pledging an
     amount through the City payroll deduction process.

     Last year, over 150 workplace campaigns took place in Santa Barbara County. With 351
     employees participating, the City raised nearly $75,000 for local charities, and ranked #7
     out of the top 30 campaigns. This year, we hope to increase both the number of people
     who participate and the amount of money raised through the Charitable Giving Campaign.

     City Administrator Jim Armstrong is serving as the Community Campaign Chair. Nancy
     Rapp, Parks and Recreation Director, is the Chair of the City's annual campaign, with Fire
     Chief Ron Prince serving as Deputy Chair. There are 23 representatives from the various
     City departments who are serving on the campaign committee as well.

     New this year, the City will be joining UCSB, Santa Barbara County, and other workplace
     campaigns who offer on-line pledging. City employees will be able to pledge from the
     convenience of their work or home computer, making pledging easier and faster than ever.
     Scott Nelson, City Webmaster, will provide a tour of the City's pledge website at the
     October 17, 2006, Council meeting.

     Each year, the City participates in the United Way Day of Caring, a county-wide volunteer
     event. On September 17, 2006, over 70 City employees volunteered several hours at
     Harding Recreation Center at Harding Elementary School, Art from Scrap, the Santa
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                                                                            Agenda Item No._________________
Council Agenda Report
2006 City Charitable Giving Campaign
October 17, 2006
Page 2

Barbara Zoo, and the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens. Fire Chief Ron Prince coordinated
the City's efforts this year.

The theme for the City's 2006 Annual Charitable Giving Campaign is "Giving for Living" -
we give so others in our community can live healthier, happier, safer, and better. Please
give, and if you can, give generously.

SUBMITTED BY:                  Nancy L. Rapp, Parks and Recreation Director

APPROVED BY:                   City Administrator's Office

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