A Look At The History Of Solar And Wind Power by anamaulida


									The history of solar and wind power stretches back several thousand
years. Wind power has been around since humans have been making use of
sails. The first introduction of a machine driven by wind was developed
by a Greek engineer named Heron. For a long time windmills were the most
common examples of making use of wind energy. The very first windmills
appeared in a region of Iran somewhere between the 7th and 9th centuries,
and they appeared in Europe in the 12th century. The first windmill to
generate electrical power was built in Scotland by James Blyth in 1887.
Nonetheless, it was not regarded as being economically practical and as
such it wasn't widely produced. Denmark grabbed the baton and focused on
improving the technology. In 1978 a groundbreaking multi-megawatt turbine
was built.Following this, the US government worked together with industry
leaders to further advance this technology. This contributed to lots of
features which exist right now such as variable speed generators.
Recently the wind energy industry has expanded enormously, as a
consequence of worries about the depletion of non-renewable fuels.The
history of solar and wind power are similar since both may be traced back
to previous civilizations. Greeks and Native Americans both constructed
homes into the sides of hills to benefit from the heat. Romans used glass
to trap the warmth of the sun in their houses. Nevertheless, even with
this lengthy history the first solar collector was not constructed until
1776, by Horace de Saussere. Around a hundred years later Auguste
Mouchout created a solar powered steam engine. It was really expensive
and no more were built. Two decades later the initial solar cells were
developed.Despite this leap it took until the 1950's for substantial
strides to be made, as solar power was used in the mainstream for the
first time. It was nevertheless more affordable to use oil to power
homes, and so it took until the oil embargo of the 1980's to enable solar
energy to come to the forefront. Its global recognition has gradually
risen since then, and in the 1990's more than one million homes had some
form of solar energy installed. Solar and wind power has been utilized
all through human history. Ever since the early discoveries of the Greeks
and Romans, people have been improving and advancing the technology. Now
that we're conscious of the issues with non-renewable fossil fuels, much
research money is spent on discovering alternative energy sources. Mother
nature provides us with a lot of energy, so through learning the history
of solar and wind power experts can improve the capacity to harness it

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