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					Generations Family Tree is a software package that is no longer being
produced but can still be located on sites like and Keep in mind that it is sold under the name of "Reunion
9" for an Apple Mac computer. This software is for those who are
researching their family tree and want to create, update, and maintain
charts of their family lineage. The software was first created by Sierra
Home, a company that was bought out by's parent company AE
Television Networks in 2002. It got its start as a software piece called
Reunion that was developed for the Mac.The company that introduced
Reunion then sold their Windows version to Sierra Online. Sierra Online
became Sierra Home later down the line. It was then renamed and is now
known as the software, Generations. The version of Generations called
Millennium that was created by Sierra came complete with a number of
helpful bonus pieces that included Civil War Muster Rolls, digital images
of the handwritten 1800 Census for Charleston, New York and Philadelphia,
and two complete disks containing Social Security Death Index records. It
also included an entire disk of historic documents that are contained at
the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.As a bonus it
contained a disk of marriage records, Ellis Island records, a disc of
immigrant ships, one of land records, and marriage license. Anyone who
has used Generations genealogy software has enjoyed the reporting and
charting options that include full sized wall charts, hourglass charts,
and timelines. The extremely easy setup and the ability to import files
from other programs are great. If you want to rearrange items on your
family tree you can do it easily by dragging and dropping the entries.You
can also insert photos, captions, and documents as well as video and
audio clips. Anyone who has reviewed this software has said it is easy
enough for the novice people to use and at the same time, advanced enough
for the more experienced genealogy researchers. The Generations software
users appreciate being able to make large family tree charts.Some of the
perks that come with the software are great and include the Master cook
Heritage Edition for salvaging family recipes, Snapshot Express software
that lets you touch up old photos after they are scanned in, and
iCollect, which is a program that lets you save websites for you to view
offline. researchers in Genealogy in the United States will agree that
even as the software becomes outdated, the extras, mostly including the
digital images of the 1800 Census, will always be valuable and treasured
pieces of information.The website,, also offers links to
some archived online United States Census data and also records from
nations such as Scandinavia, the UK, Canada, and Native American. The
Generations Family Tree forum has an expanded list of answers and
questions about this and other genealogy software. Keep in mind that it
is not updated very often though.An in depth tutorial detailing the
differences between the version put out by A&E Television Networks
and the versions by Sierra Home is available online. So although the
software itself is not being created for Windows systems any longer, many
people have experienced it and put their guidelines and tips up on the
web that anyone who is considering purchasing a second hand copy that was
purchased off of eBay or Craigslist could find a fair amount of support
for the software.British genealogy researchers that are interested in
Generations genealogy software can purchase the British version (not
including the American version's CDs full of Census and other American
data) from online software dealers that include TWR Computing. An
available software patch ensures that it is compatible with Windows 7 and
Windows XP. For non-Brits and Britons as well, and will provide excellent
pieces of information concerning which versions of Generations software
are compatible with which version of Windows.It could be very helpful to
anyone that is considering purchasing a used copy that can be found
online. While unofficial feedback is available that claims that
Generations software version 8.5a (the latest version available) is
compatible with Windows Vista. There is a strong possibility that you
will be able to find a site or two that offers to let you download
Generations for free, you are advised to be skeptical of such sites
because it is almost guaranteed that it will download viruses to the
computer that you are using instead of the software you thought you were
getting. For those who have concerns about buying Generations software
just to have to start over from scratch at a later date, you can save
your database from Generations as a GEDCOM file. Almost all genealogy
software will allow both importing and exporting to a GEDCOM file. You
could export files from Generations in GEDCOM format and be fairly
certain that you will be able to open and alter it in that form with
other genealogy software packages.

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