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                              As social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook           Twitter                                             Advertisement
          Tamara H.
          Sone                continue as popular means of communication for
                              families and friends, the senior population is                                                 Rancho Mirage - New trick
                                                                                                                             allows any California
FILED UNDER                   increasingly booting up and tweeting.                        Share                             resident to get extremely
                                                                                                                             cheap car insurance.
Local News                    Forty-two percent of seniors in the U.S., or 27.4
                              million, have taken the leap into cyberspace,                Print                             If you owe less that $729K,
                                                                                                                             the government may pay
                              according to the Pew Research Center's Internet                                                you up to $5000 to make
                                                                                         AA   A
                              and American Life Project.                                                                     your mortgage payment.

                              In Palm Springs, the Golden Rainbow Center —
                                                                                                                             People are buying their
                              SAGE helps Coachella Valley seniors stay in-step with technology.                              dream home with help from
                                                                                                                             penny stocks...
                                                       The center, at 611 S. Palm Canyon Drive,
                                                       now offers hands-on courses in beginning                              California: Mom discovers
                                                       and intermediate Facebook.                                            $9 car insurance trick. Auto
Get online                                                                                                                   insurers are scared you will
                                                                                                                             learn this too.
Golden Rainbow Center — SAGE at 611 S. Palm
                                                       Classes provide guidance through a variety
Canyon Drive, Suite 201, offers a Beginning Facebook   of topics such as the creation of a
                                                                                                                             Refinance now at 2.6%.
class. Two sessions cost $30 for center members and    Facebook account, protection from online                              $160,000 California
$60 for nonmembers. For more information on upcoming                                                                         mortgage $659/mo. No ssn
social media classes, call (760) 416-7790 or go to
                                                       scams and predators, and how to add or
                                                                                                                             req. (2.9% apr)                                         delete friends.
                                                                                                                             Time is running out to apply
                                                       David Bradshaw signed up for the                                      for California program to
                              Beginning Facebook class, which took place Tuesday at the                                      eliminate your Credit Card

                              “Everyone I know is on Facebook. I'm new to it and am not totally
                                                                                                       TOP STORIES
                              confident in my use so this class helps,” Bradshaw said.
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                              Doug McClure, who has taught computer classes at the center for
                                                                                                       Sarah Palin stands by Paul Revere history
                              two years, has seen the trend in social media spread among               comment; says he was warning both British and
                              seniors.                                                                 rebels
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                              “The first class we offered was full and there were a few on the         Kentucky
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                              waiting list,” McClure said.

                              “Many of the people taking the class have different skill levels from
                                                                                                       MOST POPULAR
                              beginning to more advanced.”
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                                                                                                          Coachella Valley
                              Golden Rainbow is the only senior center in the valley offering
                                                                                                       2. Graffiti-riddled Palm Springs Country Club
                              social media classes.                                                       clubhouse demolished
                                                                                                       3. Rep. Mary Bono Mack veers right as tea party
                              “We do not offer classes but we would like to if we can find                makes gains
                              someone to teach them,” Cathedral Center Program Director Judie          4. Casey Abrams returns to Idyllwild ahead of
                              Stone said.                                                                 'American Idol' tour
                                                                                                       5. Valley rattled by 3.1 quakes
                              But Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs does not provide access
                              to computers, and so it is unable to offer classes.

                              Once Bradshaw set up his account and started playing around
                                                                                                      2011 Xavier       COD Street        Tour of
                              with the site, he was surprised to see how many people use social
                                                                                                      College           Fair              Western
                              media as a convenient way of communication.                             Preparatory                         Environmental's
                                                                                                      High School                         soil-recycling
                                                                                                      graduation                          plant in Mecca
                              “I just had a birthday and I was amazed at how many people sent
                              me a note through Facebook. I got ‘happy birthday' wishes from           MOST COMMENTED
                              people who have never even sent me a card,” he added.
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                                                                                                       30 years since discovery of AIDS, battle           67
                                                                                                       continues via education
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