How to Improve Your Relationship

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					In order to have a good and successful relationship one needs to know
what the key factors are. Relationships could be with your significant
other as well as with your family and friends, work colleagues and even
yourself.CommunicationCommunication is the life-blood of any
relationship. This is what you need if you wish to create and maintain
great relationships. Talking is good but one needs to know how to
communicate effectively. Raking over the past or continually talking
about the faults of others is directing your attention and focus the
wrong way.ListeningWe have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. A key issue
that people often site during relationship difficulties is that their
partner doesn't listen to them. In that situation it can feel like the
other person doesn't care about how the other is feeling because they
can't be bothered to take the time out to listen to them.In order to be
a better listener one has to pay attention and focus on the other
person:-Internally repeat what the other person is saying, that way you
can focus on what you have heard. The mind learns through repetition.
Summarise what you think you have heard to avoid any misunderstandings
and incorrect interpretations. Summarising lets the other person know
that you have been listening to them and have taken in what they have
said and if you haven't, they can correct you if you didn't get the
meaning of what they were trying to tell you.
Let go of the need to have your response or answer ready - be
spontaneous, listen and speak from the heart.Clean Up Your PastYour past
relationships or mistakes do not need to determine what you can create in
the future. Many of us pick up unconscious relationship patterns based
on our past experiences.You need to ask yourself what do you believe
about relationships. If you believe that they are hard work and will
never last then maybe it's time to clean up your past beliefs because if
you don't your negative thoughts about relationships will turn them into
a reality and influence your life and the choices you make.Sometimes if
we focus on the mistakes of the past and what you don't want from a
relationship that is ultimately what you end up getting as you
inadvertently are drawing yourself to all the negative aspects of
relationships.Always remember that relationships should add to you NOT
fill a void.

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