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					Writing descriptive essay may sound very simple. In reality, it can be a
very daunting task especially if a student is not familiar with the rules
of writing this essay. Descriptive essay is used to describe a person,
animal, object, location, or event. Basically, there are two ways of
describing things depending on the student's purpose. If the student
seeks to describe the subject of the essay in a matter-of-fact way by
enumerating in detail its appearance or condition the student is writing
an objective descriptive essay. In this kind of essay, the writer uses
cold and hard facts to describe his subject. The objective descriptive
essay is often used in writing journalistic reports or scientific
reports. If the student seeks to convey a certain feeling or mood to the
reader then the student should write a subjective or impressionistic
descriptive essay. Regardless of the kind of essay the student is
preparing, there are certain rules in writing this essay which the
student should observe.1. Focus on the subject of your essay. If your
topic is a celebration then the student should stick on his topic and
describe only the celebration. If your topic is a person then the student
should focus on the person, his appearance, character traits, and
personality. Do not make the fatal mistake of deviating from your topic
as it would confuse your readers2. Reveal to the reader the reason why
you are writing an essay about the person, place, event or location. Tell
your reader what makes the subject of your essay worth reading3. Give
exact and detailed descriptions. The goal of this essay is to create a
mental picture in the mind of the reader so that the reader actually
feels as if he is seeing or witnessing the person, place, event or thing
in front of him. Perhaps, it will help if you close your eyes and try to
imagine the person, place, event, or location which you are describing.
Describe it to yourself and see if you are able to create a mental
picture of the subject of the descriptive essay.4. Utilize all your
senses in writing descriptive essay . Do not limit your description to
what the eyes can see. You should write in a way that your readers can
see, hear, smell or taste the subject of your essay. You need not only
tell them what is happening but you must let them "see" what is happening
using your choice of words.

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