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					                                                                                                           November 2009

Serving Santa Barbara
                                     Bike commuting increases in SB & SM cities
We’re a countywide advocacy
                                                                               In late September, the US Census Bureau released new data that
and resource organization that
promotes bicycling for safe                                                    gives us a good view of commuting to work behavior changes
transportation and recreation.                                                 that are happening in Santa Barbara county. We can now compare
                                                                               regular census data from 1990 and 2000 with new data from the
How to reach us                                                                2008 American Community Survey (ACS). All surveys ask the
Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition
                                                                               same question—”How did you usually get to work last week?”
PO Box 92047
Santa Barbara CA 93190-2047                                                       Essentially, more Santa Barbara and Santa Maria city residents
phone 962-1479                                                                 are bicycling to work. Details for both cities are below. For the
email                                                          rest of our county workers, they are biking less. (Next year, we will
web                                                             have enough ACS data to tell us how our other cities are doing.)
                                                                                  The graph at the left compares bike to work data for the US,
November 3rd meeting
Join us for our general meeting:                                               California, SB County, and our two large cities. We have more resi-
Tuesday, November 3rd                                                          dents biking to jobs than elsewhere in our state and the US.
12:00 noon                                                                        We are pleased that throughout the US, and especially locally,
Santa Barbara Bank & Trust                                                     people are turning to environmentally-responsible means of
Community Room
                                                                               travel. We benefit from cleaner air, less congestion, reduced noise,
1021 Anacapa Street
Santa Barbara                                                                  increased productivity, and lower community health-care costs.

Online email list
We sponsor a free online email                City of Santa Barbara
forum where you can post and
                                                                             Bicycle Work at
read messages about regional
                                              Car/van   Bus   Other   Walk
bicycling issues. To subscribe,                                                      home
send an email to:
                                       1990    81%      4%     2%     6%      3%        4%
Leave the subject and body             2000    80%      5%     1%     6%      3%        6%
                                       2008    73%      4%     2%     7%      5%        8%
Join our Coalition                   Mode share for Santa Barbara, commuting to work.
You can help improve bicycling
safety and conditions in             The changes in the city of Santa Barbara are strik-
Santa Barbara County by              ing—commuters are driving less, and instead are
joining others in our bicycling      biking and walking to jobs, or working at home.
advocacy group. See page 6.          Between 1990 and 2008, the Census Bureau tells
                                     us that out of the 8% former drivers (about 3700
CycleSmart program
The Santa Barbara Bicycle            people), 4% now work at home, 2% are biking, and
Coalition’s CycleSmart bicyclist     1% are walking. “Other” is mostly motorcycling.
education program offers
bicycling skills classes. Details
at CycleSmart/                   City of Santa Maria
apply.html, or email
coordinators at CycleSmart@                                                            Work at
                                              Car/van   Bus   Other   Walk   Bicycle                                                                            home
                                       1990    92%      0%     2%      3%     1%         2%
Bici Centro program
Bici Centro of Santa Barbara           2000    94%      1%     2%      2%     1%         1%
is our community bicycle
                                       2008    91%      3%     1%      1%     2%         2%
program, helping people who
bicycle. Look at www.sbbike.         Mode share for Santa Maria, commuting to work.
org/bici/BiciCentro.html, or         The shifts in commuting behavior in Santa Maria
phone 617-3255.
                                     are not as large as in Santa Barbara. Fewer people
                                     are walking, driving and motorcycling to work. In-
 Quick Release is published          stead, they are taking the bus, biking and working
 monthly by the Santa Barbara
 Bicycle Coalition, PO Box           at home. Although walking has decreased, we’re
 92047, Santa Barbara, CA            pleased to see that twice as many residents are
 93190. Subscribe for $25 per
 year. Issue # 217.
                                     biking in 2008 as in 2000.
   Buellton awarded                                   Aeolian Ride in SB                             Nat’l Public Lands Day
  $100,000 bike grant                                                                                                 by Dave Everett
                                                                                                     Special thanks to the 30 or so people who
Caltrans announced on September 10th that                                                            helped out with National Public Lands Day
Buellton has been awarded a Community                                                                on September 26th. The event, sponsored
Based Transportation Planning grant for                                                              by the National Environmental Education
$100,000 to create a bikeway and trails                                                              Foundation and local agencies, accom-
master plan. The planning process will in-                                                           plished more than its major goal which
clude a series of interactive public meetings,                                                       was to repair dangerous sections of trail
walk-abouts and workshops to integrate the                                                           that had injured Meredith Miraglia several
community’s priorities.                                                                              weeks ago. Between Montecito Peak and
                                                                                                     Camino Cielo on Cold Spring Trail, the tread
    A motivation for Buellton in crafting a
                                                                                                     has been restored to its original beauty, all
bikeway plan is so it will become eligible to
                                                                                                     the brush has been cut back and all water
apply for Bicycle Transportation Account
                                                 Jessica Findley’s puffed-up Aeolian Riders cruise   bars have been re-opened.
funding for the construction of bicycle fa-
                                                 along Santa Barbara’s East Beach.
cilities. Several jurisdictions in our county
have already received BTA funding.               Two years ago, our Board member Don Lu-
                                                 bach discovered New York conceptual artist
                                                                                                     Wet Willy Sez                      by Wilson Hubbell
   Buellton’s planning grant is one out of 68
that Caltrans awarded this year, for a total     Jessica Findley, and he dreamed of bring-           Dear Wet Willy: What is the deal with mo-
                                                 ing her “Aeolian Ride” to Santa Barbara.            torists yielding me the right of way at stop
of $8.7 million. The grants go to govern-
                                                 His dream was turned into reality after we          signs and other places, and then waving
ments, planning groups, community-based
                                                 partnered with Heather Jeno Silva at the            me to go ahead when it is their turn to pro-
organizations, and tribal governments
                                                 Community Arts Forum.                               ceed? I hate to be rude, but it makes me feel
   Caltrans District 5 Caltrans District 5
                                                    After months of planning, it all came            uncomfortable to start moving when it is
Director Rich Krumholz commented, “Cal-
                                                 together on October 1st. Led by Judy Keim,          not my turn. — Richard
trans is very pleased that we can assist our     the ride passed along East Beach and up
transportation partners in strategically plan-                                                       Dear Richard: You have a right to feel un-
                                                 State Street, ending up with a party at the
ning for effective community transportation.”                                                        comfortable when a motorist unnecessarily
                                                 Arts Forum. The riders wore Findley’s white
                                                                                                     yields you the right of way and waves you
                                                 nylon outfits that billow as people bicycle.
                                                                                                     to go ahead of them. Unknowingly, they
                                                    Photos of the event are being posted on
                                                                                                     could be inviting you into a dangerous situ-
                                                 Jessica’s website Our
                                                                                                     ation involving other motorists. As a cyclist
                                                 congratulations to all who helped bring this
                                                                                                     out in the open, you can usually determine
                                                 fun international ride to our area.
                                                                                                     when it is safe for you to proceed better
                                                                                                     than a motorist in a car can.
                                                 Bicycling magazine to                                   Why do some motorists do this? It may

                                                 feature Santa Barbara
                                                                                                     be a mistaken perception of bicyclists being
                                                                                                     “rolling pedestrians” that have certain right
                                                 Each issue of Bicycling magazine includes           of way priorities, particularly at intersec-
                                                 a one-page feature on a different city. They        tions with crosswalks. Bicyclists, of course,
                                                 include recommended bike rides, favorite            are considered to be vehicles and not “roll-
                                                 restaurants, after-ride activities, and other       ing pedestrians”; the right of way rules
                                                 sporting attractions.                               that apply to cyclists are the same as those
                                                    Bicycling writer Kristy Holland has              that apply to motorists. Then again, some
                                                 talked to Ralph Fertig, Chris Orr, and prob-        motorists are just trying to be polite and
                                                 ably others, about what to do here both on          believe they are doing you a favor by waving
                                                 and off road. They described biking on the          you to go ahead of them.
                                                 Romero Trail, road rides already on our                 Wet Willy plays these situations by ear:
                                                 website, Santa Barbara Car Free, the Solvang        If there is clearly just one car with no other
                                                 Century, and the large number of people             traffic in the area, I’ll take the right of way
                                                 already bicycling here.                             if a motorist offers it. If there are any other
                                                    The magazine has a circulation of                cars in the area, I’ll politely shake my head
                                                 410,000 readers, so a huge group of dedi-           and wave the motorist to proceed. Better to
                                                 cated bicyclists will learn about our area,         be considered mildly rude than to be an ac-
                                                 and hopefully visit here. We know there is          cident statistic...
                                                 “safety in numbers.” That is, the more bi-
                                                                                                     “Wet Willy” is an advice column authored by
                                                 cyclists on our streets, the safer it becomes       Coalition Vice President Wilson Hubbell. Please
                                                 for everybody because motorists will more           submit any questions you have about cycling
                                                 likely anticipate our presence.                     issues to him at

Quick Release ~ November 2009 ~ Page 2
  John Ledbetter at our Nov meeting                    Bike-sharing programs expanding everywhere
  The city of Santa Barbara’s Principal Planner                          by Ralph Fertig
  John Ledbetter will come to our November                 Bike-sharing programs continue to re-
  3rd noontime general meeting. He will                    lieve urban congestion and pollution
  update us on the ongoing revision of the                 in cities worldwide, mostly in Europe.
  city’s General Plan that will effect us for
                                                           There are now over 100 programs in
  decades to come.
                                                           operation, with more on the way.
  We will also hear about other bicycling
  projects, events, and important topics.                     One of the measures of success is
                                                           the increase is bicycling mode share.
                                                           That is, how much have programs led
   Tour of California                                      to an increase in the percentage of

  passes up SB County                                      transportation trips by bike? Two cit-
                                                           ies that have measured changes over
The Tour of California has had stages in our               the years since program inception are
                                                                                                     Here people in Lyon, France, pick up bicycles from a local
county for four consecutive years since the                Paris and Barcelona. In Paris, mode       kiosk. Details at
Tour started in 2006. However for 2010, our                share has increased from 1.0% to 2.5%.
county’s only bid—that Solvang again host                  In Barcelona, it has increased from                 Nearly all bike-sharing systems are paid
the individual time trial—was rejected.                    0.8% to 1.8%. It may not seem like much,         for in exchange for advertising programs
   Solvang’s Local Organizing Committee                    but it represents tens of thousands of           on billboards and bus shelters. However,
Co-chair Carol Petersen commented, “We                     new trips by bicycle. Those numbers and          four cities in France are supported by other
are disappointed not to be selected again                  others provide a measure of change that          means. This is of special interest to Santa
for the 2010 race, but understand that the                 cities can expect, and use to justify a new      Barbara county cities where commercial ad-
organizers needed to change the schedule                   bike-sharing program.                            vertising is strictly controlled.
and routes—just like the Tour de France                       The question of what other modes                 Avignon’s 200-bike program is managed
does every year.” Solvang plans to bid for a               people were using before switching to            by the public bus system. Both Renes’ 900-
stage in 2011, and in the meantime invites                 bicycles was investigated by Portland as         bike and Vannes’ 175-bike programs are
professional cycling teams to train in the                 part of a feasibility study. The average         managed by their municipal governments.
Santa Ynez Valley.                                         for Paris, Barcelona, Lyon and London is         Nice’s 900-bike program is run by a regional
                                                           that the bicycle trips have replaced 54%         government cooperative. So maybe we can
                                                           bus/subway, 28% walking, 10% car/taxi,           look at those models for local programs?
     Street Skills class                                   and 7% are new trips replacing nothing. A           The best source for bike-sharing program

     coming Nov 19-21                                      positive aspect is that active transporta-
                                                           tion is replacing mostly passive travel.
                                                                                                            information is Paul DeMaio’s website at

                                                                October Bicycle Coalition meeting topics
                                                       Our October 6th monthly Bicycle Coalition                 bicycle projects. We decided to send City
                                                       meeting was held at Madam Lu Chinese                      Council members letters.
                                                       Restaurant in Santa Barbara, with 11 partici-         g
                                                                                                                 Don Bullick reported being sickened while
                                                       pants talking about these topics:                         biking on Gobernador Canyon. He sus-
                                                         Ralph Fertig offered the results of new                 pected that it was the helicopter spraying
                                                         Census data, showing increases in bicycling             of avocado groves that did it to him and
                                                         most everywhere.                                        another cyclist.
                                                         Johan Montoya, the survivor of a serious            g
                                                                                                                 Ed France reported that every Monday 3:30-
                                                         bike-SUV crash last year, described the                 6:30, Bici Centro offers an open shop for kids.
                                                         horrors of his hospitalization, months of           g
                                                                                                                 Sarah Grant described a successful Street
One of our Street Skills classes pauses on a ride to     rehab, and now a successful recovery and                Skills class in September, noting that an-
discuss safe biking under different conditions.          grateful return to life.                                other is coming in November.
Spread the word, another chance to take our            g
                                                           Wilson Hubbell described the Goleta               g
                                                                                                                 Ralph Fertig described delays in renewing
Street Skills for Cyclists Class is coming up              Transportation Plan, noting the absence of            the Federal Transportation Act.
November 19 and 21st. It’s your last chance
this year to learn how to cope better with
traffic in an urban setting. You’ll learn to           New traffic signals must now detect bicyclists
foresee and avoid accidents, be visible day            Caltrans has adopted new standards for                   In addition, the standards call for extend-
and night, position yourself in traffic, cross         traffic signals to ensure that they can be            ing green lights at intersections with heavy
freeway bridges, equip your bike, and lots             triggered by people on bicycles. They are             bike traffic to accommodate slower bicyclist
more including on-road bicycling on Sat-               required for new and replacement installa-            speeds. If the detection device recognizes
urday. Info and registration online at www.            tions. The bicyclist detection devices can be         individual bicyclists, the longer green may                      embedded wire loops or video cameras.                 be given only when they are crossing.

                                                                                                                 Quick Release ~ November 2009 ~ Page 3
 Lompoc’s Alan Hancock bikeway gets funding Bici Centro seeks bikes
                                                     Bikeway, a 3.7-mile long multipurpose path.    Our Bici Centro
                                                     However, since the ARRA money is required      community bike
                                                     to quickly spur economic recovery in our       program con-
                                                     country, the projects have to be ready to go   tinues to seek
                                                     by the end of 2009. Delays in obtaining a      donated bikes,
                                                     right of way from the railroad pushed the      accessories and
                                                     Bikeway project to 2010, so SBCAG trans-       tools. If you have
                                                     ferred the ARRA funding to Lompoc.             anything, phone
                                                        With that $568,000, the City of Lompoc      617-3255 to confirm the need and deter-
                                                     will be able to move ahead with the Alan       mine good drop-off times.
                                                     Hancock Bikepath project. It will connect         Bici Centro, located at 601 East Montecito
                                                     the 2001 bikeway over the Santa Ynez River     Street in Santa Barbara, offers classes and
                                                     (cantilevered off the side of the H Street     open shop hours as follows:
The upcoming Alan Hancock bikepath will connect      bridge) to Alan Hancock College with a new     g
                                                                                                        	 Mondays, open shop for youth, 3:30-6:30 PM
this 2001 bike bridge over the Santa Ynez River to   bikepath. An additional amount of $287,000
the college.                                                                                        g
                                                                                                     	 Mondays, “Learn Your Bike” classes, regis-
                                                     in reserve funding was transferred to Lom-
Our Santa Barbara County Association of                                                             tration required, 7:00-9:00 PM
                                                     poc so they will have enough to deliver the
Governments (SBCAG) recently moved Amer-             full project by the end of this year.          g
                                                                                                     	 Tuesdays, volunteer only night, 5:00-9:00 PM
ican Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)               The Santa Maria bikeway will not be left    g
                                                                                                     	 Wednesdays, open shop Spanish-speaking
funding from a bike project in Santa Maria           stranded because State Transportation Im-      only, 4:00-7:00 PM
to one in Lompoc.                                    provement Plan (STIP) funding that was to      g
                                                                                                     	 Thursdays, open shop 4:00-7:00 PM
   Originally, $568,000 in ARRA funds were           go to Lompoc is being transferred to Santa
to help build the Santa Maria Valley Railroad        Maria. That money will be available in 2010.   g
                                                                                                     	 Saturdays, open shop 1:00-7:00 PM

                                       November bike meetings and events
November ushers in months of Standard                November 8-13, Vines to Coast Santa Bar-       stocked checkpoints along the course, and
Time, so the mornings are lighter. The fol-          bara Cycling Vacation, sponsored by Santa      roving SAG.
lowing are condensed descriptions. Our               Barbara Wine Country Cycling Tours. Spend      November 18, Building Political Will for
website has ongoing updates, details, and            3 nights in Solvang, then 2 nights in Santa    Strong Bike/Walk Programs, sponsored by
live links to event sites at         Barbara with cycling every day 25-35 miles,
meet/meet.html.                                                                                     the APBP. This is a “webinar” organized by
                                                     or more if you wish. Gourmet lunches, fine     the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle
November 1-7, Women’s Training Camp,                 dining, deluxe accommodations, vehicle         Professionals to learn how Columbia, MO
sponsored by Revolution Coaching. Profes-            support, and local wines.                      made sweeping changes. Granada Garage,
sional racers and trainers will help you
                                                     November 7-13, Solvang Cycling Clinic,         1221 Anacapa St, Santa Barbara, 12:00 noon.
gain skills and confidence. Training rides
                                                     sponsored by Fred Morini. A week of train-     November 19 and 21, Street Skills for
each day in the Santa Ynez Valley. Housing,          ing advice and practice with Fred Morini,      Cyclists Class, sponsored by our Bicycle
meals, massage, ride support included.               a professional European cyclist. Training      Coalition. See details on page 3. Direct any
November 3, Bicycle Coalition General                rides each day out of Solvang. Special rates   questions to
Meeting, sponsored by our Bicycle Coali-             and support for those staying another day
tion. Meeting at noon, first Tuesday of the                                                         November 19-22, Santa Barbara Wine Coun-
                                                     for Solvang’s Finest Century.
month. Community Room at the Santa Bar-                                                             try Weekend, sponsored by Trek Travel.
                                                     November 8-13, Santa Barbara Wine Coun-        One day riding around the Santa Ynez Val-
bara Bank and Trust building, 1021 Anaca-            try Tour, sponsored by Trek Travel. Three
pa Street, Santa Barbara. Phone Ralph Fertig,                                                       ley, two around Santa Barbara. Choice of
                                                     days of rides out of Solvang, then three out   10-50 miles each day, with afternoons off to
962-1479 or email him at           of Santa Barbara. Options of 10-50 miles
                                                                                                    stroll, shop and relax.
November 5, Bike Moves, unsponsored hap-             each day. Sunny days with ocean-side cy-
pening. Join Santa Barbara’s First Thursday          cling, gourmet cuisine, and fine wines. Af-    November 24, COAST General Meeting,
events with an easygoing ride that obeys             ternoons off to stroll or bike some more to    sponsored by the Coalition for Sustainable
traffic laws. Meet at the WheelHouse at 7:30         enjoy the area.                                Transportation. Meeting at noon, fourth
PM, 528 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara.                                                              Tuesday of each month. Community Room
                                                     November 14, Solvang’s Finest Century,
                                                                                                    at the Santa Barbara Bank and Trust build-
November 7, Solvang Prelude, sponsored               sponsored by Planet Ultra. These 100-mile
                                                                                                    ing, 1021 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara.
by SCOR Cardiac Cyclists Club. Traditional           and 100 kilometer charity rides benefit the
fall ride attracts thousands and closes out          Challenged Athletes Foundation that has            “The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance
the local recreational season. Choice of 25,         raised millions to physically challenged           known to man. Other forms of transport
50 or 63-mile rides out of Solvang. Roving           individuals and around the world. The ride         grow daily more nightmarish. Only the
                                                                                                        bicycle remains pure in heart.”
sag support, food stops, vendor expo, op-            includes an event T-shirt, water bottle,
                                                                                                          —Iris Murdoch
tional barbecue at end.                              a post-ride meal, route sheet, four fully

Quick Release ~ November 2009 ~ Page 4
              UCSB students fill up campus classrooms—and bikepaths
An estimated 10,000 students rely on bicy-                                                            into the future.
cling to get to and around the University of                                                             At a TAB meeting on October 19th,
California Santa Barbara campus. It leads                                                             most of the time was devoted to fu-
to between-class congestion on some sec-                                                              ture funding of alternative programs
tions of the extensive bikepath network,                                                              such as van service from Santa Maria,
plus bike rack overflow next to many                                                                  Ventura and elsewhere. Commit-
buildings.                                                                                            tee members met with Budget and
   The University is planning to add 5000                                                             Planning’s Assistant Chancellor Todd
new students by 2025, meaning increased                                                               Lee, who favored more funding from
pressure on bicycling and other transpor-                                                             parking permit fees before any other
tation facilities.                                                                                    new assessment.
   The chancellor’s Transportation Alter-                                                                Associate Vice Chancellor Marc
natives Board (TAB) and the Associated                                                                Fisher separately believed that alter-
Students’ BIKES committee are working to A new academic year began in September with thousands        natives could be funded with a small
improve current conditions while looking of students, staff and faculty using the campus bikepaths.  assessment on new construction proj-
                                                                                                     ects. That new revenue source might
                                                                           be used in conjunction with AS BIKES student-funded projects.
                                                                              At the AS BIKES meeting on October 8th, Dennis Whelan from
                                                                           Budget and Planning reported that Campbell Hall now has racks
                                                                           for 750 bikes, and Music North now has 240 spaces. Upcoming
                                                                           in the next two months are two new lots with a total 600 spaces
                                                                           next to the new Education and Social Science Building.

                                                                               We thank our active members
                                                                           Please thank and support these Bicycle Coalition business members:
                                                                            	 Bicycle Bob’s, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Nett & Champion Insurance Services, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Pedal Power Bicycles, Santa Maria
                                                                            	 Hazard’s Cyclesport, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Chris King Precision Components, Portland, Oregon
                                                                            	 Santa Barbara Pedicabs, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Santa Barbara Bike Repair, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 WheelHouse, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Santa Barbara Bikes To-Go, Santa Barbara
                                                                            	 Dr J’s Bicycle Shop, Solvang
                                                                           We appreciate those who renewed their memberships: Corey
                                                                           Evans, Merle Clark, Jeff Stoutenborough, Michael Beiley, and
                                                                           Douglas Allard.

                                                                               How to save on car insurance
                                                                           California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner announced on
                                                                           October 16th that new regulations have been approved, allowing
                                                                           insurance companies to offer “pay as you drive” policies.
                                                                              What this means is that for those of us who drive very little and
                                                                           bicycle a lot, we’ll be able to save money on car insurance. In ad-
                                                                           dition, because motorists will be aware that each mile driven will
                                                                           cost them more in insurance, they will reduce unneeded trips, cut
                                                                           fossil fuel imports, and help clear our air.
                                                                              New plans may be offered as soon as January, so watch for
                                                                           them. The money-saving policies will need some form of mileage
                                                                           verification—perhaps odometer inspection, maybe smog-check re-
                                                                           ports, or even installing an electronic monitoring and transmitting
Quick Release accepts advertisements. Circulation reaches about            device in your car.
500 people. Ad details and an order form are available online at              It’s about time for us to be rewarded for biking more and driv- .                                                 ing less. Ask your insurance carrier if they’re offering a policy.

                                                                                                      Quick Release ~ November 2009 ~ Page 5
                                                                                                          RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED              U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                              SANTA BARBARA,
P.O. Box 92047                                                                                                                                      CA
Santa Barbara, CA 93190-2047                                                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 647

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               Yes! I want to help make bicycling better for all of us in Santa Barbara County.
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