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Entertainment News- Ultimate to cover everything


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									Sports have always been synonymous to entertainment. Entertainment news
without sports is unimaginable even though we feel that only Hollywood or
Bollywood forms the comprehensive section. It has been experienced lately
that sports and entertainment sections are categorized separately for our
ease and better coverage of news on the sections. Movies are a bigger
landscape (than sports) of performance and reflection of our own society
and its changes as per time. Movies run for weeks where as sports events
are meant to last for few days (except for World Cup that generally last
over a month).Sports talks are incomplete if football news is not
discussed. Exclusive reports and after-match-analysis are a must for this
news to cover. As it is known that Football is very much loved and
appreciated by a huge fan following all over the world so few
expectations are taken for granted. Situation is similar to that of
Orissa news and expecting Puri festival to be talked about and covered in
details.Entertainment: Taking shape of devotionWhen we talk about
devotion we think about religion and God. In India, we have number of
Gods and Goddesses whom we worship. We have many places known for
pilgrimage. Jagannath Puri is one of them and it is in Orissa. Puri
festival is world-renowned. People from India as well as world come to
see the overwhelming devotions of Indians. Orissa news doesn't keep any
table unturned to keep other devotees (who could not pay a visit to this
place) update. Some find solace other finds entertainment in that
devotion. We are certainly living in a strange place where everyone
thinks others as crazed. Sports never will be misunderstood as devotion
unless the relationship is pointed created. Players do whatever it takes
to worship their sports. It may be in the form of performance,
participation and presentation. Pure entertainment thus results from that
dedication and devotion to the game. Due to this, football news (popular
sport of all time) and sports news becomes synonymous to each other.
Language of joyWith football news is there to make huge noise and go gaga
about the entertainment that entails it, rhymes of religion may seem a
bit subdued. But everything has to be translated into joy to be
entertaining. This way even Orissa news about religion can be tagged as
one. As earlier said we live in a strange world, we just need to try to
coexist, and then everything would be as much fun and joy as sport news
can be.

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