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Calendar of Events by wuyunyi


No: 06                                       DATE: 14 April 2011
           PRINCIPAL: Ms Julie-Ann McCullough          DEPUTY PRINCIPAL: Mrs Joy Seary

            ADOPT-A-COP: Detective Senior Constable Brendan Anderson SCHOOL CHAPLAIN: Jodie Roberts
                                       School Watch Ph: 13 17 88

                                      PARENTS AND CITIZENS ASSOCIATION
                     Meetings held first Tuesday of each month at 6.45pm for 7.00pm in OSHC.
           PRESIDENT: Sandra Williams SECRETARY: Jennifer MacNevin TREASURER: Libby Templeton

           OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS CARE: 3851 1573 (Fourth Monday of each month at 7.30pm in O.S.H.C.)

 TENNIS COURT HIRE: Ph: 3851 0444                                 FERNY HILLS GYMNASTICS CLUB: Mallory Lees 0416 720 972

 End of term                                                           another child be approached regarding a behaviour incident.
 Congratulations to everyone for getting through to the end
 of a very busy and full term, where classes have been                 Cross Country
 working very hard. You may be aware that at Ferny Hills               Well done to everyone who competed in our cross country this
 State School we have a focus on reading comprehension                 year and of course thank you to the teachers who work hard to
 and also on number. Whilst all our learning areas are very            ensure the day goes smoothly and to all the parents who support
 important, both reading comprehension and number are                  the event. I would also like to congratulate the fantastic effort of
 vital skills that will support our children to become lifelong        all those who competed and the exemplary behaviour of those
 learners and to be contributing citizens. You may recall that         who were cheering when they were not racing. I am sure that if
 in a previous newsletter, information was included                    you were able to attend the event that you would not only be
 regarding the introduction of Question, Answer,                       proud of your child or children but also the rest of the school.
 Relationship (QAR), our whole school reading
 comprehension methodology. More information will be                   A special thank you goes to our house captains Neeson Bailey,
 provided to interested parents next term, including the               Samantha McQueen, Zane Rowden, Lillie Wilson, Breanne Duffy
 conduct of a parent session.                                          and all other students including Damon Janicijevic and Brandon
                                                                       Wallis who did an amazing job of supporting the younger grades
 Behaviour Management                                                  by running the course with them, providing directions and giving
 I would also like to thank all those parents who have been            wonderful encouragement. Well done and thank you.
 in contact with me or the class teacher where they have
 had concerns regarding inappropriate behaviour. I believe             Don‟t forget about pupil free day tomorrow. Best wishes for the
 that in general the behaviour of our students and the                 school holidays, keep safe.
 respect that they have for one another is excellent. Of
 course there will be some times where children will have a            I have just been informed that I will be taking up an Acting
 disagreement or where bullying exists. The school will                Principal position at Camira State School for next term. I have
 action any complaint and investigate, follow up and keep in           thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ferny Hills and whilst I am sad to
 contact with each parent regarding solutions. It is                   go I am looking forward to the challenges. The new Principal will
 important that if there is an issue at the school that this is        be permanent and I am sure will be in touch early in the next
 reported to administration or the class teacher to manage.            term.
 Under no circumstances can a student or a parent of
                                                                       Julie-Ann McCullough
                                                              Students have the chance to tell us what‟s great about
             Calendar of Events                               their teacher in the 2011 My Favourite Teacher program.
APRIL:                                                        The program, held as part of State Education Week
15: Pupil Free Day                                            festivities, celebrates the differences teachers make
16: School Holidays begin                                     every day in the lives of students across Queensland.
27: Students return to school
27: Anzac Day Service                                         Students are encouraged to nominate their favourite
29: Sports Yrs 5-7                                            teacher via the My Favourite Teacher website at
MAY:                                                          cher/
2: Labor Day Public Holiday
5: Mothers Day Stall                                          Click on your local paper‟s masthead and nominate your
5: Raw Art 4/5B, 4/5D, 6/7C, 6/7D                             teacher in 25 words or less.
6: Raw Art 2A, 2B, 2L, 3C
6: Sports Yrs 5-7                                             Of course parents of smaller children are allowed to give
                                                              them a hand so no teacher misses out on being
               Chaplaincy News                                recognised for the important role they play in their
                                                              students‟ lives.
Help is available for extremely shy children. The SHY
(Social Anxiety – Help for Youth) Program. A team of          Winning teachers will receive a certificate and a Stefan
Psychologists at Griffith University and the University of    gift pack.
Queensland are currently investigating a treatment
program (SHY) for children suffering from extreme             Entries close on Friday May 6, with recipients
shyness. They are looking for children aged between 8         announced during State Education Week from Sunday
and 12 years, who live in the Brisbane Metropolitan           22 May to Saturday 28 May.
area, to take part in our study. There is no cost for the
treatment and all eligible families will receive treatment.   SCHOOL BANKING
If you would like further information, or would like to       Bankers be ready!!!
register your interest in our program, please contact Dr      We are sending an odd job book home with your first
Caroline Donovan by telephone: (07) 3735 3401 or              deposit next term. It will help you to stay on track with
email                              your earning and saving.
                                                              Keep up your good work and have a great Easter break.
Kmart at Arana Hills are supporting Chaplaincy                Please contact the office if you would like to become a
throughout April, May and June, so keep an eye out for        new member.
donation containers at their registers. All funds raised
will be evenly split between local school chaplaincy.                              MUSIC NEWS

Below I have listed two school camps for the April school                       FREE CONCERT
holidays, if you need more information there are              RSL Qld and Qld Symphony Orchestra are joining forces
pamphlets down at the office.                                 for an ANZAC Concert at the Suncorp Piazza in
                                                              Brisbane‟s South Bank on Thursday 21 April starting at
They are Scripture Union (SU Qld) run Easter Camps:-          6pm. Mrs Livermore will be singing in this event
                                                              with the Qld Choir. Please come and listen.
Girls Camp – Grades 6 – 7
Luther Heights , Coolum                                       REMINDER – ANZAC DAY SERVICE.
17 April – 21 April, 2011                                     Our school Anzac Day Service will be held on
$250 GST free (incl. transport)                                               th
                                                              Wednesday 27 April at 9am. I again have been able to
                                                              organise a Cataflaque Party to attend our Service and
Gents Primary Camp – Grades 5 – 7                             give it that special extra flavour to our already awesome
Camp Tamborine – Tamborine Mountain                           service.
17 April – 21 April, 2011                                     The school choir will be singing on that day and I would
$240 GST free (incl. transport)                               like them to wear their concert uniform (if they have
                                                              already purchased it). The black trousers and white shirt
I hope each and every one of you have a safe and              and green tie, black socks and shoes.
happy Easter, take care on the roads, see you in Term
2.                                                            Karen Livermore

Keep smiling

Cheers Jodie
Mondays & Wednesdays

                                                              INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE
                                                              Silver Yamaha Trumpet Good Condition. Has had yearly
                   School News                                services $200ono. See Karen Livermore at the School.
Search is on for our favourite teachers
Violin ¾, excellent condition, one owner $180.                        Before leaving for your holidays
Phone Sandra 3351 3934 or Mob 0400155401.                   Before leaving home check that you have:
                                                               1. Locked your windows and doors.
Armstrong flute, good condition, services up to date,          2. Cleared your back yard of ladders, wheelie bins
$300.00 Contact Robyn Bardetta 0412 136 189                         and garden tools.
                                                               3. Cancelled any home deliveries.
EXCURSIONS PAYMENT DUE                                       4. Arranged for a neighbour to collect your mail or
Ten Pin Bowling Yrs       $7.75     Friday 8 April                  have it redirected.
P-3                                                            5. Left a message on your answering machine that
Dr Blok                   $11.00    Thursday 10th March             doesn‟t tell caller you‟re away.
                                                 th            6. Secured your valuables.
Friday Sport Tennis       $42.00    Friday 11 March
                                                 th         Give your house the ‘lived-in look’ by:
Friday Sports             $30.00    Friday 11 March
                                                               1. Installing automatic timing devices that switch
Bunyaville Year 1         $14.00    Friday 25 March                lights and radios on and off.
                                                               2. Leaving some clothes on the line.
Swimming Yrs 4-7          $40.00    Overdue                    3. Asking a friend to park their car in your
                                    Friday 18 March                driveway.
Artrack and Sportrack
                                                               4. Organising to have your lawn mowed.
Instrumental Program      $80.00    Friday 18 March         Additional hints”
Instrumental Hire         $80.00
                                    Friday 18 March            1. Make a note of the numbers of your credit cards,
                                                                   drivers licence, emergency telephone numbers,
Choir Program             $70.00    Friday 18 March                airline tickets, passport and travellers cheques.
                                                                   Consider photocopying them.
                                                               2. Carry a copy with you and leave a copy with a
Please note you can include all payments for all your              trusted friend.
students in one (cheque/credit card/cash) payment as           3. Give a trusted friend or family member your
long as they are documented for the office to follow.              itinerary.
Eftpos is available at the office on Tuesday and Friday        4. Stay in contact – keep your family and friends
mornings after 9.00am.                                             aware of your plans.
Please note that if you are having financial difficulties      5. Carry a list of your personal contacts with you.
please contact the Registrar.                               For further information:
If you have paid for your child to participate in an
excursion and they were absent on that day. A Refund
Request form is available from the School office.
Please note Refunds are to be requested as soon as
                                                                               P&C News
possible after the excursion.
                                                            At the meeting last Tuesday it was decided to put a copy
Voluntary Financial Contributions are to be paid to the     of the minutes on the noticeboards for you to read. In
P&C; the School Office can not process these                addition to this, the parents who attend the meetings are
payments.                                                   quite happy to talk to anyone who has questions
                                                            regarding what is happening in the school.
Keep a watch on our school these holidays                   One decision from the meeting – is to paint the brick wall
                                                            next to the tennis courts. It needs a good „sprucing up‟
With the holidays fast approaching, we need you to look
                                                            before the Fete. It was decided that we are not very
out for after-hours crime in our school.
                                                            good painters, so the call goes out to parents, to find
If you see anything suspicious, please don‟t attempt to     someone to paint the wall.
intervene. Call the School Watch number – 13 17 88.
                                                            Are you a painter??? Then we need your assistance!
The School Watch Program is a partnership between
Education Queensland, the Queensland Police Service         LUNCH MONITORS – is a new on-line ordering system.
and the State Government Protective Security Service. It    After hearing a presentation from a representative of the
aims to reduce vandalism, theft and arson in                company, the P&C agreed to start using the system as
Queensland schools.                                         of Term 2. This will run in conjunction with the current
                                                            paper bag system.
Keep the number handy – 13 17 88 – and let‟s work
together to help create a safer school community.           On behalf of the Executive and committee I would like to
                                                            wish you all a safe and harmonious Easter. Looking
For more about the School Watch Program contact             forward to seeing you at the ANZAC Service in the hall
Education Queensland's School Security Section on (07)      on Wednesday 27 April at 9am.
3237 0874.
                                                            Sandra Williams
Information from our
Adopt-A-Cop Brendan                                         HEAVY DUTY METAL TROLLEY
We are looking for someone to make a heavy duty metal           TUCKSHOP SURVEY RESULTS
trolley to carry the Laughing Clowns on. If anyone is
interested please phone the office on 3550 5444.                Thank you to everyone who participated in our tuckshop
                                                                survey. Full results of the survey were presented at the
2011 FETE - CALLING ALL MARKET                                  most recent P&C meeting.
                                                                86% of respondents did not volunteer their time assisting
Do you make beautiful treasure, have something to sell          in the tuckshop. We understand that many parents work
or would like the opportunity to promote your business?         and that it is difficult for many to volunteer for other
                                                                reasons (young children etc).           Volunteers in the
At our next school fete, we will be having market style         tuckshop are not required to work all day. Sometimes
stalls located in the hall.                                     you may be able to spare an hour in the morning to help
                                                                sort bags or half an hour at lunch time to help sell ice
Stalls will be 3mtr x 3mtr and will cost a minimal amount.      blocks etc. Maybe you would prefer to come in just
                                                                before morning tea or lunch and help put the foods into
If interested please contact Kirsten 0403960695 or              the crates for the children to collect. Volunteering in the
Brendan 0411086201                                              tuckshop is not just about making sandwiches – there
                                                                are many other jobs you can do! Did you know that
TUCKSHOP NEWS                                                   dads, grandparents, older siblings (over 18) can also
We have pleasure in attaching our new look Term 2               help in the tuckshop? Perhaps your child would love to
Menu, please disregard all previous menus sent home             see grandma helping in the tuckshop when they walk
as some items have been deleted there are only two              past!!
price increases from Term 1. After the “Special Opening
Offer” Slush Puppies will revert to their full cost of $2.00.   If you are unable to volunteer in the tuckshop there are
Orders for Term 2 can be made using the current paper           other ways that you may be able to help. Could you
bag system or the new “on line” service. Copy of this           donate some paper bags, serviettes, plastic spoons,
Menu can also be found on the School‟s Website.                 plastic forks, tomato or BBQ sauce, strawberry jam,
                                                                Styrofoam cups, plastic lunch bags or perhaps you have
It would be impossible to include on the printed Menu all       fresh eggs or grow your own fruit etc. Please don‟t
of the ingredients in each item. Please feel free to come       hesitate to contact Yvonne if you can help. Every little
into the Tuckshop at any time to view any items or to           bit makes a difference!!
see how they are prepared.
In answer to the “Tuckshop Survey” earlier this year we         63% of respondents would like to see more freshly made
have added several new items for Term 2 including               food offered for sale. Unfortunately only a few people
Potato Scallops, Chicken & Vegetable Pies, Fish Finger          were able to volunteer to help make more fresh food on
Rolls (same as a Hot Dog but with Fish Fingers instead          site. Due to health and safety regulations we do not
of a sausage), Soup and Panini (square bread).                  encourage food to be made at home and donated to the
Following their success this Term, our $3.00 Lunch              tuckshop. We are currently looking into a new supplier
Deals (available at Morning Tea or Lunch) are                   who is able to provide fresh, home-cooked style food to
continuing in Term 2. All of these are “Green” rated and        the tuckshop. This would be slightly more expensive
all with the exception of #2 are vegetarian.                    than the frozen alternatives but would meet the requests
Although we are not offering a Breakfast Menu, we have          of many parents for preservative free, fresh options. We
included several items that are suitable for breakfast          will let you know when these foods will be available.
such as fresh fruit, UP & GO and raisin toast.
                                                                64% of respondents stated they would like some
                                                                „birthday‟ options to be included in our menu. You will
For the first time we are offering catering for children‟s
                                                                be pleased to see a new „birthday‟ section on the menu
birthdays. Some examples are shown on the Menu just
                                                                for Term 2. There are various options available ranging
as a guide, call into the Tuckshop at least a week in
advance with your requirements and we will give you a           from ice blocks and small cakes to fresh fruit and
                                                                sandwiches. If this proves to be a popular addition it will
                                                                become a permanent feature of our menu. Please see
Thank you for supporting this Term‟s “Meal Deals” so            Yvonne if you would like to organise a „birthday treat‟ for
well. In Term 2 we shall be offering the Upper School a         your child‟s class.
“Sushi/Subway Meal Deal” on the Thursday of the
Sports Carnival (this will be a “Red Day” but the “Meal         Once again thank you to everyone who took the time to
Deal” will be Amber/Green rated) and an “Under 8‟s              participate in our survey and improve the services of the
Meal Deal” (Amber/Green rated) for the Junior School            tuckshop.      If you have any further suggestions,
on Under 8‟s Day. Milkshakes and Smoothies will be              questions etc please feel free to discuss same with
trialed on the Wednesday of the Senior School Sport             Yvonne or Robyn Mabb.
Carnival. Look out for order forms coming home early
next term or order “on line”.                                   UNIFORM SHOP
                                                                Please note the Uniform Shop WILL NOT be open until
Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter holiday, we                       th
                                                                Monday 9 May 8am-9am due to the Public Holidays.
look forward to seeing you next Term.

Yvonne Young
Tuckshop Convenor
                                                                             Community News
Easter vacation care will be operating from Friday, 15
April to Thursday, 21 April. The service is not available
on any of the Easter or Anzac Day public holidays.             ULTIMATE HOLIDAY HANGOUT

These holidays the children will be enjoying the               Ferny Hills Tennis Centre is hosting a holiday camp
company of Henny Penny chickens. Some have already             during the break between school terms. This camp
hatched! The children are enjoying watching the new            provides you the opportunity to improve your tennis
chickens arrive daily. If anyone would like to adopt a         skills, play in round robins, swim, play soccer and much
chicken at the end of the program please see Alison.           more!
Please note that chickens will only be given to families       Important Details
who can offer them a good home and have adequate               Dates: 18 – 21 April
facilities to care for them properly. The chickens will be     Ages: Suitable for 8-16 year olds
leaving us on Thursday, 21 April.                              BYO: Lunch, Swimmers, Water Bottle & Cap
                                                               On Wednesday the 20 of April participants will travel
The children will also be enjoying many cooking                (via bus) to Wet „n‟ Wild on the Gold Coast for the entire
activities during the vacation care period. They will be       day.
making hot cross buns and Easter eggs! There will also
be plenty of craft activities and games to keep them           Very limited spaces are available so book now!
occupied. On Thursday, 21 April the children will be           For pricing information or further inquiries, contact
celebrating with a disco and party!                            the Ferny Hills Tennis Centre on (07) 3851 0444.
                                                                       MLC HOTSHOTS INTER-SCHOOLS TENNIS CHALLENGE CUP
Please note that vacation care fees are now $30.00 per                                    Points Ladder
                                                                    YR 2 & 3 RED  27-    3-     10-    15-  22-  29-
day (plus additional fees for some activities). These               DIVISION      Mar   Apr    Apr   May   May  May  TOTAL
fees must be paid in advance in order for your child to             ST ANDREWS
attend vacation care. Unfortunately we are not able to              SCHOOL         47    64                            111
                                                                    ST WILLIAMS
accommodate children in the program if their fees are               BOYS
not prepaid. Please don‟t hesitate to contact Alison if             SCHOOL         71    56                            127
you require any further information.                                FERNY HILLS
                                                                    SCHOOL         55                                   55
EASTER DRIVE FUNDRAISER                                             GROVE GIRLS
                                                                    SCHOOL         75    66                            141
A big thank you to the families that contributed to the             SAMFORD
success of our Easter Drive. You helped us raise just               SCHOOL         53    54                            107
under $1000, which is a fantastic effort, well done. The            FERNY
                                                                    GROVE BOYS
money raised will be put towards getting some seats                 SCHOOL         52   100                            152
around the oval for the parents to sit on and watch                 PATRICKS RD
                                                                    SCHOOL         58                                   58
sports carnivals etc and for the children to sit on at lunch        ST WILLIAMS
breaks. We hope you can help us with future                         GIRLS
fundraisers to allow us to purchase more of these types             SCHOOL         48    17                             65

of items for our school.

Congratulations to Jayden Yourn 3H for collecting the
most orders.
A big thank you to Sam, Kim, Merrilyn and Libby for
helping with the mammoth job of helping pack the
Thank you
Debbi Preston
                                              GREAT FUNDRAISING IDEA

                                                 Money for Mileage
              Ferny Hills State School and Bretts Automotive Care are raising funds for school resources.

                 Anyone who books their car in for repairs or services and mentions the school when
              booking mention the Money for Mileage program and Bretts Automotive Care will donate $25
                             back into the school P&C for more much needed resources.

              This is available to friends and family of the school community so tell your friends and family.

                               Call 38511866 and book in before the school holiday rush.

                     Not available for batteries, tyre punctures, wheel alignments or tyre purchases.

                                 WE HAVE ALREADY MADE $25.00 THANK YOU!!!!!!

 ‘You Can’ Fundraising - Mobile Phone Collection
Please help us support CanTeen by donating all old mobile phones to the school, there is a collection
box in the office and at OSHC.

With Cancer being the biggest killer of Australian teenagers, there is an obvious and URGENT need for action. Sony
Foundation together with CanTeen are determined to improve the odds for young cancer patients. You Can‟s primary
fundraising mechanic calls on all Australians to donate their old mobile phones and they have partnered with an
international recycling company to swap the phones for cash – turning trash into treasure.

                                          MELISSA HOME HAIR CUTS
                                        NEW HOME PHONE IS 3161 7610
                                 MOBILE NUMBER IS STILL THE SAME 0401 198 543

                                  HEADLICE ALERT!!!


                                   Check ALL children

                                                during the


                           It is rampant in all grades!

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