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        <p>An essay is an-fictional literary work that is written in
fulfillment of academic curricula. If we see the history of an essay the
first author who described his work as essays was the Frenchman Michel de
Montaigne who lived between the years 1533 to 1592. The first work in
English essay writing was done by Englishman Francis Bacon. These were in
the period of 1597 to 1625. Notable essayists who need a mention include
Virginia Woolf, Adrienne Rich, Thomas Babington Macaulay, George Orwell
and Charles Lamb. There are many different genres of essays but it is
difficult to describe a particular genre of an essay. An essay is
generally a short piece of writing and the scope of an essay is limited.
One essay cannot cover all the dimensions of a topic on which it is
written. Hence if the essayist wants to cover all the details of a
subject that is being written he writes may short essays. These essays
are equivalent to a short novel and have all the details that one wants
to know about the subject. <br>


In modern day education essays have become a formal mechanism to fulfill
the requirements of an educational course. Essays help in developing the
writing skills of the students and in many universities essay writing has
become a tool for selecting students. Essays can be categorized into
different types such as a five paragraph essay, descriptive essays,
Narrative essays, Compare and Contrast essays, Persuasive essays and
Argumentative essays. An academic essay can have a word limit of anything
between 2000-2500 words. A five paragraph essay is a highly structured
form of essay writing which has a thesis statement, three body paragraphs
which support the subject with research data and quotations and a formal
conclusion. There are many people who favor this form of essay writing
as it helps to structure a student’s thought process. There are others
who are against this form of essay writing as they feel that the
structure is too inflexible. Among the other different kinds of essays a
narrative essay covers the series of experience of a person. The essay is
written is either first person present tense or first person past tense.
Narrative essays are based on the narrator’s point of view and explain
his ideas on the topic. An argumentative essay is supported by facts and
figures and has a logical conclusion to it. This kind of essay tries to
convince the reader of the author’s point of view. <br>


Essays can also be of non-literary types. Non-Literary essays cover
Visual arts, Music, Film and Photography. In visual arts an essay is an
initial sketch of the final sculpture or drawing and tests the artist’s
creativity. A photographic essay attempts to cover a scope of a topic
with a series of photographs. Essay writing is a skill which is
developed over a period of time and with experience. If you are
interested in this form of literary work you can surely make a prosperous
career out of this noble profession. <br>

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