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					Dissertations' writing is most dreaded by many students and this seems to
be the hardest part of their student lives. Sometimes students take help
from a dissertation writing service or use the services of thesis paper
editors.The whole process of writing a dissertation paper is quite
laborious and students need to spend a lot of time and put in many hours
and to do a literature review and then come up with their own views of
the given topic. The results are then submitted in writing. The whole
process is time consuming, but by following a few guidelines students can
effectively do their dissertation writing without any issues.First and
foremost thing to arrive at is the length of the dissertation paper. If
there are important parts about the dissertation that needs to be
addressed while preparing the proposal, which could take up to 20 pages.
But if it is a custom-written proposal then it could be a little less;
however it is important to ensure that all the important points are
addressed.Some of the major components of the dissertation or the thesis
paper are the introduction, problem statement, literature review,
methodology, results discussions & analysis and bibliography.-
Introduction: This will generally include a brief summary of the
pertinent questions with regard to your research, and the context of
these questions with respect to the larger academic framework. While
reading the introduction, people must be in a position to understand what
you are aiming at through your dissertation paper.- Problem statement:
This will have an in-depth description of your research and will provide
the background such as the context of the problem in relation to the
relevant academic field.- Literature review: This is perhaps the most
relevant part of dissertation writing where students have a lot of work
to do. This gives a broader perspective of the research topic by
reviewing the contemporary literature as detailed by other researchers.
This is where there is more in-depth on the models and theories that
support the research question or statement. - Methodology: You should
include the methods employed while doing research and how they were used
to relate to the research topic. Basically the participants, procedure
and instrumentation methods to be used in the research process.- Results
Discussion and Analysis: This entails evaluating and discussing the data
collected to support the research findings. There may be need to
emphasize the results using graphs and charts as well as calculations. -
Bibliography: Here you have to list all the sources where you got the
research materials from.Useful tips:- Ensure that you give yourself
plenty of time as you will need to select a topic, gather literature,
which might take even six months or more. Selection of the topic and
literature review will take some time and if that has not been done, the
dissertation paper could take more than six months.- Your literature
review must be very thorough as this will help in getting a broader
understanding of your topic of research. Dissertation papers get turned
down when the writer does not do a proper review of the available
literature.- Keeping in regular touch with your supervisor is very
important when you are preparing your dissertation proposals way through
to the main dissertation paper. If there are any changes, it is better to
be informed about the direction you should to take. Ensure that you have
an open mind to take their advice. Try to get copies of the previous
dissertations that have been approved. Having a sample or a copy of
previous dissertations could prove to be very helpful.

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