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					                                                           Caswallen Civic Association

July 2010                                                                                            NUMBER 2

     Board Members                                 Caswallen Block Party
       Vince Gallagher             The Annual Caswallen Block Party was held on Sunday June 6th, on the cul-de-
                                   sac on Woodview Lane. We had a great turnout with approximately 55 neighbors
        Vice President             being able to participate in the fun this year! Though it appeared certain that a
         Amy Panson                storm would threaten the event, the bad weather missed us and it turned out to be
                                   a beautiful day! All of the neighbors enjoyed great food and good conversation!
  Heather Zoumas-Lubeski           A special thank you to Vince Gallagher and Rosanne Dillingham for opening
                                   their home! Hope to see everyone again next year!
            Maury Caron                                                          Some neighbors catching up
     Members at Large
         Craig Earl
      Lori Cuthbertson
     Shannon Nieberle
        Maria Ratliff

     Treasurer’s Report
 Checking           $1,251.43
 Savings            $1,888.31
 Total              $3,139.74

                                 Neighborhood children enjoying the activities

                                         Neighborhood children taking a ‘brief’ break

Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                              page 1
                          CCA Membership – Participation and Dues
        Residents participating in the Caswallen Civic Association in 2008 and 2009 was at an all time high; 63%
of the households (71 of 112 residences, $650). However, in 2010 CCA participation has reached a new high
with 75% of the households (84 of 112 residences; $770) paying their dues to date. Thank You!
        The CCA, through membership dues, maintains the entrance to the neighborhood, distributes newsletters
and phone directories (only to paying members), supports neighborhood events, the website, and makes
donations in the memory of deceased residents/friends. Membership dues of $5 per adult resident have not
increased since its inception. This Newsletter further highlights the neighborhood events that the Association
and neighbors have held and are planning for the coming year (see page 2). Caswallen is, and has been, a great
place to live; however, it can be even better if we all work together. Please participate in your neighborhood,
please partake in its events, please become a member of the Association. It will be the best $5 you ever spent.

                                           New CCA Treasurer
  Maury Caron (1005 Woodview Lane) has assumed the role of Treasurer following the departure of Joel Spivey
(438 Caswallen Drive). Joel has been the CCA Treasurer for several decades and will be truly missed. Thank
you for your years of dedicated service! Joel, and his wife Alice, have been long time residence of Caswallen,
but will be moving in July/August. We wish them the best of luck in their new home. We would also like to
thank Maury for assuming the role of Treasurer and doing such a wonderful job.

                        Joel Spivey                        Maury Caron
                        Retiring Treasurer                 Incoming Treasurer

                                             One Lap For Dogs
         Harry Panson (974 Carol Circle) and ‘The One Lap For Dogs’ team (Harry and his friend Brian) didn’t
even know about the One Lap of America in July of 2009, but with a lot of ambition and a Corvette that was
more comfortable on the car show circuit than the race track, they made it work. In September, Brian went to a
short driving school and Harry began getting the car ready. Harry and Brian started cutting bones, then allowing
people to put their pet’s name on the car for a $10 donation to the local SPCA. The final result was a red
Corvette covered with about 500 white dog bones with a donation of over $5,000 to the SPCA.
         Combined, Harry and Brian had less than five track days before the OLoA 2010 and while they didn’t set
any track records, they competed in each event and learned a lot. They met lots of great people, enjoyed the
adrenaline rush of the competition, ate a lot of junk food and forged friendships that they’ll treasure for a
lifetime. As two car guys, Brian and Harry are trying to figure out how they can make this an annual event that
helps fill their passion for the competition while serving a worthy cause.
         A special thanks to their families and friends for helping to make this dream a reality! If you’d like to
help animals in need, visit or watch for a speedy red Corvette with the dog bones all
over it!
Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                            page 2
                             - Caswallen Neighborhood Events -
         Re-cap of Events:
             Easter Egg Hunt - Saturday April 3rd (Craig and Jennifer Earl organizers):
              The 7th Annual Caswallen Easter Egg Hunt was held once again this year at 221 Caswallen Drive.
              The 23 children in attendance had a fantastic time searching for the approximately 400 eggs, seeing
              old friends, meeting new friends, eating their new-found treats and choosing their prizes. There was
              quite a few new Caswallen residents with their children in attendance, which is always good to see.
              Special thanks to the Ratliff’s for their help in setting up for the’Hunt’.

             Yard Sale – Saturday May 22nd (Grace Bernosky organizer) :
              This annual tradition when everyone has the opportunity to clean out their basements, attics and
              garages, and make a few dollars in the process was held on May 22nd. A number of neighbors did
              quite well this year, due to a bigger turn-out than normal.
             Block Party – Sunday June 6h (Shannon Nieberle and CCA Board organizers)
              The Annual Caswallen Block Party is a good time had by all that attend, especially the children.
              Details of this recent event are in the lead article of this Newsletter.

        Ongoing Caswallen Neighborhood Events:
             Bridge Club – 2 bridge clubs have existed in the neighborhood for several years. However, the
              Clubs are looking new members. If you are interested in joining one of these clubs, please contact
              Claire Fasko at 610/692-7937.
             Bunco Babes – a game night for mothers with young children, to get out and have an evening of
              fun without the children. Previous events proved to be a great night to eat, reconnect with neighbors
              and learn their easy game. There has not been a party recently, but there have been a few movie
              nights. Interested players or movie goers should contact Amy Panson at 610/344-7970 to host or
              attend future parties/events.
             Perennial Exchange - (Rosanne Dillingham organizer): If you are interested in exchanging extra
              plants, cuttings, and other perennials. Please contact Rosanne at 610-429-5744 or email at

Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                            page 3
        Upcoming Caswallen Neighborhood Events:
             Halloween Party / Haunted House – Scheduled for Sunday October 24th: (Craig & Jen Earl
              organizers): The 5th Annual Caswallen Halloween Party and Haunted House at the Earl’s house will
              impress even the most seasoned Halloween connoisseurs. This increasingly popular event is enjoyed
              by all that attend. This year’s spooky theme is a secret and will be disclosed at a future date.
              Details will be circulated in the Fall.

                         Halloween 2009
                                             HELP Needed !!!
             The set-up for the annual Halloween party has grown beyond my capabilities, as well as the family
              members I have been able to recruit. Without your help there may be no Halloween this year!
              Therefore, HELP is needed (at least 4+ people for 1-2 weekends) to set up Halloween props for the
              Annual party scheduled for Sunday October 24th. Please sign up for any of the following days:
                                         September 25/26 or October 2/3
                                     (rain dates will be scheduled if necessary)
              by calling Craig at 610-233-0443. Thank you for your help; this is an annual tradition that the
              children (big and small) look forward to every year!

             Luminaries – Christmas Eve December 24th (Betsy O’Connell organizer):
               This annual tradition is absolutely beautiful to behold on an already magical night. Though
              participation is voluntary, a majority of the neighbors enjoy and partake in this annual event.
              Details will be circulated in the Fall.

                 Contact a CCA Board member or the Caswallen website (
                            if you are interested in being an organizer for an event

Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                              page 4
                                         -   Township News –
                                 From Township Newsletter – Volume 19 No, 4 – Spring 2010

        Spring Cleaning –          The Township would like to provide a few brief guidelines to homeowners to
        keep their properties clean, safe, and environmentally sound this season while being a good neighbor.
           o West Goshen Township has a weed ordinance which states that any growth in excess of 12 inches
               is subject to fines. Composting is recommended.
           o Permits are necessary for sheds and other projects.
           o Renovations that require the hauling of building materials and miscellaneous items, must be done
               in a timely manner. Dumpsters must be on the property and not in the roadway.
           o Notify the Township if there is a vacant or abandoned building in your neighborhood.
           o Yard sales, block parties and other special events require a permit from the Township.
               Barricades available upon request!
           o Please be mindful of unnecessary or offensive noise levels which may disturb your neighbors.
               The Township permits noise between 7 AM and 10 PM.

        Trash Talking –         Please use the following guide for disposing of recyclables, household hazardous
        wastes, and other trash items:
           o Recyclables (Mondays): including cans, bottles/jars, plastics (#1-7), flattened boxes, and paper
                    Recycling stickers and buckets are free and can be obtained at the Township Building
                    20 gallon recycling buckets are available for purchase ($10 each)
           o Trash (Mondays / Thursdays): all trash must be placed in the 96 gallon Township provided
               container with the handle facing away from the street and at least 3 feet from recycling container.
           o Bulk Trash (Thursdays): a maximum of 1 bulk item per week (object 2 people can lift)
                    Air conditioners and refrigerators must be tagged that freon has been removed
                    Maximum of 4 carpet rolls (4 feet in length) will be collected
                    No building materials or automotive parts will be collected
           o Yard Waste (July 17th, August 14th, September 18th, and October 9th): there is no limit to the
               number of trashcans, paper bags and bundles (4 feet in length) of yard waste that will be accepted.
           o Household Hazardous Waste: Collection dates and locations for the remainder of 2010 are:
                    Saturday, September 11th (New Garden Township Building, Landenburg, PA)
                    Saturday, October 9th (Chester County Government Service Center, West Chester, PA)
                            This site will accepted computer components
                    Visit for details on which paint products, outdoor, automotive,
                       household and other items that will be accepted.

        Summer Concert Series – Free Sunday evening (6:30 PM) performances at the J. Leon Hagerty
        Amphitheater at West Goshen Community Park (N. Five Points and Fernhill Roads).
           June 13th – David Jack (children’s songs)
           June 27th – The Barbone Street Jazz Band (Jazz)
           July 11th – Special Blendz (Motown)
           July 25th – Blackthorn (Celtic sound)
           August 8th- The Mainliners (a cappella choral group)
           August 22nd – Jimmy Jorge and the Latin Express (Latin American)
                 o In case of rain, concerts will be held at the West Chester East High School Auditorium

Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                            page 5
                                            New Neighbors
Three new families have chosen Caswallen as their home (1 on Caswallen Dr., 1 on Woodview Ln, and 1 on
Carol Circle). In addition, 2-3 additional homes are or will be up for sale in the near future. The new resident’s
introductions will appear in the next Newsletter once we have had the opportunity to contact them. The
Caswallen Civic Association and all of Caswallen’s residents, welcome them to the neighborhood!!!

                                           Christina and Travis Earhart
                                                450 Caswallen Drive
                Christina gave birth to their son, Patrick James, on Friday March 19th, who weighed in at 8 lbs 10
        oz. and was 21 inches in length. So please help us congratulate and welcome the Earhart’s new addition
        to our neighborhood.
                                                Ellen and Greg Laibe
                                                449 Caswallen Drive
                Ellen gave birth to their new son, Finnian James, on Wednesday June 9th, who weighed in at 8 lbs
        3 oz. and was 20 inches long. Everyone is happy and healthy. So please help us congratulate and
        welcome the Laibe’s new addition to our neighborhood.

   The CCA Board members and other residents of Caswallen would like to extend their condolences to Karen
Andrews and her family, due to the death of Karen’s mother (Ellen) on Saturday, June 19th. Services were held
on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 at Mother of Divine Providence Church on Allendale Road in King of Prussia.

                                         - Neighbor’s Corner -
1. Babysitters For Hire:
    Isabella Draper – 15 y/o; (610) 692-7969;; 451 Caswallen Drive
     Isabella is a Red Cross Certified Babysitter who is available for hire. References available!
    Maria Ratliff – 12 y/o; (610) 500-1553 or email at; 219 Caswallen Drive Maria is
     a Red Cross Certified Babysitter who is available for hire

2. Caswallen Website ( The Association would like to update the website to include
local school information, pictures of the neighborhood over time, Caswallen event announcements. Please visit
the website ( and see what you think; click on the ‘Contact Us’ link and send us your ideas
on how we can make the site even better.

3. Curb Appeal: Please help maintain the beautiful neighborhood that we love. Keep your curbs clean and
trimmed, as well as, newspapers and trash picked up. Remember, the ‘curb-appeal’ of our homes is what
interests many new home buyers.

Caswallen Civic Association Newsletter                                                             page 6