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	          SHEVAT-AdAr	1	5768	                              VOL.	LXI,	NUMBEr	6		                                                                          FEBrUAry	2008

        TEMPLE SINAI                                             FEbruAry 2008 SErvIcE SchEduLE
             IS	PUBLISHEd	MONTHLy	By:
                                                                Friday, February 1
                                                                  Mostly	Musical	Shabbat	at	7:00 PM
                                                                                                                 Saturday, February 16
                                                                                                                   Informal	Shabbat	Service	at	9:00 AM
                                                                Saturday, February 2                             thurSday, February 21
                TEMPLE	SINAI
                                                                  Informal	Shabbat	Service	at	9:00 AM              Evening	Minyan	at	7:30 PM
           5505 Forbes Avenue                                     Shabbat	Morning	Service	and		
           Pittsburgh, PA 15217                                   Bat	Mitzvah	at	10:30 AM                        Friday, February 22
               (412) 421-9715                                                                                      Likrat	Shabbat	Service	at	6:00 PM
           (412) 421-8430 FAX                                   WedneSday, February 6                              Shabbat	Evening	Service	at	8:00 PM
                                                                 Healing	Service	at	1:00 PM                        New	Member	Shabbat
       www.templesinaipgh.org                                                                                      The	Intergenerational	choir	will	participate
                                                                thurSday, February 7
                          EMAIL:                                  Evening	Minyan	at	7:30 PM                      Saturday, February 23
      office@templesinaipgh.org                                                                                    Informal	Shabbat	Service	at	9:00 AM
                                                                Friday, February 8
                                                                                                                   Family	Shabbat	Service	at	9:30 AM
                                                                  Likrat	Shabbat	Service	at	6:00 PM                The	4th	Grade	class	will	participate
    JAMES	A.	GIBSON. . . . . . . . . . . Senior	rabbi             Shabbat	Evening	Service	and	                     Shabbat	Morning	Service	and		
    EzrA	N.	ENdE	. . . . . . . . . . . Assistant	rabbi            Bar	Mitzvah	at	8:00 PM                           Bat	Mitzvah	at	10:30 AM
    PHyLLIS	G.	WEINkLE	. . Executive	director                   Saturday, February 9                             thurSday, February 28
    SArA	STOck	MAyO	. . . . . cantorial	Soloist	                  Informal	Shabbat	Service	at	9:00 AM              Evening	Minyan	at	7:30 PM
    cArOL	rOSENTHAL. . . . Program	director
                                                                  Shabbat	Morning	Service	and	
                                                                  Bat	Mitzvah	at	10:30 AM                        Friday, February 29
    JErEMy	O’dELL	 . . . 	Pianist/choir	director                  Tot	Shabbat	Havdalah	at	5:00 PM                  Likrat	Shabbat	Service	at	6:00 PM
    MArILEE	GLIck	 . . . . . . .Education	director                                                                 Shabbat	Evening	Service	at 8:00 PM
                                                                thurSday, February 14
                                                                                                                   Interfaith	Outreach	Shabbat
                      OFFICERS                                    Evening	Minyan	at	7:30 PM
                                                                                                                 Saturday, March 1
    FrANk	ScHWArz,	Jr. . . . . . . . . . President              Friday, February 15
                                                                                                                   Informal	Shabbat	Service	at 9:00 AM
    EdWArd	kOrENMAN . .1st	Vice-President                         Likrat	Shabbat	Service	at	6:00 PM                Shabbat	Morning	Service		
                                                                  Shabbat	Evening	Service	at	8:00 PM               and	Bat	Mitzvah	at	10:30 AM
    dAVId	HIrScH . . . . . . . . 2nd	Vice-President
    FLOrENcE	cHAPMAN . . . . . . . . . Secretary
    JOHN	ScHILLEr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer
    dAVId	LASSMAN . . . . . .Assistant	Treasurer
    kArEN	LEVIN . . . . . . . . . Financial	Secretary
    dEB	dUNTON	 . . . Ass’t.	Financial	Secretary
                                                                COME TO THE CABARET ...
                                                                    Sara Stock Mayo		

                                                                and	Doug Levine

                                                                for	a	Cabaret Performance

                                                                Saturday, February 16                  7:30 PM

                                                                See WoTS, Page 6, for more details.

    As	we	enter	this	month	in	the	Torah	our	               2)	Insuring	the	rights	of	women	in	marriage               glimmer	of	Spring	in	sight.	Our	light,	warmth	
people	are	still	engaged	in	receiving	the	Law	                                                                       and	 hope	 spring	 from	 our	 connection	 to	
                                                           3)	Damages	owed	by	those	who	hurt	others,	
at	Mt.	Sinai.	The	first	Shabbat	this	February	is	                                                                    Torah	portions	like	Mishpatim.	Whether	you	
                                                              whether	intentionally	or	not
called	Mishpatim,	or	“rules.”                                                                                        come	 to	 Shabbat	 or	 attend	 a	 class	 or	 hear	
    There	 are	 times	 when,	 after	 a	 service	           4)	The	status	of	the	fetus	as	a	potential	(not	           ruth	 Messinger	 of	 American	 Jewish	 World	
or	 a	 meeting,	 people	 will	 talk	 to	 me	 about	           born)	person                                           Service	when	she	comes	next	month,	know	
something	in	the	rules	of	our	faith	they	find	                                                                       that	our	Torah	can	speak	to	us	and	guide	our	
                                                           5)	The	safety	net	for	the	poor	and	                       hands	to	heal	this	world.
bothersome.	They	find	Shabbat	inconvenient,	
                                                              vulnerable	in	society
kashrut	irrelevant,	prayer	empty	ritual.	If	only	                                                                        Healing	 this	 world	 is	 not	 irrelevant,	 al-
the	 rules	 of	 Judaism	 concerned	 issues	 that	          6)	The	status	of	strangers	and	our	duty	to	               though	sometimes	it	is	inconvenient.	Looking	
matter,	they	say,	like	caring	for	human	lives,	               protect	them                                           past	 ourselves,	 our	 comfort	 and	 our	 plea-
they	might	consider	taking	them	seriously.                     Name	your	issue:	darfur,	Human	Trafficking,	          sures,	even	in	February,	is	a	response	to	our	
    It	 is	 a	 gentle	 conversation.	 They	 know	 I	       Abortion,	damages	by	Individuals,	Governments	            faith	 and	 Torah.	 come,	 let	 us	 look	 for	 the	
am	not	going	to	press,	and	I	know	that	they	               or	 corporations,	 Immigration	 (legal	 or	 not),	        answers	 together	 in	 a	 text	 that	 has	 never	
will	 not	 go	 so	 far	 as	 to	 give	 offense.	 I	 just	   Public	Spending	for	the	disadvantaged.	There	is	          stopped	calling	to	our	people.
wish	I	could	talk	to	them	about	this	portion,	             virtually	no	issue	on	our	agenda	as	committed	
Mishpatim.                                                 reform	Jews	that	is	not	covered	in	this	Torah	            L’Shalom,
    The	 Torah	 goes	 to	 great	 lengths	 to	 ad-          portion.	Our	Social	Justice	commitments	help	
dress	the	needs	of	the	vulnerable	in	its	time	             define	us	as	liberal	Jews.
and	 setting.	 It	 sets	 out	 laws	 that	 guide	 our	          I	feel	for	those	who	connect	with	the	word	
hearts	 as	 Jews	 to	 this	 very	 day.	 In	 this	 one	     “liberal”	but	not	the	word	“Jew.”	Our	values	
portion,	 we	 are	 instructed	 concerning	 (this	          are	anchored	in	these	texts	of	law	and	history.	          rabbi	James	A.	Gibson
is	a	partial	list):                                        Even	when	we	disagree,	we	are	better	off	con-
1)	Treating	 servants	 as	 human	 beings,	 not	            fronting	troubling	texts	than	ignoring	them.
   slaves.                                                     It	 is	 February	 -	 stark,	 grey	 with	 barely	 a	

                                                                                                                       LuNch GrOuP
       cOMING SOON ...                                                                                                 rabbi	Gibson’s		
                                                                                                                       Lunch	&	discussion	Group		
                                                                                                                       for	those	Working	downtown

       Saturday • March 15, 2008!
                                                                                                                       Friday, February 8, 2008

                                                                                                                       Sherrard, German & Kelly, PC
                                                                                                                       One	Oliver	Plaza,	35th	Floor
       If	you	would	like	to	participate	in	this	year’s	Purimspiel,		
                                                                                                                       Gary	Nelson	and	Jo	Anne	
       REhEARSAlS wIll bEGIN wEdNESdAy, FEbRuARy 20.		
                                                                                                                       Schwendinger	will	be	the	hosts	for	
       Please	contact	carol	rosenthal	in	the	Temple	office	at	412-421-9715	or		                                        lunch.
       carol@templesinaipgh.org	and	let	us	know	you	would	like	to	participate	or	if	
                                                                                                                       Please RSVP	to	Sue	Horne	before	
       you	have	any	questions.	
                                                                                                                       Tuesday,	February	5,	at	412-421-8492	or	

PAGE	2	                                                                            	                                                        TEMPLE	SINAI	BULLETIN

                            Four	 years	 ago	 at	      sity	of	our	Movement,	these	rituals	are	both	              ing	both	a	mitzvah	that	we	have	done	since	
                            the	 UrJ	 (Union	 for	     traditional	 and	 creative.”	 An	 alternative	 to	         last	Shabbat	and	a	good	thing	that	has	hap-
                            reform	 Judaism)	          pick	 one	 a	 week	 is	 to	 pick	 one	 or	 two	 and	       pened	to	each	of	us	since	last	Shabbat.
                            Biennial,	rabbi	yoffie,	   try	them	every	week.
                                                                                                               8.	 Before	Shabbat	seek	an	opportunity	to	give	
                            President	 of	 the	 UrJ	      Here	are	some	of	the	ideas	on	the	cards:                 tzedakah	to	someone	who	is	homeless
encouraged	each	of	us	to	take	10	minutes	each	
weekday	to	study.	Last	month	in	my	article,	I	         1.	 Listen	 to	 Shabbat	 music	 while	 driving	         9.	 Before	 blessing	 the	 candles,	 find	 change	
challenged	 you	 to	 go	 to	 http://urj.org/torah/         home	from	work	on	Erev	Shabbat                          from	around	the	house	and	fill	our	tzeda-
ten	and	sign	up	and	try	“10	Minutes	of	Torah”	                                                                     kah	box,	coin	by	coin.	As	each	person	puts	
                                                       2.	 Do	not	open	mail	or	email	on	Shabbat.
for	three	weeks.	I	again	give	you	this	challenge.	                                                                 in	 a	 coin	 s/he	 says	 something	 for	 which	
Additionally,	I	would	like	your	feedback.	What	        3.	 On	Thursday	 set	 the	 table	 in	 the	 dining	          they’re	grateful	(health,	family,	pets,	winning	
did	 you	 like?	What	 did	 you	 not	like?	Are	you	         room	 with	 our	 best	 linen,	 dishes,	 silver-         a	game,	passing	a	spelling	test,	etc).
planning	 to	 continue	 reading	 “10	 Minutes	 of	         ware	and	arrange	flowers.	On	Friday	upon	              In	my	family,	we	usher	in	Shabbat	by	light-
Torah?”	My	email	is	actionbiz@aol.com.                     returning	 home	 from	 work,	 volunteering,	        ing	candles,	saying	kiddush	over	the	wine	and	
                                                           or	errands,	the	house	already	has	an	air	of	        motzi	over	bread	before	dinner.	you	may	find	
At	 the	 most	 recent	 Biennial	 last	 december,	
                                                           Shabbat	about	it.                                   one	of	the	above	or	your	own	way	of	making	
rabbi	yoffie	gave	us	a	new	goal—to embrace
Shabbat for 24 hours each week.	 My	 first	            4.	 Save	any	new	clothing	you	buy	to	wear	for	          your	Shabbat	separate	and	elevated	from	the	
reaction	 was	 that	 this	 is	 laudable.	 Then	            the	first	time	on	Shabbat.	That	gives	more	         other	days	of	the	week.
reality	 crossed	 my	 mind.	 This	 is	 very	 ambi-         meaning	 to	 acquisition	 and	 it	 embraces	
tious	 for	 me	 and	 many	 of	 us.	 rabbi	 yoffie,	        Shabbat.
while	being	a	visionary,	is	also	very	realistic.	                                                              B’Shalom,	
He	 gave	 us,	 as	 the	 introduction	 card	 says,	     5.	 Unlike	 the	 rest	 of	 the	 week,	 our	 children	
“…fifty-two	 different	 ways	 to	 celebrate	 the	          are	 not	 allowed	 to	 wake	 us	 up	 Saturday	
gift	 of	 Shabbat—one	 for	 every	 Shabbat	 of	            morning.
the	 year.	 Each	 is	 a	 ritual	 which	 serves	 to	    6.	 Have	 clean	 sheets	 on	 the	 bed	 for	 Erev	
punctuate	 time	 and	 space,	 making	 Shabbat	             Shabbat.	 It	 is	 nice	 to	 come	 home	 from	       Frank	L.	Schwarz,	President
as	 special,	 holy,	 set	 aside	 (kadosh).	 These	         services	to	clean	sheets.
Shabbat	suggestions	come	from	reform	Jews	
across	North	America.	Mirroring	the	diver-             7.	 During	Shabbat	dinner	we	take	turns	shar-

      FaMily SOcK hOP
             Sunday, February 17
             2-4:00 PM
                                      n DJ and Activities
                                      n Make-Your-Own-Sundae Bar
                                      n Bring a pair of socks to donate to the
                                        East End Co-operative Ministry’s Homeless Shelter
                                      n Families with children of ALL ages are welcome!

FEBrUAry	2008	                                                                	                                                                           PAGE	3
  FrOM rAbbI ENdE

                            brINGING uS cLOSEr TO ONE ANOThEr

This	past	November	rabbi	richard	Address,	              Our	 holiness	 is	 not	 measured	 by	 our	 reli-      We	 will	 try	 to	 match	 up	 families	 and	 indi-
director	of	the	department	of	Family	con-               gious	 rituals	 but	 rather	 by	 the	 friendships	    viduals	that	might	share	some	interests	and	
cerns	 of	 the	 Union	 for	 reform	 Judaism,	           and	 the	 amount	 of	 support	 we	 are	 able	 to	     beliefs	and	hopefully	create	new	friendships	
visited	 us	 and	 shared	 with	 us	 his	 ideas	         give	 one	 another.	 These	 friendships	 should	      that	 can	 elevate	 us	 help	 us	 to	 achieve	 our	
about	 becoming	 a	 “sacred	 community.”	               enhance	our	Jewish	lives	whether	we	are	in	           religious	purpose	of	becoming	a	sacred	com-
Strengthening	 ourselves	 as	 a	 community	             or	out	of	our	Temple,	and	so	I	am	calling	you	        munity.
includes	 deepening	 our	 inner	 connections	           to	SHArE	A	SHABBAT.
and	supporting	each	other	along	life’s	path.                                                                  L’Shalom,
                                                        It	is	my	hope	that	every	Friday	night	families	
	 “We	 create	 a	 community	 when	 we	 reach	           will	 gather	 at	 the	 Likrat	 Shabbat	 service,	
out	and	enter	into	sacred	personal	relation-            light	the	Shabbat	candles	and	then	continue	
ships	with	others.	By	doing	so	we	model	the	            to	 celebrate	 by	 getting	 together	 to	 share	
beauty	and	power	of	our	fundamental	rela-               a	 Shabbat	 meal	 at	 someone’s	 home	 follow-        rabbi	Ezra	Ende
tionship	with	God	and	in	thus	we	create	life	           ing	 the	 service.	 My	 vision	 is	 that	 everyone	
affirming	sacred	communities.”                          joining	us	for	our	Likrat	Shabbat	service	will	
                                                        continue	to	celebrate	Shabbat	in	this	way.


                                                                                                                 CoMinG nexT MonTH
  wednesday,TbA in March, 1:15 PM	
  Guardian of the Dawn	by	richard	zimler	
  Falk	Library	of	Temple	Sinai

  In	 his	 acclaimed	 novels	 Hunting Midnight          from	destroying	his	family	and	pulling	him	
  and	 The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon,	 richard	          apart	from	the	Hindu	girl	he	loves.	When	
  zimler	has	spun	luminous	historical	fiction	          an	act	of	betrayal	puts	his	beloved	father	
  from	 the	 experience	 of	 the	 Jews	 of	 the	        in	 prison,	 Tiago	 is	 forced	 to	 hunt	 down	
  Iberian	Peninsula.	                                   the	 traitor	 and	 make	 an	 unimaginable	
                                                        choice…and	for	him,	a	harrowing	journey	                 Scholar-in-Residence
  Spanning	decades	and	continents,	his	new	
  novel	 is	 set	 in	 the	 lush	 world	 of	 colonial	
                                                        begins–one	that	will	show	him	the	depths	                ruth Messinger
                                                        of	human	depravity,	and	the	dark,	poison-
  India	 during	 the	 age	 of	 the	 Inquisition.	       ous	salvation	of	revenge….                               President of
  Here	 is	 the	 astonishing	 story	 of	 Tiago	
  zarco,	 a	 young	 man	 whose	 family	 fled	           At	once	a	grand	historical	adventure	and	a	
                                                                                                                 American Jewish World Service
  forced	 conversions	 in	 Portugal	 and	 now	          riveting	tale	of	love	and	mystery,	Guardian              March 28-30, 2008
  lives	 in	 a	 twilight	 between	 local	 Hindus	       of the Dawn	brilliantly	illuminates	a	world	
  and	 the	 ruling	 Portuguese	 catholics.	 As	         that	has	rarely	been	described–in	a	novel	
  Tiago	 comes	 of	 age	 in	 Goa,	 the	 capital	        that	 blazes	 with	 passion,	 fury,	 and	 hope.	
  of	 the	 spice	 trade,	 he	 struggles	 to	 keep	      (random	House)
  the	far-reaching	powers	of	the	Inquisition	

PAGE	4	                                                                       	                                                      TEMPLE	SINAI	BULLETIN
   Our SchOOL

FEbruAry 2008                                                         ShEvAT—AdAr 1 5768
    SUnDAY               MonDAY         TUeSDAY         WeDneSDAY            THURSDAY             FRiDAY           SATURDAY
                                                                                                                Parsha: Mishpatim

           – cANNEd FruIT –
                                                                                                            1                     2
                                                                                                                Parsha: Teruma

 Torah for Tots                                        Rosh Chodesh       Rosh Chodesh                          Tot Shabbat
                                                       Adar 1             Adar 1                                Havdalah
                  3                4               5                  6                  7                  8                     9
                                                                                                                Parsha: Tetzaveh
                      1st Day
                      Bar/Bat Mitzvah
                      Class & Parent

             10                   11              12              13                 14                    15                 16
                                                                                                                Parsha: Ki Tisa

 PACT                                                                                        Dinner with      4th Grade
                                                                                             the Rabbi        Class Service at
             17                   18              19              20                 21                    22 9:30 AM 23

 Youth Group                                         Hebrew School
 Spaghetti Dinner                                    Conferences —
             24                   25              26 no Classes 27                   28                    29

   yOuTh GrOuP

                               We	are	excited	to	announce	that	our	youth	Group	events	will	have	a	new,	
                               regular	format.	Please	watch	this	space	to	see	what’s	happening	with	our	
                               youth	Group.	details	will	be	mailed	to	our	students	monthly.

    7th-8th	Grade	                 Sunday,	February	10	          	 Scavenger	Hunt

    9th-12th	Grade	                February	15-16	               	 Shul-In

    9th-12th	Grade	                Sunday,	February	24	          	 Spaghetti	dinner	Fundraiser

  If	you	would	like	information	about	Temple	Sinai	religious	School	or	youth	Group,	please	call		
  412-421-7039	or	send	e-mail	for	information	to:	school@templesinaipgh.org

FEBrUAry	2008	                                                                   	                                                    PAGE	5

                                                                                           Mah JOng
                                                                                           This	 month	 our	 second	 Tuesday	 Mah	 Jong	
                                                                                           night	 will	 be	 the	 evening	 of	 February	 12th.	
                                                                                           We	gather	at	7:00	PM	to	get	to	know	each	
                                                                                           other	and	enjoy	light	refreshments.	We	start	
                                                                                           playing	 at	 approximately	 7:30.	 come	 and	
     you	are	invited	to	cOME	TO	THE	cABArET	for                                            give	it	a	try.	All	levels	are	welcome	and	the	

    Music & Morsels
                                                                                           cost	is	minimal.	First	timers	are	always	free,	
                                                                                           current	 WoTS	 members	 are	 $4.00	 and	 all	
                                                                                           others	 are	 just	 $6.00	 for	 an	 evening	 of	 fun	
    Saturday Evening, February 16                                                          and	friends.	Please	contact	Suzan	Hvizdash	
                                                                                           for	additional	information.
                7:30 PM
                                                                                           Sunday MOrning WOMen’S
    WoTS	 is	 delighted	 to	 present	 Sara	 Stock	 Mayo	 and	 her	 accompanist,	           bOOK diScuSSiOn
    doug	 Levine,	 who	 together	 will	 transform	 the	 Falk	 Auditorium	 into	 an	
                                                                                           Our	book	for	the	February	Women’s	Book	
    intimate	cabaret.	
                                                                                           discussion	 is	 The	 Ladies	 Auxiliary,	 by	 Tova	
    If	 you	 were	 one	 of	 the	 lucky	 ones	 to	 see	 and	 hear	 the	 Stock	 Family	      Mirvis,	 which	 is	 available	 in	 paperback	 and	
    concert	 last	 year,	 you	 already	 know	 the	 versatility	 of	 our	 cantorial	        on	 line	 at	 Amazon.com.	 Just	 a	 few	 of	 the	
    Soloist,	 Sara	 Stock	 Mayo.	 Her	 skills	 on	 the	 bima	 come	 full	 circle	 when	    themes	of	this	novel	include	welcoming	the	
                                                                                           stranger	in	our	midst,	challenges	to	accepted	
    she	belts	out	Broadway.	And,	if	you	know	music	in	Pittsburgh,	you	prob-
                                                                                           traditions	 and	 practices	 and	 experiences	 of	
    ably	already	know	doug	Levine,	a	fabulous	accompanist,	who	has	written	
                                                                                           prayer	and	faith.	All	women	of	the	congrega-
    original	music	and/or	created	arrangements	for	many	theater	and	dance	                 tion	 are	 welcome,	 even	 if	 you	 haven’t	 read	
    companies	 including	 Pittsburgh	 Public	 Theatre,	 city	 Theatre,	 Attack	            or	finished	the	book.	Our	date	this	month	is	
    Theatre,	Pitt	repertory	Theatre,	renaissance	city	Women’s	choir	and	                   Sunday	morning,	February	10th.	We	meet	at	
    Pittsburgh	Musical	Theater.	doug	has	also	composed	a	number	of	origi-                  the	back	tables	at	Panera	Bread	on	Murray	
    nal	theatrical	scores	and	been	presented	as	a	pianist	by	the	dance	Alloy,	             Avenue	 from	 9:45	 AM	 to	 approximately	
    Steinway	Society	of	Western	PA	and	the	Heinz	chapel	Pittsburgh	Artists	                11:15	 AM.	 contact	 Jean	 kablack	 for	 addi-
    Series.	We	invite	all	of	you	to	experience	a	true	musical	gem	of	an	evening	           tional	information.
    as	Sara	and	doug	weave	together	a	night	of	show	tunes,	old	and	new.
                                                                                           WOtS Steering cOMMittee
    consistent	with	the	mood	of	a	cabaret,	beverages,	including	wine,	cheese	
    &	fine	pastries	will	be	served.	                                                       Women	 of	 Temple	 Sinai	 steering	 commit-
                                                                                           tee	meetings	are	held	at	11:00	AM	the	first	
    Proceeds	 benefit	 WoTS	 programs	 and	 projects	 and	 the	 Women	 of	                 Sunday	of	most	months.	All	adult	women	of	
    reform	Judaism	yES	Fund.	Tickets	are	$54	for	“Friend	of	WOTS,”	$18	                    the	congregation	are	welcome	to	attend.	For	
    for	advance	reservations,	and	$	25	at	the	door.	To	place	your	advance	res-             additional	 information,	 please	 contact	 Jean	
    ervations,	contact:	mimi.botkin@gmail.com	or	ruth	zober,	drruth-                       kablack	or	Suzan	Hvizdash.
    ful@gmail.com                                                                             Jean Kablack, Chair
                                                                                              Suzie Hvizdash,Vice Chair

  Rosh Chodesh Adar 1
  Monday, February 11, 7:30 PM

  Our	topic	this	year	will	be	WOMEN	OF	THE	BIBLE,	as	we	explore	how	looking	at	individuals	can	be	used	to	teach	us	about	the	
  Bible’s	perspective	on	women	and	the	nation	of	Israel.		This	month	we	will	be	discussing	BATHSHEBA,	using	the	book	Reading
  the Women of the Bible	by	Tikva	Frymer-kensky.	For	more	information,	go	to	the	rosh	chodesh	group’s	website	or	contact	carol	

PAGE	6	                                                           	                                                TEMPLE	SINAI	BULLETIN

brOtherhOOd caFé iS
February 3                                    charter SchOOl head tO addreSS February 10
   On	 the	 first	 Sunday	 of	 February,	     brunch & lecture SerieS
all	 Temple	 Sinai	 men	 are	 welcome	
to	 enjoy	 warm	 conversation,	 com-          Jeremy	resnick,	founder	of	Propel	Schools,	will	discuss	the	charter	
plimentary	 Starbucks	 coffee	 and	           school	movement	at	next	the	Brunch	&	Lecture	Series	on	Sunday,	
a	 Brueggers	 bagel	 in	 the	 Krieger         February	 10.	 Propel	 is	 a	 Pittsburgh-based	 not-for-profit	 school	
lobby from 9:00-11:30 am.	              	     organization	 founded	 to	 bring	 high-performance	 schooling	 options	
Whether	you’re	taking	your	children	          to	western	Pennsylvania	families	who	lack	them.	Over	the	next	six	
to	and	from	religious	School	or	are	          years,	 Propel	 plans	 to	 open	 seven	 k-8	 schools,	 each	 serving	 360	
just	out	and	about,	we	look	forward	          children	 drawn	 from	 several	 communities.	 The	 first	 Propel	 School	
to	you	dropping	by.		“Over	the	past	          opened	 in	 September	 2003	 in	 Homestead	 and	 also	 has	 schools	 in	
couple	 of	 years,	 Brotherhood	 café	        Mckeesport,	Monroeville	and	Montour.
has	 been	 an	 excellent	 way	 for	 the	
                                              registration	 is	 $6.00	 per	 person	 and	 is	 open	 to	 all	 Temple	 Sinai	
men	of	Temple	Sinai	to	get	acquaint-
                                              members	 and	 their	 guests.	 To	 register,	 please	 call	 or	 email	 Joe	
ed	and	strengthen	their	connection	
                                              Manich	by	Thursday, January 31,	at	joe.manich@ansys.com
to	Temple,”	says	Mitchell	Schwartz,	
organizer	of	Brotherhood	café.	

Men’S diScuSSiOn grOuP                                                                   MaKe a deal thrOugh
MeetS On February 17                        MarK yOur calendar!                          the car dOnatiOn
   The	 next	 Men’s	 discussion	            Be	 sure	 to	 enter	 the	 dates	 of	 the	    PrOgraM
                                            events	 listed	 below	 in	 your	 calendar	
Group	 will	 take	 place	 on	 Sunday,                                                       If	you’re	thinking	about	buy-
                                            or	PdA	so	you	can	join	us	for	as	many	
February 17, from	 9:30-11:30               events	as	your	schedule	allows.	dates	       ing	a	new	car	or	truck,	con-
am	at	Panera’s	at	3401	Boulevard	of	        are	Sundays,	except	where	noted.             sider	 donating	 your	 used	
the	Allies	on	the	ground	level	of	the	      FEbRuARy 10
                                                                                         vehicle	to	Temple	for	
Quality	Inn	University	center	motel,	        Brunch & Lecture Series (Jeremy Resnick,    a	 2007	 income	 tax	
near	Magee	Women’s	Hospital.	The	            founder, Propel Schools)                    deduction	 instead	
meeting,	 which	 is	 open	 to	 all	 men	    FEbRuARy 17                                  of	 trading	 it	 in	 or	
of	Temple	Sinai,	consists	of	informal	       Men’s Discussion Group (open to all         selling	 it	 yourself.	
conversation,	 led	 by	 david	 Hirsch,	      Temple Sinai men)                           regardless	of	your	vehicle’s	
about	the	weekly	Torah	portion,	as	         MARCh 2                                      condition,	 we’ll	 sell	 it	 for	 you	 at	 the	
                                             Board Meeting (open to all Temple Sinai
well	as	topics	related	to	contempo-                                                      dealer	 Auction,	 with	 the	 proceeds	
rary	social	or	political	concerns.	To	      MARCh 14 (FRIdAy)
                                                                                         going	to	Temple.
put	yourself	on	the	e-mail	list	for	re-      Brotherhood Shabbat & Potluck Dinner           For	 more	 information,	 call	 Phil	
ceiving	a	summary	of	the	Torah	por-         MARCh 16                                     Smith	or	Len	Gordon.
tion	 and	 related	 questions,	 as	 well	    Men’s Discussion Group
as	newspaper	and	magazine	articles	          (open to all Temple Sinai men)
a	 few	 days	 before	 each	 discussion,	    APRIl 6
contact	david	Hirsch	at	dhirsch@             Brotherhood Café (Krieger Lobby)
kwbhlaw.com                                 APRIl 13
                                             Passover Wine Distribution Day
                                            APRIl 27
                                             Brunch & Lecture Series
                                             Patron Club Raffle

FEBrUAry	2008	                                               	                                                                  PAGE	7

                         TOO Tired to COOK? Join us for a
                       Spaghetti Dinner and support the Youth Group
                        Sunday, February 24, 2008, 5:00- 7:00 PM

                          Adults $10.00            Children 12 and Under $5.00
                                                    No Charge for Children 3 and Under

                           Temple Sinai, 5505 Forbes Avenue, Squirrel Hill
                                  Proceeds benefit Senior Youth Group
             (A percentage of all proceeds will go to Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger)

          Questions? Please call the Religious School Office at 412-421-7039 or email us at
          school@templesinaipgh.org Visit our website at www.templesinaipgh.org for
          additional reservation forms.

          Yes, We would like to make reservations for the Spaghetti Dinner. Reservations will be
          accepted until February 18. Your check is your reservation.


          ____# Adults @$10.00 each     _____# Children 12 and under @$5.00 each
                                        _____#Children 3 and under (no charge)
          Total amount enclosed $________

                         Please make your check payable to “Temple Sinai ” and mail to:
                           Temple Sinai, 5505 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
                     (Please indicate ‘spaghetti dinner’ on the memo section of your check)

PAGE	8	                                              	                                        TEMPLE	SINAI	BULLETIN

rabbi	Hama	asked,	“What	does	the	Scripture	           yOu cAN dO dEEdS OF
mean	when	it	states,	‘you	shall	walk	behind	                                                                  ThE IRAq STudy GROuP	 will	
                                                      TZEdAkAh ThIS MONTh:
the	 Lord	 your	 God?’	 can	 a	 person	 truly	                                                                sponsor	a	program	on	March	2nd	from	
walk	 behind	 the	 divine	 Presence?	 Surely	         GlObAl lINKS	 –	 sort	 and	 pack	 medical	              10:30	 AM	 –	 Noon	 on	 problems	 faced	
not!…	 rather	 it	 must	 mean	 that	 a	 person	       supplies	 discarded	 by	 American	 institutions	        by	 veterans	 returning	 from	 Iraq.	 The	
should	imitate	the	ways	of	the	Holy	One…              to	 be	 sent	 to	 Latin	 American	 hospitals	 in	       speakers	will	be	congregants	Dr. Steve
Just	 as	 the	 Lord	 clothed	 the	 naked…so,	         need	of	those	supplies.	The	next	two	dates	             Forman,	 Psychiatrist,	 VA	 Hospital;	
too,	you	must	supply	clothes	for	the	naked	           for	Global	Links	are:	wednesday, January                Dr. Michael Boninger,	 Professor	 of	
poor…”                                                30th	 and	 Thursday, February 28th.	 call	              Physical	 Medicine	 and	 rehabilitation,	
                                                      Jean	kablack	for	further	information.                   University	of	Pittsburgh	and	VA	Health	
As	 Jacob	 Neusner	 notes	 in	 his	 book	                                                                     care	System;	and	a	returning	Iraq	vet-
Tzedakah: Can Jewish Philanthropy Buy                 bOOK ‘EM	 –	 responds	 to	 prisoners’	                  eran,	 to	 be	 announced.	 Please	 contact	
Jewish Survival,	this	is	an	amazing	concept.	         requests	 for	 reading	 materials	 by	 sending	         the	 Temple	 office	 to	 rSVP	 by	 email:	
The	teaching	of	the	Torah	is	that	when	you	           books	 –	 Sundays:	 Jan.	 27	 &	 Feb.	 24	 at	 any	     office@templesinaipgh.org	 or	 phone:	
work	for	tzedakah	and	give	to	tzedakah	you	           time	 between	 3-8:00	 PM.	 contact	 Mimi	              412-421-9715.
are	“like	God.”	The	account	of	the	creation	          Botkin:	mimi.botkin@gmail.com	
of	man	and	woman	describes	them	as	made	
                                                      MARK yOuR CAlENdARS:	 Social	
“in	the	image”	of	God,	inviting	rabbi	Hama’s	
                                                      Action	Weekend	with	Scholar-In-residence,	
interpretation.	He	declares	that	this	cannot	
                                                      ruth	Messinger:	March	27-29.
mean	that	we	materially	or	physically	are	like	
God.	 It	 must	 mean	 that	 we	 do	 things	 that	     MITzVAh dAy - April 13.
God	does:	acts	of	tzedakah.	
                                                      In	 his	 discussion	 of	 tzedakah,	 Neusner	
Neusner	goes	on	to	quote	david,	“Through	             reminds	us	that	“we	make	something	deeper	
the	 righteousness	 of	 charity,	 I	 shall	 behold	   of	ourselves”	through	good	deeds.	“Tzedakah	
your	face.”	This	verse	implies	that	a	person	         is	a	call	to	greatness.”	The	often-expressed	
who	 gives	 even	 a	 single	 coin	 to	 the	 poor	     Jewish	 idea	 that	 words	 without	 deeds	 are	
is	 worthy	 “to	 greet	 the	 Presence	 of	 God.”	     useless	 has	 a	 counterpart	 that	 deeds,	 even	
Furthermore,	“Tzedakah	all	by	itself	suffices”	       without	 words,	 matter.	 “you	 are	 what	 you	
to	attain	this	supreme	goal,	even	if	the	per-         do.”	 Since	 we	 are	 the	 “sum	 total	 of	 our	
son	is	not	outstanding	in	any	other	way.	By	          actions,”	won’t	you	join	us	in	Tikkun	Olam?
this	definition	those	who	work	in	the	labors	
of	good	deeds	and	charity	are	good	Jews.	             Louise	Mayo,	chair	—			
We	are	proud	to	say	that	Temple	Sinai	mem-                                                                  “It	is	not	your	responsibility	to	save	the	entire	
bers	gave	more	than	one	coin	to	the	poor.	            kellee	VanAken,	co-chair	—		                            world	but	neither	are	you	free	from	doing	
The Alternative Marketplace	raised	more	              	        kellee.vanaken@verizon.net                             your	part.”			—	rabbi	Tarfon
than	$5000	for	its	efforts	to	help	the	needy	
in	Pittsburgh,	Israel	and	the	world.

   MITZvAh kIdS

     This	month	we	are	planning	an	activity	to	benefit	the	children	who	are	patients	at	children’s	Hospital.

                 MitZVah KidS	
                 FEBrUAry	10,	2008	
                 2	PM	at	Temple	Sinai
     For	information	or	to	rSVP,	please	contact	Stephanie	Natale	at	FamilyEd@templesinaipgh.org	or	call	her	at	412-421-9715.

FEBrUAry	2008	                                                              	                                                                        PAGE	9

   Last	 May	 rabbi	 Gibson	 held	 an	 Adult	
Learning	 Lunch	 and	 discussion.	 Many	 re-
                                                    ONGOING STUDY
quests	 and	 suggestions	 were	 made	 at	 that	     n Parasha of the week                          n Saturday Torah Study &
time	for	topics	of	study.	This	spring	we	will	      Join us Wednesdays at noon in the Rogaliner       Informal Service
offer	a	3-week	class	beginning	March	26	on	         Lounge as we learn about and discuss the       Torah study at 8:30 AM, followed by a
the	Prophets,	one	of	the	most	requested	top-        Parasha (Torah Portion) of the week. This is   less formal Shabbat Service at 9:00 AM,
ics	from	that	meeting.	We’ll	discuss	who	the	   	   an ongoing class each week throughout the      Saturday mornings in the Rogaliner Lounge.
Prophets	 were	 and	 how,	 where	 and	 when	        year. Bring your lunch (optional) and come     Rabbi Gibson generally leads the service,
they	lived.	Watch	for	details	soon.                 to study.                                      and the Torah reading is often lay led on
                                                                                                   a rotating basis by members of the group.
   Adult	education	continues	with	rabbi	Ende’s	     n downtown lunch Group                         Dress is casual, and new participants are
classes,	“Taking	Jewish	Walks	Together”	and	                                                       always welcome.
                                                    Join Rabbi Gibson for lunch and discussion
Talmud	 study,	 the	 ongoing	 Weekly	 Parasha	      on designated Fridays each month at an
class	which	meets	Wednesdays	at	noon	and	           office downtown. Dates and locations are
Torah	study	Saturday	mornings	at	8:30	AM	in	        published in your monthly Temple Bulletin.
the	rogaliner	Lounge.	In	addition,	the	Adult	
B’nai	Mitzvah	class	began	last	month,	which	
will	culminate	in	a	ceremony	in	June.
   Watch	for	other	study	opportunities	with	
our	 rabbis	 and	 our	 excellent	 corps	 of	 lay	
teachers	who	have	graciously	agreed	to	share	
their	talents	with	us.	We	are	so	lucky	to	have	


  We	 are	 delighted	 to	 report	 that	 our	 december	
  program,	Lunch and Latkes,	featuring	musicians	Laura	
  daniels,	 Janice	 coppola	 and	 rJ	 Heid	 was	 a	 huge	
  success.	Lunch	was	terrific,	and	people	were	dancing	
  around	the	tables	to	the	exhilarating	music.	A	great	
  time	was	had	by	everyone	in	attendance.

  We	are	currently	planning	our	next	program	for	March 5, 2008. 	
  Save	the	date	for	an	afternoon	at	the	Pittsburgh Glass Center.	

  We’ll	have	a	docent-led	tour	of	their	gallery,	a	demonstration	and	a	hands-on	work-
  shop.	All	adult	members	of	Temple	Sinai	and	their	guests	are	welcome	to	attend	this		
  program.	Watch	for	more	details	as	they	become	available.	

  For	more	information	about	the	Pittsburgh	Glass	center,	please	visit	their	website	
  at	http://www.pittsburghglasscenter.org/

PAGE	10	                                                               	                                              TEMPLE	SINAI	BULLETIN
                                      The Temple Sinai Interfaith Outreach Committee welcomes you to

                                       Interfaith Outreach
                                   Shabbat Dinner and Service
                                                        FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2008
                                                             Dinner at 6:30 PM
                                                         Shabbat Service at 8:00 PM
                                    This Shabbat Service is set aside to recognize and include all interfaith
                                    households and individuals at Temple Sinai. If you are a grandparent,
                                   parent, couple, or family facing interfaith issues, we welcome you to join
                                   us in sharing a meal and good conversation. Dinner will be followed by
                                                    the usual Friday night Shabbat Service.

                                      Temple Sinai will provide challah, beverages and dessert. Each
                                     household should plan to bring a main course and a side dish in a
                                    quantity to feed your family, and some to share. The cost is $5.00 per
                                   family, which includes $.25 for MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.
                                             And, of course, no pork or shellfish products, please.

                                         If you have any questions, please contact Carol Rosenthal at
                                                 carol@templesinaipgh.org or 412-421-9715

                                               Interfaith Outreach Shabbat Dinner Registration
                                                       Please respond by February 22nd to:
                                            Temple Sinai, 5505 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

                                 I/we plan to attend the Interfaith Outreach Shabbat Dinner on February 29th:
                                 Name: ________________________________________________________
                                 Phone: __________________________________________________________
                                                             Number Attending: ________
                                 I/we will bring: __________________________________________________
                                                             (Please indicate the food you plan to bring.)

                                            Please make your check payable to Temple Sinai for $5.

    Save the Dates:
                      Megillah Reading       ........    Thursday, March 20
                      Purim Carnival         ........    Sunday, March 16

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