Officers' Report by chenmeixiu


									                                    Officers’ Report
                                       May 2008

                                    Compiled by
                          William O’Connell, President-elect

This report documents the activities of the 2007/2008 Executive Committee (EC) with
updates since our January report. If your group does not appear below, it is because the
Liaison Officer had no significant activity to report at this time.

Part 1, Officers’ Comments

Paul Andersen, Senior Vice President

During a recent business trip to Ireland, I had the opportunity to have dinner with Gerry
McNally and David Howard of the UK & Ireland Section. It was a great opportunity for
me to learn more about the Section and the opportunities for growth of the European
Medical Polymers SIG and the upcoming Medical Plastics conference in September at
Queen’s University, Belfast.

I also had the opportunity to make a technical presentation to the West Virginia & SE
Ohio Section. I want to thank Section President Bob Wildi and the rest of the members
for their hospitality. In discussing Section dynamics, they have found that meetings right
after work (with pizza and soda!) work well. Attendees come directly from work and then
can get home at a reasonable time. Those who would like to socialize more can do so. For
a small Section, they generally have a good attendance percentage.

Ken Braney, Vice President and Treasurer

As well as my role as Treasurer, I am involved on a subcommittee of the EC looking at
the proxy voting procedures. This subcommittee will report to EC at ANTEC, and based
on their reaction, a submission to Council will be made sometime during 2008. This may
or may not involve making any changes.

My other activities have related to Australia/NZ in regard to a possible Division startup.
This has now evolved into a Divisional startup that will encompass both Asia and
Australia/NZ. A meeting is planned at ANTEC to set the parameters.

In Europe I have been involved with the France Section in regard to its taking
responsibility for a booth at an exhibition in Paris. With contacts in Finland and Sweden,
we are trying to get an initial Section started. We also supported the European
Thermoforming Division with its conference in April 2008 in Berlin. I held meetings at
that conference with a number of Thermoforming Division Board members (USA) and
discussed cooperation with other areas of the world.

Barbara Arnold-Feret, Vice President

As liaison to Sections Committee, I called on and talked to many Councilors and board
members regarding the nuts and bolts of administration, leadership training, how to use
the website, volunteerism, and showcasing the benefits of SPE membership to small and
medium-sized firms. With SPE staff member Tricia McKnight, we looked at the various
Sections that were having trouble meeting the rebate requirements, and found some
common threads. The results will be presented at Sections Committee in May.

As incoming Treasurer, I have researched the impact of the new 990 forms on Sections
and Divisions, and am working to keep current as updates on the form are posted on the
IRS website. I am concerned about the impact on volunteer treasurer positions within
SPE, but the changes, while reporting on 2008, will not be used until the filings in 2009.
Susan’s trade association has been invaluable as most volunteer organizations try to get
ready for a form that still has guidelines being written.

The members of the Finance Committee for 2008–2009 are finalized. Wally Cruz has
accepted another 3-year term, and Scott Peters has accepted a term as a 1-year ad-hoc

As the team leader of the EC Proxy Taskforce, I led the various discussions and
assembled materials regarding possible improvements in the proxy process and the
advantages/disadvantages of using alternatives to proxies for face-to-face Council
meetings. I also compiled the subcommittee minutes and support materials. Discussions
continue on this topic within the taskforce and within EC.

In Seminars Committee, I developed a spreadsheet where seminars were grouped
according to a general class of content, locations, and 3-year history in order to compare
relative success. The spreadsheet was derived from data sent to me by Lesley Kyle and
her staff. It is hoped the analysis will allow the committee to find and focus on some key
factors and help SPE find trends to grow seminars.

The Friday after ANTEC, I will speak to over 600 fifth- and sixth-grade students in
Keller, Texas, about plastics as a career, with examples of resins, stereolithography,
rotational molding, injection molding, and thermoforming.

I continue in my third year as one of the Industry Advisors to the Skyline Plastics
Technology Program. Industry Advisors consult and coordinate with the program
instructor, help with special events, and promote this unique high school career pod.

Jim Griffing, Vice President

On a recent trip to Europe, I visited with Dominique Duriez of the France Section who
was manning the SPE booth at the JEC Composites Conference in Paris. I also met
briefly with Jan-Anders Manson, a member from Switzerland who will receive the

Composites Division’s Educator of the Year award. I attended a SAMPE Europe
conference, where I spoke with Gino Torre, the president of SAMPE Europe, about
conference logistics including methods of handling “no show” speakers. I then went to
Berlin to give the Saturday morning keynote talk at the SPE European Thermoforming

I have been an active participant on the Finance Committee, and as Secretary I will
become Vice-Chair of this committee at ANTEC. I have been preparing to take over the
duties of Secretary of the Society.

I have also participated on a subcommittee investigating improved ways to provide our
global Sections and Divisions with more direct input into the governance of the Society.

Vassilios Galiatsatos, Vice President

During my first year as a member of the Executive Committee, I have worked on getting
to know the groups with which I liaise.

Len Czuba, Prior Past President

I participated as the dinner speaker at the Cleveland Section Meeting in April.

For the Medical Plastics Division, I ran the annual board election. Ten nominees ran for
five positions. I have also assisted the Medical Plastics TPC with programming for the
MDM shows.

I have worked with the leadership of the European Medical Polymers SIG to plan a
conference in September. The program is almost completely populated and set. Check the
SIG webpage for details.

Part 2, Standing Committee Reports

Finance                        Ken Braney, Chair              Ken Braney, EC Liaison

The current figures for the first three months of 2008 are comparable to the budget that
was approved by Council in 2007. The highlight at present is the settlement of the
imminent future of PE magazine, as regards the agreement signed with Wiley. Also, note
that sales for advertising in the magazine are at a higher level against budget this year
than they have been for a number of years.

Divisions                      Nippani Rao, Chair             Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

The Divisions Committee is continuing to identify technology gaps and to develop new
SIGs to fill them. The Committee is also encouraging Divisions to work with Sections to
co-host MiniTecs; a set of guidelines is being published.

Sections                       Helen Basso, Chair             Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                              EC Liaison

Sections Committee recommended to Council that France, Scandinavia, and Rock Valley
be placed into provisional status. Sections Committee also recommended to Council that
a Section-in-Formation be approved for Turkey. (Goal 1)

Sections Committee continues to explore the possibility of virtual Sections, the use of
MiniTecs in place of monthly meetings, setting up a central database of technical
meetings, how to streamline Section administration, plus the development and use of best
practices. (SOP 2)

The Sections Committee continues to monitor the effect of Sections on governance
structure. This follows the Sections Committee’s recommendation to Council in
September 2007 to continue the process of restructuring Sections via voluntary mergers
and blending. (Goal 1)

Of the 75 active Sections, 51 qualified for the current-year rebates. Most Sections that
didn’t qualify for rebates lacked required paperwork.

International                  Jon Ratzlaff, Chair            Ken Braney, EC Liaison

Jon Ratzlaff was elected Vice President from International during the January Council
meeting. The International Committee is now to be closed, as the SPE organization is an
international/global community, and we must recognize that by utilizing our various
committees to take on new roles.

A full report on the activities in China is detailed on the Strategic Growth Committee
page of the SPE website.

[Let us offer the International Committee one final round of applause on the success of
their mission. One Committee can no longer encompass all of SPE outside North
America. The work this Committee has done will now be carried forward by SPE Europe,
the SPE Asia/Pacific Task Force, and the Strategic Growth Committee (WOC)]
Bylaws & Policy                Kishor Mehta, Chair            Paul Andersen, EC

The Committee submitted Policy 014 – Division Establishment, and a change to Bylaw
7.4.3 (election date for SPE Officers) to the Executive Committee for review at its March
meeting. The EC has recommended both for presentation to Council at the Council 1 in
May. Additionally, Bylaw changes to 1) incorporate the SPE Foundation into SPE and 2)
temporarily suspend the Bylaws have been submitted to EC for review at the May
meeting. If EC is in agreement, one or both will be presented to Council at the Council 1
meeting in May.

Part 3, Other Committee Reports

Annual Awards                   Tom Haas, Chair              Paul Andersen, EC

The ANTEC Awards Symposium will be held Monday morning. The Committee has
elected the following individuals to receive awards.

Steven Kurtz: John W. Hyatt Award for Benefit to Society
James Lee: Award for Technology/Engineering
Dilhan Kalyon: Award for Research
Robert Weiss: International Award

The International Awards Committee will meet during ANTEC to discuss a number of
issues. One recommendation will be to require all future award nominations to be
submitted electronically so as to eliminate paper and accelerate the award-review process.

ANTEC Operating                 Brian Grady, Chair           Bill O’Connell, EC

See Lesley Kyle’s staff report for details.

ANTEC TPC                       Arnold Lustiger, Chair       Bill O’Connell, EC

Council will be asked to approve Donna Davis as TPC for ANTEC 2010 in Orlando,

See Lesley Kyle’s staff report for additional details.

Communications                  Roger Kipp, Chair            Ken Braney, EC Liaison

Owing to the leadership of both the Chair and members, the Communications Committee
has slowly evolved. Initially not clear about its task, this Committee is now becoming a
strong voice for ensuring that our message is received by our members.

Conference                      Ray Shute, Chair             Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC

Conference Committee is meeting during Council meetings and also holding regular
teleconference calls (last one 12-6-2007) working toward the objectives in the Operating
Plan. There is also a subcommittee working with Divisions to produce guidelines for
MiniTecs; this will be finalized at the ANTEC Council meeting.

All Goals and SOPs have been met for the 2007-2008 year.

GOAL 1 – Identified two new TopCon areas for development in 2007-2008 timeframe:
Extrusion 08 and New Technology Symposium 2008. Additionally, EPSDIV is planning
a new TopCon on “Techniques for Measuring Nano Materials” in October 2008.

GOAL 2 – A non-U.S. conference is planned for Spain in September 2009, which will be
a European ANTEC-like conference, with most of the procedures and venues being
planned. Additionally, the 6th European Thermoforming Conference and Parts
competition was held in April 2008, and a Solutions by Analysis Conference was held in
April 2008 in the Netherlands. Autoplast 2007 conference was held in December in India.
A Hollow Parts conference with Rotomolding Division was held at Chinaplas, April 13-

SOP 1 – Reviewing all Conferences produced in 2007 and will discuss at the January
2008 meeting to determine results and opportunities for other SPE offerings with SPE

SOP 2 – Continue to evaluate new conferences to offer support and nurturing for future
advancement. The Nanocomposites conference (Lehigh Valley) has submitted paperwork
for 2008, based on its success in 2007. ESPDIV is continuing with another TopCon for
2008, based on measurement of nanomaterials, also because of the success of its 2007

SOP 3 – Continue to review all submitted conference applications and to manage the
scheduling for SPE conferences so that there is no conflict or overlap of dates and topics
to minimize diluting attendance and profitability of the conferences. We also monitor and
review annual conferences for continued performance improvement.

Fellows Election              Lloyd Goettler, Chair          Paul Andersen, EC

Congratulations to the following members who have been elected SPE Fellows in 2008:
William Arendt, Ananda Chatterjee, David Grewell, Avraam Isayev, Sadhan Jana,
Edward Kosior, Tim Osswald, Duane Priddy, Fred Steil, Lih-Sheng (Tom) Turng, and
Mark Wetzel.

Honored Service               Austin Reid, Chair             Paul Andersen, EC
Members Election                                             Liaison

Congratulations to the following members who have been elected to SPE Honored
Service Members in 2008: Sandra Davis, Jamal El-Hibri, Lloyd Goettler, Dale Grove,
Dave Johnson, Roger Kipp, Ron Price, Michael Thomas, and Don Witenhafer

Industry Liaison              Len Czuba, Chair               Len Czuba, EC Liaison

SME held a volunteer leadership meeting in mid-March directed at reallocating staff
resources used for volunteer services and activities and achieving more ROI for time and
budgets on projects. Volunteer time, budgets, and a declining revenue stream are
continuing concerns to SME, as well as a continued decline in membership. Additionally,
SME events are showing the same late registration trend that SPE events are (BAF).

New Technology                Gene Kim, Chair               Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC

Two New Technology Forums for ANTEC 2008 are ready.

New Technology Symposium (Philadelphia, November 2008) has close to 90% of
speakers identified for BIO, NANO, and ENERGY; and we are in the process of securing
a student poster session as well as an industry-sponsored interactive session.

Past Presidents’ Advisory Len Czuba, Chair                  Len Czuba, EC Liaison

The annual meeting of the Past Presidents held during ANTEC is scheduled for Monday
morning, May 5. Among other routine business, the group will acknowledge the recent
deaths of Past President George Schmitt and long-time member Palmer Humphrey and
Past President Guy Martinelli, all lost in this past year.

Publications and Editorial Prithu Mukhopadhyay,             Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC
Board                      Chair                            Liaison

PE: Co-publishing arrangement with Wiley is moving along. Complete transition is
expected to be complete by December 2008.

Journals: As always, PE&S and Polymer Composites are doing well. JVAT is improving
as paper-submission rate has increased as well as its Impact Factor for 2007.

Technical Volumes: Some progress has been achieved in developing working
relationships with the three publishers (Wiley, Hanser, & William Andrews). Work is in

Next Pub. Com. meeting scheduled during ANTEC (May 6).

Seminars                      Rakesh Gupta, Chair           Bill Smith, EC Liaison

Seminar evaluations and critique have been much of this Committee’s activity this year.
As a result of the instructor evaluations that we have conducted over the last year, we
have found that the major areas of improvement are how the material is presented and the
seminar handouts. Not everyone is using PowerPoint or using it effectively. The
Committee believes that much can be accomplished to improve the quality and

effectiveness of many of the presentations. We have found that some of the seminar
offerings are not as popular as they once were; several seminars are scheduled but later
canceled. A few of the current seminars may, therefore, need to be retired. There is a
clear need to introduce new topics and to present advanced-level seminars on some of the
current topics. The committee has already made a start in this direction.

SPE Europe                    Jan Spoormaker, Chair          Ken Braney, EC Liaison

The group has tackled a number of issues, including the problem of disparity between the
fees paid by U.S. members and Western European members. This matter had been
addressed at the SPE Europe Board meeting, where the overwhelming majority of
Sections/Divisions rejected a reduction in fees, allowing the European office to continue.
They have also supported initiatives in regard to helping the France Section become
active again. A booth at the recent JEC exhibition in Paris was the first time SPE France
has participated, and we are hopeful that this will help invigorate the Section.

Student Activities            Scott Peters, Chair            Russ Broome, EC Liaison

This Committee has worked very hard this past year under the guidance of new Chair
Scott Peters. With strong assistance from SPE staff members Tricia McKnight and Lesley
Kyle, this Committee has compiled a very nice plan of activities for the student
population at ANTEC 2008. Events will include a casino-atmosphere Student Welcome
Reception, the Student Awards Luncheon, the Student Usher Assignments, etc. As Scott
Peters has received a new job assignment overseas, Dennis Hayford has agreed to step in
as Chair.

Part 4, Sections

Arkansas                      Neal Perdergrass, Pres         Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                             EC Liaison

The Section has discontinued monthly meetings for the present time.

Exploration of MiniTecs as events coupled with plant tours is planned.

Arkansas has been hit hard by the economic downturn. Tightening budgets have affected
the ability of many members to travel to meetings to which they have to drive 3 hours or

Australia-New Zealand         Kevin Thompson, Pres           Vijay Boolani, EC Liaison

Main effort continues to be a monthly seminar program. The Section is running about 10
events per year in Melbourne and extended this with four events in Adelaide and Sydney
this year. They had a very successful seminar on 'Selling Green Plastics - Technology,
Guidelines & the Law' attended by about 60 people. Sustainability and bioplastics topics
are very popular at the moment. They are also having good success with working with
partner organizations as much as possible.

In addition to their regular programs they are working hard on a series of 4 seminars to
coincide with the AusPlas 2008 plastics trade show in Melbourne October 7th-10th. The
Section hopes to see some SPE members from overseas attending.

Finally the Section is running one day of the 30th Australasian Polymer Symposium in
Melbourne in November. For more information on the Sections activities, see their
webpage at:

Benelux                       Paul Habets, Pres              Ken Braney, EC Liaison

The group has had a number of meetings, including their annual meeting, when the fee
structure was discussed once again.

Brazil                        Ernst Spieth                   Hector Dilan, EC Liaison

The Goals and Plans document has been submitted. Seminars are being organized. The
Section is requesting from headquarters information on the copyrights for SPE technical
documents translated into Portuguese.

Caribbean                                                    Hector Dilan, EC Liaison

Puerto Rican government agencies’ efforts to promote local manufacturing could bring
opportunities to the Caribbean Section. A push to develop aerospace manufacturing
opens the possibility of technical presentations in the area of composites and

Carolinas                     Robert Loflin, Pres            Russ Broome, EC Liaison

This Section has had a very strong year. It hosted a successful TopCon in conjunction
with the Automotive Division in March and is already planning another TopCon for
September in conjunction with the Foams Division. It is currently preparing its annual
“Carolinas Cup” Golf Outing and Summer Awards Banquet & Beach Outing. It has
delivered significant scholarship money. It has also held several joint meetings with
neighboring Sections this year. The Section will receive the Pinnacle Award at ANTEC

Central Europe                 Klaus-Dieter Johnke, Pres       Ken Braney, EC Liaison

The Automotive Awards reception was held at the end of 2007 and it was a resounding
success again. Bernhard Peters from the Central European Section is to be one of the
judges of paper submissions for EUROTEC.

Central Indiana                Perry Harwood, Pres             Len Czuba, EC Liaison

Central Indiana has had another successful essay contest, with over 40 essays submitted.
To boost awareness of its activities, the Section is sponsoring a “Day at the Track” on
May 18, two weeks before the Indy 500. It has also have agreed to sponsor a Vinyltec
with the Vinyl Division in October 2009. President Perry Harwood has set up a
“mandatory” teleconference for all Section officers to train all in the use of the website
and blog and to improve communications among Board members. He has also contacted
the state of Indiana, inviting participation in a Section meeting to learn what the state is
doing to encourage new industry, particularly the plastics industry, in Indiana.

Central Texas                                                  Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                               EC Liaison

Since ANTEC 2009 is going to be at Chicago and not in San Antonio, the Section has
requested details on any upcoming events and SPE functions that will take place in the
San Antonio region in the near future. The information will be used to coordinate local
activities and membership recruitment efforts as well as support the larger SPE

The Section hopes to capitalize on the increased visibility of a headquarters SPE event to
attract new members and more attendees to local side events.

Exploring a regional meeting in San Antonio with North Texas.

Connecticut                    John Wilson, Pres               Paul Andersen, EC

In spite of the current economic conditions, spring has been a time of renewal for the
Section. Board membership and participation have increased in recent months. Also, the
board is looking to create a more “member serving” format. This will include a mix of
social events in conjunction with dinner and inter-Section meetings as well as the
traditional Education Night.

Eastern New England            Merrill Bush, Pres              Bill O’Connell, EC

The joint MiniTec with the Extrusion Division and UMass Lowell was most successful.
Our profits are being used to finance student travel to ANTEC. The Section continues to
offer seven full technical sessions each year, and many of these are joint with Pioneer


The Section increased member attendance at meetings, without sacrificing student
member attendance, simply by moving to a hall with more accessible parking.

France                                                           Ken Braney, EC Liaison

As mentioned, France Section was responsible for the SPE booth at the JEC exhibition in
Paris in April. It is hoped that activity there will help reinvigorate the Section.

Golden Gate                     Alfonso Lopez, Pres              Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

This Section is financially sound and is planning a technical fair in September and an
Education night with Northern California Student Chapters. The Section holds successful
regular monthly meetings. It would like to have more volunteers for Board of Director

Gulf South Central              Naresh Alle                      Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                                 EC Liaison

Attempts at reorganization continue, but the economic climate is hampering the effort.
No Section meetings or events are scheduled at this time.

India                           Surinder Ahluwalia, Pres         Vijay Boolani, EC Liaison

Efforts are focused primarily around SPE India’s annual Topical Conference, which is
scheduled for early December, 2008. The specific theme is still being finalized, but the
conference will likely have a look at Bio- and/or Nano-related topics. The Section has a
number of volunteers from overseas and locally to try to support a workshop in India as
well, likely held in conjunction with the conference, but this is still in the planning stages.

Israel                          Sam Kenig, Pres                  Ken Braney, EC Liaison

Israel has again had an active period; the Section held a number of meetings and
presentations. It is helping a number of student bodies in the plastic field and will present
a full program of activities in 2008.

Italy                           Romeo Cociancich, Pres           Ken Braney, EC Liaison

Owing to financial restraints, there was not much activity in 2007; however, toward the
end of 2007, it hosted a mini-conference at the University of Padova that was very
successful. It hopes to repeat this type of conference on a slightly larger scale in 2008.
The Section has set a target of gaining 100 new members in the coming 12 months.

Lower Rio Grande Valley         Oscar Garcia, Pres               Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                                 EC Liaison

Lower Rio Grande Valley and Texas State Technical College hosted the “RJG, Inc.
Technology Day” on Tuesday, April 22. RJG, Inc. will present a course on cavity
pressure technology. The course will be free, with no charge for entry, and Spanish
translation will be available.

The popularity of Spanish-language training courses in continues.

Michiana                        David Demel                     Len Czuba, EC Liaison

Michiana is moving forward on a slow but steady course, making some headway and
hoping to enlist the support of our additional members. Since January, the Section has co-
hosted with the local Michiana SAE Section three networking events that have been
excellent opportunities for members, including, in January, “Sailing Around the World,”
the design, construction, and delivery of a “Cheshire Cat,” a 48-foot sailboat, and the role
plastics play in the design and function of the boat. In February, the Section joined with
11 other technical societies in the Michiana area to co-sponsor “Engineers Week” with a
presentation by Dr. Jay Reynolds from NASA. There was very interesting discussion on
the future of the space program and the aging shuttle fleet. In March there was an outing
at the South Bend airport FedEx distribution center, which included a behind-the-scenes
tour of the facility, and the role that plastics play in weight savings and freight costs with
the increasing cost of fuel. Attendees had the opportunity to “crawl around” inside the
Boeing 727 that South Bend uses to ferry their packages to Memphis. The late May
meeting will feature the benefits of Mold Flow analysis, and in early summer, the golf
outing will wrap up this SPE year.

While attendance could be better, the Section hopes that with the continued efforts of the
Board and with the assistance of the local Michiana SAE group, it will continue to serve
its members and offer continued opportunities to network.

Mid-Michigan                                                    Len Czuba, EC Liaison

Mid-Michigan, while not thriving in terms of membership and meeting participation, is
nonetheless holding its own and performing well. The Section remains financially healthy
with positive cash flow and on-budget spending. Generous funding from local
foundations allows the Section to continue with strong educational efforts such as the
PlastiVan and participation in National Engineering Week. The Section continues to be
one of the sponsors of the Turner Alfrey Visiting Scientist Program at Michigan
Molecular Institute; members enjoy the benefit of complimentary tuition at the weeklong
course held at that time. Other educational initiatives include sponsorship of Ferris State
University student travel to ANTEC and support for the new plastics program being
started at Delta College in Bay City. Co-sponsoring local meetings with the Saginaw
Valley Manufacturers’ Association, the Saginaw Valley Engineering Council, ACS, and
SAE has been practiced in an effort to boost interest and meeting attendance. “Fresh
blood” has been pumped into the local leadership with the addition of two new Directors

who had not served in the past. In recognition of its efforts and performance, the Mid-
Michigan Section has again been recognized with Pinnacle Gold Status for the year.

New Jersey                     Francis McAndrew                Vicki Flaris, EC Liaison

The Palisades and New Jersey Sections are merging; the merger should be complete by
year-end. Everyone in the New Jersey Section familiar with the proposed merger is fully
in favor.

New York                       Gary Spalter, Pres              Vicki Flaris, EC Liaison

Our goal is to attract members from outside the processing sector, such as the design,
engineering and marketing sectors, by varying the technical content of our meetings.

Our meetings this year focused on relevant hot topics in the industry: Innovation: Big to
Small; Intellectual Property and How To Protect It; Biopolymers; and Nanotechnology.

We have taken our Newsletter electronic starting with the September 2007 issue and have
found that it works well. We have also started an email campaign, and send out postcards
notifying our members of meetings and events.

With the revitalized support of several of our members, we have made a dramatic push to
hold the biggest and best Golf Outing we have had in the past two decades. All our
efforts are paying off, and it looks like we will have in excess of 80 golfers at the event.
We are excited about being able to raise funds to supplement our scholarship programs
and Student Chapter.

North Texas                    Earl Balthazar, Pres            Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                               EC Liaison

The spring golf outing is planned for May, with over 100 golfers anticipated. This event
is always a successful fundraiser for the Section, usually raising over $2000 in a Section
that has around 250 members. The funds are used for Councilor travel, student support,
and member outreach.

Planning for a MiniTec in the mid-cities area is under way, with a target date of early fall.

North Texas continues to support Skyline High School Plastics Technology program.

The Section will be sponsoring a speaker for the Keller Texas Immediate Schools Career
day in May.

Northwestern                   Catherine Mikovich, Pres        Paul Andersen, EC

Pennsylvania                                                  Liaison

The Spring Technical Program series is in full swing. The Section has found that
programs covering leading-edge technologies have been well received. In March it had a
presentation on Nanocomposites for Thin Film Applications. In May the topic will be
RFID – Radio Frequency Identification.

Ohio Firelands                 Anthony Rump, Pres             Paul Andersen, EC

The Section is struggling to keep any momentum. The BOD continues to address the
issues. They are optimistic that the situation will improve before year-end. The current
wildcard is the business climate. It has impacted membership.

Oklahoma                       Tom Morton, Pres               Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                              EC Liaison

The Oklahoma Section continues to host quality events in a geographic area that is large,
sparsely populated, and where most members come from a limited group of companies.

Oklahoma Section co-sponsored the Eiffel Tower contest at the Oklahoma Engineering
Fair held February 19. The Fair is a significant outreach to students who may be
interested in engineering and plastics as a career path.

The Section provided judges and special awards for the Bartlesville District Science Fair
held on March 1. The Section continues to drive outreach to younger ages.

Section meetings included presentations from Pittsburgh State University, a presentation
on nanocomposites, a presentation on single-screw extrusion for pipe, and a presentation
on ethylene polymerization.

Oklahoma is planning a golf outing for May and a family outing for June. For a smaller
Section, the technical meetings, activities, and social events show an active Board and

Pacific Northwest              Eric Teoh, Pres                Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

The Section Board is working hard to put on good technical programs. Attendance at
these programs averages 15–20. A TopCon planned for September is now doubtful
because the co-sponsoring Division’s champion resigned. A successful Past-Presidents’
Night brought out a good number of past officers, including one of the Section’s

Palisades                      Brian Gibson, Pres             Vicki Flaris, EC Liaison

The Palisades Section is proposing to merge with the New Jersey Section to form the

Palisades-New Jersey Section. The two Sections have been holding joint activities for
several years now, and the merger is a natural progression. We believe that the unified
Section will provide better service to the members and geographies of both the Palisades
and New Jersey Sections.

The Palisades Section will give student awards in May. Award amounts have been
increased this year. We will also have a past recipient give a presentation at the meeting.

The annual Palisades-New Jersey Section Golf Outing will be held in May.

We changed our monthly meeting venue to The Sheraton at Woodbridge, where Vinyltec
meetings have been held several times. So far, attendance has increased slightly, and we
have attracted some new faces.

The Palisades Section has again been honored with a Silver Pinnacle Award.

Philadelphia                   Joe Sarver, Pres                Russ Broome, EC Liaison

This has been a rebuilding year for the Section. Although it continues to have strong
membership, it is lacking in activity at a Section level. It did have a Plastic Magic Show
in January as part of its Fourth Annual “Command Performance” Night.

Piedmont Coastal               Walter Cary, Pres               Russ Broome, EC Liaison

This proves to be an active Section, holding its own in membership and monthly
meetings. It has planned and held several joint meetings with neighboring Sections this
year. It is also pursuing a charter for a new Student Chapter at NC A&T. The Section will
receive the Pinnacle Award at ANTEC 2008.

Pioneer Valley                 Steve Gilvar, Pres              Bill O’Connell, EC

This Section is doing more joint meetings with ENE and drawing in members from the
Connecticut Section to these joint meetings.

Quebec                         Caroline Vachon, Pres           Paul Andersen, EC

The Section is continuing to focus on morning / half-day meeting / conferences. This
morning setup works well to capture an audience before the meetings and problems of the
normal workday can derail the best intentions to attend an SPE evening event. In March
the topic was Functional Polymers and Intelligent Textiles.

Rochester                      Dario Gonzales, Pres            Tim Womer, EC Liaison

Rocky Mountain                                                 Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC
The Section will have two more meetings for the year, one on adhesive bonding of
plastics; the other will probably be a tour of a manufacturing facility. Tours are more
Scandinavia                     Hroar Skov, Pres               Ken Braney, EC Liaison

This Section has been closed and will be replaced by Sections from different countries in
Scandinavia. The first ones are, it is hoped, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

South Texas                   Donna Davis, Pres              Barbara Arnold-Feret,
                                                             EC Liaison

International Polyolefins 2008 / FlexPackCon 2008 had a strong showing in both
attendance and technical content. This is a “bell-ringer” event for SPE, at which the
exhibit space was expanded from previous years and still sold out. The co-location with
Flexible Packaging was deemed valuable.

The March Section Meeting dealt with medical technologies and heart surgery; April had
the Frank Padula Memorial Golf Outing. The South Texas golf outing is usually very
successful and well-attended.

The May Section Meeting will be the South Texas Education & Awards Dinner. South
Texas finds that hosting the awards before the summer is more successful in attracting

The Section participated in the Texas A&M Endowed Scholarship dinner and advertised
the TPIM Scratch Behavior Consortium at Texas A&M University.

Southern                      Jamal El-Hibri, Pres           Bill Smith, EC Liaison

The Southern Section consummated an agreement with the Blow Molding Division for a
TopCon to be co-sponsored by the two groups and held in Atlanta in 2009. The two
group’s Boards of Directors met prior to Southern Section’s February Technical Meeting.
Both groups joined for the technical program following, and Blow Molding Division
members presented an excellent program. The meeting experienced a turnout
approaching 50 participants. It seems that the two groups became more comfortable with
working together and towards a successful TopCon in 2009.

Members of the Southern Section are introducing a “Frequent Membership” program for
consideration by SPE Headquarters. This program was introduced at the Sections
Committee meeting at the Council meeting in Savannah. It is being vetted now for
feasibility by staff and will be presented to the Divisions Committee if it seems viable.

Southern California           Vishu Shah, Pres               Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

The Section has reduced the number of evening meetings and replaced them with
monthly MiniTecs and workshops. The Section website has been upgraded to make it
easier to navigate and to increase sponsorships. The Board is very active, and a full slate
of activities is provided for the members.

Tennessee Valley               Frank Palmer, Pres              Bill Smith, EC Liaison

May marks the month for Tennessee Valley Section’s best-attended event, the annual
golf outing and technical meeting. It is being held at it customary site, The Hermitage
Golf Club, in Old Hickory, Tennessee. If this year’s event proves to be anything similar
to previous events, one might expect to see as many as 100 participants.

Tri-State                      Bill Gillenwater, Pres          Len Czuba, EC Liaison

The Tri-State Section continues to be active and has had several exciting programs during
the winter. Members toured a local technical center to observe what students were
experiencing in vocational training. The Section has also had seminars, including
Induction Heating for an extruder and injection molding machine, Screw Design for
maximizing polymer properties, Twin Screw design, and Investment Banking. The
Section has been successful in recruitment for the Board and currently has four new
participants. The Section will have its annual golf outing in June.

Turkey (in formation)          Yusef Menceloglu, Pres          Ken Braney, EC Liaison

SPE Turkey will organize its first 2008 meeting on May 28 at the Packaging Building in
Istanbul. There will be also a presentation prepared by Mr. Mehmet Ozer, one of the
directors of a well-known Turkish manufacturer of PVC profiles. He will discuss “New
Generation PVC Stabilizers and Other Additives.” PVC processors will be invited to this
meeting, in addition to the members of SPE Turkey.

United Kingdom and             Ray Bush, Pres                  Ken Braney, EC Liaison

As this is British Plastics Federation’s 75th anniversary, the SPE UK Section is involved
with them on some activities; also, they are now working with IOM3 (Institute of
Materials, Mines and Minerals). On 17 September, BPF with support from SPE UK will
be holding a recycling conference.

On October 1 in Birmingham, there will be a plastics industry dinner that will be hosted
by the UK Section of SPE with support from BPF/HORNERS/PIN/PHS/RAPRA/TPS; it
will be held at the Metropole Hotel at the NEC.

Upper Midwest                                                  Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC

The Section has a very strong Board that meets monthly and works on tasks via email

between meetings. The Section is publishing newsletters on a quarterly basis, which
coincides with their MiniTecs. The Section is developing their own Section website that
will make newsletters and other announcements available to membership. They will also
include pointers to the SPE site.

The Section would like to know if SPE HQ has an interest in ~20 years’ worth of Section

West Virginia                 Robert Wildi, Pres             Jim Griffing, EC Liaison
Southeastern Ohio

This Section has moved to after-work meetings with pizza and soda! Attendees come
directly from work and then can get home at a reasonable time. The Section has a good
attendance percentage.

Western Michigan                                             Len Czuba, EC Liaison

The recession in Michigan is having its effect on the Western Michigan Section. The
March technical meeting was poorly attended, and the Section had to cancel the Past
Presidents’ Party, which was to be held April 19, rather than use money from the
scholarship funds to pay for the party. The Section will work to refocus itself on its
mission to promote plastics education. Fortunately, the Section was able to donate funds
to Ferris State University to help defray costs of sending students to ANTEC.

Western New England                                          Vassilios Galiatsatos, EC

The Section is currently fighting for survival. Maintaining membership and finding new
volunteers to help with Section duties is a big problem. The Section believes that most
companies in our industry are not very supportive of organizations like SPE because they
don’t see a value. Therefore they don’t underwrite the dues or other expenses involved.
The young people beginning their careers are “overscheduled” and don’t have time for
attending meetings or taking on any duties beyond their day jobs. Senior types are getting
weary trying to maintain a balance between family and career. The Section has tried to
maintain a schedule of monthly meetings but can barely get more than 10 to 15 people on
a regular basis. The Section has tried plant/facility tours; these have been a bit more
successful, but they take considerable effort to set up and run, and the volunteers aren’t

Part 5, Divisions

Additives & Color Europe      Tom Mestdag, Chair             Ken Braney, EC Liaison

ACE Division will organize their next conference on March 11-12, 2009 in Antwerpen,

Belgium. A call for papers has just been released.

Color & Appearance             Sharyl Reid, Chair            Russ Broome, EC Liaison

This continues to be a strong active Division. Plans are ongoing for their annual RETEC,
next held in September 2008 in Detroit. CAD has a very active schedule at ANTEC;
CAD Board Meeting on Monday, CAD Annual Business Meeting and Reception on
Tuesday, Sponsoring 2 Technical Paper Sessions on Tuesday and a Seminar on
Wednesday and Thursday. It also continues to deliver five scholarships each year totaling
$20,000. The Division will receive the Pinnacle Award at ANTEC 2008.

Composites                     Klaus Gleich, Chair           Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

The Division co-sponsored the first “Composites on the Move” MiniTec with the Miami
Valley Section. The event was held at the National Composites Center. Six ANTEC
sessions are scheduled. The Division will announce the Composites “Educator of the
Year” and “Person of the Year” at its Annual Business Meeting on Tuesday at ANTEC.
The Division will receive the Pinnacle Gold award at ANTEC. The Division grew 9.6%
from December 31, 2006, to December 31, 2007.

Engineering Properties & Brian Grady, Chair                  Dan Cykana, EC Liaison

EPSDIV continues to be a strong Division with a slowly increasing membership and an
active Board of Directors. The ANTEC program has roughly 60 papers, which is a bit
down from last year but still an excellent showing. EPSDIV is continuing its sponsorship
of the International Award, and this year has added a co-sponsor, the Polymer Analysis
Division. EPSDIV has also organized a TopCon on New Approaches in Polymer
Characterization, to be held outside Philadelphia on October 13 and 14, which we hope to
make a biennial event.

Extrusion                      Gary Oliver, Chair            Paul Andersen, EC

As part of the continuing program to provide flexibility for Board Meeting attendance,
the winter meeting was held in conjunction with the 2008 Polyolefins Conference/
FlexPackCon. Web/video conferencing was provided for SPE staff and Board members
unable to attend in person.

During the Annual Meeting / Award Reception at ANTEC, the Lew Erwin Scholarship
Award and six awards in recognition of service or achievement will be presented.

The ANTEC program will have eight technical sessions with 45 technical papers. Most
sessions will begin with a keynote address by a recognized industry expert. Additionally
there is a TAPPI Exchange Session, with five technical presentations and a BioPolymers
Session with six technical presentations.

Flexible Packaging             Tom Dunn, Chair                Bill O’Connell, EC

The Division had an extremely successful partnership in the Polyolefins Conference.
Planning is under way to repeat this success next year.

Elections for new Directors are now in progress.

Injection Molding              Hoa Pham, Chair                Hector Dilan, EC Liaison

The Injection Molding Division continues to support SPE student activities by providing
an annual scholarship of $3000 through the SPE Foundation, presenting $1000 to the
Student Author Travel Fund, and, at this ANTEC, sponsoring the Students Award
Luncheon to be held on May 7. Although membership growth is a challenging area, the
IMD has received 300 new companies and 500 new members into its fold, and it is
working on a brochure to promote the Division and highlight the benefits of membership.
The IMD just completed a collaborative TopCon (with the South Carolina Section),
which focused on injection molding for the automotive industry; initial oral feedback
from some attendees has been very positive. For ANTEC 2008, the technical program is
now finalized, and the Division presents a special session on “Sustainability and Injection
Molding” on Wednesday, May 7. Looking ahead, the Division is preparing for the Penn
State TopCon in June and the Milwaukee MiniTec in October. In support of the SPE
mission, the IMD strives to fulfill SPE’s critical goals and plans, and this year, the IMD
is again recognized with the Pinnacle Gold Award.

Marketing &                    Dick Cameron, Chair            Barbara Arnold-Feret,
Management                                                    EC Liaison

The Division has a MiniTec scheduled with the Pittsburgh Section and is co-sponsoring a
seminar with the CDMA.

M&M has a full session scheduled at ANTEC.

Exploring joining PD3 in the Designing for Medical Plastics TopCon in March 2009.

The Board will meet at ANTEC on Wednesday.

Medical Plastics               Maureen Reitman, Chair         Hector Dilan, EC Liaison

The Medical Plastics Division is doing well, with a newsletter coming out soon, several
presentations and awards coming up at ANTEC, and working on ways to reorganize and
invigorate the finance and membership committees. The new social chair has been very
helpful with events and is taking the lead with the ANTEC reception, which for the first
time in a while is not being done in conjunction with the Injection Molding Division.
MPD is delighted that one of its members, Dr. Steve Kurtz, will be honored with the

Society’s Hyatt award, and that the Section will be receiving the Pinnacle Gold Award
for the third year. The Section had some informal socializing at MDM West, where it
also successfully presented a day of programming on Multiphase Materials for Medical
Devices. MPD is discussing co-sponsoring programming at Polyolefins 2009, and is
trying to be supportive of the European Medical Polymers conference in September.

Mold Making & Mold            Ed Jenko, Chair                Barbara Arnold-Feret,
Design                                                       EC Liaison

Issuing a plea for new Board members via email blast and Newsletter.

Still moving forward with Pacific Northwest Section for a MiniTec in Fall 2008.

The Division sponsored $4000 toward Student Activities at ANTEC 2008, the single
largest sponsorship within the Society!

Article of note in Mold Making Technology magazine, April 2008 issue, on “Challenges
of the Division for Past Decade.”

The Division will fund the Student Paper Award for all papers related to Mold Making
and Design at the undergraduate level.

The board will meet on Monday at ANTEC.

Polymer Modifiers &           Frank Cangelosi, Chair         Bill O’Connell, EC
Additives                                                    Liaison

PMAD is in the midst of a deliberate outreach to Student Chapters. There is also a
deliberate plan to increase the participation of academia on the Board.

Product Design &              Mark Matsco, Chair             Barbara Arnold-Feret,
Development                                                  EC Liaison

The joint Pittsburgh Section/PD3 TopCon, slated for March of 2009, will focus on design
for medical plastics.

The Division has published two newsletters this year, and will have ANTEC sessions on

The Board is planning to meet on Tuesday at ANTEC.

An email blast recruiting new Board members went out in April.

The Board is in the midst of succession planning.

Rotational Molding            Mike Paloian, Chair            Len Czuba, EC Liaison

The RMD board has done a great job this year under the leadership of Michael Paloian.
Next year RMD will be led by incoming Chair Greg Stout; Dru Laws is expected to be
Councilor. RMD donated $2K to the Hollow Parts Conference that was held in China in
April. RMD continues to produce its award-winning newsletter and hopes the
Communication award is quickly reformatted to allow the recognition of excellence.
RMD has decided not to formally participate in the fall ARM conference, although RMD
hopes the previously successful relationship can be renewed in the near future. Check out
the 1Q 2008 newsletter for more details.

Thermoforming                 Walt Walker, Chair             Ken Braney, EC Liaison

A lot of work going into our upcoming Thermoforming Conference in Minneapolis,
Minnesota, Saturday through Tuesday, September 20–23. As of this date we expect over
100 exhibitors and will present approximately 38 technical sessions for both Heavy
Gauge/Cut sheet and Thin Gauge/Roll Fed practitioners.

In addition to our annual Conference in 2009 in Milwaukee, the Division is planning on
working with SPI at the NPE Expo in June 2009 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. We plan
on having a Thermoforming Pavilion to help show attendees find thermoforming
information, products and services through a one-stop-shopping experience.

Three $7500 scholarship winners were chosen at our February BOD meetings in addition
to voting on our 2008 “Thermoformer of the Year.”

Elected new Executive Committee Leadership: Terms run 2008 through 2010 (May)
Chair: Brian Ray (Ray Products)
Chair-elect: Ken Griep (Portage Casting & Mold, Inc.)
Treasurer: James Alongi (MAAC Machinery)
Secretary: Mike Sirotnak (Solar Products)
Councilor: Roger Kipp (McClarin Plastics) (He will finish Lola Carere’s term)
Prior Chair: Walt Walker (Prent Corporation)

Thermoset                     Paul Gramann, Chair            Hector Dilan, EC Liaison

The Chicago TopCon was a huge success, sold out both for displays and attendance. The
group took a gamble on holding the event in downtown Chicago, which ended up being a
great decision. The marketing firm that was hired to promote and run the event, and
solicit sponsorships, found a very nice hotel on Michigan Avenue for an incredible price,
and greatly contributed to making the event successful. By dealing with professional
marketers, and making the event topnotch (good food for the meals, and soda and coffee
available throughout both days), more money was made than ever for this event and a
solid groundwork was laid for next year.

Part 6, Special Interest Groups

Alloys & Blends               Omar Boutni, Chair             Vicki Flaris, Chair

The TPCs were selected: Srinivas Siripurapu from SABIC Innovative Plastics and Omar
Boutni, Basell USA.

European Medical              Gerry McNally, Chair           Ken Braney, EC Liaison

September 3-5, in Belfast – European Conference on Medical Polymers.
The event will be a joint venture between the SPE Medical Polymers SIG and P. I. N.
with support from the BPF. The first call for papers has just been made; anyone wishing
to contribute should contact Gerry McNally at PPRC;

Extrusion Europe              Johan van der Zwan,            Ken Braney, EC Liaison

A meeting was scheduled for the Extrusion seminar in Belgium in April. At that meeting,
an agreement was expected on the structure of the new board.

Joining of Plastics &         Bobbye Baylis, Chair           Jim Griffing, EC Liaison

The SIG will hold three technical sessions and their annual business meeting at ANTEC.

Nano/Micro Molding            John Coulter, Chair            Len Czuba, EC Liaison

The Nano/Micro Molding SIG has evolved nicely into a sizable and stable working
group. A solid core team of approximately 20 individuals has led most of the group’s
activities, and another 20–30 professionals have gotten involved at one time or another.
They have the elected leadership of the group in place for a few years to come. They also
have organized three successful multi-session symposia at ANTECs. Lastly, the SIG is
fully connected to a similar multi-institution group of micro and nanoscale molding
professionals in Europe. John Coulter will serve as Chair of the SIG for one more year
before Wally Cruz, the current Vice Chair, takes over. Dr. David Angstadt of Clemson
University is serving as the TPC for ANTEC this year.

Plastics Educators                                           Vicki Flaris, EC Liaison

At the last meeting of the Plastics Educators SIG, discussion revolved around a focus for
the Educators group. It was determined the main emphasis of the group should revolve

around students who major in plastics (polymer) oriented degrees. Further it was agreed
that the Educators SIG should take a stronger role in participating with the Student
Chapter Committee and also representation from said Committee should be invited to
SIG meetings. Agenda for the next meeting will focus on the support of SPE to students.

The last meeting of the Plastics Educators SIG contained discussion on the potential of
Division status, and the benefits and drawbacks thereof. The Chair agreed to look into the
procedures for application and the requirements once Division status is granted. Brian
Young was chosen to be the TPC for the student section and several members
volunteered for the role of paper reviewer. The group also discussed guidelines for the
review of student papers and quality of student presentations. A roundtable discussion
will occur at ANTEC 2008 to further discuss student papers.

Quality & Continuous           Scott Laman, Chair             Len Czuba, EC Liaison

Scott Laman assumed the role of Chair, believing he could create some synergy between
SPE and the American Society for Quality (ASQ), especially since he is the incoming
Vice Chair for ASQ’s Certification Board. The SIG was renamed because “Total
Quality” did not accurately reflect current activity of its members. An SPE web-based
forum was set up to communicate with members, and response from several members
was encouraging. Contact with ASQ was made, and they together will work to find ways
to benefit each organization, possibly starting with a meeting at the May World
Conference on Quality and Improvement.

Thermoplastic Elastomers                                      Vicki Flaris, EC Liaison

Had successful TopCon in September 2007. Attendance was over 270, and event was
well received. We had over 30 technical papers, and we had a student poster session for
the first time.

We do conference calls roughly every two months. The last was in mid-February, and our
next meeting will be at ANTEC.

We donated about 60 CDs from the TPE TopCon for distribution to universities and
colleges. They were sent to SPE Headquarters for distribution.

We are initiating our first scholarship in the SPE Foundation program. The first will be
awarded at ANTEC in Milwaukee.

We have one full day of papers at ANTEC, and a number of other TPE papers are being
given during other sessions. The papers are detailed in our newsletter, which was recently
distributed and will be available at ANTEC and our website.

We have one new prospect for the Board.

Laura Weaver from Dow will be taking over the TPE chair at ANTEC.

Our website will be updated soon with a TPE nomenclature, which was taken from a
paper presented at the TopCon by one of our Board members. The intent is to get some
consistency to the many terms that are used in our industry.


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