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                 More services, more information on OneMap

18 May 2011 - Launched a year ago, OneMap is an integrated map platform
which enables the public to access government agencies’ location-based
services   and    information.   Two   new    services,     PropertyPrices   and
Space2Lease, have recently been added to OneMap to help individuals
interested in the residential property market information and businesses in
search of commercial space.


2.    PropertyPrices is a new service on OneMap that will be of interest to
property buyers and sellers as it shows the transacted prices of both private
housing and Housing and Development Board (HDB) resale flats over the
past year on a map. Users can also view information such as size of the unit,
tenure type (freehold or leasehold) and transaction date.

3.    PropertyPrices complements existing property market information
services provided by Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and HDB.             It
combines property transaction data provided by the URA and HDB on a
common map platform.


4.    Space2Lease is a new service on OneMap which allows businesses to
check for government properties available for rent by the Singapore Land
Authority (SLA) and HDB. Information such as the floor area and monthly

rental of available commercial space can be viewed at a glance on a map,
saving businesses the hassle of having to visit each government agency’s

Mobile Applications

5.    OneMap is now also available on the iPhone. Developers can use the
set of Application Programming Interface (APIs) to develop applications for
the mobile platform using the OneMap infrastructure. Several iPhone apps
have already been published using this platform, including NParks’ Parks Live,
URA’s Masterplan 2008 and Property Market Information, as well as Nanyang
Polytechnic’s Pocket OneMap.

6.    Nanyang Polytechnic, OneMap’s Academic Institution Partner, has
designed and recently rolled out the iPhone and iPad version of Pocket
OneMap, making it easy for users to access OneMap information and
services while on the go.

7.    “We are glad to have the opportunity to develop and deliver useful
applications such as the Pocket OneMap application and the Parks Live
application leveraging on OneMap. We hope to continue this close
collaboration and develop more such applications using OneMap that will be
of use to the public,” said Mr Lai Poh Hing, Director, School of Information
Technology, Nanyang Polytechnic.

Enhancing the geospatial community

8.    Since its launch in March 2010, OneMap has enabled the public to
access a wide range of government information from more than 40 thematic
layers of information and value-added services ranging from education,
culture, to community, to the environment. One popular value-added service
is LandQuery.

9.    “I find the LandQuery service useful as I can find out if a site is State
land or managed by a Statutory Board or owned by a private owner. It even
has a link for me to send an enquiry about the land,” said Phyllis Chua, 27,
general manager, who uses this function to find suitable land to organize her
company’s outdoor events.

Evolving with public feedback

10.   Since its launch, OneMap has been well received. The public has also
given useful suggestions to improve OneMap.

11.   “I sent feedback to OneMap some time ago to suggest that public
transport routing services be included to complement the car routing one. I
was pleasantly surprised to receive updates from the OneMap Facebook fan
page when it became available!” said marketing executive, Sylvia Sim, 25.

12.   The Public Transport Routing service provides travel directions and
journey planning on public buses and the MRT.        Powered by TransitLink
currently, it enables users to choose the route best suited to their needs and
calculates the trip fare, estimated travel time and travel distance to their

Multi-windows approach for greater accessibility

13.   OneMap offers an additional channel through which information from
different government sources is made available. The user experience is
enhanced because more than one type of information may be viewed
simultaneously on the same platform.

14.   Since OneMap’s launch, a number of new services, themes and
enhancements have been added to enhance the user experience (refer to
Annex A for more information). Companies in the private sector are also
encouraged to use OneMap for their own applications and to create value-
added services.
15.    Visit OneMap at or the OneMap Facebook page at The free OneMap iPhone app can also be
downloaded from the App Store.

For a list of enhancements and other new services, please refer to Annex A.
For images of OneMap services, please refer to Annex B.

Issued by:
The Singapore Land Authority
18 May 2011

About OneMap
OneMap is an integrated map system for government agencies to deliver
location-based services and information. It is a multi-agency collaboration with
many    government      agencies   currently   participating   and   contributing
information. It is managed and operated by the Singapore Land Authority on
behalf of the government.

It can also be used by the private sector and the community to create useful
and value-added services. The public can find locations using intelligent
search, get driving directions, public transport routing, obtain comprehensive
information contributed by government agencies and explore the maps using
a variety of widgets.

OneMap also provides links to other government agencies and commercial
organizations, allowing users to access more services from the same platform.
Visit OneMap at

                                                                     Annex A

OneMap themes
Themes available on OneMap, contributed by 17 public agencies:
       Contributing Agency                     Theme
1      Building And Construction Authority     Green Mark Buildings*
2      Building And Construction Authority     Friendly Buildings*
       Community Mediation Unit, Ministry of
       Law                                     Community Mediation*
4      Health Promotion Board                  Breast Screening Centres*
5      Health Promotion Board                  Cervical Screening Centres*
       Infocomm Development Authority of
       Singapore                               Wireless HotSpots
       Infocomm Development Authority of
       Singapore                               Infocomm Accessibility*
       Infocomm Development Authority of
       Singapore                               Silver Infocomm*
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Family Services
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Child Care Services
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Disability Services
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Eldercare Services
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Student Care Services
       Ministry of Community Development,
       Youth and Sports                        Family Friendly Estab*
15     Ministry of Education                   Kindergartens*
16     National Arts Council                   Auditoriums
17     National Arts Council                   Exhibition Centres
18     National Arts Council                   Performing Arts
19     National Environment Agency             Waste Disposal Site*
20     National Environment Agency             After Death Facilities*
21     National Environment Agency             NEA Offices*
22     National Environment Agency             Recycling Bins*
23     National Environment Agency             Waste Treatment*
24     National Environment Agency             Dengue Clusters*
25     National Environment Agency             Funeral Parlours*
26     National Environment Agency             Hawker Centres*
27     National Heritage Board                 Monuments
28     National Heritage Board                 Museums
29     National Heritage Board                 Heritage Sites*
30     National Library Board                  Libraries
31     National Parks Board                    Parks

32     People’s Association                     Community Clubs
33     People’s Association                     Water Ventures*
34     People’s Association                     PA Holiday Facilities*
35     People’s Association                     Community Devt Councils*
36     People’s Association                     Other PA Networks*
37     People’s Association                     Residents Committees*
38     People’s Association                     Heartland Countdown Party*
39     PUB                                      ABC Waters Projects*
       Singapore Land Authority and Housing
       and Development Board                    Community Use Sites*
 41    Singapore Sports Council                 Sports Centres
 42    Singapore Tourism Board                  Hotels
 43    Singapore Tourism Board                  Tourist Attractions
*New themes introduced after the launch of OneMap on 31 Mar 2010

Services on OneMap

PropertyPrices (Rolled out in May 2011)
The PropertyPrices service on OneMap is a collaboration between the
Ministry of National Development, the Housing and Development Board
(HDB), the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the Singapore Land Authority
to show transacted prices of condominiums, apartments, landed houses and
HDB resale flats on OneMap. Its interactive query function enables users to
search using various parameters such as current location map, postal district,
housing type (public and private), date range (from past one year) and
transaction prices. All selected transactions are displayed on a map with
information such as transacted prices, floor area, floor level range, flat type,
date of transaction etc.

Space2Lease (Rolled out in May 2011)
Space2Lease is a collaboration between the Singapore Land Authority and
the Housing and Development Board, to show availability of offices, factories,
commercial property and warehouse on OneMap. Its interactive query
function enables users to search using various parameters such as current
location map, price range and property size. All selected transactions are

displayed on a map with information such as unit number, floor area, monthly
rental etc. The next phase of the project will include properties from JTC

Public Transport Routing Service (Rolled out in December 2010)

The Public Transport Routing Services was introduced in Dec 2010. The
system, currently powered by TransitLink, will enable users to choose
different modes of transportation, such as Bus or Bus & MRT to get from one
point to another. In addition, users can select specific bus stops within walking
distance of 400, 500 or 600m to suit their travel preferences or allow the
system to recommend the bus stops to board/alight. The system can also
calculate and display the total distance, estimated time and trip fare (card or
cash) and the routes on the map.


LandQuery makes it easier for the public to find out whether a plot of land is
State land, Statutory Board land or private land. It also enables them to find
out if the land is available for use.


SchoolQuery, provided in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, helps
parents to search for schools that fall within 1 km, or between 1 km and 2 km,
of their residences. The results, presented graphically on a map, are useful for
the purpose of Primary 1 registration.

New services which leverage on OneMap APIs

URA’s Master Plan 2008 eService and iPhone/iPad Application
The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s “Master Plan 2008, Singapore”
application allows users to view the statutory land use plan which guides
Singapore’s development over the next 10 to 15 years. Users are able to
toggle between the URA’s Master Plan 2008, Special and Detailed Controls
Plans and the street map on OneMap. This application is available on the
URA Website ( as an eService and is also free for
download from the Apple AppStore.

URA’s Property Market Information eService and iPhone/iPad Application
The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Property Market Information eService
and iPhone/iPad Application allow users to search for property market
information on OneMap’s street map e.g. compare prices and rentals of
private residential projects in the vicinity and to view the surrounding
amenities.   This     eService   is   available   on    the   URA    Website
( and the iPhone/iPad application is free for download
from the Apple AppStore.

PUB’s Water Level Information
Developed by PUB, the Water Level Information displays the location of more
than 90 water level sensors at selected canals and drains using OneMap.
Users are able to see real-time water level information by clicking on each
water    level      sensor   icon.    This    service    is   available   on

MICA’s Crisis Management Service
With the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts’ (MICA) Crisis
Management Service, users can select from a list of locations with Accident &
Emergency (A&E) services, including hospitals with A&E departments,
neighbourhood police centres, police posts and other police departments.
Upon the selection of a particular A&E location, the map zooms to the location.
More           information             can       be          found           at

Nanyang Polytechnic’s Pocket OneMap
Pocket OneMap is a reliable Singapore Map with accurate information on the
go. It is designed to locate buildings or roads right at your fingertips. It is
optimized for both the iPhone and iPad platforms. The fullscreen mode
maximizes the screen space to provide a full view of the map. This is a free
application and is available on the Apple AppStore.

Enhancements to OneMap

OneMap Mini Map Enhancement
This is an easy way for users to publish OneMap on their websites by simply
keying in their Postal Codes. It gives users more control by specifying the
preferred zoom levels and the ability to create callouts with custom messages
and images.

OneMap and Cloud Computing
One Map is one of the pioneers within the public sector that utilises cloud
services for content delivery. Its base map has been served through cloud-
based services since Jan 2011 and users are now able to access the maps
faster for a better user experience.

                 Annex B



OneMap iPhone app

Pocket OneMap by Nanyang Polytechnic