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					                         Merced Community College District
                            Board of Trustees Meeting
                               held October 1, 2002

1.   Public Session Call to Order
     The meeting was called to order at 5 p.m. in Classroom 10 at the Los Banos Campus,
     Los Banos.

2.   Closed Session
     The Board President referenced the items to be presented during closed session then
     closed the meeting to the public. Closed session items are listed below:


           to discuss negotiations with MCFA Chapter 770

           to discuss negotiations with CSEA, Chapter 274

           discuss negotiations with CSEA Chapter 274, DUI Unit

           regarding the Los Banos Campus

3.   Resume Public Session
     The public session reconvened at 6:00 p.m. Dr. Duran led the Pledge of Allegiance.
     The Board President announced there was nothing to report out of closed session.

     Members Present: Lewis S. Braxton (Board President), Eva de Long, Jim Glidden,
     Eugene Vierra, Robert Haden, Jinet Troost

     Members Absent: Les McCabe and Mary Lewis

     Others Present: Benjamin T. Duran, John Spevak, Allan Grimsby, Larry Johnson,
     Dee Near (Faculty Senate), Manuel Costa (Classified Senate), Ramon Avila (CSEA),
     Anne Newins, Marvin Smith

4.   Hearing of the Public
     An opportunity was provided for members of the public to address the Board; there
     were no questions or comments.

5.   Minutes
     MSC (Glidden/Robert) to approve the minutes of September 3 and September 10,
     2002; an abstention was cast by Trustee Vierra in that he was not present for the
     September 3rd meeting.
6.   Presentations

     a.    Report from Dean of the Los Banos Campus
           Dean Anne Newins provided an update on the Los Banos Campus. She
           indicated enrollment is having a big impact on the fall semester; day enrollment
           is up 20 percent, night enrollment is up 13 percent. In the past three years
           enrollment has increased 40-45 percent. Because of increased activity in the
           library due to increased enrollment, library staff can no longer pull double duty
           to sell textbooks. Textbook sales are being handled by part-time staff provided
           by the Bookstore. Bernice Cooper is back to work on a part-time basis. The
           Cisco Academy opened this fall and the program is going well.

7.   Consideration of Consent Agenda
     MSCU (Vierra/Haden) to approve the consent agenda as summarized below.
     a.    Curriculum Revisions as Listed on Schedule 03-08
     b.    Contracts as Summarized on Schedule 03-09
     c.    Personnel Schedule 03-10
     d     Accept Donation of assorted Animal Skulls from Ernest Lindo, Jr. for use in
           Biology and Zoology labs
     e.    Purchase Orders as Summarized on Schedule 03-11
     f.    Warrants, Payroll Registers and Trip Requests as Summarized on Schedule
     MSCU (Glidden/Haden) to add a donation from PeopleSoft to the agenda. MSCU
     (Haden/Vierra) to accept the donation of furniture from People Soft.

8.   To the Board for Discussion and/or Action

     a.    Facility Use Agreement Between Merced Community College District and the
           City of Merced
           Dr. Johnson recommended the approval of a facilities use agreement between
           the College District and the City of Merced which provides appropriate
           insurance liability and use parameters for the two public agencies. MSCU
           (Glidden/Haden) to approve the agreement between the City of Merced
           and the College District regarding the use of facilities.

     b.    Establishment of Appropriations Limit for the 2002-03
           MSCU (Haden/deLong) to adopt Resolution 03-33 establishing the
           appropriations limit for the 2002-03 fiscal year.

     c.    Adoption of Resolution in Support of Proposition 47
           Dr. Duran explained that Proposition 47 provides $13 billion to fund educational
           facilities from kindergarten to college and can be considered a partner to the
           District=s local bond. Prop 47 would provide $22 million for Merced College.
           Passage of Prop 47 and the local bond would allow the District the ability to go
           further down its list of proposed projects. MSCU (Haden/deLong) to adopt
           Resolution 03-34 in support of Proposition 47.
     d.    Ratification of Educational Contracts for the Workplace Learning Resource
           Dr. Spevak presented an end-of-year report for the Workplace Learning
           Resource Center summarizing contracts with local businesses for Merced
           College to provide training for their personnel. MSCU (Glidden/Haden) to
           ratify the contracts as presented.

     e.    Substitute Subcontractor on the Theater Barrier Removal Project
           MSCU (Haden/Glidden) to approve and permit Cen-Cal Construction to
           substitute their subcontractor, Jezowski & Markel Construction, with Don
           Bell Concrete Construction to complete the concrete portion of the
           Theater Barrier Removal Project.

9.   To the Board for Information

     a.    Pursuit of Fulbright Faculty Exchange Program Application
           Dr. Spevak discussed faculty member Keith Law=s interest in pursuing a
           Fulbright Faculty Exchange. Participation in the program would be at no
           additional cost to the District and the College would have the ability to make
           sure the instructor coming to Merced College meets the minimum qualifications
           (in this case, in philosophy) and that the person would be an appropriate
           instructor for Merced College. The Board had no objections to pursuing the

     b.    First Reading - Proposed Policies & Procedure
           Board Policies and Administrative Procedures listed below were presented for
           first reading.
           AP 5540             Academic Honesty Procedure
           BP/AP 4050          Articulation
           AP 4101             Independent Study
           AP4103              Work Experience
           BP4220              Standards of Scholarship
           BP 4400             Community Services
           AP 4500             News Media
           BP/AP 6700          Facilities Use
           BP/AP 6750          Parking
           BP/AP 6800          Safety
           BP/AP 6900          Bookstores
           Discussion and clarification of questions followed.The BPs/APs will be
           presented for second reading at the next meeting of the Board.

     c.    Quarterly Financial Status Report, 2001-02 Fiscal Year; Quarter
           Ended June 30, 2002
           Dr. Johnson had nothing to add to the materials provided in the board back up.
10.   Information & Questions

      a.    From Board Members
            Trustee de Long reported support in the Livingston area is very positive for the
            District=s bond.

            Trustee Vierra was very complimentary of the care he received during a recent
            stay in the hospital and was particularly complimentary of the care provided by
            students in one of the college=s health care programs.

            Trustees Glidden and Braxton thanked Dean Anne Newins for her efforts
            relative to the bond on the west side. Trustee Braxton shared with members
            materials he obtained at recent conferences. At the ACCT Conference in
            Philadelphia he was elected Regional Chair for this area.

      b.    From Faculty Senate
            Dee Near reported the Senate had voted to suspend action on the alternative
            calendar for this year. It became apparent that MC=s attempt to fit the
            alternative calendar schedule into current facilities was not going to be possible.
             It was, therefore, agreed to suspend work on the calendar for this year.

      c.    From Faculty Association
            No one present to report.

      d.    From CSEA
            Ramon Avila said CSEA=s efforts have been spent working on the impact
            recent legislation will have on CSEA and its members. The union is working
            with the administration to address issues which have arisen as a result of the
            legislation. Trustee Haden suggested CSEA provide the board with information
            relative to any legislation they feel the Board should be aware of. Ramon also
            mentioned that the local chapter is supporting MC=s bond measure and that it
            has donated $1500 to the campaign.

      e.    From Classified Senate
            Manuel Costa reported Wilma Prine had been elected new Classified Senate
            President. Not having the year long period of transition, for the next several
            months, Manuel and Wilma will serve as co-presidents until Wilma is more
            comfortable with her new role. New senators and officers have also been
            named. Due to state cuts in staff development, the Staff Development
            Committee will be curtailing some of the activities previously made available to
            staff. Carryover funds from last year, however, will be of some help with this
            year=s activities.

      f.    From Management Team
            Anne Newins reported the Management Team has been meeting regularly and
            that in service sessions have been well received by managers.
      g.    Superintendent's Report
            Dr. Duran acknowledged Dean Mike Cuchna for securing almost $100,000
            worth of furniture from PeopleSoft. The furniture will be used by faculty and
            staff as well as for some use in classrooms. The Board President asked that a
            thank you letter be sent to Dean Cuchna.

            The UC Committee will hold its annual fundraiser on October 23 rd. Trustees
            interested in attending were asked to notify Dr. Duran=s office. Also, on the
            25th of October, UC Merced will hold an inaugural ceremony for Founding
            Chancellor Carol Tomlinson-Keasey. Once again, trustees interested in
            attending the ceremony were asked to notify Dr. Duran=s office.

            Dr. Duran informed trustees that he would be on vacation following the election
            for the purpose of a student recruiting trip to Asia.

      h.    Correspondence
            The Board President acknowledged receipt of the following correspondence:
                 letter from the Marcus Smith Scholarship Foundation acknowledging Dr.
                  Duran=s participation in the 5th Annual Marcus Smith Memorial Golf
                  tournament; the event=s proceeds will provide ten students with
                  scholarships of $400 each for the 2003 school year;
                 letter from Tri-City Bulldogs Youth Football thanking Dr. Duran for his
                  donation to the annual golf tournament; proceeds from the fundraiser will
                  be used to purchase needed equipment and supplies for the upcoming
                  football season; and
                 letter from Frank and Michele Fagundes praising staff member Pam
                  White for the assistance she provided their daughter which they felt was
                  above and beyond that required of her position; thanks to Pam=s efforts,
                  their daughter was able to complete the units required for transfer to
                  Centenary College in Louisiana.

11.   Future Discussion Items from the Board
      The Board President asked for a report from the new EOPS Director. Dr. Duran
      responded that this was scheduled to occur at the November meeting. Trustee
      Braxton will be attending the Board of Governors meeting on Friday; he asked trustees
      to forward to him any items/issues they wanted him to take forward to the Board. He
      urged trustees to participate in CCLC=s Annual Conference in November.

      Trustee Haden again expressed his concern relative to student representation on the
      Board. He asked that this issue be discussed at the Board=s spring workshop or at a
      future board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

            Secretary to the Board of Trustees