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									Make your cat happy by providing a scratching post

Cats are generally lovable animals until the time when they ruin your
sofa and your carpet, no thanks to their scratching talent. How does one
get rid of this irritating hobby called cat scratching?

Well, there is no remedy for your cats scratching mannerisms. In fact,
cat experts discourage human from interfering with their scratching
because it is already second nature to cats.

Scratching is inherent in cats as they were made to scratch. The rear
paws of a cat were made for scratching.   As your cat grows, their claws
also grow. Cats have to remove the sheath on their claws by scratching,
so they can expose their new claws.

Remember that maxim "if you can't lick them, then join them"? This is
especially true for cats. If you do not want further damage to your
furniture, draperies or carpets, then encourage your cats to scratch -
but not on your things. Instead, buy him his own scratching post.

Buying a scratching post for your cat will give them an outlet for their
scratching urge. It will not only save your precious furniture but will
also keep your cats happy.

Why do cats use a scratching post

A scratching post is used for:
1. Scratching to remove an outer layer of the cat's nails.
2. Cats also need to exercise and move their muscles by climbing on the
3. The post is not only used for scratching but also for stretching
because while trying to scratch himself, the cat will stretch his whole
body towards the post.
4. Marking the post for territorial purposes.
5. Just for the fun of it.

Outdoor cats usually use wooden fences or objects for scratching, so a
good scratching post would be one made of wood. A cat owner can get
firewood or a log and convert it into a scratching post. Others who are
still training their cats make do with the less expensive cardboard

Since the primary use of the post is for the cats to sharpen their claws,
the scratching post must be upright and steady. It should also be tall
enough, or a half size more than the cat, to make sure your cat can
stretch his whole body on the post. Much care should be placed in
choosing the right post because if the cat feels it is not steady enough
for him, then he might not use it and will revert to scratching your

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