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                                          “Let us consider one another to provoke unto LOVE and GOOD WORKS.” (Hebrews 10:24)          

                                                                                Miracles: Why Written?                               A Reader Asks:
                                                                                                                              What does the Bible really teach about the
                                                                               Answer “The Question Box”                  kingdom? I don’t believe in the premillennial
                                                                                            (Page 24)                     idea, but in refuting that idea we say the
                                                                                                                          kingdom and the church are tantamount to
                                                                                                                          the same thing. Some passages, however,
                                                                                     The Holy Spirit                      sound like the kingdom is heaven.
                                                                                                                              And what is the difference between the
                                                                                    “His Greatest Gift”                   “kingdom of heaven” and the “kingdom of
                                                                                            (Page 14)                     God”? (C. R.)
                                            1910                                                                            Cecil May Responds on page 3
                                                                                  SUMMER TIME...
                                                                                And, the Clothes Fall Off
                                                                                            (Page 22)

                                                                                Who Am I; What am I...
                           100 Years (1910 - 2010)                                  Religiously?                                                       o
   Centennial Celebration -- Gospel Meeting -- Old Union Church                                                                              104
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                                            would love for you to go with
                                            us. Our trip to Israel last year
                                            was truly a life changing
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                                            experience.” (alf)                 (A Command: Page 7)         (Power in Prayer: Pg 6)
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                                                Prayerfully Ponder                Spirituality                    2nd Annual               Magnolia Blossom
                                                   Is God                                                         Mid-South                   Seen in editor’s yard
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                                                                                                                                          order to glorify our Heavenly Fa-
                                                                               Church Celebrates            Southaven, Mississippi
                                                                                                                                          ther and His Son, Jesus our Sav-
                                                                                   75 Years                 September 25, 2010            iour.”
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                                                                                             Editor Puzzled: (Page 2)
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                                                                                     Remembering My Daddy                                      Our 32nd Year
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                                                                                           Editor Confesses: (Page 8)                             25,000
                                            Provoking Article on Page 9        My First and Second Impressions Were Both Wrong!              “Into Every State”

                                                               "Put them in mind... to be ready unto every GOOD work." (Titus 3:1)
Page 2                                                                                   Magnolia Messenger                                                                July - Sept, 2010 -

        Readers' Response                                                                                    Remembering My Daddy
      (Comments & Suggestions Invited; Criticisms Considered)
                                                                                                                      Not Perfect, but Pentitent
                                                                                                  - Editor -                                                   tant. I later learned that what
Dear Bro. Al,                               the questions of the question box
                                                                                             June 20, 2010, the most re-                                       he did was called “repenting.”
     I was just reading the MM and          sending them tomorrow. I appreciate
read of the passing of Bro. Jack Exum.      the good articles I read today but was     cent “Father’s Day.” Leaders                                            Something or someone influ-
He was such a wonderful man. He             greatly impressed with the final page      in our beloved nation have set                                          enced him to rethink his rela-
stayed in our home when Ray was             and the special presentation for Jane      aside a special day each year                                           tionship with the Lord and his
preaching in Grandview, MO and in           Bell, the resent Bible winner. I am so     to honor fathers. I am grateful                                         responsibility as a husband and
Waynesboro. I have many wonderful           glad that you presented the Bible to her   -- for the annual day and to                                            father. So, my Dad stopped
memories of him. One night after I          family. That made my heart feel good
had fixed supper, when he got up to         in a world so filled with sin. Keep up     have had a father worthy to be                                          making excuses and started
preach, he said if I start crowing I just   the good work! —Ole Tom                    remembered; a father who was                                            showing that he truly loved the
filled up on chicken at Bro Ray’s and                                                  not perfect, but penitent.                                              Lord and His church (Matt.
Sis Pat’s.                                       I recently spoke with someone as-           I am writing this little                                          22:37; Heb. 10:25). Of course,
     Won’t it be a wonderful meeting        sociated with the Magnolia Messenger.      “memorial” a few days late. It                                          my mom and sister and myself;
when we all get to Heaven. I don’t          I gave them my father’s address so he
know if you knew I lost my husband,         could receive the Messenger. He is 81
                                                                                       is Monday, July 5, 2010. This                                           we followed in his footsteps.
S.P. Hudson, in December. He was a          and recently read a copy of the Mag-       morning, I have been reading                                            He started attending every ser-
                                                                                       from the book of Philippians              Alfred (Al) L. Franks         vice -- so did we!
wonderful Christian man and                 nolia Messenger for the first time and
                                                                                                                                       - Editor -
preached a lot in this area. Please pray    really enjoyed it. We receive the Mag-     where I came across some-                                                     The little; yet, thriving
for me; the church is not real strong       nolia Messenger at the congregation I      thing that got me to thinking about my earthly country church did have Bible studies where
in this area.                               attend. My father began preaching
     I am working with a lady friend        when he was 35. He preached for three
                                                                                       Father.                                                members offered comments and ideas and,
who was a member of the church as a         different congregations until he was in          My Dad’s name was Lovis Alfred Franks. sometimes, not everyone agreed with everyone
teenager, but left the church when she      his early 70’s. He did this while hold-    (I am named for him; “Alfred”, not “Lovis”; else. It didn’t take long for me; however, even
married and went into the Mormon            ing a full-time secular job. He gave up    thankful!). He was born in southwest Louisiana as a very young person, to learn that my dad
church. She is a widow now and not in       preaching to take care of my mother.       on September 25, 1911. Had he lived until next had simply made up an excuse for not being faith-
good health I keep talking to her trying    Since our mother passed away, dad
                                                                                       year, he would be celebrating his 100th year on ful to the Lord and His church.
not to offend her and pray she will see     has continued to be active at the con-
her way back to the Lord. I have some       gregation he attends. He can’t do much     earth. But he didn’t and he won’t. Daddy died               Thank the Lord. Daddy admitted he was
preachers helping me with some              as he use to, but he does what he can...   “early” at the age of 59, back in 1971.                wrong. He repented, publicly confessing his sin
material to help me better understand       I have sent a small donation to help             I remember my Daddy. He was “self-em- and making known his desire to demonstrate his
Mormon teaching. I so enjoy the paper       with the printing and postage of the       ployed” most of his life; he made a living for his love for the Lord by serving Him with all of his
and have fond memories of you and           Messenger. Thank you for sending it        family through farming                                                            heart. My Dad’s ad-
June. God Bless you and your efforts.       to my father. (Ronny Stubblefield,
Pat Hudson                                  Slaughters, KY)                            -- raising cattle and                                                             mission of wrong do-
                                                                                       hogs. He also owned                I couldn’t understand why... if it were        ing and/or failure to do
Brother Franks:
                                              More Readers’ Response                   and operated a slaugh-        really important to attend services on              right and his repen-
   Received my copy of the Magnolia                (throughout this issue)                                           Sunday morning... why we didn’t “go to
                                                                                       tering house and sold                                                             tance, made a deep
Messenger today and I have answered         Thanks for Reading the MM                  fresh meat to area gro-       church” at night. His explanation, as I             and lasting impression
                                                                                       cery stores. Daddy            recall was, “We do not go to church at              on my mind.
                                                                                       never made a lot of           night because all they do is argue about                 Because my fa-
              Magnolia Messenger                                                                                     the Bible.” I was puzzled.
                                                                                       money; however he                                                                 ther was humble
                    Church of Christ - Kosciusko                                       was blessed to make a                                                             enough to admit mis-
  Published every 2-3 months (as funds and time permit). Mailed without
                                                                                       few wise investments, enabling us to live fairly takes and determined enough to show true re-
  charge to all who ask to receive it and to others for whom it is requested.          comfortable. I am thankful.                            pentance, I was blessed to spend most of my
                                                                                             I remember my Daddy. He dearly loved developing years in a family that never again
  Contributions from churches and individuals make possible the circulation            his one and only wife, Lucille (Belvin) Franks -- “missed a service” of the church. The Lord had
  of more than 25,000 copies of each issue of the "Magnolia Messenger".
  Your help is requested, needed and appreciated!                                      my precious mother. To my knowledge, he never become Number One! The way it should/must
                                                                                       gave any reason for anyone to doubt his love for be.
                 Supported By Contributions                                            her and his faithfulness to her. His example as             Because my father was not perfect; yet,
                                                                                       a devoted, faithful husband, has had a great in- was penitent, he greatly encouraged significant
                        A. L. Franks, Editor                                           fluence on me. I am thankful.                          decisions made in my own life. One, was to
                 Paul Franks, On Line Editor; www                                            I remember my Daddy as a man who loved become a Christian, which I did at an early age.
              Cecil May, Jr., Bible Questions Answered                                 the Lord and His church. He didn’t think you Two, was to become a gospel preacher, a pro-
             June & Glenda Franks, Special Assistants                                  could separate Christ from His church cess which started when I was very young and
                                                                                       (Ephesians 5:23-32; Acts 20:28). But, I also had continues to this day. These two decisons and
      Telephone Numbers
      Telephone Numbers                            Mailing Address
                                                   Mailing Address:                    reason to realize that my dad was not perfect (I many others were influenced greatly by my fa-
          Office/Home                                                                  John 1:8-10). There was a time, in his early ther.
                                               Magnolia Messenger
                                                Magnolia Messenger
          662-289-3559                                                                 life (when I was very young) that my dad ceased             As I remember my Daddy, I believe one
                Cell                                 O. Box 1578
                                                  P.P. O. Box1578
                Cell                                                                   attending the night services of the church. I re- of the most significant things he ever did was to
          601-668-3344                          Kosciusko, MS 39090
                                               Kosciusko, MS 39090                     member asking him why he (and we) did not admit he was wrong and make needed changes.
  Editor's Note: The mention of a person or church in the Messenger                    attend on Sunday evenings and Wednesday He was not perfect, but thank God, he was peni-
  does NOT necessarily mean that we either endorse or approve all                      nights. I couldn’t understand why, if it were re- tent!
  the person or church may believe, teach or do. We do not (can not)                   ally important to attend services on Sunday morn-           If he could hear, I would say: “I love you,
  have full knowledge of every person or church mentioned in the                       ing, why we didn’t “go to church” at night. His Daddy. Looking forward to seeing you
  ‘MM; furthermore, we do not believe that our role before God is to
                                                                                       explanation, as I recall was, “We do not go to again... up there. It won’t be long! Your
  be that of a judge. We pray, however, that we will never lend en-
  couragement to anyone or anything in conflict with, or not in har-                   church at night because all they do is argue thankful son.” Maybe he can! Jesus does.
  mony with that which is plainly taught In Scripture. Your comments                   about the Bible.” I was puzzled.                       (Alfred L. Franks)
  invited and encouraged. (A. L. Franks, Editor)                                             Yes, I remember my Daddy. Not long af-
                      E-Mail:                                         ter he gave me the “excuse” for not attending                      Thank You
                                                                                       night services, Daddy did something very impor- For Receiving, Reading & Responding to the MM
July - Sept, 2010                                                               Magnolia Messenger                                                                                    Page 3

                                                                                                                         The church which Jesus           sents the kingdom to God. It
         Bible Questions Answered                                                                                    promised to build also began on
                                                                                                                     that same Pentecost. Jesus said
                                                                                                                                                          consists of those he has redeemed
                                                                                                                                                          “from every tribe and language
                                                                                                                     to Peter that he would build his     and people and nation.” You and
QUESTION: What does the Bible really teach about the                                                                 church and give the keys of the      I, if we are among the redeemed,
                                                                                      Response by                    kingdom to Peter, using church       will be part of that kingdom pre-
kingdom? I don’t believe in the premillennial idea, but in
refuting that idea we say the kingdom and the church are                            Cecil May, Jr.                   and kingdom, it seems evident,       sented, as Jesus will be able to
tantamount to the same thing. Some passages, however,                                                                interchangeably (Matthew 16:18-      say, “Here, Father, is the work
                                                                                                                     19).                                 you have sent me to do.”
sound like the kingdom is heaven.
                                                                                                                         Since, to repeat, the redeemed        The kingdom, in the first
And what is the difference between the “kingdom of heaven”                                                           were transferred into the king-      sense, all the saved of all ages, is
and the “kingdom of God”? (C. R.)                                                                                    dom; and the saved were added        delivered to God to become the
                                                                                                                     to the church, the church and        eternal kingdom in heaven, en-
RESPONSE: Last question first.         kingdom to be established when                                                the kingdom consist of the same      joying forever fellowship with
    There is no substantive dif-       Jesus comes again.                                                            people.                              God, Christ and all the holy saints.
ference between “kingdom of                Jesus, on the other hand, from                                               Kingdom Equals Heaven                The Reign of God Within
heaven” and “kingdom of God.”          the time Simon Peter correctly                                                    There are passages, however,          On other occasions kingdom
Both refer to the same kingdom.        confessed at Caesarea Phillipi                                                in which the kingdom is said to      seems to refer to the reign of
Matthew uses “kingdom of               that he was the Christ, began to                                              be entered only at the end of a      God within the heart of the indi-
heaven” in reporting discourses        show that his kingship was spiri-                                             faithful life.                       vidual Christian.
where the other gospels, report-       tual, fulfilling the “Suffering Ser-                                              “Therefore, brothers, be all          “Now when He was asked by
ing the same discourse, say            vant” prophecies of Isaiah (Mat-             Cecil May, Jr., Dean             the more diligent to make your       the Pharisees when the kingdom
“kingdom of God.”                      thew 16:21). His kingdom, he              College of Biblical Studies         calling and election sure, for if    of God would come, He an-
    For one example out of many,       declared, “is not of this world”              Faulkner University             you practice these qualities you     swered them, ‘The kingdom of
after the arrest of John the Bap-      (John 18:36).                               5345 Atlanta Highway
                                                                                  Montgomery, AL 36109               will never fall. For in this way     God does not come with obser-
tist, Jesus took up the same mes-          The strongest refutation of                                               there will be richly provided for    vation, nor will they say, “See
sage John had been preaching,          premillennialism results from a                    you an entrance into the eternal     here!” or “See there!” For in-
“Repent for the kingdom is at          demonstration that the New Tes-                                               kingdom of our Lord and Savior       deed, the kingdom of God is
hand.” Matthew uses “kingdom           tament itself, Jesus through his           So, as is often the case, even     Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:10-11).     within (entos) you’" (Luke 17:20-
of heaven” in reporting it (Mat-       apostles and prophets, spiritual-      a text determined to be not what           In his picture of the judg-      21, NKJV).
thew 4:17); Mark says “king-           ize the Old Testament prophe-          Luke originally wrote still teaches    ment, Jesus says he will say to           Jesus did not come to estab-
dom of God” (Mark 1:15).               cies of the kingdom. Their ful-        what is true: the saved are added      those who have ministered to the     lish a temporal kingdom through
    Matthew is a Jewish author         fillment is said by inspiration to     by the Lord to the church; the         needy and are therefore “on his      the overthrow of Roman occu-
writing to Jewish readers. Jew-        be located in the work of Christ       saved are the church; the church       right hand,” “Come, you who          pying forces. Instead he came to
ish sensibilities often dictated the   during the time of his first com-      is the saved.                          are blessed by my Father, inherit    inaugurate a kingdom equivalent
use of euphemisms for God. That        ing and in the kingdom/church              According to Paul in the           the kingdom prepared for you         to the rule of God in men’s hearts
is usually suggested as the rea-       he established at that time.           Colossian epistle, when we were        from the foundation of the world”    through their faith in the Lord
son for the different wording.             The evidence for that spiritu-     redeemed, God “delivered us            (Matthew 25:34 ).                    Jesus.
    Kingdom Equals Church              alization has been given in re-        from the domain of darkness                Again Jesus pictures judg-            It would come quietly as con-
    Often the church and the king-     sponses to earlier questions in        and transferred us to the king-        ment and says, “Depart from          trasted with the pomp usually
dom are “tantamount to the same        previous editions of this column.      dom of his beloved Son” (Colos-        me, all you workers of evil! In      associated with the arrival of a
thing,” to use the questioner’s            When men and women heard           sians 1:13). It is also true, there-   that place there will be weeping     king and the inauguration of a
words.                                 the gospel as preached by Peter        fore, that the saved are trans-        and gnashing of teeth, when you      kingdom.
    The kingdom the Old Testa-         at Pentecost, those who gladly         ferred into the kingdom; the saved     see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob           Jesus said his kingdom is like
ment prophets promised and de-         received the word were baptized        are the kingdom; the kingdom is        and all the prophets in the king-    leaven, permeating a lump of
scribed by inspiration was ea-         and received forgiveness of sins,      the saved.                             dom of God but you yourselves        dough until the whole is trans-
gerly anticipated by many Jews         the gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts          The same people constitute         cast out. And people will come       formed (Matthew 13:33). Paul
in the time Jesus was born and         2:38) and were added to the num-       both the church and the king-          from east and west, and from         said, “For the kingdom of God is
lived. They were expecting it to       ber of the saved who constitute        dom.                                   north and south, and recline at      not a matter of eating and drink-
be an earthly, physical kingdom,       the church.                                John the Baptist (Matthew          table in the kingdom of God"         ing but of righteousness and
as they remembered the one over            Acts 2:47 in the King James        3:2) and Jesus (Matthew 4:17)          (Luke 13:27-30).                     peace and joy in the Holy Spirit”
which David and Solomon had            Version says, “And the Lord            both proclaimed, “Repent for the           Entering the kingdom in these    (Romans 14:17), attributes all to
reigned in what the Jews consid-       added to the church daily such         Kingdom of heaven is at hand.          passages is equivalent to going      be found within the heart.
ered their “golden age.”               as should be saved.”                   “At hand” means very near, or in       to heaven.                                When Jesus taught his dis-
      The “Anointed One” or                The 1901 American Standard         our idiom, “just around the cor-            In the chapter of Revelation    ciples to pray, “Your kingdom
“Christ” would be “son of              Version, however, and every En-        ner.” Jesus taught on another          that glorifies the Lamb in heaven    come,” they likely thought of the
David.” The Jews, they believed,       glish or American translation          occasion that the kingdom would        (Revelation 5), the elders and       kingdom which Jesus and John
would rule the world including         since of which I am aware fol-         come within the lifetime of some       creatures around the throne sang     the Baptist said was at hand.
the Gentiles. All would worship        low a Greek text that does not         of his disciples (Mark 9:1).           a new song, saying, “Worthy are      They would probably be praying
the LORD, and peace would reign        have the word for church in it.            The kingdom did indeed be-         you to take the scroll and to open   for what would be the events of
throughout the world.                  ASV says “And the Lord added           gin on the Day of Pentecost,           its seals, for you were slain, and   Pentecost to come.
    The basic problem premillen-       to them day by day those that          fifty days after Jesus was cruci-      by your blood you ransomed                However, when Jesus added
nialists have is that, like the Jews   were saved.” ESV has, “And the         fied and raised. It is in this sense   people for God from every tribe      to the suggested prayer, “Your
of Jesus’ day, they believe all        Lord added to their number day         that “Daniel 2, Isaiah 2, Joel 2                                            will be done, on earth as it is in
                                                                                                                     and language and people and
kingdom prophecies must be ful-        by day those who were being            and Psalm 2 are all fulfilled in                                            heaven,” he made it appropriate
                                                                                                                     nation, and you have made them
filled literally and therefore they    saved” (emphasis mine, CMJr).                                                                                      to pray for the reign of God--his
                                                                              Acts 2.” The kingdom these             a kingdom and priests to our
expect a physical kingdom. So              Following those pronouns                                                                                       kingdom--to more completely
                                                                              prophets talked about is a never-      God, and they shall reign on the
since in their view the prophe-        through Acts to determine to                                                                                       dominate our hearts and minds; so
                                                                              to-be-destroyed kingdom, as sev-       earth" (Revelation 5:9-10).          that at least in us God’s will may be
cies must be fulfilled literally,      whom “them” and “their num-            eral of those passages say, but it         Jesus at his second coming,      done as it is in heaven.
and have not been, they posit a        ber” refer, the reader comes to        will end “at his coming” when he       after destroying the last enemy,          Some commentaries and trans-
huge prophetic “gap” and de-           “the whole church” (Acts 5:11,         “delivers the kingdom to God the       death, by calling forth the uni-
clare they will be fulfilled in a      and afterward).                        Father” (1 Cor. 15:23-26).             versal resurrection, then pre-       See KINGDOM on page 16
Page 4                                                                                 Magnolia Messenger                                                                               July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                    as we worshipped God together.                  Long time
   The                                                                              Raciel did a great job in his lessons
                                                                                                                                     Elder at
                                                                                    and Keith Olree’s interpretation was
 Spanish                                                                            so very good. Our loving thanks to all          Goodman
                                                                                    who helped me in this great time.”
 Preacher                                                                               Raciel and Iise Ramirez and their             Oaks,
                                                                                    family have, within the past few
  and the                                                                           years, devoted themselves to estab-
 English                                                                            lishing a church of Christ in the city          Howell,
                                                                                    of Guanajuato -- a city of half a mil-
Translator                                                                          lion souls. The congregation presently            Died
                                                                                    brings together 25 - 45 each Lord’s               At the
 Speak in                                                                           day.
                                                                                                                                     Age of
                                                                                        Brother Ferguson informed the
Kosciusko          Raciel Ramirez (Mexico) and Keith Olree (Alabama)                Kosciusko church that the church in                94              Wife, Allene, Preceded Smith Howell in Death
                                                                                    Statesville, NC was accepting the
    Sunday, July 25, the South Hun-           Les Ferguson, Sr., preacher for the   sponsorship of the Ramirez family.
                                                                                                                                   SMITH HOWELL, SR                       Christian Foundation which
tington Street church of Christ in Ko-   South Huntington Street congregation       He stated, “We will still have fellow-
                                                                                                                                                                          operated Sunnybrook Children’s
sciusko was blessed to have the          wrote in the church bulletin, “I want      ship in that we will send our agreed                    1915-2010                     Home in Jackson, MS.
Raciel Ramirez family from               to thank you for your reception of         funding to North Carolina and they
                                                                                                                                                                              Smith has been a huge part of
Guanajuato City in Mexico visiting       the Raciel Ramirez family. They were       will disseminate it to Raciel.” Brother
for the worship services. Brother        impressed with your friendliness and       Les added, “Please pray for all the                      An Elder                     my life for thirty-five years—nearly
                                                                                                                                                                          half of my life. We made numerous
Raciel preached in Spanish; however,     our support of them.... We had a great     churches in Mexico....” His address:                    (54 Years)                    trips to hunt Elk, Deer and
his message was heard in English be-     crowd (for us) in attendance Sunday             Les Ferguson, Sr., P. O. Box 1399; Ko-
                                                                                                                                                                          Antelope in Wyoming and
cause Keith Olree did an excellent       morning and very good number stayed        sciusko, MS 39090; 662-289-3791; email:                  by Ken Joines                Colorado, always sleeping in the
job translating.                         for lunch. It was a very enjoyable day                          He died quietly, peacefully and    same tent out on the snowy
                                                                                                                                  powerfully—just as he lived. Smith      mountain sides. Such exper-
                 Sermon: Sin is Serious                                                   If MM reaches you
                                                                                                                                  Howell, the mischievous little boy,
                                                                                                                                  the strong but loving family man,
                                                                                                                                                                          iences forged a friendship that
                                                                                     too late; at least, you know                                                         was never to be broken.
    On Thursday night, May 27,           ample, he spoke of the value of a                                                        the wise Elder, loving and                  He knew how to affirm and
2010, we were privileged to visit        “good name” and how that sin can                 what was planned!                       sympathetic Shepherd, and my            encourage a preacher. In the early
the closing night of a gospel            destroy one’s good name. He                                                              old hunting buddy and close             years of my ministry with this
meeting in Durant, Mississippi.          noted that sin’s connection with                                                         neighbor took his flight to his         church, I distinctly recall
The speaker, on the night of our         certain names of people has dis-            ANNUAL SONGFEST                              Eternal Home on May 5th at the          numerous times when he thought
visit, was a former preacher for         couraged the use of such names                                                           age of 94. His wife, Allene Belew       I had preached a good sermon
the Durant church, Greg                  in our day; for examples, what                                                           Howell, preceded him in death.          that the congregation needed to
                                                                                        Cox Boulevard                                  His mind was clear up until a
Ledbetter. Greg worked with the          were once good names like                                                                                                        hear, that he would walk slowly
church for several years while he        “Jezebel” and “Judas”. Greg also            CHURCH OF CHRIST                             few hours before he breathed his        down front and to the pulpit where
was a student at Magnolia Bible          made the point that sin can and                   303 Cox Boulevard,                     last there in his own bedroom. He       he     would       admonish     the
College. The following is a brief        often does destroy our bodies                                                            honored me by asking that I deliver     congregation to take heed to what
                                                                                          Sheffield, AL 35660                     the eulogy at the Goodman Oaks
report of the sermon preached in         and can even destroy the church.                                                                                                 they had heard. He and I
Durant by Brother Ledbetter.                 A third point made by the MBC                  (256-383-1618)                        Church of Christ in Southaven,          conducted several funerals and
                                         graduate was that “Sin is Deadly.”                                                       Mississippi.                            weddings in tandem.
    The preacher stated the goal         Using Romans 6:23, he re-                                                                     He often talked freely and             His entire professional life
of his sermon by saying, “I hope         minded us that the “wages of sin
                                                                                            FRIDAY                                openly about his death. Less than       was spent in the employ of Hoyt
this lesson will help develop            is death.” However, not wanting                 AUGUST 13, 2010                          a week before his death, knowing        Wooten, the father of Radio &
within you a greater disgust and         the sinner to feel hopeless, the                                                         that I was about to leave to preach     Television in the Memphis market.
                                                                                              6:30 pm until...
hatred for sin.” The talented            preacher emphasized that while                                                           a gospel meeting in Anderson,           He retired after working there for
                                                                                         (Singing starts at 7 PM                  Indiana, he called me to his
preacher warned about the dan-           the “wages of sin is death”; yet,                                                                                                48 years, but even after retirement,
gerous deception of sin, calling         the “gift of God is eternal life.”             but we have to be early                   bedside and reminded me that I          Channel 3 retained him as a
attention to the enticing ads for        Greg called our attention to the             to get a good seat forward.)                was to conduct his funeral. We          Consultant. He was the
the sale of alcohol and the attrac-      fact that God is a “forgiving God.”                                                      talked about my being gone for the      brainpower behind construction of
tion of immoral behavior as por-         This point, he illustrated by using                                                      following six days. I said, “Now,       one of the first radio stations in
                                                                                            Hundreds Gather
trayed on television. He ably noted      the example of the “prodigal son”                                                        you’ll have to hang on until I get      Memphis with studios in the
                                                                                               Each Year                          back next Thursday.” He said, “I’ll
that sin not only separates one          in Luke 15. Greg also stated,                                                                                                    basement of the Peabody Hotel.
from God; it also separates man          based upon I John 1:9, that God                 Excellent Singing!                       do my best.” He died the following          Although he never attended a
from a “better self”. He called at-      was willing to forgive all sin if the        Fine Song Leaders From                      Wednesday evening and I                 day of architect school, I cannot
tention to at least three “D’s” which    sinner is willing to meet His con-            Throughout the Shoals                      conducted the funeral on Friday         begin to list all of the quality
can be used to describe sin and          ditions.                                                                                 just as he had asked.                   buildings he designed and drew
                                                                                               Area!                                   He served as an elder of the
to show its seriousness.                     Yes, we went away from the                                                                                                   the plans for. He drew plans for
    Using the example of Eve in          study/sermon preached in Durant                                                          Whitehaven/Goodman Oaks                 my house and for the original
the Old Testament, he reminded           with a greater realization that “sin           Take A Break Any Time                     church for fifty-four years. His        Goodman Oaks house of worship.
us of the fact that “Sin is Decep-       is serious,” but it is forgivable.            Plenty of Food and Drinks                  handprints will be seen on so           But not being a registered
tive.” He also pointed out that          There is hope for all through                                                            many us for the rest of our lives.      Architect, he had to take his
                                                                                          Just Down the Hall
“Sin is Destructive”. For ex-            Jesus Christ. (alf/editor)                                                               He loved the unlovely, cared about      finished work to such a one to
                                                                                                                                  the homeless and helpless, and          have them stamp it to make it
                                                                                              Load Your Vans                      when you had royally messed up          legal. He conceived the idea and
                                                                                              Pack Your Cars                      your life, he might well be the first   drew the plans for the impressive
         Greg Ledbetter                                                                                                           to contact you and offer help and       Channel 3 TV studios standing
    * From Jackson to MBC                                                                                                         hope.                                   today on the banks of the
 * While at MBC, he served the                                                          Heavenly Singing!                              I was his preacher for almost      Mississippi River in Memphis; his
                                                                                                                                  twenty-nine years. He and I             office was on the top floor
   Durant church for 5 years
                                                                                                                                  sometimes sharply disagreed,            overlooking the Great River.
 * From Durant to Elliott where                                                        Stay As Long As You Like
                                                                                                                                  but during the final weeks of his           He was more than just an
   he preached for two years.                                                           Leave When You Want                       life he called me to his house just     employee of Hoyt Wooten—he
 * This summer, from Elliott to                                                                                                   three doors down from ours more         was literally Wooten’s right-hand
Killen, Alabama, where Greg is                                                             The Bible Says,                        than once to talk with me about         man. When Wooten needed a
to serve as a “Youth Minister”                                                      (11) Not slothful in busi-                    serious issues facing the church        couple of bird dogs trained, Smith
   for the Atlas congregation.                                                                                                    we both loved.                          got the job. No job was too small
                                                                                    ness; fervent in spirit; serv-                     He served for many years on        or too large. When, during the
                                                                                    ing the Lord; (Rom. 12)                       the Board of the Mississippi             Turn to HOWELL on page 20
July - Sept, 2010                                                            Magnolia Messenger                                                                                         Page 5

                      Quitman, Mississippi                                         News Notes                          Meet Meridian’s (Highway 19, N) New Minister
           A Small Church; But...                                                       VICKSBURG
                                                                                                                                              Josh McCrary
                         1. Good Singing                                    Willie Nettle, minister for the By-         We kept hearing reports
                    2. “Lots” of Young People                               pass Church of Christ in               about the “new” preacher for the
                   3. Effective Older Preacher                              Vicksburg, Mississippi, was re-        Meridian church on Highway 19,
                                                                            cently awarded the 2010 Alumnus        North. We also received requests
     On Sunday morning (July 11,          Morning worship services          of the Year award by the Graduate      to come over and meet Josh
2010), we enjoyed visiting with the   were followed by a “fellowship        School of Religion, Harding Uni-       McCrary, who has been in Merid-
Quitman church in SE Missis-          meal.” This special occasion en-      versity, Memphis, Tennessee. The       ian for about a year. Well, finally
sippi. At the invitation of Glen      abled us to spend even more time      “Alumni Briefs” states, “Willie        we made it. We met him; glad we
Tucker (regular class teacher), I     together as the “body of Christ”,     Nettle’s commitment to God and         did.
was pleased to teach the Sunday       sharing our love and concern for      to the church in Vicksburg make             Joshua McCrary came to Me-
morning auditorium class on the       each other as brothers and sis-       him an ideal representative of         ridian from Belmont, Mississippi,
planned topic of “Time”.              ters in Christ. It was an encour-     what we want our alumni to be          where he got his first experience
     We were favorably impressed      aging day and a delightful visit in   able to do,” said Evertt W. Huffard,   as a full-time preacher, after fin-
with the song service led by long     Quitman. We thank God!                vice president and dean. “His con-     ishing his studies at the Memphis
time leader -- Austin Dickerson.                                            gregation gives us a glimpse into      School of Preaching. Josh and
Although the assembly included                                              what we have been exploring as         his family (wife, Moriah, and
only about 40 worshippers; yet,                                             this year’s theme - Christian com-     young son, Josiah) seem very                      Josh McCrary
the singing was very good. Three                                            munity.”                               pleased to be a part of the Merid-      morrow. For what is your life? It is
reasons may be given. (a) a tal-                                                           SARDIS                  ian church. Several members of          even a vapour, that appeareth for
ented leader; (b) a building well                                                     Ladies’ Retreat              the Meridian church have ex-            a little time, and then vanisheth
designed, acoustically; and (c)                                                      Sept. 24-25, 2010             pressed to us their pleasure in         away. For that ye ought to say, If
the participation of almost every                                           The Fifteenth Annual Ladies’ Re-       having Josh to work with them.          the Lord will, we shall live, and do
person in the audience. These                                               treat is scheduled for September            We not only had the opportu-       this, or that.”
blessings made the singing of                                               24-25, 2010 at Sardis Lake Chris-      nity to meet Josh; we also were              Finally, in the fourth place, the
“Worthy Art Thou” and “Blessed                                              tian Camp, Sardis, Mississippi.        blessed to hear him preach on           “Rich Fool” did not realize that
Assurance” so very meaningful,                                              The speakers are Kathy Segars          Sunday evening, July 11, 2010.          something very precious to him
uplifting and edifying.                                                     from Greenwood, Mississippi and        His sermon was based on the             was about to be “Required.” That
     Two young men (both named                                              Doris Stocklin from Ripley, Ten-       story (parable) of the “Rich Fool”      something was his soul. God
Tucker) presided at the Lord’s                                              nessee. The theme this year is         as related by Jesus in Luke chap-       said, “This night, your soul shall
Table. They took their job seri-                                            “Harvest Time” and the host con-       ter 12.                                 be required of you....” (Luke
ously and, through scripture read-           Richard Gooch                  gregations are Mountain Home,               Using “power point” very ef-       12:20). The knowledgeable
ing and prayers, along with their         Preacher: Quitman, MS             AR and Winona, MS.                     fectively, the young, talented          young minister in Meridian made
reverend demeanor, contributed             16 Years. Still Counting!                                               preacher made four vital points         several applications to the four
to an inspirational period of wor-                                                    GREENVILLE                   concerning the parable of the           points in his sermon. He called
ship as we remembered the sac-                                                    “Sunnybrook Day”                 “Rich Fool.”                            upon each of us to place our faith
                                          Richard Gooch, in comment-
rifice of our Lord who willing gave                                         “Sunnybrook Day” is scheduled               First, Josh pointed out that       and confidence -- not in material
                                      ing to me about his long time
his body and shed his blood for                                             for September 26, 2010 at the          though the man was rich, being          and/or temporal things, but in the
                                      work at Quitman said, “Over all
us. Thank you, Cody and Thomas                                              South Main Church of Christ,           rich was not wrong within itself.       living, Eternal God.
                                      these years, we have never had a
for showing such reverence and                                              Greenville, Mississippi. Danny         “It is not a sin to be rich”, the
                                      disagreement that led to a falling
respect as you served the Lord’s                                            Holman is the local minister for       preacher stated. He called atten-            Note: Josh McCrary now
                                      out with anyone.” Very commend-
Supper to each of us.                                                       the South Main congregation.           tion to Abraham, who, although he       serves as preacher for what is
                                      able! (alf; editor)
     The morning sermon was                                                                                        was rich; yet, he was called “the       known as the “Meridian Church
delivered by Quitman’s long time                                                                                   friend of God” (James 2:23). He         of Christ”, located on Highway 19,
                                                                                                                   also mentioned Job, who was
preacher Richard Gooch (16
years... and still counting!). I do
                                              A Serious and Sober Warning                                          said to be “greatest (richest) of
                                                                                                                                                           North in Meridian. This church
                                                                                                                                                           presently brings together about
not know exactly how old brother                                                                                   all the people of the East”; yet, he    75 (more or less) on Sunday
Gooch is; however, I think I heard                                                                                 was “blameless and upright, one         mornings and operates on a
him say that he and his wife
                                          The Bible Says,                                                          who feared God and shunned              weekly budget of $2,700.00. In
(Josephine) had been married 63                                                                                    evil” (Job 1).                          addition to local efforts, accord-
years! I do know that the older                     “Know you not that the unrighteous                                  A second point made by             ing to a recent church bulletin, the
preacher did a very good job pre-                  shall not inherit the kingdom of God?                           Meridian’s preacher was that the        church also supports mission
senting the Bible answer to “Who                                                                                   foolish farmer was not just rich;       work in the South Pacific, Pine
Are We? ”or “What is the Church?”                             Be Not Deceived:                                     but, that he was “Ravished” with        Vale Children’s Home and the
     Much of his sermon empha-                                 Neither fornicators,                                his riches. He placed his trust in      preacher training program at
sized the relationship that Chris-                                 nor idolaters,                                  his wealth (possessions) rather         Faulkner University.
tians have with each other, as                                    nor adulterers,                                  than in the Living and giving God.           The elders of the church are
members of the body of Christ.                                                                                     His real problem was his trust in       Dwight Callens, Tom Fair and
                                                                  nor effeminate,                                  earthly riches; it was his “love of
Using I Corinthians 12, beginning                                                                                                                          Jesse Simpson. Three special
with verse 12, the preacher                         nor abusers of themselves with mankind,                        money” that led to his downfall.        servants have been selected.
stressed how body members                                           nor thieves,                                        In the third place, brother Josh   They are Jason Collie, Twayne
need each other, the importance                                    nor covetous,                                   called attention to the “Rich Fool”     Mobley and Albert St Clair.
of unity in the body and the ne-                                  nor drunkards,                                   and his plans for “Retiring.” The            The Meridian church was or-
cessity of following the body’s                                     nor revilers,                                  foolish, prosperous farmer, who         ganized about 25 years ago and
head, Jesus, “who went about                                     nor extortioners,                                 made plans for his retirement, did      in the early days of the congrega-
doing good” (Acts 10:38).                                                                                          not take into consideration such        tion, the editor of the Magnolia
                                                        shall inherit the kingdom of God.                          scriptural truths as, “Boast not thy-
     After the sermon, I appreci-                                                                                                                          Messenger was privileged to do
ated the opportunity of speaking                                                                                   self of to morrow; for thou knowest     some of the first preaching. So, it
briefly to the congregation, shar-                     And such were some of you:                                  not what a day may bring forth.”        is always a blessing to return to
ing words of encouragement to                                 but you are washed,                                  (Prov 27:1)                             Meridian and visit with our breth-
the church, along with information                                                                                      Also, the “Rich Fool”, like so     ren who call the facilities on High-
about the Magnolia Messenger. I                             but you are sanctified,                                many today, did not take seriously      way 19, North, their “home base”.
could not help but notice the un-                             but you are justified                                the truth found in James chapter        (alf, editor)
usual percentage of young                                in the name of the Lord Jesus                             four which admonishes, “Go to
people present for the worship                                                                                     now, ye that say, To day or to mor-
                                                        and by the Spirit of our God.”                                                                           The Bible Says,
service. It appeared to me, that at                                                                                row we will go into such a city, and
least half of the morning atten-                   (I Corinthians 6:9-11; emphasis by editor)                      continue there a year, and buy and      14 Bless them which per-
dance was under 20 years of age.                                                                                   sell, and get gain: Whereas ye          secute you: bless, and curse
Very encouraging in these days!
                                                 There is hope; there is forgiveness!                              know not what shall be on the           not. (Rom. 12)
Page 6                                                                       Magnolia Messenger                                                                               July - Sept, 2010

                      Strengthened For Service
      Editor’s note: The following article is being    and, according to His will, to answer the prayers
published in hopes that more and more of God’s         of His precious children. Remember: “The effective
children will daily demonstrate gratitude to The       fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.”
Gracious Giver for providing both life and health.     (James 5:16 - NKJV)
A truly thankful Christian will surely want to learn         We appreciate the author of this article,
more about and to practice “good health habits.”       Dianna Alcede, for sharing with MM readers
And, certainly all Christians should believe in        some of her struggles and triumphs. Dianna and
and use to the fullest the privilege of prayer.        her husband (Joey) are members of the Enterprise
      May we never forget that our Creator truly       Boulevard Church of Christ in Lake Charles,
cares for each of us. Jesus said that God’s            Louisiana where our son (Paul Franks) serves as
care is so great and intense that He actually          the local preacher. Her thoughts were originally
                                                                                                                      Elders of the Liberty Church of Christ in Dennis, MS
knows the number of hairs on each of our heads         written for the benefit of those who were close to
(Luke 12:7). So, let’s pray without ceasing to         her and had asked about her health problems and            Benford Pierce, Harold Oswalt, Tommy Moody and Raymond Carr
our loving Heavenly Father, who promises to hear       solutions. (Editor)
                                                                                                                      The Liberty Church and the J.C. Choates
  - Dianna Alcede -                                                                  NO SUGAR. Out of                                     Fifty Years Together
    Many have asked                                                                  desperation I tried it.
me about my recent                                                                       The book recom-                - Betty (J.C.) Choate -              which the Choates were working.
weight loss. While it                                                                mended probiotics, a             We are approaching a great             Throughout his life and service as an
was a mere by-                                                                       plant            based      milestone in the history of the work        elder, brother Lindsey was a continual
product of solving a                                                                 supplement to get the       done by J.C. and Betty Choate, under        support and encouragement in all that
                                                                                                                 the sponsorship of the Liberty Church       was being done.
different problem,                                                                   gut right. When you                                                          When, after 48 years of
                                                                                                                 of Christ in Dennis, MS. — 50 years
when       I     begin                                                               starve the yeast and        of working together in foreign mission      involvement, J.C. had a recurrence of
explaining,         the                                                              get the gut right, all is   fields! In 1960, J.C. resigned the local    cancer and passed into that world of
conversation immed-                                                                  well. Within a week of      work he had been doing for two years        immortality in February of 2008, a
iately becomes, “Oh                                                                  no sugar, all pain in my    with the Central church in                  wide-spread program of work was
I have that, too”.                                                                   hip, neck and hands         Minneapolis, Minnesota. He and Betty        still active: radio programs, TV
                                                                                                                 came back to her parents’ home in           programs, monthly magazines and
    Often times the                                                                  were       gone.        I
                                                                                                                 Winona, MS, without salary and              other literature, and interaction with
common denom-                                                                        immediately started         without a sponsor or any promised           numerous brethren in India, Sri Lanka,
inator was the same,                                                                 eating “THE GARDEN”         support for the mission work they had       the Philippines, Myanmar, and in 80
acid reflux. After                                                                   where it all began.         committed to do in India. They did have     countries through the publication of
being on medication               Dianna Alcede and her husband, Joey                    As I would study        faith that since God had commanded          the quarterly magazine, The Voice
for 9 months or so and                                                               a     b     o     u     t   the church to evangelize the world,         of Truth International. Churches
trying four times to quit taking esophagus is a muscle. Also nutrition, scriptures kept                          He would surely supply the means to         and individual supporters had
                                                                                                                 help them to obey that command.             continued faithfully during J.C.’s
the medicine, I went searching the acid blockers affect flooding my mind. I knew I was
                                                                                                                      Thus began a whirlwind of visiting     illness. But with his death, a critical
for answers. A small quiet voice receptors in your liver making fearfully and wonderfully                        churches by appointments, by drop-          question hung in the air: would the
kept telling me, “The acid is your cholesterol elevate.                    made. Can it be as simple as          ins, by reference, by contacts and          work itself die with him? Would the
there for a reason”.                     The book was written by a just eating the right foods? Ask              net-working, Sundays, Wednesdays,           framework of support that had been
    For some 20 years I had certified clinical nutritionist yourself what impurities you put                     even finding one elder in his berry         built through the years disintegrate?
suffered with chronic bursitis in selling nothing but information. in your mind and your bodies.                 patch! In the process of the fund-               The current elders of the Liberty
my left hip. In                                                                         Will what you eat        raising, J.C. visited the Liberty church    church are Benford Pierce, Harold
                                                                                                                 and asked for their support, which          Oswalt, Tommy Moody, and Raymond
2007, the pain in                                                                       strengthen you for                                                   Carr. They met immediately with Betty,
                              Don’t get me wrong, if I am broken, I want my                                      they committed to give. Unable at the
my neck was                                                                             service?                 last to obtain visas for India, the young   along with Wayne Barrier who had
determined to be          doctor to fix me. I feel we can help ourselves through            Not easy to deny                                                 been a co-worker for more than 20
                                                                                                                 Choate family spent the next four
degenerative disc         proper nutrition. Not only is my body strengthened            yourself, but well       years (1962-1965) in Pakistan.              years, and with Louis Rushmore and
disease         with      for service, so is my faith. It is my prayer that all will    worth it -- in my             When J.C. and Betty came home          Jerry Bates, brethren who had joined
ruptures. Believing       be anxious to serve Him. In Christian love,                   book, as I no longer     in December of 1965, their sponsoring       the team shortly before J.C’s death.
that this was a                                                                         take four different      church in Ada, Oklahoma was in the          The elders were assured that
                                                                                                                 process of beginning a Bible school         everyone involved was committed to
normal part of                                                                          prescription             for their area of the state, so it became   keeping the entire work program alive.
aging I continued on, some Nutrition is an interesting little medications. Additionally, I was                   necessary to locate a new sponsor           In response, the elders pledged their
days praying that God would word often overlooked.                         recently sick with a sinus and        for the work the Choates desired to         on-going sponsorship, and they sent
just allow me to be able to get          As I studied the book, I bron-chial infection. I didn’t                 continue doing overseas. J.C. had           a letter to that effect to all supporters.
my work done.                         kept thinking God put Adam take any medication, prayed                     been well impressed with the elders         By their quick action and wisdom,
    In an attempt to avoid a and Eve in a garden not a often and believed I would be                             of the Liberty church, so he asked          support for the work suffered no
                                                                                                                 them to consider taking the                 interruption, and the work itself has
cervical fusion, I agreed to take bakery. I was determined to get healed. I increased my fruit
                                                                                                                 sponsorship. Though the church at           not only been sustained but has
a non-narcotic muscle relaxer. off the medications as I didn’t intake and rested.                                that time was serving as a branch           continued to grow.
Up to now the med count went feel they were good for me. The                    Don’t get me wrong, if I am      home for the Sunnybrook Children’s               Only eternity will reveal the
as follows: anti-inflammatory, book explained that the acid broken, I want my doctor to fix                      Home, and had no experience in              ultimate good done, world-wide,
muscle relaxer, Nexium, blockers were just treating the me. I feel we can help ourselves                         sponsoring overseas work, they              under the authority of the Liberty
and thyroid medication. In July symptoms -- not the underlying through proper nutrition. Not                     agreed to the proposal. The                 church. Their vision and long-term
of 2009 my doctor told me my cause.                                        only is my body strengthened for      relationship that began with monthly        commitment have resulted in faithful
                                                                                                                 support about fifty years ago               obedience to the command to “Go into
cholesterol went to 222. You             Due to the over use of service, so is my faith. It is my                                                            all the world and preach the Gospel
                                                                                                                 blossomed into a long-term
guessed it, another med.              antibiotics, a condition known prayer that all will be anxious to          partnership that has been a blessing        to every creature... “
    I thank God for sending me as yeast overgrowth can occur. serve Him.                                         to many people in the world.                        World Evangelism
a husband who is always willing No matter what diet you try, if                 In Christian love, Dianna             Brother Freed Lindsey, one of the
to help me. He found a book you don’t get the yeast in Alcede                                                    original elders and the one who                         P. O. Box 72
                                                                                                                 served as the bridge between the                      Winona, MS 38967
on line with information on how I balance, you won’t be able to                                                                                                      Phone: 662-283-1192
could get off the acid keep the weight off because                                 The Bible Says,               Choates and Liberty, made a trip to
                                                                                                                                                                    E-Fax: 1-901-234-7419
                                                                                                                 India and Sri Lanka with J.C. and Betty
medication the natural way. The yeast craves sugar. It explained 10 Be kindly affectioned one to                 in 1984. He was able to see the work        E-mail:
book also explained that the the only way to get the body’s another with brotherly love; in                      being done and to meet and talk with             Liberty Church of Christ
muscle relaxer probably caused biotics regulated was to “starve honour preferring one an-                        Christians who made up the                             689 Highway 25
the acid reflux because the the yeast”. A simple process, other; (Rom. 12)                                       leadership in the congregations with                  Dennis, MS 38838
July - Sept, 2010                                                                 Magnolia Messenger                                                                                      Page 7

                               Be of the Same Mind                                                                                  Meeting Place
                                                                                                                                         for the
                                                                                                                                Liberty Church of Christ
       Romans 15:5                                                              Their unity was profound. “And                             in
                                                                                day by day continuing with one                    Dennis, Mississippi
           - Eddie Lewis -                                                      mind in the temple, and breaking
     The following story appeared                                               bread from house to house, they
in the Millennial Harbinger of April                                            were taking their meals together
1854. A missionary to the Seneca                                                with gladness and sincerity of
Indians by the name of Cram spoke                                               heart” (Acts 2:46). Later Luke
to a council of chiefs and warriors                                             adds, “The congregation of those
of the Six Nations at Buffalo Creek,                                            who believed was of one heart
New York, in the presence of the                                                and soul” (4:32).
United States Agent for Indian
Affairs, in the summer of 1805.                                                 were
                                                                                    This doesn’t mean that there
                                                                                          no      problems        or
                                                                                                                                        Father’s Day at Liberty
     “I am come, brethren,” said the                                            disagreements. Satan tried to                                June 20, 2010
missionary, “to enlighten your                                                  destroy their unity. Problems with               A Preaching Visit in Dennis, Mississippi
minds, and to instruct you how to                                               the Greek widows being
                                                   Eddie Lewis
worship the Great Spirit agreeably                                              overlooked in the distribution of           The day known as “Father’s long been involved with World
to His will, and to preach to you C h r i s t i a n i t y — s a l v a t i o n , food for the widows created a           Day”, 2010, was very special. My Evangelism, especially in con-
the Gospel of His Son, Jesus incarnation, sanctification, and problem (6:1-4). But the Apostles                         June and I were blessed to spend nection with J. C. and Betty
Christ. There is but one way to glorification. Central to His prayer faced the problem with wisdom                      a memorable “Heavenly Father’s Choate. Although brother J. C.
serve God, and if you do not is one major request that His and discretion, and appointed                                Day” with our brothers and sis- died a couple of years ago, the
                                                                                                                        ters who make up the Liberty mission work he and Betty
embrace the right way, you can’t disciples experience unity as He qualified men to handle it and the
                                                                                                                        Church of Christ in Dennis -- a started, continues with the bless-
be happy hereafter.”                   and the Father are one (17:11). situation was resolved. Luke                     small town in northeast Missis- ings and the involvement of the
     The Seneca chiefs replied, Later, He prayed for all believers, reports that as each of these                       sippi.                                 Liberty church.
“Brother, we understand your “That they may all be one; even problems was resolved the                                      It was at the invitation of the         June and I wish to publicly ex-
religion is written in Book. You as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I in congregation grew in favor with                   church elders that we were press thanks for the kind recep-
say there is                                                 Thee, that the community (2:47).                           pleased to “pinch hit” for their regu- tion given by the Liberty church to
but one way to                                               they also may          There is a direct correlation       lar voice in the pulpit -- Ron our visit. It was a memorable day,
worship and             Satan’s strategy has been            be in Us; that between unity in the body and               Deaton. Brother Ron recently un- a day we shall long remember.
serve        the    throughout to destroy this unity         the     world reaching the lost. “And the word             derwent surgery for what is called We could not have asked for a
Great Spirit. If    in Christ’s body. If he can do that                                                                 “sleep apnea”. Although his re- more encouraging response to
                                                             may believe of God kept on spreading; and the
                    he can destroy the most                                                                             covery is on schedule, he had to our efforts to “preach the word.”
there is but                                                 that Thou did number of the disciples continued
                    powerful means we have of                                                                           cut back on his speaking respon- (alf)
one religion,       communicating the Gospel of              send       Me” to increase greatly in Jerusalem”           sibilities.
why do you          Christ to lost man.                      (17:21). His (6:7). Unity produces growth.                     It was a pleasure to preach in
white people                                                 concern for            Paul also carries this concern      his stead and to get better ac-
differ so much                                               the church for unity in the church. Consider               quainted with the Liberty congre-
about it? Why not all agree, as was unity—oneness in Him. This his prayer, “Now may the God who                         gation which brings together
you can all read the Book? prayer reveals the nature of the gives                          perseverance         and     about 150 to 200 disciples each
Brother, we do not understand Gospel, that God has reconciled encouragement grant you to be of                          Lord’s day. (165 were present the
these things.”                         the world to Himself in Christ (2 the same mind with one another                 Sunday of our visit.)
     “We are also told your religion Cor. 5:19).                                according to Christ Jesus; that             I find it interesting to note that
was given to your forefathers. We          Satan’s strategy has been with one accord you may with one                   northeast Mississippi is home to
                                                                                                                        more churches of Christ than any
also have a religion which was throughout to destroy this unity voice glorify the God and Father
                                                                                                                        other section of our state. Travel-
given to our forefathers. It teaches in Christ’s body. If he can do that of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Rom                 ing north on Highway 25 from
us to be thankful for all the favors he can destroy the most powerful 15:5-6). Earlier he had exhorted                  Fulton to Iuka, signs and/or build-
we receive, to love one another, means we have of communicating them to “Be of the same mind                            ings indicate the presence of a
and to be united. We never quarrel the Gospel of Christ to lost man. It toward one another” (12:16). Also               church of Christ about every 5 or                 Merl Trimm
about religion.”                       blurs the message of God’s grace he said, “Let us pursue the things              6 miles. And, although the area is             Active at Age 92
     “We are told you have been and mercy (John 20:30-31). When which make for peace and the                            considered “rural”, a few of the Liberty member, lives alone,
preaching to the white people in Christ was on earth He worked building up of one another”                              congregations are relatively large. drives his car, attends all ser-
this place. Those people are our miracles to show men that He was (14:19).                                              Such is the case with the Liberty vices, reads the MM “from front
neighbors; we are acquainted with God. When He ascended to                          Paul gave the same exhortation      church, in a very small commu- to back”
them. We will wait a little, to see Heaven He left                              to the Ephesians, “Be diligent to       nity; yet, a congregation of nearly
what effect your preaching has the church with                                                    preserve       the                                                  The Bible Says,
                                                                                                                            Ron Deaton, a “home boy”
upon them. If we find it does them the mission of                 But when people see             unity of the Spirit   has apparently served well as 12 Rejoicing in hope; patient
good, makes them honest and less communicating                true unity, and true                in the bond of        their preacher over the past 9 or in tribulation; continuing in-
disposed to cheat Indians, we will the Gospel. The            oneness, they are touched           peace” (Eph. 4:3).    10 years. The Liberty church is stant in prayer; (Rom. 12)
then consider again what you have ingredient that             by such love and kindness           He also exhorted      overseen by
said.”                                                        and will turn to the Lord           the Philippians,
                                       convinces lost                                                                   four capable el-
                                                              and listen to His message.
     There are several lessons we men that Jesus                                                  “Only conduct         ders, who are:
can learn from this story. One is was God in the                                                  yourselves in a       Raymon Carr,
that Satan’s primary strategy to flesh is unity—being of the same manner worthy of the gospel of                        Tommy Moody,
keep the Gospel from reaching the mind one of another. History tells Christ; so that whether I come and                 Harold Oswalt
sinner is to destroy unity among us that Christians have not been see you or remain absent, I may                       and Benford
Christians. The only way we can good examples of unity. Humans hear of you that you are standing                        Pierce. Their
defeat this strategy and have an fight about everything. But when firm in one spirit, with one mind                     “Youth Direc-
influence on our community for people see true unity, and true striving together for the faith of                       tor” is Jimmy
                                                                                                                        Moody. Eight
Christ is to be of one mind (Rom. oneness, they are touched by such the gospel” (Phil. 1:27).
                                                                                                                        deacons also
15:5).                                 love and kindness and will turn to           We conclude that a
                                                                                                                        serve the active
     In Christ’s prayer for unity in the Lord and listen to His message. functioning church is a unified                church.
John 17, He made direct reference          I believe the Jerusalem church church. In fact they work together.               The Liberty
to four major teachings in is an example of this type of unity.                   See SOUND MIND on page 16             church         has      Long time preacher, Ron Deaton and his wife, Pat
Page 8                                                                             Magnolia Messenger                                                                           July - Sept, 2010

                                        A Tribute To                                                                                              Editor Confesses:
                                   The EDDIE RAY Family                                                                          My First and Second Impressions Were Both Wrong!
                                                                                Road Church of Christ. He was                         - A. L. Franks -          (“What God hath joined together,
                                                                                always involved in the youth                   Recently, while visiting out of let not man put asunder” (Matt.
                                                                                activities and was an excellent            town, my June and I went into our 19:6). He said something about
                                                                                role model for many other young            favorite restaurant (“CB”). While hating divorce, reminding me of
                                                                                                                           enjoying our meal and, probably, the words penned by the Old Tes-
                                                                                      He attended the public
                                                                                schools in Natchez and received
                                                                                                                           talking about our great-grand- tament prophet, “For the Lord, the
                                                                                his GED from Co-Lin Community              daughters, I noticed a strange look- God of Israel, saith that he hateth
                                                                                College in Natchez. He was                 ing man sitting nearby. He ap- putting away....” (Mal. 2:16)
                                                                                extremely active in Boy Scouts             peared to be a good bit over-            Secretly, I felt embarrassed. As
                                                                                and was also very active in the            weight, was alone, sported a “crew I listened to the words spoken by
                                                                                Adams County Search and                    cut” and was wearing an old pair a man who seemed very intelli-
                                                                                Rescue Team, and the Foster                of faded bluejeans -- held up by gent, well educated and thought-
                                                                                Mound           Volunteer         Fire     suspenders.                          ful, I was deeply impressed with
                                                                                Department.                                    At first sight, my impressions his respect for the authority of the
                                                                                      Foster parenting is many             of the man included uncomplimen- Scriptures and his belief in the
                                                                                things—it is fun, it is caring, it is
                                                                                                                           tary thoughts; such as, “Some- sacredness and permanence of
                                                                                giving and a lot of hard work. Many
                                                                                prospective foster parents will            thing is wrong with that fellow; marriage. I realized that my first and
            Eddie Ray and Family of Natchez, Mississippi                        say, “I can’t do that, I would get         he’s not exactly                                          second impres-
       His wife, Sherrie; daughter (Mary Ann) and son (Claude).                 too attached.” As a social worker,         right; he’s lived                                         sions      were
                                                                                after explaining the importance of         a sinful life and is        So my message to              wrong.
“Claude died Saturday”                   better sense to understand some        attachment to an early caretaker           probably poor           myself and to you is: Be              I recall the
                                         of the feelings and problems of        has a significant impact on the            because he is too       careful about “first im-          example of God
    Eleanor Staten                       the children. I will never forget      child’s ability to make and                lazy to work.”          pressions”; yes, even             selecting David
    I received a telephone call          another statement he made, “I          maintain secure relationships in               A couple of         “second impressions.”             to be king over
from Eddie Ray of Natchez,               feel that being a foster parent        the future, I would usually add, “I        days later we           Be slow to speak. Only            Israel and the
Mississippi on February 22,              might be one way of repaying           wouldn’t want you to become a
                                                                                                                           went back to the        God knows the heart.              words He spoke
2010. Having known Eddie for             Sunnybrook for giving my brothers      foster parent unless you can
approximately 35 years; it was not       and sisters a home.”                   attach to the child.”
                                                                                                                           same restaurant                                           to Samuel. He
unusual to hear from him and his             Eddie and Sherrie were quite             Eddie and Sherrie were               and there he was                                          said, “the Lord
devoted wife, Sherrie. Although          determined in the licensing            asked, “What would you say to              again. The same man. I looked him seeth not as man seeth; for man
his voice was calm, I could sense        process of becoming foster             others considering being a foster          over for a second time. My first looketh on the outward appear-
that this was not a visit just to say,   parents. They had their paper          parent?” They responded, “Do it,           impressions were “confirmed” by ance, but the Lord looketh on the
“Hello.” I asked how he was doing        work completed in record time.         it will change your life for the better.   my second impressions.               heart.” (I Sam. 16:7).
and he said, “I’m okay, but I just       There was only one small               You may have difficulties but you              A few minutes later, however,        Yes, I was mistaken. I was preju-
had to call and tell you that Claude     problem from the initial               will get through them. All the             while I was paying for the com- diced; I had misjudged. My first
died Saturday.”                          application. They were a few           children were very loving. All they        mon meal that my June and I had and my second impressions were
    I have been privileged to be         months short of having been            wanted was some love back.”
acquainted with the Eddie Ray            married two years. They asked,
                                                                                                                           shared, I noticed that she was talk- both wrong! Thank God for the
                                                                                      There is no way to know when
family for 35 years. Before I began      “Why can’t we attend the in-                                                      ing with that strange looking man. opportunity to have a “third im-
                                                                                children are born how long their
working at Sunnybrook Children’s         service-training and have              biological parent will have them.          After paying, I walked over to pression.” The third time was the
Home in 1975, Brother Wiley              everything in order before our         The same is true of foster or              where they were standing and talk- charm!
Edwards, a member of the church          second anniversary and we will         adopted children. Neither is there         ing. Thank God I was given an            Now, I didn’t think it necessary
in West Point, Mississippi, had          be sure to be ready when a child       any way to know how they will              opportunity for a “third sight.” As to explain to the man what I had
made       arrangements          with    becomes available?” They were          respond to even the best Christian         I looked and listened, my impres- previously thought about him. He
Sunnybrook Children’s Home to            licensed on April 2, 1990.             upbringing. But, one thing I am            sions of the man began to change never knew and would likely never
care for his four grandchildren.             Their first two foster children    sure of by having the privilege of         greatly.                             know; he didn’t need to know. But,
Eddie and his family grew up at          were placed on 09-24-91, Mary          working with Claude and his                    My wife and the stranger were the truth is: God knew. And, now
Sunnybrook and Eddie graduated           Ann, a beautiful 1 month little girl   parents in his early years, he
from Natchez Trace Academy in
                                                                                                                           talking about his wife to whom he you know. So my message to my-
                                         and her handsome 28 month old          would not have accomplished the
1981. He then joined the military.       brother, Claude. Eddie and                                                        had been married thirty-two years. self and to you is: Be careful
                                                                                responsibility, family loyalty or
    The next time I heard from           Sherrie were thrilled, and the         have become a Christian if he
                                                                                                                           I heard him say that his wife was about “first impressions”; yes,
Eddie, he had married Sherrie            children were soon known all over      had remained in the situation he           seriously ill and could not be with even “second impressions.” Be
Redd of Natchez, MS. At this time,       Natchez. Their older brother,          came from.                                 him because she was presently slow to speak. Only God knows
I was Director of Social Services        Charles age 7, joined them in                When someone as young as             confined to a “treatment center.” I the heart. (
at Sunnybrook Children’s Home            1992.                                  Claude leaves us, we are                   soon was to learn that the man,
which included residential care,             Eddie and Sherrie took this        reminded that we are only                  himself, was suffering from an in-              MM Welcomes
foster care and adoption services.       sibling group not knowing how          pilgrims here on earth for a while.        operable brain tumor. As I listened   Comments and/or Suggestions
During his tour of duty with the         long they would have them.             Our real home is heaven. All of            to him speak I was much im-                        Really!
military, he had become pen pals         Federal law now requires that all      who knew Claude, in the many               pressed with the kindness of his
with Sherrie through the Magnolia        efforts to return children to their    facets of his life, should be happy
Messenger.                               biological parents must be             for Claude who just went home a
                                                                                                                           voice and the understanding with           Pews for Sale
    When he returned, they met           exhausted. An immediate plan                                                      which he spoke. My first and sec-
                                                                                little earlier than we though.
and soon began dating. They              must be made and if the terms of             My hope is that others will be       ond impressions were changing
                                                                                                                                                                              16 pews
were married on April 2, 1988.           the plan are not met, other efforts    inspired by this situation to              more and more.
Eddie related that he and Sherrie                                                                                              He wanted to talk. He needed               8 feet in length
                                         are made to insure that a child        consider reaching out to a child
would like to talk to me about           has a permanent home. This                                                        someone to listen. By this time I              Oak; unpadded
                                                                                and do whatever it takes to help
becoming foster parents for              placement was very challenging         him reach his highest potential,           was listening intently as he spoke            In good condition
Sunnybrook Children’s Home.              and successful with a happy            “to grow as Jesus grew, in                 lovingly about his wife -- includ-           Church of Christ
They shared that they were               ending. All three of the children      wisdom, in stature, and in favor           ing their courtship and marriage.                Canoe, AL
unable to have children and also         were adopted by the Rays on            with God and man.” (Mark 2:52)                                                                Contact:
                                                                                                                           He mentioned their “wedding
related that this decision had           November 13,1997.                                                                                                        Sarah Hall at 251-368-2285
resulted from much thought and                                                      (Written by Eleanor Staten who         night” and commented that it was
                                              Claude was very sweet as a
prayer. Eddie also related that
                                                                                attends the Madison Church of              the first time he and she had “slept       or Robert Ellington at
                                         young child and eager to please.       Christ. She is a clinical social
besides their desire to foster           He posed very few problems as                                                     side by side.” He further spoke                 251-578-0033
                                                                                worker, primarily focusing on
children, he felt that his               a son and was baptized into            counseling and adoptions. She may          about God’s plan for marriage; that                 (6-2-10)
background would give him a              Christ at age 12 at the Covington      be reached at 601-540-7105)                marriage was to last “until death”
July - Sept, 2010                                                                    Magnolia Messenger                                                                                       Page 9

                                                                                              Is God Humbling America?
                                                                                  Editor’s Note: The following ar-           helps Jonah decide to go to            Book of Psalms. One Psalm in
                                                                                  ticle is excellent; it is scriptural and   Nineveh. He preaches. They             particular will serve as the
                                                                                  well written. It was sent to us by         repent and God spares them and         foundation for my writing is: Psalm
                                                                                  its author who, several years ago,         thus they continue to be a threat      33:12. “Blessed is the
                                                                                  lived and ministered in Lake                                                      nation whose God is the Lord.”
                                                                                                                             to Israel (and will eventually
                                                                                  Charles, Louisiana. The writer, of
                                                                                                                             conquer 10 of the 12 tribes of Israel  This was likely written by King
                                                                                  whom we know very little, Dave
                                                                                                                             in 722 B.C.).                          David about 100 years before the
 (L-R) Corey Cofer, Bill Richard, Brian Stapleton and Chad Wages                  Verret, now resides in the state of
                                                                                  Hawaii. His thought provoking ar-              So, when Jonah sees that           8th Century Prophets.
                                                                                  ticle is disturbing; yet, very timely.     Nineveh repents and will be                 Under that heading, let’s come
 Deacons Are Installed at Madison, MS Church                                      Its central message -- God is still                                               forward to the 8th Century B.C. and
                                                                                  in control,is greatly needed.                                                     the 8th Century prophets again.
     The Madison Church is happy               Brian Stapleton and his wife
to announce the installation of its        Jan have two children, twins Joe       Please read brother Dave’s                                                        Remember Micah? Micah 6:8 tells
first deacons Sunday, February             and Shelby, who are recent             thoughts with prayer. (alf)                                                       the people of ISRAEL (strange to
28, 2010. Corey Cofer, Bill                graduates of Madison Central                                                                                             say such things to ”God’s people”
Richard, Brian Stapleton and Chad          High School. Brian is the director                 - Dave Verret -                                                       unless there was some kind of
Wages are servant leaders who              of computer operations for                  I originally sent some of this                                               problem): “He has showed you, O
will work alongside elders Bob             Madison County Hospital.               to a friend over a year ago in                                                    man, what is good; and what does
Brown and Kyle Smith.                          Chad Wages is a civil engineer     answer to some questions he                                                       the Lord require of you but to do
     Corey Cofer is a native of north      and graduate of Mississippi State      raised on current events. These                                                   justice, and to love kindness and
Alabama. He and his wife Raina             University. He is a native of          seem to tell us that America is                                                   to walk humbly with your God?”
have two children, Lillie and              Pascagoula. He and his wife            rushing to its own funeral.                                                           And now the most telling,
Corbin. He is employed as a                Marsha have four children: Sara        While America sleeps, it just                                                     Amos. Look FIRST at Amos 3:11
graphic artist with Ducks                  Ann, Ginny, Chad Marshall and          doesn’t see what’s happening to
Unlimited.                                 Ava.                                                                                                                     ...speaking of Assyria.... “An
                                                                                  it. While we are content with                                                     ADVERSARY shall surround the
     Bill Richard and his wife,                We are delighted to have these
Barbara, have three daughters,             four dedicated servant leaders.
                                                                                  American Idol and sports, reality
                                                                                  shows, etc., our country is dying.
                                                                                                                                                              Magnolia Mes-
                                                                                                                             spared, Jonah gets mad at God land and bring down your defenses
Lisa Fendlason, Pam Huber and              They are a major reason that the                                                  because he figures he’s ruined. from you and your strong-
Lea Ann Womack who, with their
families, worship at Madison. Bill
                                           future of the congregation looks
                                           bright. (Report sent to us by the
                                                                                   I, too, cringe when I watch the
                                                                                  news and see the corruption and                                          senger
                                                                                                                             Finally, the message of the book holds shall be plundered.” Now
                                                                                                                             comes late in chapter 4… That look how EACH of the following
is retired from Bell South.                Madison congregation. Thanks.)         greed in our government, the                Thanks from the Franks verses end: Amos 4:6; Amos 4:8;
                                                                                                                             even though Israel considers for Receiving and Reading
                                                                                  threats from within and abroad.            Assyria a “gentile” nation, God Amos 4:9; Amos 4:10 and Amos
                                                                                  Current events are important - BUT
                $$$ Costs of Sin $$$                                              THESE ARE ONLY SYMPTOMS.
                                                                                                                             tells Jonah that there are many 4:11. These are so very telling, as
                                                                                                                             people there whom He loves. you consider each paragraph to
                                                                                       We have the same God as               Wow... what a lesson, huh?             which these verses are the end.
           - Jim Howard -                  homeowner’ insurance so                Israel did when it was conquered
    Most of us are aware of the            expensive? Several years ago a                                                         This has nothing to do with They each tell how God had
                                                                                  in 722 B.C.; the same God of Judah         my subject line. I’m just showing blessed Israel, but then had sent
spiritual cost of sin. As the apostle      friend told me how many people he
                                                                                  that was conquered in 586 B.C.             you how HISTORY plays a part in them various warnings...” YET
Paul states, “For the wages of sin         had heard brag about “taking” the
                                                                                  While I watch apathy abound and            the Bible. (And as a footnote... if YOU DID NOT RETURN TO ME.”
is death ... “ (Rom. 6:23). But have       insurance companies by fraudulent
you ever considered what sin costs         claims following Hurricane Allicia.    our country decay, I am thankful           the story of Jonah wasn’t true, one Finally, here comes the SLEDGE
in dollars and cents?                          How about taxes? Billions of       that, at least, I see God’s plan being     would have to wonder why Jesus HAMMER:                    Amos       4:12.
    Let’s start out with your weekly       dollars annually are lost to Uncle     fulfilled in my lifetime.                  would use Jonah’s three days and “BECAUSE, I will do this to you,
trips to the grocery, discount or          Sam because of dishonesty in                I have been and always will be        nights in the belly of the great fish prepare to meet your God.”
department store. Are you aware            federal income tax reporting. Guess    a student of the Bible, especially         as a symbol of His own three days          As for Judah, one should read
that you pay 10% more for every            who makes up the difference? Who       Biblical History. I find it very           and nights in the heart of the earth   Jeremiah, chapter 7. The people
item you buy because of                    foots the bill for the millions of     useful to know the background,             (when He died)). Why would of Judah prided themselves in
“shrinkage” (a euphemism for               dollars in welfare payments (funded    the context, or what was                   Jesus speak of this story as true if thinking “nothing bad could ever
employee theft, shoplifting,               by our tax structure) to the totally   happening in history at the time           it were only a fable?                  happen to us, the Temple of the
intentional product damage, etc.)?         undeserving - the lazy or those        the books of the Bible were                     Assyria continued to rise in Lord is here.” Perhaps we,
    Or, how about insurance costs?         who through gross immorality           written.                                   political/military power, and too, pride ourselves in saying “In
In the last few years my                   continue to swell “Aid to                   For instance, when asked,             several years later, even though God We Trust,” or “God Bless
hospitalization premiums have              Dependent Children” rolls? With        some people will answer that the           Israel had had the blessings of God America.” Judah’s words didn’t
doubled. Your’s probably have too.         roughly half of our total national     Book of Jonah is about the big fish        for so long but had not cherished help. Jeremiah, the weeping
Why is hospitalization so                  budget going to defense, what are      that swallowed Jonah. Well... not          them, nor appreciated them, God prophet, watched Jerusalem and
expensive?                                 the war-mongers of this world          only did that fish swallow Jonah,          used Assyria to put an end to 10 the temple burn at the hand of
    Consider the following factors.        costing us?                            it swallowed the whole message
Greed on the part of many within               We haven’t even mentioned                                                     of the 12 tribes of Israel in 722 B.C. the Babylonians in 586 B.C. Will
                                                                                  of the Book. Israel’s arch-enemy           In Biblical terms, this marked the our words and religious
the medical field inflating costs.         the costs of corruption in             at that time was Assyria. What was
The fact that an estimated 50% of          government, shoddy product                                                        end of Israel. Two of the 12 tribes institutions protect us any more
                                                                                  the capitol of Assyria? Nineveh.           continued even until the time of than Judah’s did?
patients in hospitals (whose bills         workmanship, personal theft and
                                                                                  Where was Jonah sent to preach,            Jesus, and these were known as             As Winston Churchill once
are being paid by our insurance            burglary, unjust lawsuits, and a
                                                                                  that the city might repent?                Judah.                                 said: “The further back one looks,
premiums) are there because of             myriad of other hidden costs. The
psychosomatic illnesses, many              point is this. Sin not only costs in   Nineveh.                                        Now I will broaden the picture the further ahead one can see.” As
related to guilt resulting from sinful     the next life. It costs in this one.        So, Jonah figures if he               a little and get closer to my what happened in Israel, as what
life-styles, lack of faith, etc. A large                                          DOESN’T go to Nineveh, they                subject. Jonah is just ONE of FIVE happened later (in 586 B.C. to
percentage of those hospitalized           Jim Howard is the preacher for         won’t repent. If they don’t repent,        writers whom Biblical students call Judah), are the same things
are there because of health                  the church in Madison, MS.           God will destroy the city and              the “8th Century Prophets,” why? happening now to us? We need to
problems resulting from cigarettes,           Address: P. O. Box 1845;            Empire. No evil empire, no threat          Because they preached in the 8th see that God is in control.
alcohol or illegal drugs.                        Madison, MS 39130                to Israel, thus Jonah is a hero.           Century B.C. -- or that specific time      Historically, He has raised up
    Since alcohol is involved in an                                               What a plan. So, instead of going          just before Israel fell to Assyria. nations to defeat even those who
estimated 50% of fatal automobile                                                 to Nineveh like God said, he gets          The five writers are: Amos, once were loyal to Him. He sent
accidents, the property and                 Miracles: Why Written?                on a ship and heads THE OTHER              Hosea, Jonah, Isaiah and Micah. warning after warning after
personal liability involved must of                 Answer                        WAY – to Tarshish. Along comes             I’ll come back to them in a minute. warning, but the message was not
necessity increase our auto                  “The Question Box”                   the great fish, swallows Jonah,                 Written over the course of
insurance by 25% to 50%. Why is                    (Page 14)                      spits him up 3 days later and that         several hundred years was the See Is God Humbling... on page 18
Page 10                                                                           Magnolia Messenger                                                                           July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                                                            I strongly urge individuals and      most needed. Here’s the needed
                 “Churches of Christ Disaster Relief”                                                                  churches everywhere to make
                                                                                                                       regular gifts to this outstanding
                                                                                                                                                                 contact data:
                                                                                                                                                                   Churches of Christ Disaster
EDITOR’S NOTE: Within the past         according to plans. They saw the        houses adjacent to this property        work of love. You never know                      Relief Effort, Inc.
few years, churches of Christ in       need for God’s people to give           and will soon expand again.             when the next disaster will                       410 Allied Drive
Louisiana and Mississippi have         immediate response to helpless              They can purchase most              strike—it may even be in your own               Nashville, TN 37211
experienced, first hand, the gen-      and homeless people in time of          items for about ten cents on the        neighborhood. Be sure to call                  Phone: 615-833-0888
erosity extended by fellow             tragedy.                                dollar, so when you give them           before going, and let their office                    Website:
Christians in times of disaster.           Office space was provided by        $100 they can turn it into a            arrange a time when you are      
Many brethren also have come           the Tusculum congregation in            thousand. They have a contract
to know about special program          1990 and work was started under         with Whirlpool whereby Whirlpool
known as “Churches of Christ           the name Nashville Disaster             can drop-ship new major
Disaster Relief Effort, Inc.”          Relief. Growth was rapid and it         appliances to the disaster site.
    The following report, written      was soon known as Tennessee             Four bedding companies can
by and sent to the MM, by Ken          Disaster Relief, but in 1994 this       load up to 100 mattresses on a
Joines provides interesting in-        operation was functioning on a          truck and do the same thing, thus
formation about this very spe-         much broader front and known as         eliminating the need for
cial cooperative effort to bring       Churches of Christ Disaster             warehousing these bulky items.
                                       Relief Effort, Inc. and was             The trailers are owned by
immediate relief to those af-
                                       spreading love and good will all        CCDRE and they lease the
fected by natural disasters.
                                       across America wherever the             tractors.
Thanks, Ken! (alf)
                                                           need arose.             Local congregations in the
                                                           That same year      disaster areas prepare to receive
                                                           they purchased      and distribute the supplies. A
                                                           a        48,500     handy informative “how to” booklet
                                                           square       foot   is rushed to church leaders to
                                                           warehouse and       help facilitate the work. First to                           Goodman Oaks Folks at Work
                                                           the growth has      arrive are medical supplies, water      From left: Drew Saradpon, Jeanette Williams, Jane Brooks, Delmas Brooks,
                                                           b    e     e    n   and food. Later in the recovery                       Betty Shackelford, Jan Joines and Ann Walker
                                                           phenomenal.         process they send new
                                                           Joe     Dudney      appliances and other items.
                                                           said, “In 1998      Everything given is new. Efficiency
                                                           we     shipped      and speed are always key to
                                                           $4.1 million in     being prepared for the next
                                                           aid. In 2004        disaster. Disasters seldom give
                                                           more than $6.5      advance warnings.
     CHURCHES OF CHRIST                                    million and in          Our recent visit there went
       DISASTER RELIEF                 2005 we shipped $16.3 million           something like this: On Monday
                                       in aid to disaster victims all over     we loaded two of our church vans
    The big semi had rolled in the     the continental United States.”         with mostly Senior Citizens (each
previous night with thousands of       They soon leased another 20,000         paying his/her own way), made
pounds of canned meat from the         square feet and now have plans          reservations for two nights at a
Armour Packing Company in              to expand even more in the near         nearby motel and drove the 200
Iowa. This nourishing protein was      future.                                 miles to Nashville. At 8:00
bought at mere pennies on the              This work is governed and           Tuesday morning we arrived at
dollar and now needed to be            managed entirely by volunteers.         the warehouse and worked until
labeled and boxed to send out to       Caring people from local                4:00 PM. We enjoyed a pleasant
any area of this nation where          churches work daily sorting and         meal at a nice restaurant in
disaster strikes in the form of        prepackaging everything from            nearby Franklin. Wednesday                More Good Work by Folks from Goodman Oaks From left: Jeanette
flood, hurricane, fires, earthquake    medical supplies, foodstuffs,           morning found us on the job by             Williams, Drew Saradpon, Gwen Coker, Jan Joines and Janie Hayes
or tornado.                            infant formula, toiletries, cleaning    8:00, working until 3:00 PM at
                                       supplies, refrigerators, ranges,        which time we left for home—very
    Jan      and
accompanied a group of
                      I    recently
                                       dishwashers and bedding. It is          tired, but in a wonderful sort of
                                                                                                                        Are We All Headed For The Same Place?
seventeen to Nashville from            not uncommon to see more than           way. Warehouse Foreman Bobby
                                       300 people at work manning the          Tucker said that during those two             via “The Salt Shaker”               Hell, “into everlasting punish-
Goodman Oaks church in                                                                                                                                           ment” (Matthew 25:46) where they
                                       box assembly lines. The                 days we had labeled some                Editor’s Note: When visiting the
Southaven, Mississippi to spend                                                                                                                                  “will be cast into outer darkness
                                       operation runs as smoothly as a         160,000 cans of meat.                   Sherman, Mississippi church, we
two full days helping to ready                                                                                                                                   where there will be weeping and
                                       well-oiled machine. Even their              A     group       from       your   picked up a copy of their weekly
these supplies to go out on a
                                       professional semi drivers are           congregation can do the same            bulletin and noticed the following        gnashing of teeth” (Matthew 8:12).
moment’s notice. This was the
                                       volunteers!                             thing. This is a wonderful service      article written by Ron Boatwright         Many people don’t believe this,
second such trip for our group.
                                           It will please you to know that     project especially for Senior           had been published. We reprint;           but one day they will. Only few
As we worked, trucks were being
                                       this entire operation is financially    Citizens who are usually eager          believing it is worthy of your time.      people will be going to Heaven,
loaded to head for Rhode Island
                                       underwritten by hundreds of our         to help with such good work if only     (alf)                                     “into eternal life” (Matthew 25:46)
where floods had wrought so
                                       congregations in all 50 states.         someone takes the initiative to                 - Ron Boatwright -                where they “will receive the crown
much havoc. In another week they
would be rushing to Yazoo City,        Generous individuals, corpora-          plan and organize it. One of our            We have all heard the statement       of glory that does not fade away”
                                       tions and other non-profit              Elders, Jerry Winstead, planned         made by people that “we are all           (1 Peter 5:4).
Mississippi with more aid to
                                       organizations—people             who    this work for us.                       headed for the same place, but are            We actually make the choice as
storm victims. As I write this,
                                       care—from all across this                   Distance should not be a            just going different ways.” This is       to which of these two places we
intense efforts are under way to
                                       country—these are the ones who          factor, since many Seniors              only wishful thinking. This is what       will go to in eternity. God’s word
relieve hurting in Middle                                                      sometimes hop a plane and
Tennessee where floods have            drive       this   work.      Major                                             Satan wants us to believe. Jesus          says, “Choose for yourselves this
                                       corporations from a wide range          head for some pleasure                  says, “Enter, ye in at the strait gate:   day whom you will serve ... But as
destroyed        the       houses,                                             destination only to bring back a
businesses and lives of so many        of places donate a substantial                                                  for wide is the gate, and broad is        for me and my house we will serve
                                                                               T-Shirt. Why not charter a bus or                                                 the Lord” (Joshua 24:15). The many
people.                                amount of products and services.                                                the way, that leadeth to destruction,
                                                                               take a plane to Nashville and                                                     who end up in the eternal torments
    Churches of Christ Disaster        More than 82% of every dollar                                                   and many there be which go in
                                                                               spend a day or two or three giving
Relief Effort, Inc. was originally     donated goes directly to disaster                                               there at: Because strait is the gate,     of Hell will only have themselves
                                                                               your very self to others in the name
the 1990 brainchild of five men in     victims themselves.                                                             and narrow is the way, which              to blame, because they chose to go
                                                                               of Jesus Christ? I can assure you
Nashville, TN: Joe Dudney, Al              I know of no other non-profit       that you will bring home far more       leadeth unto life, and few there be       there. There will be many surprised
Daugherty, Glenn Huff, Charlie         of this magnitude that can boast        than a T-Shirt; you’ll bring home       that find it” Matthew 7:13,14).           people on Judgment Day when
Tarkington and Neil Howard             such efficiency. The present            a wonderful heartfelt feeling of            According to the Bible we are         they find out that we are not all
(deceased). At 86 years of age,        facility was bought in 1994 and         satisfaction in knowing that God        not all headed for the same place,        headed for the same place. Let’s
Joe Dudney is still on the job every   paid for in just four years. They       has used you to provide the             but we are all headed for either one      make sure we are among the few
day seeing that things run             have purchased four more                needs of others.                        of two different places: Heaven or        who go to Heaven.
July - Sept, 2010                                           Magnolia Messenger                                                                                   Page 11

                                                           75th Anniversary
              2nd Annual Mid-South                             Hattiesburg, MS

  Golden Years’ Rally                                         September 19, 2010

                        Saturday                             The Kensington Woods
              September 25, 2010                          church of Christ, formerly
                                                          the Hardy Street congre-
                    Registration: 9:00 am
                                                          gation, in Hattiesburg,
                    Luncheon: 12:00 pm
                                                          Mississippi, will be cele-
                                                          brating it’s 75th Anniversary
    S                                                     on Sunday, September 19,
    P                                                     2010, God willing.                           Meeting Place for the Sherman, MS Church of Christ
    E                                                        We would like to invite all
                                                                                               A Sunday Night Visit                 see and visit briefly with several
    A                                                     former members. Please                                                    brethren from other area congre-
                                                          come back home and                  With Saints at Sherman                gations who also had “eating on
    K                                                     celebrate with us. Different
                                                                                                                                    their minds.”
                                                                                                   I asked my June, “How long            When the evening was ended
    E                                                     Gospel preachers will be            has Joe been preaching at             and it was time to go back to our
                                                                                              Sherman?” She answered, “A            RV (our “home away from home”),
    R                                                     presenting lessons on that          long time.” She’s right. Joe          we made the short trip with pleas-
    S                                                     day; lunch will be served for       Connell has been serving as           ant thoughts about the day. We
                                                          all attending. Please RSVP          Sherman’s preacher for probably       had enjoyed an encouraging visit
                                                                                              10 or 12 years.                       with the Sherman church, includ-
                      A.L. Franks                         601-264-2945. We look                    After a very long time as        ing extra time with Joe and Pat.
            Editor of the Magnolia Messenger              forward to a joyous Lord’s          Gloster Street’s (Tupelo) full-time   We were reminded, again, that
                                                          Day.                                preacher, brother Joe, having be-     June and I are among the world’s
           June Franks: Women’s Class                                                         come an older man, decided to         most blessed people. We are very
             Special Assistant to MM Editor                    Kensington Woods               enter “retirement”. Not wishing       grateful for the opportunity God
                                                                 Church of Christ             to stop working, he became            has given to us to associate al-
                                                                                              Sherman’s preacher. In addition,      most daily (personally and
                                                             Hattiesburg, Mississippi         Joe continued his interest, and       through this paper) with the
                                                             (Announcement sent to us by      became even more involved, in         world’s best people -- Christians.
                                       Singing Led        Ken Upchurch, one of the church     overseas mission work.                (alf)
                                           by             elders. Thanks, brother Ken!)            As reported in the last issue
                                                                                              of the MM, Joe has made 15 mis-       Hello all at the Magnolia Messenger.
                                       Ken Joines         Enclosed is a check for the Mag-
                                                                                              sion trips to Ghana in Africa. He     Hope you are all having a great month.
                                                                                              stated, “Fifteen years ago in the     Keep up the good work. Keep smiling.
                                    (former preacher at   nolia Messenger. Hope you all are   Brog-Ahafo region there were 30-      God Loves you. In Christian Love,
                                      Goodman Oaks)       having a good year. (Dr. & Mrs.     40 congregations. Today there         (Tammy Byars, Bruce, MS)
                                                          Robert McCrory, Benton, KY)         are 135-150. The brethren in
                                                                                              those older congregations have
                                                                                              rallied to do a great work.”
                                                                                                   The Sherman church is also
                                                                                                                                       Saving A Soul
                Goodman Oaks                               Campaign for Christ                doing a good work. Average at-             The power of the gospel
                                                                      Theme:                  tendance, for the past several                 in the hand of a
          Church of Christ                                 “Christ is the Answer”
                                                                                              months, is near 70 for the Sun-
                                                                                              day morning services. Contribu-
                                                                                                                                          friend or relative

                                                              August 22 - 24, 2010            tions in April, 2010, ran from            A few months ago, I heard a
             1700 Goodman Road                                   7:00 PM Nightly              $1,300 to over $3,000 each week.      relative (Joey Franks) preach in
                                                                                                   My June and I were privileged    Leesville, Louisiana. He spoke on
            Southaven, Mississippi                                                            to visit the Sunday evening ser-      the importance of spreading the
                                                                                              vices of the Sherman church on        gospel of Christ. Joey mentioned
                662-349-3600                                                                  May 30. We really enjoyed being       a survey he had read in which
                                                                                              with the brethren and hearing a       church members were asked
                                                                                              meaningful lesson by brother          who/what influenced them the
                                                                                              Connell on how the church can         most in their decisions to become
                                                                                              increase its influence in the local   Christians. As I recall, the follow-
                                                                                              community (a much needed em-          ing figures were included in the
                                                                                              phasis).                              survey. I find them intensely inter-
                                                                                                   I am grateful for the opportu-   esting.
                                                                    evangelist                nity given to me to speak a few               3% -- Special Need
                                                                Alan Highers                  minutes to the church, sharing               3% -- “Just walked in”
                                                                                              words of encouragement and in-               6% -- Liked preacher
                                                                 of Henderson, TN             formation about the mission ef-               1% -- Sign out front
                                                                                              forts of the Magnolia Messenger.              5% -- Bible classes
                                                                                                   Following services, we were
                                                                                                                                         3% -- Special programs
                                                                                              blessed to visit at length with
                                                                Crossroads Arena                                                    79% -- Influence of a friend or
                                                                                              some of the faithful members.
                                                               2800 Harper Road                                                     relative. (Personal contact with
                                                                                              Then, Joe and his wife, Pat, in-
                                                                                                                                    someone who knows and cares.)
                                                                  Corinth, MS                 vited us to go with them to a
                                                                                              nearby restaurant in Tupelo for
                                                                                                                                    *Above figures (percentages) are not
                                                                                              “supper” (seldom do we turn
                                                                                                                                    exact; however, they do make a vital
                                                               Sponsored by the               down an invitation to eat). When
                                                                                                                                    point! Let’s not forget our relatives
                                                                                              we entered the eating place
                                                              churches of Christ              (Danvers ?), we were pleased to
                                                                                                                                    and friends. Become a friend. Be a
                                                                                                                                    friend. Love your relative. Save a soul!
Page 12                                                                               Magnolia Messenger                                                                              July - Sept, 2010

    Reaffirmation of Vows
         Gene & Madolyn Gibson                                                                                                                       Magnolia Messenger
                50 Years Later
                                                                                                                                                          Memorials & Tributes
                                                                                                                              The person whose name is in CAPS is memorialized or honored
Editor’s Note: On Saturday, July 10, 2010, my June                                                                            by the person(s) whose name is in lower case letters. Thank you.
and I were privileged to be among many friends                                                                                God bless!
and family members who gathered in Greenwood,
Mississippi, to witness the public reaffirmation of                                                                                              In Memory Of
vows taken fifty years ago by a dear couple in
Christ -- Gene and Madolyn Gibson. We were so                                                                                        BOBBIE MOFFETT                             (Jackson, LA)
impressed by the words written and spoken by                                                                                     Hazel Lewis, Steve & Cookie                JIMMY BRADSHAW
the Gibsons, that we asked permission to share
                                                                                                                                          Midgette                       James & Deanie Bradshaw
their “reaffirmation” with readers of the MM.
                                                                                                                                         (Petal, MS)                           (Indianola, MS)
                                                                                                                                                                              Brain & Tamara
Mark 10:6-86…
God ‘made them male and female.’ 7’ For this reason a                                                                                    JOHN FAUGHT                       (Bradshaw) Billingsely
man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to                                                                                   Sydalia Palmer                         (Alligator, MS)
his wife, 8 and the two shall become one flesh; so then                                                                                   (Corinth, MS)                     Charles & Myrt Boyer
they are no longer two , but one flesh . (NKJV)                                                                                                                                  (Boyle, MS)
                                                                                                                                        EDNA WARRICK
             Gene’s Words to Madolyn:                          Gene and Madolyn Gibson and Their Son, Robby                           Tony & Ginny Luther                        EARL EDGE
    Our love that began over fifty years ago, led us to      One of their three children, a son, Robby (now a physician                 (Columbia, MS)                    Pine Bluff Church of Christ
make vows before God that have been the basis of our         in Alaska), is shown expressing gratitude to his parents on                                                       (Toccopola, MS)
marriage. How many of us, in the beginning, realize          their special day of reaffirmation. This event took place at                VALERA KEY                         Ben & Margaret Ratliff
that the true point in the keeping of those vows in living   the West President Street Church of Christ in Greenwood,                JERRY “BUCK” BYRD                         (Toccopola, MS)
our day to day lives, serves to increase that love.          Mississippi.                                                            STEPHEN ALDRIDGE
                                                                                          In sharing together the birthing           Garnett & Betty Harris
                                                                                   and raising of three wonderful                       (Brandon, MS)                    In Honor Of
                                                                                   children, living through times of need
                                                                                   and times of plenty, in continuing in        DAYTON & JEAN CALLENDER                DR. ARTHUR & BARBARA HUME
                                                                                   sickness and in health, not only of our         Harry & Betty Barkley                     Bonnie Strickland
                                                                                   own, but that of children and other                (Jackson, MS)                           (Brandon, MS)
                                                                                   family members; in sharing the grief
                                                                                   accompanying the deaths of parents                   DORIS ADDISON                       RAY & MELBA PENNA
                                                                                   and siblings and close friends, these                  Rick Bishop                       Garnett & Betty Harris
                                                                                   are the experiences from which a love                (Columbus, MS)                         (Brandon, MS)
                                                                                   has grown that greatly transcends the
                                                                                   love that brought us together at the             DAYTON CALLENDER
                                                                                   first.                                         Charles & Pauline Aldridge                    Thank you
                                                                                        Perhaps the greatest single
                                                                                   blessing that has helped us to realize               Please send your gifts in memory of or in honor of
                                                                                   the oneness that God gives to married                             family and/or friends to:
                                                                                   couples has been our being joined
                                                                                   spiritually in growing in our
                                                                                                                                                      Magnolia Messenger
                                                                                   knowledge of God and His word and                                     P. O. Box 1578
                                                                                   worshiping together God and our                               Kosciusko, Mississippi 39090
                                                                                   savior, Jesus.
                                                                                        As I look back from this day, I
                                                                                   know that God’s providence brought        lifetime of love and adventure, lots of       I will always love you
                                                                                   about our meeting, our love, and our      love and lots of adventures. You have         I will never leave you
                                                                                   dynamic lives together. And as I look     made all my little girl dreams come           I will always be faithful to you
                                                                                   to the future, I know that He will        true.                                         I will always cherish you as my
                                                                                   sustain us no matter what the future           I thank God for blessing us with     richest gift from God now and forever.
                                                                                   holds. I pledge again to you my love      these fifty years, for giving us our
                                                                                   and fidelity for as long as God allows    beautiful family and for being able to       Congratulations to Madolyn and
                                                                                   me to live on this earth.                 share our love today with friends and     Gene for their loving example. May
                                                                                        Madolyn, I declare the success of    family.                                   God continue to bless. (alf/mjf).
                                                                                   those vows from fifty years ago, and I         And now, Gene, I honor you today
                                                                                   pledge anew my love to you from this      as my beloved husband by pledging
                                                                                   day forward to the end of life that God   again my love to you.                      MM -- Circulation -- 25,000
                                                                                   blesses me with on this earth and if
                                                                                   He allows into eternity.
                                                                                        You are the ONE that I will love;
                                                                                   You are the ONE that I will be                                                                         Meeting Place
                                                                                   FAITHFUL to.                                                                                                      of
                                                                                        You are the ONE I will cherish as                                                                             a
                                                                                   God’s special gift to me!                                                                                  church of
                                                                                       Madolyn’s Words to Gene:
                                                                                       Today is one of the happiest days
                                                                                   of my life as we celebrate the 50th
                                                                                   anniversary of our love.
                                                                                       When I was a little girl, I dreamed
                                                                                   that my “knight in shinning armor”
                                                                                   would come and take me away and we
                                                                                   would share a lifetime of love and
                                                                                   adventure. God sent YOU into my life
                                                                                   and YOU have truly been my knight in
                                                                                   shinning armor. We have had a                                      Somewhere in Alabama
July - Sept, 2010                                                           Magnolia Messenger                                                                                        Page 13

                                                                                                                   serves as
             A                                                                                                     one of the
                                                                                                                   two preach-
                         Drop                                                                                      ers for the
                                         In Visit                                                                      We were
                                                                                                                   also thankful
                                                                                                                   to visit a little
                                                                                                                   while with the
                                                                                                                   oldest of the
                                                                                                                   four elders,
                                                                                                                   along with
                                                                                                                   his wife, who
                                                                                                                   have been
                                                                                                                   married for                   Bowden and Melba Grisham
                                                                                                                   66 years. We                       -- Married 66 Years --
                                                                                                                   also were Brother Grisham is a long time elder at Beech Hill and
                                                                                                                   pleased to serves with three other elders. They are: Dan Harrell,
                                                                                                                   get to know DonWard and Stanley Ward. From our observations,
        Home of the Beech Hill Church of Christ. Here we got a taste of the “Spirit that is Beech Hill”            the brother it appears that the church is “in good hands.”
                                                                                                                   who is said
        “Blessed at Beech”      folks who make up a very special               Stan Grisham led congrega-          to be the “oldest living member at prayers. Something to think about!
     There is an important “hill” in                                      tional singing, using “Sacred            Beech Hill.” (See pictures on this Truly is. Need to get along!
Tippah County (north central Mis-    After many other warm meet-          Songs of the Church” (edited by          page.)                                     This article was written a
                                ings and greetings, we were privi-
sissippi), known as “Beech Hill”.                                         W. D. Jeffcoat, a long time friend                                              couple of days following our very
And, when “Beech” and “Hill” areleged to sit at the feet of Beech         and brother in Christ). David                After a delightful meal and time pleasant visit. As I reflect on the
connected with the phrase       Hill’s long time preacher -- King         Hobson, in his public reading of         of fellowship, like almost everyone short time we spent at Beech Hill,
                                McCarver. Brother King wel-
“Church of Christ”, it takes on a                                         the Bible, called attention to the       else, we chose to re-assemble in at least three important consider-
very special meaning.           comed every one to the auditorium         words of Christ, as recorded in          the auditorium for an afternoon ations seem to really stand out.
                                class and made several encour-
     “Beech Hill” is truly out in the                                     Matthew 16:24-26. The opening            service. Again, King McCarver              (1) It is possible, even in our
country. The nearest town of anyaging comments about the paper            prayer was led by Tony Farese.           brought an inspiring lesson based day, for the Lord’s church to -- not
size is Ripley (the county seat;you are now reading -- “The Mag-               After having being capably led      on I Peter 2:7. Skillfully, brother only survive, but thrive! The Beech
population about                                   nolia Messen-          in meaningful worship through            King explained the admonition Hill church is a thriving congrega-
5,500), which is                                   ger.” We were, to      singing, Bible reading and               penned by the apostle Peter: tion -- alive and active in the ser-
about 7 miles to                                   say the least, in-     prayers, it was again time for a se-     “Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with vice of God.
the east.        At                                deed thankful!         rious study of God’s word by             them according to knowledge, giv-          (2) Young people, even in our
Beech Hill is                                          The Bible          preacher King McCarver. In his           ing honor unto the wife, as unto day, are still interested in New Tes-
found one of the                                   study for the day      morning sermon, the scholarly            the weaker vessel, and as being tament Christianity as repre-
largest country                                    was taken from         minister drew an interesting par-                                               sented by churches of Christ. The
congregations                                      Acts chapters 10       allel between David and Jesus.                                                  Beech Hill church includes many
among Missis-                                      and 11, using a        Calling attention to Saul’s animos-                                             young families who evidently have
sippi churches of                                  workbook pre-          ity toward David, even to the point                                             taken seriously the command
Christ.                                            pared by Willard       of seeking to kill him, the preacher                                            given long ago to “multiply and
     On the last                                   C o n c h i n .        noted that David continued to do                                                replenish the earth.” The sounds
Sunday of May,                                     Brother King           his job. In like manner, Jesus con-                                             coming from small children, scat-
2010, my June                                      spoke at length        tinued to do His job in spite of                                                tered throughout the place of as-
and I were                                         about the church       those who hated him and who                                                     sembly, were a welcomed noise.
blessed to be                                      at Antioch, refer-     eventually crucified Him.                                                           (3) To attract sincere seekers
among those                                        ring to the church          In his application, brother King                                           of truth, even in our day, it is not
who assembled                                      as a “model”           stressed that, like David and like                                              necessary to change from follow-
for worship and                                    congregation.          Jesus, we should remain de-                                                     ing the guidance of the inspired
                                He gave special emphasis to the
fellowship on that special “hill”                                         pendable, stand fast and do our                                                 scriptures in (a) the matter of mu-
known as “Beech”. And when I saywork of Barnabas at Antioch, in           job faithfully -- no matter what.                                               sic, in (b) the distinctive and differ-
we were “blessed at Beech” -- weconjunction with the labors of the        King spoke of the need to “teach                                                ent roles of men and women in
really were!                    apostle Paul. He also called at-          the truth” -- regardless; to yield not                                          public worship assemblies and/
                                tention to that very special name
     We arrived at the church build-                                      to the temptation to be “politically                                            or (c) emphasizing the Lord’s Sup-
                                “Christian” which, according to
ing a little past nine A.M. The very                                                                                         Milton Simpson
                                                                          correct” or to the common prac-                                                 per each and every Lord’s day and
first person we met was a sisterActs 11:26, was first applied to the      tice of being overly cautious; that              Active at Age 93               only on the Lord’s day.
named “Grisham”. She had come   disciples at Antioch.                     is, trying not to ever upset or of-      (“Oldest member at Beech Hill”)            We are thankful to report that
early and, along with others, was    After an interesting and infor-      fend anyone. The preacher said                                                  the Beech Hill church of Christ, in
making preparation for the fellow-
                                mative class study, the buzzer was        that God’s message is “urgent”,          heirs together of the grace of life; its country setting, continues to at-
ship meal planned for later thatsounded. Time was up. Shortly,            that the world needs to hear the         that your prayers be not hindered.” tract many sincere believers who
day. A brief visit with her was very
                                the other class groups started            truth and that while all church lead-    Among the many vital points made want a “thus saith the Lord” for what
delightful and helped set the tone
                                coming into the auditorium, swell-        ers and workers in the Kingdom           by the experienced preacher was they believe and practice in spiri-
for what turned out to be an en-ing the morning attendance to             should deal wisely; yet, they must       the truth that an inappropriate re- tual matters. . May their notable ex-
couraging day with the friendly 235. With not much time separat-          do the work that needs to be done        lationship between a husband ample encourage others. (alf &
                                                       ing      Bible     and do it “stronger and bolder” --       and his wife can and will hinder mjf)
                                                       Study and          like David and Jesus.
                                                       Worship, the            The morning services were                 A note from one of Beech Hill’s preachers requested,
                                                       time quickly       followed by an extended period of        Pray diligently that our love, our unity and our devotion to
                                                       came for all       delightful fellowship, including         one another, and to our Heavenly Father, increase as we
                                                       worshippers        feasting upon delicious food
                                                       to be warmly
                                                                                                                   all strive to bring glory to God by our daily lives! Today, yet
                                                                          which had been prepared by
                                                       welcomed by        some of “Mississippi’s best              again, we have seen the best of the “Spirit That Is Beech
                                                       R y a n            cooks.” During this fellowship pe-       Hill!” (JH)
                                                       Simpson,           riod, we were blessed to enjoy vis-
                                                       who was in                                                                                                 The Bible Says,
                                                                          its with several of those who are
                                                       charge of an-      members of the Beech Hill con-                   The Bible Says,                 17 Recompense to no man evil
                                                       nounce-            gregation. We were especially            18 If it be possible, as much as        for evil. Provide things honest
                                                       ments for the      grateful for the time we had with        lieth in you, live peaceably with       in the sight of all men.(Rom.
    James Horton and King McCarver, Ministers          month of May.      James and Rose Horton (James             all men.(Rom. 12)                       12)
Page 14                                                                            Magnolia Messenger                                                                     July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                                                                          spend billions exploring outer space to learn how
         Elders Are In God’s Plan
                                                                                        Holy Spirit                                       it all started!). Within the sacred pages of the
      For the New Testament Church                                                                                                        “Good Book” we are informed as to our origin,
                                                                                     “His Greatest Gift”                                  our purpose and our future. We can come to know
                                                                                                                                          a “creator” from nature (only a foolish man who
                                                                                                                                          has no excuse would deny divinity, see Romans
                                                                                             Ponder these passages:                       1:18-23); however, special “revelation” (the Bible),
                                                                                      (a) 2 Tim. 3:16 -- “All scripture is given by
                                                                                                                                          is necessary for us to come to know the One and
                                                                                inspiration of God....” (b) I Pet. 3:21 -- “but holy
                                                                                                                                          the only true God and His Son, our Saviour!
                                                                                men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy
                                                                                                                                                Through the inspired scriptures, and the
                                                                                Spirit.” (c) Acts 1:16 -- “This scripture must needs
                                                                                                                                          Scriptures only, can we come to know God as
                                                                                have been fulfilled, which the Holy Spirit by the
                                                                                                                                          our Father and find true assurance that we are
                                                                                mouth of David spake before concerning Ju-
                                                                                                                                          His children. This very special family relation-
                                                                                das....” (d) (I Tim. 4:1 -- “Now the Spirit speaketh
                                                                                expressly, that in the latter times....” (e) John 16:13   ship of the “creature” (man) with the Creator
                                                                                -- “Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come,        (God) is made possible only through the revela-
  Three Elders Serve the Ivey Street Church in Philadelphia, MS
They are (from left): M. D. Cameron, Johnny Beckwith and Sayle Johnson          he will guide you in all truth....” (f) Rev.              tion of the most sacred of all books -- the Bible.
                                                                                2:7,11,17, 29; 3:6,13, 22 -- “He that hath an ear,              Man’s spiritual handbook, the Holy Bible, pro-
    After some time had elapsed          encourgement when we hear of           let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the               vides all the information needed to be saved and
following his first missionary jour-     churches of Christ, following the      churches.”                                                to live earthly life in an abundant fashion. This
ney, the apostle Paul returned to        New Testament pattern, who se-                                                                   book, “the Book” teaches us how to prepare for
                                                                                      “The Holy Scriptures... The Inspired Word...
churches he had established and          lect, appoint and/or ordained el-                                                                eternity, enabling us to depart and go to be with
                                                                                The Bible...”. Heaven’s message to man, the Bible,
“ordained them elders in every           ders in every church. The Ivey                                                                   the Lord and the redeemed of all ages, forever.
                                                                                is a gift from God, lovingly made available to man-
church.” (Acts 14:23). The apostle       Street congregation in Philadel-                                                                       In heaven, I believe we will want to repeat-
also left a co-worker (Titus) in         phia, Mississippi, recently            kind, through the work of the Holy Spirit. This
                                                                                precious book, sacred and divine, is truly a price-       edly thank the Holy Spirit for giving us His Great-
Crete so that he may “set in order       strengthened their eldership with
                                                                                less gift! Can you think of a greater gift?               est Gift -- the Holy Bible, the Inspired Written
the things that are wanting and          the appointed of M. D. Cameron,
ordain elders in every city....” (Tit.   as a new elder, to serve along with          The Bible provides needed information about         Word. (Editor)
1:5).                                    Sayle Johnson and Johnny               “the beginning” and our beginning (no need to                   P. O. Box 1578; Kosciusko, MS 39090.
    When Paul wrote to the spiri-        Beckwith.
tually mature church in Philippi, he         Johnny Beckwith, an elder and
addressed his letter to “all the         also the local preacher for the              Fulton Bible Institute Completes Study of Bible History II
saints in Christ Jesus... with the       Philadelphia church, spoke re-
bishops [elders] and deacons.”           cently (June 6, 2010) to a large as-                                   48 Students -- 14 Congregations
(Phil. 1:1). Furthermore, the mother     sembly of more than 150 brethren
church in Jerusalem included not         who had come together in Phila-                                            Students Involved in Study
only the leadership of the               delphia for an afternoon of fellow-
apostles, but also that of the el-       ship and worship. Brother Johnny              Robert Gilliland                       Patsy Carr                           Namon Colburn
ders (see Acts chapter 15). The          announced, “We now have three                 Yvonne Hughes                          Shelia Hall                          Doyle Reeves
importance of the role of elders in      elders. One was ordained last Sun-            Louis Miro                             Betty Crosswhite                     Corey Dove
the church is seen through the re-       day.” He added, “We hope that                 Marilyn Leary                          Emily Hall                           Jessica Shappley
quired qualifications of elders          our example will encourage                    Rosanna Miro                           Linda Crosswhite                     Janet McMillen
(also deacons) in I Tim. 3:1-6 and       other congregations to select el-             Arlie Williams                         Judy Gilliland                       Bernice Clayton
Titus 1:5-14).                           ders.” To which we say, “Amen!”               Gwenda Martin                          Pat Connell                          David L. Smith
    It is a great source of              (alf, editor)                                 Charolette Ritter                      Russ Crosswhite                      Barbara Perry
                                                                                       Herman Martin                          Joe Connell                          Brenda Byrne
                                                                                       Carolyn Wren                           Willie Williams                      Robert B. Logan
        Old Union Church Celebrates Centennial                                         Barbara Baskin                         Quedell Jones                        Beth Shappley
                                                                                       Henry M. Wren                          Stephanie Smith                      Steve Shappley
          100 Years In Same Church Building                                            Elizabeth Huggins                      Amos Jones, Jr.                      Willa Dean Gibson
                                                                                       Delbert L. Turner, Jr.                 Anita Morris                         Bill Miles
    The week, beginning with July        their old building which, of                  Tommy Stanford                         Catherine Johnson                    J. B. Markham
18, 2010, was very special to the        course, has been updated with                 Mary Ann Turner                        Steve Johnson                        B. R. Sellers
Lord’s church known as “Old              carpet, padded pews, indoor                   Evelyn Stanford                        Carl Gaddy                           YOUR NAME...
Union”, located in Carroll County,       plumbing and central air condi-               Annie M. Johnson                       Diane Gaddy                          ...Next Course?
Mississippi. This country congre-        tioning. The meeting began on
gation is able to trace its begin-       Sunday morning and was fol-
ning back to about 1840 and its          lowed at noon by “Dinner on the
present meeting house to the year        Grounds”. Attendance for all ser-
of 1910.                                 vices was very encouraging
    We were richly blessed to be         (“largest crowds remembered”).
invited to help the congregation             The church which brings to-
celebrate their “Centennial” in          gether about 30 to 35 on Sunday,
                                         was excited to see their building
                                         almost filled with members and
                                         visitors from the community and
                                         area congregations. On Tuesday,
                                         attendance reached a high of 84.
                                         Mike Schmitz has been their ca-
                                         pable preacher for 10 years.
                                             Keith King, local member,
                                         prepared a very interesting and
                                         informative booklet, detailing the
                                         170-year-history of the Old Union      Fulton Bible Institute in Fulton, MS recently finished another successful course. Above is a picture from
                                         Church and is available to read-
                                         ers of the MM. (Contact us if you      the Spring 2010 banquet. The class studied Bible History II with an average of 48 students from fourteen
                                         would like to have a copy -- alf,      congregations throughout the North Mississippi area. The next course will be “The Minor Prophets” that
  100 Years Old: 1910 - 2010             editor)                                is to begin August 24. The school is overseen by the Fulton Church of Christ.
July - Sept, 2010                                                                Magnolia Messenger                                                                                     Page 15

                    Who Am I; What Am I... Religiously?                                                                                      Restorer
            - MM Editor -              tures (Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38); the rather, just a Christian. The phrase
                                                                                                                                      David King of England
     Frequently, as a preacher, I am Bible teaches us how to worship “church of Christ” is not a denomi-
asked, “Who/What are you reli- the Father “in Spirit and truth” and national name. No, not in the New                       - S. Claytus Wilson -           and life. Unite with those who
giously?” My usual response is, sets forth God’s method (plan) for Testament of our Lord.                                David King was born in             congregate, not as a church of
“I am a Christian.” Understand- church organization. (Christ is the              However, since Jesus Christ         Clerkenwell, London on February        human origin, bearing a name of
ably, in today’s world, this short head; the only head; elders are established (built) His church                    28, 1819. Upon hearing a moving        man’s devise; but as a Church of
answer is usually not considered to oversee; deacons are to serve (Matt. 16:18), purchasing it with                  sermon entitled, “Begotten of          Christ, having no scripture but the
sufficient. A second question of- and members to function accord- His blood (Acts 20:28), I am very                  God,” King joined the Wesleyans.       Bible, no plan of salvation but that
ten follows, “Okay... but, what ing to their abilities). So, maybe, thankful to be a member of the                   Later under the teaching of Mr.        preached by the Apostles, no order
kind of a Christian are you?”          in a way, “I am methodist.” Yes, Lord’s church which, along with              Robert Aitkin, he broke off his        of worship but that known to the
     My usual response to the sec- sorta.                                    other designations, is spoken of        affiliation with the Wesleyans. He     first churches, no government but
ond question is, “I am just a Chris-       4. “Am I a Presbyterian”? Yes, in the New Testament as the “body          now had a determination to study       that instituted by Christ, and no
tian, that’s all.” Now, I realize that there is a sense in which I could of Christ” (I Cor.12:27) “the church        the Bible that he might find the       aristocracy, but that of Christian
such a simple answer may not pro- be called presbyterian. The dic- of God” (I Cor. 1:2), the “kingdom                truth.                                 excellence.”2
vide the response expected from tionary de-                                                       of his dear            King discovered a group in             “The Church of Christ had no
the one asking. What the ques- f i n e s                                                          Son” (Col.         America claiming only the name         existence until after the earthly life,
tioner really want to know is: “Am “presbyterian”              I do not desire to be iden-        1:13), and the     Christian. He obtained some            death, burial, resurrection and
I a Baptist, or a Pentecostal, maybe as of or relat-      tified as a “church of Christ           “household         writings from America. One was         ascension of the Savior. The day
a Methodist, or some other popu- ing to eccle-            Christian”; rather, just a              of faith” (Gal.    entitled, “Baptism and the             of Pentecost was the birthday of
lar denominational name, used by s i a s t i c a l        Christian.                              6:10). Finally,    Remission of Sins.” Realizing his      the New testament Church, when
many believers who express a [ c h u r c h ]                                                      in Paul’s letter   former Wesleyan conversion was         the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
desire to follow Jesus Christ.”        government                                                 to the church      without divine assurance, he was       came forth from the risen and
     Let’s look more closely at the by presbyters. The New Testament at Rome he wrote, “The churches                 immersed for the remission of sins     glorified Lord; then, and not until
questions asked (“Who/What?) teaches that it is the plan of God of Christ salute you” (Romans                        in 1842, when he was 23 years of       then, was the Church of Christ set
and the answers expected (“Bap- that each church of Christ be or- 16:16). This phrase, “churches of                  age. James Wallis, editor of The       up on the Earth.”3
tist”, “Pentecostal” and “Method- ganized with elders or presbyters Christ”, denotes divine owner-                   Christian Messenger, and John              David King was a man of deep
ist” or some other name).              to oversee the work and to shep- ship and a very special relation-            Black helped him to come to a          conviction. He loved the Word of
     1. Am I a “Baptist”? Yes, there herd the flock. (I Tim. 3:1-7; Tit. ship with the Lord Jesus Christ.            knowledge of the truth and Gospel      God and had a faith that never
is a sense in which I could be called 1:5-11; cf. I Tim. 4:14) So maybe, in      I am thankful, content and          obedience. King’s wife soon            shrank. He deeply believed in the
baptist. The dictionary defines a way, I am presbyterian. Yes, sorta. confident, based upon the author-              learned the truth and obeyed the       one faith, one baptism, and the one
“baptist” as one who believes              Please consider this impor- ity of God’s word, to be simply a             Gospel.                                body, the Church. He debated and
baptism is for adults; that is, one tant question: Were followers of “Christian” and a member of                         King began to preach the           faught all false doctrine and
old enough to understand right Christ in New Testament times Christ’s church -- the church of                        Gospel. He was invited to preach       denominational practices. He was
from wrong, and one who thinks (the first century) ever called “Bap- Christ. This is what I am, who I am             to a group of Seventh Day              England’s most distinguished
that baptism is accomplished tists”, “Pentecostal”, “Method- and why I am what I am. What                            Adventists. After several weeks of     preacher, teacher, editor, debater,
through “immersion (dipping) in ists”, “Presbyterian” or any other about you? (alf/editor of MM)                     teaching, he baptized the entire       and scholar of the nineteenth
water.” So, maybe, in a way, I am similar designation common to the                                                  congregation of 150 members.           century. He was a humble man that
baptist? Yes. Sorta.                   present denominational world?              ARKANSAS CHURCHES                      King was a prolific writer and     gave Christ all preeminence and
     2. Am I a “Pentecostal”? Yes, (True, John was called “baptist”,                 PROMOTE UNITY                   editor of several periodicals. First   contended earnestly for the faith
there is a sense in which I could “the baptist” but he is the only Good news reported in the church                  was the Bible Advocate, published      once delivered for all time. What
be called Pentecostal. The dictio- one so called. In the New Testa- bulletin from Higden, Arkansas.                  in 1847 with W. Godson as co-          Alexander Campbell was to
nary defines “pentecostal” as re- ment neither his disciples nor the The bulletin states: “About a year              editor. In 1861, James Wallis asked    America, David King was to
lating to or                                                   disciples of ago seven congregations                  him to edit The Harbinger, also        England.
occurring at                                                   Jesus were, (Higden, Mars Hill, Greenbrier,           known as The British Millennial                     (Footnotes)
                                                                             Oak, Liberty, Robinson and Cen-         Harbinger. The Harbinger
Pentecost. I             “Am I a Baptist, or a Pen-            at any time, ter, and Harrison and Willow)                                                   1 Memoir of David King , pg. 206.
certainly be-                                                  called “bap- came together to work on an area         continued until 1890 when it was
                    tecostal, maybe a Methodist or                                                                                                          2 Ibid., p. 209
lieve that the                                                 tists” .)                                             changed to The Bible Advocate.
                    some other popular denomina-                             wide Gospel Meeting... “One: To                                                3 Ibid., p. 222, 223.
L o r d ’ s                                                        Follow- combine our resources and cre-                David King was well
                    tional name used by many be-                                                                                                                     Claytus Wilson
church was                                                     ers of Jesus ative might for the purpose of evan-     acquainted with Alexander                     1160 Anderson Drive
                    lievers who express a desire to                                                                  Campbell and contributed articles
established                                                    Christ, in gelizing the lost in as broad and                                                          Paris TN 38242
                    follow Jesus Christ.”                                                                            to the (American) Millennial
on the “day                                                    New Testa- mass-appealing way as pos-                                                     
of Pentecost                                                   ment times, sible. Two: To come together with         Harbinger, edited by Campbell.
”(Acts 2). I believe that the gospel were called “disciples”, “brethren”, equal partnership and grow stron-              King had several debates on              Readers’ Response
was first preached in its “fullness” “saints”, and, along with other ger in our relationship with one                different subjects including the       Dear Sir or Madame:
                                                                             another.... A recent bulletin also      action and design of baptism with           I look forward to the arrival of
on that first Pentecost following designations, also were known as
                                                                             states they began the week with         a Baptist and Church of England        each issue of the Messenger and enjoy
the resurrection of Jesus. Further- “Christians.” (see Acts 11:26; an “incredible crowd of 800 in at-
more, I understand that the plan 26:28; I Peter 4:16).                                                               clergyman. He held a number of         reading each article regarding bibli-
                                                                             tendance, followed by 600 on                                                   cal teaching. I also enjoy reading about
for salvation, as given on the day         In closing, may I say that the Monday then an average of 500              debates with secularists.
                                                                                                                         King pleaded with tongue and       sister congregations and the work they
of Pentecost, is the same plan to teachings of the New Testament per night.” One soul obeyed the
                                                                                                                     pen for a return to primitive          are doing; and of course I especially
be followed in our day. So, maybe, have influenced me, as a disciple Gospel and another was re-                                                             enjoy answering the questions. I would
in a way, “I am pentecostal”. Yes, of Jesus, and as a brother to/in the stored.” (Report by: Matthew                 Christianity for 52 of his 75 years.
                                                                                                                                                            like to add my mother’s name to the
sorta.                                 Lord, to gladly and thankfully re- Martin, one of the ministers for the       He refused to adopt the title of       subscription list. She is 82 old and in
     3. Am I a “Methodist”? Yes, spond to the question “Who/ Higden congregation.)                                   “Reverend.”                            poor health, but reads her bible daily
there is a sense in which I could What are you?” with the simple                                                         King made it plain there was       and attends church as much as her
be called methodist. The dictio- answer, “I am a Christian... just a                                                 but one true church. “Eighteen         health allows... I have also enclosed a
                                                                                                                     hundred years ago, the old church
nary defines “methodist” as “one Christian.” Who/What are you?                    The Bible Still says:              which is the Church of Christ, and
                                                                                                                                                            contribution to help with the continu-
                                                                                                                                                            ance of your work. Sincerely, (Kaye
who insists on or emphasizes sys-
                                                                                                                                                            Wise, Hohenwald, TN)
tematic methods.” I certainly be-
lieve that “methods” are an intrigal
                                                Additional Note
                                           Seeking to “speak as the
                                                                               “Preach the Word”                     the only church approved of God,
                                                                                                                     was planted in Jerusalem.”1
                                                                                “Reprove, rebuke, exhort”                “Reader, take upon you the            We appreciate all you do and the
part of Christ’s church on earth. oracles of God” (I Peter 4:11), I do                                                                                      good articles. The world needs more
God’s plan (method) for saving not desire to be identified as a                         (2 Tim. 4:2)                 name of Christ (if you have not yet
                                                                                                                                                            people like you two. (The Grays,
souls is clearly taught in the Scrip- “church of Christ Christian”;                                                  done so). Be a Christian in name
                                                                                                                                                            Amory, MS)
Page 16                                                                              Magnolia Messenger                                                                           July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                  “Drop -                                 SAME MIND
                                                 Yet Another                           in                                 (Continued from page 7)
                                                                                                                                                                    the sorriest guy in town!” “But,”
                                                                                                        Visit”            Unity creates an effective                countered the deacon, “you have
                                                                                                                                                                    to admit that he’s a hard-working
                                                                                                                          functioning church. This is what
                                                                                                                          God wants.                                man.” “No one can deny that,”
                                                                                                                               How do we develop unity? First,      Carl said. “I’ve never known a
                                                                                                                          we have to realize it is possible!        person who worked harder.”
                                                                                                                          Even though we have different                  Next the deacon visited Sam.
                                                                                                                          personalities in a local church,          “Do you know what Carl said
                                                                                                                          Christians can be drawn together          about you?” “No, but I can
                                                                                                                          by one heart and one mind. It was         imagine his lies,” he responded
                                                                                                                          the spiritual dynamic of the New          angrily. “This may surprise you,”
                        Home of Itawamba County’s “Tilden Church of Christ”                                               Testament        church      where        said the deacon, “but he said he’s
                                                                                                                          Christians of all social and racial       never known a harder worker.”
     Itawamba. Interesting name - ing first hand their dedicated ser-             One was about “No Tears in              backgrounds sat side by side to           “He said that?” Sam was stunned.
- worn by a county in northeast vice to God and man, is truly a                   Heaven”; another was about                                                        “What do you think of Carl?”
                                                                                                                          worship God. That is the reason
Mississippi. Itawamba County is source of great encouragement.                    “Paradise Valley”. Several of the                                                 asked the deacon. “It is no secret
                                                                                                                          Paul said, “Be diligent!”
populated by approximately This was certainly true with our re-                   men took turns leading various                                                    that I have absolutely no use for
23,000 precious souls -- each cent visit to Tilden.                               songs -- some old; yet, some new
                                                                                                                               Second, we have to realize
                                                                                                                          unity is not automatic. We have           him.” “But you must admit he’s
made in the image of God. This            We learned that the Tilden              (to me). A few were taken from a
                                                                                                                          to work at it. It is a doctrine of        honest in business,” said the
rural county serves as home to congregation traces its beginning                  song book written by one of the
several churches of Christ, one of back to about 1840 -- making it                members (an elder) at Tilden --         Christ. But there is also freedom         deacon. “There’s no getting
which, on the south edge of the one of the oldest churches of                     Benny Davis. The congregation           in Christ in areas of opinion and in      around that,” said Sam. “In
county, is known as “Tilden.”         Christ in Mississippi. Presently            participated well in the service; to    practical application. Unity is           business he’s a man you can
     On Wednesday evening (June the congregation of nearly 100 is                 the extent that, when I was invited     achieved when we all do our part          trust.”
2, 2010) my June and I were overseen by two elders -- Benny                       to lead a song, I agreed to do so.      in loving and forgiving one                    Later the deacon met Carl
blessed with the opportunity of Davis and Junior Tucker. Two                      The church made it easy.                another in the Body. Imagine what         again. “Do you know what Sam
dropping in for a midweek service special servants (deacons) like-                    After an extended period of         would have happened if the                said about you? He claims you’re
with the country church which is wise minister in the church. They                singing and making melody in our        Apostles had not faced the reality        absolutely trustworthy in
located about 8                                     are Tony Brazil and           hearts, David Paden, led our            of neglected widows (Acts 6). No          business,       that    you     are
miles south of the                                  Freddy Tucker.                thoughts in a devotional Bible          doubt a split would have occurred.        scrupulously honest.” “Well, how
county’s largest                                    David Paden, Jr. is           study. He used as an example the        Imagine what would have happen            about that,” reacted Carl with a
community           --                              their preacher, hav-          Israelites, who, according to Exo-      if the leaders at Antioch had not         smile.
Fulton.                                             ing ministered with/          dus 36, were so generous in giv-        faced the theological problem                  Soon the peacemaking deacon
     When I think                                   to the congregation           ing to the building of the tabernacle   created by the Judaizers (Acts 15).       noticed Sam and Carl would
about our visit at                                  for nearly nine               that Moses had to restrain the          If they had not taken action, along       cautiously nod in a friendly sort
Tilden, the word                                    years.                        people from giving too much! He         with the Jerusalem Counsel, the           of way. Before long they were
“encouraged”                                            Their church              noted that the Israelites, instead                                                shaking hands, talking, even
                                                                                                                          whole church would have been
comes to my mind.                                   buildings are lo-             of trying to give as “little as pos-                                              visiting in each other’s homes.
                                                                                                                          confused about this doctrine. But
Now, if you are a                                   cated on land do-             sible” actually “gave more than                                                   Today they are best of friends.
regular reader of                                   nated to the church           was needed.” (verses 5-7)
                                                                                                                          because they faced the problem
                                                                                                                          and took action, unity was                     Paul said, “Be diligent to
the Magnolia Mes-                                   in 1905, based                    Tilden’s talented preacher
                                                                                                                          restored.                                 preserve the unity of the Spirit in
senger, you may                                     upon the condition            called upon us to have the attitude
have noticed that                                   that mechanical in-           of the Israelites and to give freely         Carl and Sam were “at outs”          the bond of peace.” I pray we will
some form of “en-                                   struments of music            and generously. He also applied         with each other. They could not           rip this page from the peacemaking
courage” often ap-                                  in worship would              their good example to all we do in      even remember the initial cause of        deacon’s notebook. Unity is the
pears. No apolo-                                    “never be used”.              work and worship; encouraging us        friction, but their hostility had         only way we can show the world
gies.                                                   A few of the many         to not try to “just get by” by doing    grown over the years. A deeply            that we are the children of God and
     I am grateful                                  preachers           who       as “little as possible” but rather to   concerned deacon in the church            lead them to Christ.
that we can hon- Benny Davis, song writer & have served the                       do as “much as possible” to serve       prayed that God would use him as               Eddie Lewis, Associate
estly use the word leader, holds copy of his book. church include such            our gracious and good God.              a peacemaker.                             Minister, Germantown Christ of
“encourage” fre-                                    men as W. D.                      After the devotional, I was              He called Carl. “What do you         Christ, Germantown, TN.
quently, for it truly describes what Jeffcoat, Paul D. Murphy, J. A.              blessed with an opportunity to          think of Sam?” he asked. “He’s  
takes place in our hearts when we Thornton and Cecil May, Jr. As                  speak to the church for a few min-
visit among the churches of Christ already noted, their present long-             utes -- seeking to encourage the
--especially in Mississippi.          time preacher is David Paden, Jr.,          brethren at Tilden who were so en-      KINGDOM
     We are thankful for all of God’s a graduate of MBC.                          couraging to us. It was another         (Continued from page 3)
                                                                                                                                                                    ward.” “You blind Pharisee! First
people, where ever they may be,           Our “drop-in” visit happened to         visit that brought, as usual, en-
                                                                                                                          lations, including the English Stan-      clean the inside (entos) of the cup
who regularly assemble in the be on “Singing Night”. Apparently                   couragement. (Al & June Franks)
name of Jesus Christ and who the first Wednesday evening of                                                               dard Version which I use, under-          and the plate, that the outside also
earnestly seek to worship the Fa- each month is set aside for em-                                                         stand John 17:21 to say “the king-        may be clean” (Matthew 23:26).
ther in “spirit and in truth.” And to phasis upon worship in singing.                 BRANSON, Missouri                   dom of God is in the midst of you,”                    Conclusion
have the privilege of continually David Paden welcomed everyone                     Vacation in the Beautiful             understanding entos in a different             “Kingdom,” therefore, is a
visiting among brethren, observ- and invited song selections and                                                          sense. The meaning, in that case,         broad term used in several senses.
                                                                                       Ozark Mountains
                                                               wrote the                                                  would be that in Jesus as Anointed           1. It is the same as the church,
                                                               numbers                                                    King (“Christ”), the kingdom is           containing all the redeemed, be-
                                                               on         the
                                                                                     2 Condominiums Available             present in prospect.                      ginning on the Pentecost follow-
                                                                                           Each: 2 BRs & 2 Baths
                                                               board.                     Each: Full kitchen &Den             Jesus taught something similar        ing Christ’s resurrection and end-
                                                                    Tony                     Each: Sleeps Six             to that when he told the Pharisees,       ing at the second coming of Christ.
                                                               Brazil, one                                                “But if it is by the Spirit of God that      2. It is the same in some usages
                                                               of the dea-          (1 mile west of Silver Dollar City)   I cast out demons, then the king-         as heaven.
                                                               c o n s ,                                                  dom of God has come upon you”                3. It also refers to the personal
                                                               started the          Minimum: 2 nights -- $250.00          (Matthew 12:28).                          acceptance of Jesus’ reign in the
                                                               special              Per week (7 nights) -- 600.00             Weighing in favor of the mean-        heart of Christians.
                                                               service,                                                   ing, “the kingdom of God is within
                                                               leading                       Owned and Operated           you,” is the fact that in the only              The Bible Says,
                                                               s o n g s                    By the Fulgham Family         other occurrence in the New Testa-        15 Rejoice with them that
(Center) David Paden, Jr., preacher with one of his three about our                       in Yazoo City, Mississippi      ment of the word entos, the word
daughters, Madison. (Right) John Moore, age 90, “old- hope for                       Information or Reservation           translated “within” or “in the midst      do rejoice, and weep with
est member of Tilden church.”                                  e t e r n i t y.            662-746-5865                   of,” the obvious meaning is “in-          them that weep. (Rom. 12)
July - Sept, 2010                                                       Magnolia Messenger                                                                                     Page 17

               Free Book Offer                                                            “Jesus Was All That!”
                                                                                                                         (Part 2)
  NOTE: A few weeks ago, Jon Gary Williams of LaVergne,                        Rodney Livingston                                                         The perfect birth of Jesus
  Tennessee, wrote to us with information about a free book               The perfect nature of Jesus                                                being born of the virgin as
  offer involving three books he has written. Brother Gary stated,   cannot be better displayed other                                                prophesied from many years
                                                                     than through His death and                                                      earlier, the perfect life of Jesus
        These books are                                              resurrection. In the first part, we                                             where He was directly tempted of
                                                                     sought to prove the nature of                                                   Satan and yet resisted to the point
  still being made free in                                           Jesus based on His birth and His                                                of never sinning (Matthew 4) to
  any         quantity    to                                         life, both of which were perfect in                                             the perfect attitude and demeanor
  individuals           and                                          nature. This part seeks to show                                                 through His fake trial and death
                                                                     how those events made it possible                                               sentence, up to the very last
  congregations. Last                                                for Jesus to have a perfect death                                               appearance after the resurrection,
  year we published                                                  and the perfect resurrection,                                                   Jesus’ nature was all perfect. There
  another        book,     A                                         therefore, completing the perfect                                               is not a better word one could use
                                                                     life of the only perfect one.                                                   to describe Jesus. It was the
  Practical Guide to                                                      You might say, ‘How was his
                                                                                                                     Rodney Livingston               perfect start all the way to the
  Bible Study.                                                       death perfect?’ That is a great                                                 perfected finish, through the
        The first two were,                                          question. It is amazing, according       completed without the perfect          Father, that provides the
  The Other Side of                                                  to Wilson’s book, that every letter      resur-rection. Having made the         conclusions of this student to the
                                                                     of the law was broken during the         previous comment and giving up         nature of Jesus. These claims and
  Evolution and The                                                  trial of Jesus. All the measures that                                           the realities of Jesus’ life are such
                                                                                                              the spirit of life, Jesus was
  Book of Mormon - A                                                 were necessary to convict an             perfectly dead. If not, why did        as to have no equivalent with any
  Book of Error and                                                  accused person and especially to         they bury him?                         other human who has lived on this
                                                                     hand down the verdict of death               Many have suggested He was         earth. This makes Him deity; the
  Fraud.                                                             were violated in the course of                                                  son of God having come into the
                                                                                                              just sleeping or in a trance or
        We have distributed thousands of these across                Jesus’ trial. (1)                        something but the spear in the         likeness of humans to serve,
  the country, principally through mention of them in                     If the process was to take place    right side and separation of the       Philippians 2.7.
                                                                     during the day, it happened at night     fluids in His body suggested a
  Jim Waldron’s, Bulletin Briefs, which is mailed to                 in Jesus’ case. If they were to have     death had occurred. Thus, He was                   (Footnotes)
  about 13,000 congregations...                                      a certain number of witnesses to         buried and laid in the earth as He        1. L.R. Wilson.The Triumphant
        ...I’m hoping you can make mention of these                  make an accusation, one was              claimed for three days, and at that    Jesus. 1952, (pgs. 171-80).
                                                                     plenty in the case of Jesus. If there    point, early in the morning,              2. Wilson. (pg. 203).
  for those who receive MM. They can be ordered                      was a time frame in which the case       Matthew 28, He had been raised            3. James Bales. The Biblical
  through me at:                                                     was to be considered, a speedy           in a bodily form.                      Doctrine of Christ. Central Printer,
                         Books,                                      and rash decision was necessary              The greatest evidence for this     1966, (pg. 19).
                       P.O. Box 35,                                  in Jesus’ case. All this knowing         perfect event is the appearances          4. Bales, (pg. 18)
                                                                     the one whom they wished to              that Jesus made to the apostles.          5. Leon Crouch. The Deity of
                  La Vergne, TN 37086                                crucify was innocent; He was the                                                Christ .Star Bible and Tract Corp,
                                                                                                              Some have suggested they were
                             or                                      only perfect part of the trial and       hallucinating, but many reasons        1977, (pg. 77).
                                           death process. The violet robe           could be given for why this was
                                                                     was the symbol of sin and evil. By       real and not some phenomenon
                                                                     Jesus wearing it, it was to show         going on among the apostles.                 STARKVILLE
                                                                     the mockery of the people upon           Besides, if this is true, why did it            Nine baptisms
  Please Remember to Pray for the Magnolia Messenger                 the sinless one. (2)
                                                                          As their mockery continued in
                                                                                                              cease so soon? (3)
                                                                                                                  Of course, many other
                                                                     many forms, Jesus was in perfect                                                           Seven days
                                                                                                              explanations could be given to
                                                                     control at all times, Matthew 27:28-     prove that this was not a figment      The church bulletin from
                                                                     30. In 2 Timothy 1:7, the Bible          of the apostles’ imagination, but      Starkville, Mississippi (Lee Ave),
               LA/TX RV Rally                                        clearly states that God has given
                                                                     us a spirit of self-control. It was
                                                                                                              rather Jesus was really raised in      recently reported nine baptisms
                                                                                                                                                     in seven days. As Andy Miller,
                                                                                                              bodily form. One must prove that
Date: October 27 (Wednesday) thru October 31 (Sunday)                this perfect self-control that Jesus     the apostles are creditable sources    preacher for the Starkville con-
                                                                     displayed in His death. He was                                                  gregation stated, “ What a great
Where: Salmon Lake Park – Grapeland Texas 75844                                                               and they are honest. (4) Then, their
                                                                     spit upon, cursed, and even                                                     time of rejoicing!”
Phone for park: 936-687-2594                                                                                  claim of seeing Jesus after He was
                                                                     mockingly accused; yet, He
RV sites are already reserved for you; no need to                                                             raised will be substantial for the
                                                                     refrained in perfect submission to
                                                                                                              perfect nature of Jesus before
call. If you want a cabin at the Park call the Park to reserve.      the will of the Father. Only the
                                                                                                              returning to the Father, Acts 1.
                                                                                                                                                          Gospel Meeting
For more information on other possible places to stay                Sinless One could do such a thing.
                                                                          How can the command to turn         The apostles affirmed that Jesus           Sept. 12 - 15, 2010
contact Ray or Donna Franks. 337-786-3095 (Home) –                   the other cheek be so forceful for       had been raised by God, Acts 2.32,                 Evangelist
(Cell) Ray 337-515-0866 – (Cell) Donna 337-842-5821                                                           and Matthias was chosen as
                                                                     us today? The Man who gave the
                                                                                                              being one who had witnessed the           Marshall Eubanks
                           Theme:                                    command is a perfect example of
                                                                                                              resurrection of Jesus, Acts 1.22.                  Sunday
  “Let’s Dream The Impossible Dream”                                 how to do that very thing.
                                                                     Perhaps the hardest thing, in this           In any judicial case the one             Bible Classes -- 9:00
        A Better Life; A Better Country;                             student’s opinion, would have            who can establish the most                     Worship -- 10:00
    A Better Family; A Better Church Family                          been to remain on the cross when         witnesses with the same                     Evening Worship -- 7:30
                                                                     He knew He had the power to come         testimony is the one who will be
                                                                     down. Even in the darkest hours          deemed the winner of the case. In            Monday -- Wednesday
                                         The Bible Says,             of His physical life, when people        the case of resurrection, Matthew,           7:00 PM Each Evening
Thank you for thinking of          20 Therefore if thine en-                                                  Luke, and John all speak to the
                                                                     were walking by and mocking Him                                                          Caledonia
the Magnolia Messenger             emy hunger, feed him; if he                                                resurrection with some differing
                                                                     to his face, Mark 15:31-32, Jesus                                                    Church of Christ
        when you
                                   thirst, give him drink: for       still per-fectly submitted all the       details. However, none of the
 remember and/or honor                                               way until He was able to say, “It Is     details are contradictory with each       Caledonia, Mississippi
                                   in so doing thou shalt heap                                                other, but rather work together to            local preacher
  Friends and Relatives                                              Finished,” John 19:30.
                                   coals of fire on his                   However, the perfect birth, life,   give a broader picture of this great        Shane Meredith,
      (See Page 12)
                                   head.(Rom. 12)                    or death would not have been             event. (5)
Page 18                                                                     Magnolia Messenger                                                                     July - Sept, 2010

            Churches Looking For Preachers                                                                             ARAB                                Lepanto, AR
                                                                                                                CHURCH OF CHRIST
                                                                                                                   Arab, Alabama
Notice: We are pleased to run                                Editor’s Note                                                   (6-26-10)
                                                                                                                                                     The Lepanto Church of Christ is
ads for congregations seeking                                                                                                                        looking for a full-time minister to
to find preachers to work with       Inclusion of a church and/or preacher on this page or any other                        Position:                work with the church here in
                                        page in the MM is not to be considered an endorsement.                                                       Lepanto. The congregation’s
them. Please mail your re-                                                                                           Minister of Outreach
quest to: "Magnolia Messen-                                                                                                  Salary:                 attendance ranges from 40 to
                                                                                                                                                     50 members. We do have
ger"; P.O. Box 1578; Ko-                                        Note Also                                         Competitive - depends on
                                                                                                                                                     housing available. If you would
sciusko, MS 39090. You may                                                                                      qualifications; experience level
                                                                                                                     Position Description:           like to apply, have any questions
e-mail us by addressing:             There is no charge to churches for this service. Thanks for asking!                                             or just want more information,
                                                                                                                   The individual selected will                                                                                                                                    please contact:
                                                                                                               serve as the church outreach
     We will plan to run each ad                                                                               minister. All tasks/works will be               J. C. Lewis
not more than two times un-                 Lone Oak                               Madison                     assigned by the eldership. The              at 870-475-2156 or
less a specific request for ex-            (Columbus, MS)                          (Jackson, MS)               individual will report to the              Whit Herndon, Jr.
tension is received from the                     (6-11-10)                             (7-25-10)               eldership.        Administrative             at 870-475-3838
congregation looking for a             The Lone Oak Church of                 The Madison church of Christ     support will be provided by the              Lepanto
preacher. There is no charge       Christ located in east central MS      is currently searching for a Youth   church staff as needed.
for this service. Thank you                                               and Family Minister to serve our         This position is envisioned          Church of Christ
                                   is looking for a sound New
for asking!                        Testament        preacher.      The    congregation. The congregation       as a beginning full time job for a        P. O. Box 339
                                   congregation is over 100 years old     has a membership of 110 and we       qualified Bible Studies graduate.      406 Kenwood Street
                                                                          currently have 2 elders and 4        Excelling in public speaking
                                   and is the oldest in the county.                                                                                  Lepanto, Arkansas 72354
      Searching                    Average attendance 62-68 each          deacons. Please submit resume
                                                                                                               (pulpit preaching) is not
                                                                                                               mandatory, but certainly would be
                                   week. We have two elders and two
     Waynesboro, MS
                                                                              Madison church of Christ         a plus for the candidate.                   News Notes
                                                                                    P.O. Box 1845,             Enthusiastic song leading talent
    The Waynesboro church of           House provided, a 3BR,2 full
                                                                                 Madison, MS 39130.            will have significant bearing on           TUPELO (Gloster St)
Christ, located in southeastern    baths, with large walk-in closet                                            the selection.
                                                                           Or contact Brad Guth @ Email :                                                 Youth Rally Planned
Mississippi, is seeking to fill    and deck. Has new paint and floor                                                     Qualifications
the pulpit with a sound New        covering through-out. Those                  Phone: 601-988-3439.                        (Minimum):                      “Faith Basics”
Testament minister.                interested should be well                                                       1. Degree in Bible from
    Our congregation was           grounded in the scriptures, able                                            recognized brotherhood college/          A Youth Rally called “Faith Ba-
established in Waynesboro in       to preach and teach the whole             Preacher Available                university or equivalent.            sics” is being planned for August
1952 by only a few faithful        truth; friendly, working to restore                                             2. Some church related
                                                                                   Buddy Borland                                                    21, 2010 at the Gloster Street
Christians. The congregation       the unfaithful and visiting the sick                                        experience as an intern, part        Church of Christ in Tupelo, Mis-
                                                                           Preacher Available for local
size consist of about 50-55        and shut-ins.                                                               time church work or leadership       sissippi. The time is 9:00 AM. -
                                                                           work with 43 years experience.
each Sunday morning with a                        Contact:                                                     in worship services.                 2:00 PM. The theme is “Rightly
                                                                           Have experience as pulpit
weekly budget of $1,700. The                 William P. Mason                                                      3. Demonstrated work ethic       Dividing the Word” and the Key-
                                                                           minister,    visitation   and
population of Waynesboro is                   662-251-5076                                                     (put in 40 hour week plus).          note Speaker is Doug Burleson.
                                                                           personal work minister, and
approximately 6,500 with the                                                                                           Other news from Gloster
                                                                           involvement minister.
church building located on Hwy          1404 Sanders Mill Road                                                    Arab Church Of Christ             Street: There were forty-three in-
                                                                                   Buddy Borland
145, North. The Waynesboro                  Steens, MS 39766                                                   1005 N. Main St - PO Box 376         dividuals from the Gloster Street
                                                                             Call: 205-652-7889 Home
church has no elders or                      Adrian Sanders                                                          Arab, AL 35016                 congregation who went on a cam-
                                                                            205-652-2308 Church Office
deacons.                                      662-356-4440                                                           Ph 256 586 8158                paign this summer to Freeport, Il-
             Salary                          418 Logan Lane                                                           e-mail address:               linois. They were able to knock on
Base of $37,000 + (Negotiable               Steens, MS 39766                                                              1,338 doors, resulting in several
upon qualification/experience)                                             Starkville Searching                                                     from the community attending both
        Home Provided              “...How shall they preach, ex-                For Preacher                                                       the Vacation Bible School as well
3 bedroom house in nice            cept they be sent?....”                                                                                          as the Gospel Meeting. Chad
                                                                               Lonnie Smith, a member of
                                           (Rom. 10:15)                    the Metro East congregation in
                                                                                                                 Jackson Grove                      Ramsey and Brian Galloway are
    Those applying for this                                                                                                                         the local ministers.
                                                                           Jackson, recently wrote. “I still       Jackson Grove church of
position should be well-                  Brandon, MS                      help in serving with the North      Christ -- a small country
rounded in all areas, a leader,
and exhibit a desire to help the         Presently looking for a
                                                                           Montgomery congregation in          congregation about 100 miles                 CORINTH
                                                                           Starkville... a minister [is]       south of Memphis TN, in
congregation to grow. The           scripturally sound experienced
                                                                           needed at North Montgomery.
                                                                                                                                                        Archers - 70 Years
                                                                                                               Tallahatchie           County,
responsibilities of the minister    full time gospel preacher for the                                                                               Congratulations to Ed and Ella
                                                                           Please note that resumes’ can       Mississippi is seeking a
should      be      considered      North Brandon Church of                                                                                         Archer on their 70th wedding an-
                                                                           either be sent to P.O. Box 1953,    sound gospel preacher who
traditional -- preaching and        Christ. This is a congregation                                                                                  niversary. A special anniversary
                                                                           Starkville, MS 39760 or e-          is retired or has a job that
teaching the whole truth,           with a Sunday morning                                                                                           party was given them on July 11,
                                                                           mailed                        to    would allow him to be
greeting and following up on        attendance of approximately
                                                                  for          available on weekends.               2010 at the Weaver Center in
newcomers, working to restore       160 located in central
                                                                           review. Also, if any questions        The position will be available     Corinth. The church bulletin from
the unfaithful and visiting the     Mississippi,       just east of
                                                                           are asked about the position,       July 4, 2010. Contact James          Corinth also stated that brother
sick and shut-ins.                  Jackson. Brandon is a city with
                                                                           please call at 662-617-2199         Kiihnl 662-647-3448 or John          and sister Archer will both be 90
            Contact:                a population of 20,600 and last
                                                                           and leave name and contact if       Deaton 662-647-2085.                 years old this year.
 Terry Heathcock (after 6:00        year was rated by Money
                                                                           not available.
      PM) 601-735-2288              magazine as the 54th best             small city in the country in which
  Jim Bowen 601-671-0987            to live.                                Need a Preacher?                         Bay St Louis Church of Christ
                                                                                                                       th              Interested      preachers,
                                                                          Run an Ad. -- No Charge                 35 ANNIVERSARY / HOMECOMING
       Jamie Heathcock              please send a resume and a
        601-735-3014 or             recorded sermon to:                                                            Friday, October 15 -- Sunday, October 17, 2010
         601-410-0894                         North Brandon                                                              Gwyneth Ford (Nashville, TN), Speaker                     Church of Christ
                                          Atten: Austin Brantley
                                                                           A Challenge to Parents                      Friday: 7:00 - 8:00 PM -- Sermon with snacks
                                                                                                                  Saturday: 4:00 - 5:30 singing; 5:30 - 7:00 PM free time;
   Mail Your Resume to:                        PO Box 251                      Encourage Your                           7:00 – 8:00 PM – Sermon, snacks following
  Waynesboro Church of                     Brandon, MS 39042                    Talented Son                     Sunday: 9:00 - 9:45 Bible Classes; 10:00 Worship service;
           Christ                   If you need additional                       To Dedicate
    Preacher Search                 information please either call                                               11:00 - Lunch provided at the building; 1:30 – PM Sermon
        P. O. Box 94                601 825 3986 or email                        His Life to                         Address: 501 Pine St; Bay St Louis, MS 39520
  Waynesboro, MS 39367                            Preaching the Word       ; 228-342-1386 (Charlie Buckley, minister)
July - Sept, 2010                                                                 Magnolia Messenger                                                                                      Page 19

      DeRidder, LA Church Makes Second                                          Is God Humbling America?
   Mission Trip to Sunny Glen Children’s Home                                   (Continued from page 9)
                                                                                                                      church buildings. The Bible is          under God, will not happen twice…
                     The Glory Belongs to God!                                  received. This did not happen         being reduced to fairly tales. Some     And one day the trumpet is going
                                                                                overnight... but after a slow decay   will criticize and say, “You can’t      to blow, and we shall shout
      A group of twenty-four people,     children. In the midst of turmoil,     that took decades. People... God’s    legislate morality.” Well, we don’t     “Hallelujah!... which way
from the Church of Christ in             they have found comfort, safety        people... slowly but surely took      seem to have too much of a              to Paradise?” And the soft, calm
DeRidder, Louisiana, traveled, for       and reassurance at Sunny Glen.         steps AWAY from Him.. .in their       problem legislating immorality.         voice of Final Authority will say,
the 2nd year in a row, to San Benito,    Praise God for this facility, and      personal lives, in their business         God is SUPPOSED TO BE IN            “You have had it mister, you have
Texas. They put on a three day           others like it around the world,                                                                                     had it.”
                                                                                lives and eventually in their         OUR DAILY LIVES. He was in the
Vacation Bible School for the            who share Jesus with children
                                                                                country’s lives. Those countries      lives of those who founded our              In 1952 Paul Harvey wrote:
children living at Sunny Glen            who might otherwise be forgotten.
Children’s Home.                         Please, pray for their efforts.”       ceased to be. That was THEN.          country (read UNDER GOD, by             “Almighty God, send us a leader.
     Through puppets, classes,               As mentioned above, our poor           We are dealing with the same      Tobi Mac) and as long as that           A man with his feet planted firmly
singing, crafts and team-building        economy is being felt by Sunny         God NOW. And the further back         piety existed, we were blessed, as      in American tradition. A tall man…
activities, Jesus’ Power to Heal         Glen. They have already taken          we look (the 8th Century B.C.) the    was Israel and Judah. Someone           with his head above the fog of
was taught. In Matthew chapters 8        some measures to save money            further ahead we can see. The         has said, “Piety begat prosperity       selfish interests. Not a common
and 9, His power to heal and to          in certain areas, so that the care     same thing that happened to           and then the daughter divorced          man. This time, God, send us “an
forgive sins is revealed when He         given to the children won’t suffer.    THEM is happening to                  the mother.”                            uncommon man” …a statesman.
heals the leper, the centurion’s         These precious children deserve        US. Why???? Because we have               Remember this lesson in these       We don’t deserve him, but send
servant, the woman who had been          to be nurtured and taught in the                                                                                     him anyway. And hurry please.
                                                                                the same God – regardless of          trying and worrisome times. God
ill for twelve years, the little girl,   admonition of the Lord.
                                                                                whether or not we acknowledge         has been, and always will be in         The hour is late. The candle of
and the paralytic.                       Contributions and donations are
     The group from DeRidder             down this year. If there is anyway     that.                                 control. To illustrate this, one last   freedom burns low.”
wishes to praise God for                 you or your congregation might             I watch the news with the same    time, look in the New Testament             Different problems, but the
everything good that came from           help this tremendous work for the      trepidation as many others. When      book of Romans. Chapter 13, verse       same definition... SYMPTOMS.
their trip. Their thoughts are           Lord, please, contact them             I consider current events and lay     1 says, “For there is no authority          After nations that were once
summed up in this statement:             immediately.                           them along side of my view of         except from God, and THOSE              favored by God turned to their own
     “All the work and effort put into       “For from Him and through          Biblical history, I am of a mixed     THAT EXIST HAVE BEEN                    ways only Judah learned the
the mission trip to South Texas          Him and to Him are all things. To      mind. I am scared on one hand,        INSTITUTED BY GOD.” God puts            lesson and returned to God for a
was to further the kingdom of God.       Him be the glory forever. Amen.”       yet inside, I know we are just        leaders in the position they are in     time after 70 years of national
He receives all the glory.               (Romans 11:36)                         seeing the consequences of our        – for HIS REASONS.                      captivity by the Babylonians in
     “We are humbled. Humbled                “Whatever you do in word or                                                                                      516 B.C.. Sadly, we know of the
                                                                                actions. Current events are just          And notice the answer Jesus
because we experienced just a            deed, do all in the name of the
                                                                                SYMPTOMS of a greater problem.        gave to Pontius Pilate who claimed      religious state of Judah’s people
glimpse of the sad situations            Lord Jesus, giving thanks through
some of the children have come           Him to God the Father.”                They are just signs of God’s          his power this way in John 19:10,       by walking with Jesus in the
from. Humbled because we                 (Colossians 3:17)                      intervention in history even still.   “Do you not know that I have            Gospels. Judah would fall again,
watched God work through the                   Contact Information:             He has ALWAYS held man                power to release you, and power         this time to Rome, not 40 years after
staff at Sunny Glen to reach out                     Sunny Glen                 accountable for his actions.          to crucify you?” To which Jesus         Jesus walked the Earth.
and comfort each child that comes                 Children’s Home                   A thousand years from now,        replied, “You would have NO                 The only... the ONLY question
their way. Humbled by the house                    P.O. Box 1373                somebody will pick up their history   POWER over me UNLESS IT HAD             that matters is, given a history of
parents who sacrifice an                     San Benito, Texas 78586            books and the Bible and read of       BEEN GIVEN YOU FROM                     not seeing the signs, will we, as a
enormous amount to provide love                   (956) 399-5356                the problems of Israel… Judah...      ABOVE.”                                 country, receive the message?
for broken children. Humbled by             Email:                                                                                         History reveals we won’t. Current
                                                                                the U.S., and realize that as a           What Jesus? Say that again
the faith and enthusiasm of the          Donations can also be made
                                                                                nation begins to trust less in God    please? “You would HAVE NO              events are evidence of that.
director and his wife, even though       online at:
the economy is taking a toll on the      Above article submitted to MM on       and more in themselves and their      POWER OVER ME IF NOT GIVEN                  One could say that there have
Home’s finances.                         behalf of the DeRidder church by:      political/military/economic power,    TO YOU FROM ABOVE.” God is              been bad times before. That is true.
     “And humbled by the smiles                      Julie Fariss               the more God intervenes to bring      in control. He puts people in            But the closer we get to our
and laughter we heard from the                  down those countries.                 positions to fulfill His plan.          country’s God-trusting founda-
                                                                                    He used internal and external         We have many external threats.      tion, we see that people were good.
                                                                                forces THEN. He’s doing the very      We have even more internal              People had ethics and values.
                                                                                same thing NOW. We have internal      threats. Perhaps one could say          Thus, our COUNTRY HAD
                                                                                corruption and an ever growing        that these have always been             VALUES. We have taken steps
                                                                                threat externally – from Islam,       present.         “Paul Harvey’s         that have systematically removed
                                                                                (who, by the way, while most of       America,” published in 2009, looks      God from our national
                                                                                us will call them “evil,” let’s       back at a time in the early 70’s when   consciousness. Are we really
                                                                                remember that pornography,            there was the Vietnam War,              better for having done so?
                                                                                adultery, etc,… things that God       Watergate, high inflation, high         Now, our country, like other God-
                                                                                has said are wrong (and ARE           unemployment, etc., when                favored nations before, is losing
  104 o Temperature on Sunday, August 1, 2010, in Kosciusko, MS                 TREATED AS WRONG AMONG                pessimism reigned. He updated a         that foundation, those values, and
                                                                                ISLAM), that are protected by law     speech originally given in the          thus, its soul.
           So, You Think It Is Hot!                                             here) God is raising them and
                                                                                many other threats up for a reason.
                                                                                                                      late 1950’s. He said THEN:
                                                                                                                          “History promises only this for
                                                                                                                                                                  A sad but predictable epitaph
                                                                                                                                                              is being written for the tombstone
    When the thermometer shows           about a future “furnace of fire”,          A simple truth is, given the      certain: We will get exactly what       of our country. ”Yet you did not
104, and humidity considered, the        where “there shall be weeping and      impact of one’s beliefs in their      we deserve.” Paul Harvey also           return to me.”
heat index reaches 110 to 115, you       gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 13:42).      daily lives, Muslims BELIEVE IN       viewed America as a miracle of              Thanks for reading.
don’t just think it is hot -- you            Near the very close of the New     THEIR GOD MORE DEVOUTLY               history as well, impossible to                (Written by Dave Verret;
know it is hot! When I remember          Testament, in Jesus’ revelation to     THAN WE DO OURS. Islam is a           replicate or, if lost, impossible to              Mililani, Hawaii)
the way it “used to be”, fifty or        John, a voice from heaven stated,      way of life. While we often say       restore:                              
sixty years ago, I can not help but      in no uncertain terms, that sinners    “Oh My God” and use God’s name            “I know well from what has
                                                                                disrespectfully and discount the      gone before, if all this (nation)           Dave added: I wish to thank Dan
say, “Thank you, Lord, for air-con-      who refuse to repent will have their                                                                                 S. in Thailand who provoked me to
ditioning.”                              part in “the lake which burneth        authenticity of the Bible, may God    stands for dies, it will not rise       write the original letter that would
    While we think (know) it is hot      with fire and brimstone...” (Rev.      help the Muslim who uses the          again. Daniel Webster said, “that       become this essay. Also, John G. in
now, consider what is yet to come.       21:8). This is a most serious warn-    name Allah disrespectfully or who     which has happened but once in          Hawaii, Patti J. in Texas, Janice H. in
Jesus issued warnings about fu-          ing. And, remember: There will be      discounts the Koran.                  six thousand years cannot               Louisiana for their encouragement,
ture heat. Repeatedly, he warned         no air conditioning available in           Our God is and has been           be expected to happen twice.”           support and review of this paper.
about the “danger of hell fire”          hell. Study prayerfully Luke 16:19-    systematically taken out of our           Mr. Harvey continues, “This
(Matt. 5:22). He spoke clearly           31. (Editor)                           society and mostly limited to         magnificent accident, government         Please Pray for the MM
Page 20                                                                             Magnolia Messenger                                                                           July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                      So, “How do/
        “Modest Apparel” -- Who Decides?                                                                                 Spirituality                                             should I see my
               Godly Women or an Ungodly World?                                                                                                                                   situation?” might
          - A. L. Franks -
    The first human couple, after
                                       ally-starved worldly folks of this
                                       “adulterous and sinful genera-
                                                                                                                             and                                                  be a good place to
                                                                                                                                                                                  start! Then, “What
                                                                                                                                                                                  assets do I have?”
sinning and realizing they were na-
ked, sewed fig leaves together and
“made themselves aprons” (Gen.
                                       tion” (Mark 8:38). Please respect
                                       the wisdom of Godly women who,
                                       in consultation with their Godly
                                                                                                                             Grief                                                Finally, “In which
                                                                                                                                                                                  areas do I need
                                                                                                                                                                                  more support?”
3:7). Later, before driving Adam       men, reverence God and His word                                                                                                                As a Christian,
                                                                                                                             Let me make a
and Eve from the garden of Eden,       in making important decisions as                                                                                                           you and I must not
                                                                                                                         few suggestions
God made for them “coats of            to what to wear or not to wear.                                                   about Christians --           - Doug Greenway -          automatically fall
skins” and “clothed them” (Gen.            I challenge you: Dare to be dif-                                              their spirituality and grief:                            apart and decide to
3:21).                                 ferent! Become and be a shining                                                       #1: You need to make your           never recover because we have
    Please note that man made          light in a world of darkness and
                                                                                            Earl Edge                    disaster response plan “before had some disappoint-ments and
aprons, but God made coats. And,       sin. (Editor)
                                                                                           4/30/24 - 7/4/10              disaster comes.” All of us need a losses in our lives!
it was after they were given coats                                                                                       crisis plan. If you’re not in a crisis,     Some of you are today in mine
to wear that Scripture says they                                                                                                                                 fields and swamps with your life.
                                          Caution... Caution                                                             or just getting over a crisis, your
were “clothed.”
                                                    to all                       Another Gospel Preacher                 next crisis is just around the corner! But, you’re still here. God’s not
    The New Testament teaches
                                              Concerned Parents                                                              #2: The “predictable” things finished with you yet! Ephesians
that women are to adorn them-                                                    Has Departed This Life                  in life help us to bear the 2:10 (ESV), “For we are his
selves in “...modest apparel...” as                                                                                      “unpredictable things” in life! God workmanship, created in Christ
                                                                                                                         foreknew that mankind would need Jesus for good works, which God
                                            1. Don’t expect your children
“...becometh women professing          to just know what is proper or im-             After 70 years of preaching the
godliness” (I Tim. 2:9,10). Jesus,                                               gospel, Earl Edge of Southaven,         a wife, father and mother. Children prepared beforehand, that we
                                       proper in wearing apparel.
in His great “Sermon on the                 2. Do realize the enormous           Mississippi, departed this life on      were in the plan, and this was should walk in them.”
                                                                                                                         explained with the side comment             #1: Realize that God has a plan
Mount”, spoke about the sin of         pressure that children feel from          July 4, 2010. His last sermon was                                               for your life!
“mental adultery” when He warned       their friends; along with the daily       preached a couple of months ear-        that “it was not good for man to be
                                                                                                                         alone.” (Gen. 2:18ff.) Who and              #2: Not a single thing in life has
against the danger of looking on a     temptation to go along with the           lier -- on April 5.
                                                                                                                         what’s in your life that you can        been wasted, if we’ve learned
woman “to lust after her.”             style (trend) and the strong de-               Earl Edge was born April 3,
                                                                                                                         count on?                               something from it. (See Ps. 139:16.)
    It is a known fact that cloth-     sire of us all to “not be different.”     1924, in Searcy, Arkansas. In
ing, or the lack of it, can be and          3. Remember the accumula-            1940, he obeyed the gospel after            #3: We all need a healthy Trust God about your past; trust
                                       tive power of television, movies,         hearing it preached for the first       “support system” in place!There Him in your present and trust him
often is a major factor in creating
                                       the internet and magazines.               time. His mother was baptized           are 7 days in one week, and we need for your future. “‘For I know the
lusts (unlawful desires). Christian
                                            4. Make daily Bible study prac-      the next day. At the age of 16 he       7 arms of a support system -- one plans I have for you,’ declares the
women must never forget their          tical and applicable to everyday          preached his first sermon in Live       to use each day! Your spouse, your Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and
God-given responsibility to dress      living. (It is!)                          Oak, Florida.                           children, your parents or siblings, not to harm you, plans to give you
modestly so as to not contribute            5. Call upon church leaders               Earl met and married Lorene        two or three close friends, your hope and a future.’” (Jer. 29:11)
in any way to “lustful thoughts”       (preachers and elders) to fre-            Duncan after a courtship of only        preacher, a mental health
on the part of male onlookers or       quently use the pulpit and                two weeks. They were together for       professional and/or your doctor            (Doug preaches for the West
admirers. This point brings us to      classes to instill Scriptural prin-       64 years and were the parents of                                                 Main St. church in Tupelo, MS.)
                                                                                                                         might serve well here for a while.
some very important questions          ciples governing “modest ap-              three children -- Timothy, Tanna
                                       parel”.                                   and Tammy. Through the years,
that need to be considered when
women choose what to wear or not            6. Pray fervently for our faithful
                                       and godly women (young and
                                                                                 Earl gained a noteworthy educa-
                                                                                 tion (including work on a doctor-       HOWELL
to wear.                                                                         ate), faithfully preached the gos-
                                       old) that they will see a good ex-                                                (Continued from page 5)                 weeks. He worked alongside Jim
                                       ample from the faithful and godly         pel and taught school in several                                                Judd designing and building
    * How elaborate (costly) is not    men (young and old) and, to-              communities in Arkansas, Ten-
                                                                                                                         Cuban missile crisis, his boss          various buildings and pieces of
too elaborate (costly)?                gether, we will all have the cour-        nessee and Florida. During the
                                                                                                                         wanted to build a really elaborate      equipment. He designed the
    * Am I emphasizing the out-        age to do, not our will but, the will     last ten years of his life, he served
                                                                                                                         Bomb Shelter on his estate there        house of worship for the church in
ward person or the inward per-         of our Heavenly Father.                   as one of the preachers for the
                                                                                                                         in Whitehaven, Smith drew the           Mzuzu, Malawi. This building will
son?                                                                             Pine Bluff church in Toccopola,
                                                                                                                         plans and supervised con-               stand long as a testimony to his
    * How low is too low?                                                        Mississippi.
    * How short is too short?
                                         Recommended Reading                          Brother Earl’s daughter,
                                                                                                                         struction of a facility that drew       love for the work of God in that
                                                Turn to Page 22                                                          national attention—with beds for        faraway land. And therein lies
    * How tight is too tight?                                                    Tammy (Edge) Pruett, wrote                                                      another moving story.
                                                This issue, MM                                                           54 adults, complete with its own
    * How revealing is too reveal-                                               about her father and said: “He al-                                                  The Christians in Mzuzu loved
                                                                                                                         power plant, weather station, and
ing?                                   Here you can read the words of a          ways encouraged young men to                                                    Smith so deeply that upon
                                                                                                                         even a morgue to hold a few
                                       godly, older woman who calls at-          preach and teach. He was an ar-                                                 learning of his death, they planned
                                                                                                                         bodies in case such was needed.
     Who decides these vital ques-     tention to scriptural teachings           dent visitor of the sick and shut-                                              a memorial service for him at the
                                                                                                                              And when Hoyt Wooten
                                       about the dangers of immodest             ins. He was forgiving and kind.                                                 exact same hour we were
tions? Do we just leave it up to an                                                                                      decided he’d like to have a really
                                       clothing, especially in the sum-          He was a wonderful father and                                                   conducting one here. Our service
evil and adulterous world of men                                                                                         fine yacht, Smith was assigned the
                                       mertime. And, remember the                husband. But, above all, he was                                                 was at 1:00 PM, meaning those
and women who are sex-crazy and                                                                                          task. He bought the steel hull of a
                                       writer (Sylvia Waites) is simply          a Christian... always putting God                                               Africans stayed up till 11:00 PM to
money-hungry, or should women                                                                                            98-foot boat and proceeded to
                                       doing her job. The Bible admon-           first. He never met a stranger and                                              do theirs. Then with the help of a
who profess godliness make these                                                                                         build a yacht mostly of mahogany
                                       ishes the older women to teach            taught me to be the same. He                                                    technician from Smith’s old
                                                                                                                         imported from South America.
decisions? I ask: Who makes these      (train) the younger women in              was my daddy. He has blessed                                                    employer, CBS affiliate WREG-TV
                                                                                                                         (Some of that mahogany that was
important decisions in your life       many areas of life. (Titus 2:3-5)         my life. Words cannot express                                                   here in Memphis and our own
                                                                                                                         left over was used recently to make
or in the life of your daughters?                                                how much I will miss him!”                                                      Calvin Dean, we were hooked up
                                                                                                                         a complete set of communion
     May we suggest that “Chris-                                                      The address for Lorene Edge,
tian women” make such decisions
                                               News Note                         Earl’s wife, is: Lorene Edge, 5260
                                                                                                                         trays at Goodman Oaks). The
                                                                                                                         vessel was a work of art. When it
                                                                                                                                                                 live to Africa via satellite. They
                                                                                                                                                                 could see and hear our service in
                                                     CORINTH                     Bent Road, Southaven, MS 38671. His                                             Mississippi and we could see and
for themselves and their daugh-                                                                                          was completed, Mr. Wooten
                                       The Magnolia Messenger likes to           daughter, Tammy, who supplied the                                               hear them singing their African
ters, relying on Scripture and ad-                                               information about his death, can be
                                                                                                                         commissioned Smith as the
vice from other “godly women.”         recognize those older members                                                     Captain. Smith recoiled and said,       songs in Malawi.
                                       of the Lord’s Church who have             reached at the same address. (alf)                                                  Euman Smith Howell, Sr,
(It may also be very helpful to seek                                                                                     “I’ve never piloted a boat even one
                                       continued faithful and are still ac-                                              fourth this size.” Wooten said,         friend of God. We probably won’t
the input of trustworthy, godly
                                       tive in spite of their age. One such                                              “Well, you can learn.” And learn he     see his like again.
men who are well acquainted with                                                           The MM
                                       member is Altha Rogers who now                                                    did, taking the family down the                      Ken Joines
the “facts of life.”)                                                                     Requests
                                       resides in Corinth, Mississippi.                                                  Mississippi and around Florida.                7154 Golden Oaks East
     I beg of you: Please don’t just                                                    Your Prayers
                                       Sister Rogers celebrated her 90th                                                      He made four extended                      Southaven, MS 38671
listen to or go along with the stan-                                                         and
                                       birthday on June 30, 2010. Be-                                                    mission trips to Malawi, Africa,     
dards set by money-hungry, sexu-                                                      Your Suggestions
                                       lated Happy Birthday wishes!                                                      three of them lasting several                       901-212-1601
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1. Donna Gulley              93. Audrey Bowling                                                                                  347. Dianna Alcede                  385. Pat Moore
2. Billy Willingham          94. Tom Forrest, Sr.                           Your Name on This Page                               348. Joey Alcede                    386. Mrs. Betty Eubanks
3. Don “Ug” Lee              95. Garry Gooch                                  Means Much                                         349. Peggy Alcede                   387. Audrey Seago
4. Madonna Michael           96. Della M. Rhodes                                                                                 350. Gary Clarkson                  388. Wayne Crum
5. Dot Winslett              97. Annie Mae Pipkin                             1. You are a Bible student!                        351. Alice Cooper                   389. Verna Spake
6. Travis Hamilton           98. Mary J. Adams                             2. You encourage us and others!                       352. Vester Cooper                  390. Dotsy Downs
7. Kenneth Harris            99. Katie Houston                                                                                   353. Brandy Courville               391. Dan Hawkins
8. Brenda Vick               100. Ella Darnell                           Thank You For Answering                                 354. Suzan Dubrock                  392. Gaynell Doughty
9. Carole Shelby             101. Miriam Styers                            “The Question Box”                                    355. Judith Elkins                  393. Dennis McNairy, Jr.
10. Marie Green              102. Alma Maddox                                                                                    356. Walter Elkins                  394. Daniel Mastin
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12. Fran Williford           104. Janie Green                 185. Jane Walker                   266. Buddy Parsons              358. Marilyn Estes                  396. Diamond Mastin
13. Wanda Yancey             105. Betty VanBuren              186. Jo Masters                    267. Bobby Brown                359. Glenda Franks                  397. Akyra McNairy
14. Linda T. Shirley         106. Juanita LeBouef             187. Lady B. Garth                 268. Everett Boyd               360. Paul Franks                    398. Darnita Fluker
15. Ruby Wright              107. Mattie Ann Owens            188. Michael Coleman               269. William Pyron              361. Barbara Gayle                  399. Zach Moore
16. Laverne Coker            108. Lisa Dettor                 189. Eddie Vermillion              270. Ruby Dilmore               362. James Gayle                    400. Thelma Talbert
17. Wynell Thompson          109. Shirley Styers              190. Jim Vermillion                271. Elvis Dilmore              363. Ann Marie Johnson              401. Foy C. Smith
18. Vera Spencer             110. Dorothy Brunson             191. Peggy Hartman                 272. Patricia D. McClure        364. D’Angelo Johnson               402. Natalie Stewart
19. Shelia Woodard           111. Martha Simpson              192. Frances Harrell               273. Jerry & Norma Inman        365. Mo Johnson                     403. Annie Jean McGill
20. Nicole Womack            112. Edward Pearson              193. Bobbie Loggins                274. Barbara F. White           366. Debbie Laster                  404. Bonnie Dixon
21. B. J. Womack             113. Brenda Harvill              194. Jeff & Debbie Shull           275. Madison Hutchens           367. Rita Malbroux                  405. Dorothy Laws
22. MaNia Womack             114. Glen Brady                  195. Genie Henning                 276. Patricia Thornton          368. Ancilla Nolan                  406. Paula Blankenship
23. Bralan Womack            115. Anna Free                   196. Linda Paden                   277 Tammy Bullard               369. Horace Rider                   407. Gail Gurganus
24. Jeremiah Woodard, Sr.    116. Debra Michael               197. Ruby Gideon                   278. Trillie Strickland         370. Jeanette Rider                 408. Peggy Cooper
25. Jeremiah Woodard, Jr.    117. Olen Roden                  198. Bodean Collum                 279. Edith Winters              371. Megan & Andrew Shepherd        409. Sammy Cooper
26. Marcella A. Moore        118. Nell Tipton                 199. Vera Winfrey                  280. Hattie Hooper              372. Joe Spain                      410. Billie Boyd
27. Dick Green               119. Millie A. Goode             200. Dorothy Alexander             281. Betty Jo Stewart           373. Leora White                    411. Matt & Tiffany Mobley
28. Edmon & Kathy Wheeler    120. Pat Morris                  201. Danny Stacks                  282. Ralph & Doris Gillespie    374. Hattie Johnson                 412. Clifford Crowder
29. Admiral Tidwell          121. Libby Williams              202. Kathie Stacks                 283. Charlene Williams          375. William Thompson               413. Evelyn M. Doss
30. Vela Hales               122. Merlene Scott               203. Arthur & Shirley Burnett      284. Bonnie Skates              376. Kristy Pipes                   414. Bobby Lively
31. Barbara Baker            123. Ollye Rush                  204. Connie Tice                   285. Pinky Hawes                377. Dave Moore                     415. Alpaulthenia Cotton
32. Ms. Jean Bohanan         124. Charlane Stanfield          205. Hazel Cook                    286. Bill & Miriam Moore        378. Nancy H. Blair                 416. Nancy H. Blair
33. Wm & Atlean Snow         125. Otis & Linda Baker          206. Princess & Johnny Watson      287. Melvin & Kay Linton        379. Shelia A. Williams             NOTE: All answers received
34. Billie J. McCurdy        126. Mrs. Dean Howe              207. Joseph & Bobbie Priddy        288. Mary N. Faulconer          380. M/M Doyle Varner, Jr.          through 8/4/10 have been
35. Shellie Hancock          127. Carolyn Harvill             208. Betty A. Skinner              289. Iva Hill                   381. Doris J. Fletcher              included. Answers recieved
36. Glenda Jefcoat           128. Warren Scott Gallaher       209. Elizabeth Todd                290. Billie Jane Davis          382. Jeanette Bennett               later, will be (God willing)
37. Ruth Christian           129. Mary Brannan                210. Alice Humphries               291. Imogene Grayson            383. Imogene Kirk                   included in next issue. Thanks
38. Dathol Camp              130. Rosie Mae Felton            211. Mildred Herrington            292. Stacey & MeLinda Hawkins   384. John Hazel                     for answering “The Q.B.”
39. Ellene Vaughan           131. Phillip Bradley             212. Nancy Switzer                 293. Mary A. Jacobs
40. Lorene Lindsey           132. Carol Bradley               213. Vic & Ruth Hawn               294. Shirley M. Phillips
41. Laverne Darby            133. Roger Spiers                214. Mrs. Sharon Freeman           295. June Brents                          The Sermon on the Mount
42. Carolyn Garrett          134. Margaret Googe              215. Cheri G. Moore                296. Mrs. Bertie Wilson
43. Rebecca Alexander        135. Shelia Hall                 216. Linda Cook                    297. Barbara A. Beard                              Answers: Last Issue
44. Linda B. Keirn           136. Emily Hall                  217. Ginny Luther                  298. Edna M. Hurst
45. Mrs. V. E. Buffington    137. Shirley Pearce              218. Betty Shackelford             299. Christine Holliday                               Our Heavenly Father
46. Penny Clanton            138. Rosie Lee Odoms             219. James Hoy                     300. Catherine Ann Allen        Jesus emphasized, in His sermon, our relationship with God. He is our
47 Jean Forrester            139. James R. Brooks             220. Doris Darnell                 301. Lois Cleo Wright           Heavenly Father. We are His children. Match the phrase Jesus asso-
48. Linda Crochet            140. Kathy Kirby                 221. Mrs. Dorothy L. Thornton      302. Michelle Simpson           ciated with our Father God (column 1), which best matches the refer-
49. Ms. Betty A. Billings    141. Sherry Townsend             222. Karen Britt                   303. Marie Lively               ence given (column two). Supply the missing chapter or verse.
50. Diane Dunaway            142. Max Weathers                223. Myrtle Rogers                 304. Sandy Dean
51. Jean Lewis               143. Marie Sykes                 224. Irene M. Wright               305. Mary Adams Warren          _2_He is glorified through good works.            1.   Matthew   7:11
52. Charles Coffey           144. Pierce Flatt                225. Sandra Welch                  306. Gwendolyn Bryant           _7_His will must be done (obeyed).                2.   Matthew   5:16
53. John L. Gates, Jr.       145. Eileen Williford            226. Linda Anderson                307. Eunice M. Kirkwood          6_He knows/cares for all our needs.              3.   Matthew   6:4,6
54. Kay Shiers               146. Robert Blackburn            227. Joyce Key                     308. Sibyl Goodman
55. Sue Mason                147. Sherron Dixon               228. Jim Nowell                    309. Bernard Macon, Sr.         _7_He is perfect; He is our example.              4.   Matthew   7:21
56. Jennifer F. Gray         148. Jimmy & Clara Davis         229. Barbara Yates                 310. Bernice Mills              _8_He feeds the birds; He will provide!           5.   Matthew   5:45
57. Peggy Wroten             149. Mary Ella Webster           230. Charles & Pauline Aldridge    311. Minnie Gwyne               _5_He sends the rain; makes sun to rise.          6.   Matthew   6:32
58. Carol Bonner             150. Kaye Wise                   231. Brenda Brockway               312. Deborah Brannon            _3_He sees in secret and rewards openly.          7.   Matthew   6:48
59. Marie Green              151. Travis Murray               232. Carolyn Olson                 313. Yvonne Swilley
                                                                                                                                 _1__He gives good things to those who ask.        8.   Matthew   6:26
60. Brenda Burlison          152. Sherry Murray               233. Velda Carter                  314. Bronwen Pollard
61. Beulah Rupert            153. Geneva Jackson              234. Brenda Thrower                315. Marvin England
62. Bernita Booker           154. Matthew White & Josh Conn   235. Deanie Bradshay               316. Jerry Howard                               Numbers Are in the Answers
63. Cathey Roberson          155. Caitlin Conn                236. Myrle Turman                  317. Estelle Glover                    9. List three acts of righteousness which, when done “in se-
64. Era Hinson               156. Patsy Muniz                 237. Gladys Bryant                 318. Kay Bramlett               cret”, bring blessings from God. Alms, Prayers and Fasting.
65. Willa Fox                157. Denise White                238. Minnie Young                  319. Roger King                        10. List three enemies which can corrupt or consume earthly
66. Ruby McCrory             158. Reid & Frieda Thompson      239. Evelyn Faulkenburry           320. Ed Istre                   riches . (Moth, Rust and Thieves.)
67. Melba Ogg                159. Mrs. Cecil Smith            240. Ms. Merle Johnston            321. Aslaeen Dean
                                                                                                                                        11. The word “Blessed” is found how many times in Mathew
68. Myra Reaves              160. Tommy Muirhead              241. Patsy McClung                 322. Mariah Wallace
69. Lenola Balentine         161. Brenda Carter               242. James & Gloria Breckenridge   323. Kathie Bordelon            chapter five? Circle the correct number. (Answer: 4, 8, or 9
70. Norma Taylor             162. Ann Kimble                  243. Gladys Jackson                324. Robert Whitson             times)
71. Ima Jean Fogus           163. Ms. Linda Laird             244. Vera Ashmore                  325. Lucy Franks                       13. How many times in Jesus’ sermon did He speak of God as
72. Natalie Grisham          164. Doris Laird                 245. Doris Whitty                  326. Earl Franks                being “in heaven” and/or refer to Him as “heavenly Father”? Circle
73. Peggy S. Walker          165. Marilyn Howell              246. Martha West                   327. Carlye Blackmon            the correct number. ( 3, 5, 8 , or 10 )
74. Bowden & Melba Grisham   166. Carroll Rampley             247. Claude Edwards                328. Johnnye Blackmon                  12. The expression, “I say unto you” is found how many times
75. Ray Ann Woodruff         167. Coy Daily                   248. Bonnie Howell                 329. Dorothy Franks             in chapter five? Circle the correct number. ( 3 ___; 5 ____ or 8 )
76. Barbara Beard            168. Dorsa Sparks                249. Aaron & Desiree’ Hare         330. Wes & Rhoda Jeans
77. Julius Lee Morris        169. Kerry Deaton                250. Jessie Baker                  331. Kimberly Franks                                      True or False:
78. Dwight E. Hester         170. Tommy & Peggy Shull         251. Ruby Matejka                  332. David & Missy Blackmon     True 13. I can quote the “golden rule” of the Bible. (?)
79. Paul & Elsie Bryson      171. Jim Nowell                  252. Ms. Lucille Jackson           333. Elissa Franks              True 14. In His sermon on the mount Jesus mentions both dogs and
80. Mrs. June Faulkner       172. Mattie Cole Gregory         253. Dorthy Ford                   334. Stephanie Slaydon          hogs.
81. Dee Kepler               173. Cathy E. Brooks             254. Ouida Gentry                  335. Helen Franks               False 15. In chapter five Jesus speaks about sheep and wolves. (chap-
82. Patrilla Maddox          174. Alice M. Amos               255. Laura & Inez Brannon          336. Carter Blackmon            ter 7)
83. Ann McDonald             175. Jerry Jones                 256. Rick Bishop                   337. Caleb Blackmon             True 16. A corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit.
84. Linda Hogue              176. Batsell B. Booker           257. Joyce A. King                 338. Chanler Blackmon           True 17. To enter the kingdom one must do more than say “Lord,
85. Ray Parham               177. James Hudley                258. Kittie Edwards                339. Windy Blackmon             Lord.”
86. Faye Stanford            178. Mary R. Dennis              259. Rosa Sanders                  340. James H. Tucker            True 18. A foolish man is one who hears but fails to obey the words
87. Wilda Pounds             179. Bettie Brown                260. Mattie Luster                 341. Alexus Franks              of Christ.
88. Danny Rucker             180. Shirley Dewett              261. Elsie M. Moore                342. Dawn LeGros                False 19. The greatest of all sermons is divided into three chapters
89. Bernice Townsel          181. Mrs. W. C. Wells            262. Harlen & Ruth Headley         343. Deborah Lange
                                                                                                                                 and 117 verses. (110 verses)
90. Lawrence C. Horn         182. Sharon Huckaba              263. Velma Isom                    344. Jessica Slaydon
91. Mary M. McDonald         183. Benita Gideons Burge        264. Bonnie B. Glass               345. Tristan Smith              True 20. A person who seeks to correct another while he doing the
92. Maggie R. Edmonds        184. Shirley Bostick             265. Looralynn Felton              346. Nicholas Slaydon           same or worse is, according to Jesus, a hypocrite.
Page 22                                                                              Magnolia Messenger                                                                          July - Sept, 2010

                                                                                                                                              Oak Ridge Church
               By/For/About Women... Mostly                                                                                                 Tears Down to Build Up
                                                                                                                                The Oak Ridge church in cen-
                                                                                                                           tral Mississippi, tracing its history
             SUMMER TIME... And, the Clothes Fall Off                                                                      back to about 1920, is one of the
                                                                                                                           oldest churches of Christ in the
    “Summertime... and the                                                       enforcing for our children? Do            area. (There are at least two other
living is easy,” so goes the song.                                               we put God first, or only when            “Oak Ridge Churches of Christ”
As Christian parents, we are to                                                  we do not have a worldly activity         in the Magnolia state.) Oak Ridge
train up our children in the way                                                 to attend? Do we speak to                 brethren assemble for worship
                                                                                                                           about 15 miles north of Ko-
they should go, wrote the wise                                                   encourage and exhort others               sciusko and presently bring to-
man, Solomon. This starts with                                                   around us? Do we dress in a               gether about 20 to 30 souls. Brad        1956 Meeting Place Torn Down
birth and continues until they are                                               manner pleasing to God? Are our           Adcock, a graduate of MBC, ca-          (Rotting lumber and termite damage)
“of age”. Then, they are                                                         actions and speech showing God            pably serves as their preacher
responsible for their own                                                        in our lives?                             (part-time).                            a very meaningful sermon based
actions. Hopefully, we have done                                                     Philippians 4:8 (NIV):                     My June and I were privileged      on God’s “strange” directions
a good job and their choices will                                                “Finally, brothers, whatever is           to visit their services on Sunday,      given to Hosea in the book that
                                                                                                                           August 1, 2010. We found them           bears his name (chapter 1).
be easy. Our purpose in this                                                     true, whatever is noble,                  meeting in a private home while         There was something special
world is to glorify God.                                                         whatever is right, whatever is            their new building is under con-        about the closeness we felt as
    In I Timothy 2:9-10 (NIV)                                                    pure, whatever is lovely,                 struction. A sister named Helen         we worshipped together in the
Paul writes: “I also want women                                                  whatever is admirable–if                  Hopkins, almost 94 years old, had       small living room. We certainly
to dress modestly, with decency       women to her Son. The Old                  anything is excellent or                  opened her house for the morn-          enjoyed being with the brethren
and propriety, not with braided       Testament is for our learning;             praiseworthy–think about such             ing services.                           and having an opportunity to
hair or gold or pearls or             therefore, this passage is                 things” Philippians 4:4 (NIV): “I                                                 speak brief words of encourage-
                                      appropriate for the subject.                                                                                                 ment and to share some good
expensive clothes, (v. 10) but                                                   can do everything through him                                                     news about the MM.
with good deeds, appropriate for          In this world, so many                 who gives me strength.”
                                      things are asking for our                                                                                                         Floyd Hopkins, a long time
women who profess to worship                                                         Romans 6:23 (NIV): “For the                                                   church leader, told us about their
God.”                                 attention. There are ways and              wages of sin is death, but the                                                    decision to tear down the old
    Summertime – and the              means developed, like the                  gift of God is eternal life in                                                    building and to build a new facil-
clothes fall off. Mom and Dad,        computer, that can help us to              Christ Jesus our Lord”.                                                           ity. He was pleased to tell us that
on the subject of modesty, how        teach and encourage others to                  Ask yourself, “What would                                                     they had the necessary funds to
                                      serve God. However, the                                                                                                      frame their new building (so far,
are you training your children?                                                  Jesus do.”? Summertime... and,                                                    they     have      spent      about
When the children are zero up         computer can also be                       the living is easy; Summertime...
                                      detrimental to all of us as Satan                                                                                            $27,000.00.) However, they esti-
to about age 12, is a very                                                       and, the clothes fall off.                                                        mate it will cost 40 to 50 thousand
precious time for training them       and his deeds are readily                                                                                                    more to finish the new facility.
to be Christians. However, do         available.                                                                                                                   Being a small congregation, he
                                                                                         Mrs Bernard Waites
we let them wear clothing that            So, think upon these things.                     1409 Buffalo Rd                                                         did say they needed “a little help”
are not becoming a future             As parents, what kind of                       Woodville, MS 39669-3607                                                      and that any and all assistance
                                      example are we setting or                        Helen Hopkins -- 94, Dec. 24th         from interested brethren would be
Christian?                                                                                                                                                         greatly appreciated. Their ad-
    Do the young women wear                                                                                                   Beautiful singing was led by         dress is:
short shorts and halter tops until      A Letter to Another Editor and Another Paper                                       Corey Parish, as the small group
“the summer/winter they turn the                                                                                           of worshippers lifted their voices        Oak Ridge Church of Christ
corner in their lives”? Then, as      Editor’s Note: Avis Porter, a faithful member of the Pine Bluff                      in praise to God. An opening                  C/o Floyd Hopkins
parents we expect the maturing        Church of Christ, near Pontotoc, Mississippi, requested that we                      prayer was led by Gene Massey.             17368 Attala Road 3122
young man/woman to suddenly           publish her letter which she sent to the editor of the Pontotoc                      Preacher Brad Adcock delivered             French Camp, MS 39745
change and become attired in          Progress in Pontotoc, Mississippi. We commend sister Porter
“modest” apparel. As an               for speaking up and writing out.
example, do you think our             Dear Editor:                               and that you will regret as long as you
Christian young ladies should be          I am a Christian great-grandmother.    live. There are many childless couples
swimming in mixed activities in       These thoughts were prompted by the        that would love to have your baby.
a bikini swimsuit that barely         letter from Mr. Garrett. He suggested         Please consider: you would also be
covers the body in strategic          that before a woman have an abortion       depriving the grandparents and great-
                                      that she should view her sonogram.         grandparents of this precious child. In
places? Likewise, the young           That should indeed make a woman or         the future, you and your partner, make
men in their bikini bottoms?          teenage girl think twice and not take      the decision to not commit fornication
    I Peter 2:9 (NIV) - “But you      the life of her unborn child.              but if you do, make the choice not to
are a chosen (“peculiar”, KJV)            But there is a more excellent way to   conceive a child, by using measures to
people, a royal priesthood, a holy    prevent her from making such a             prevent it. Don’t compound sin! “Flee
                                      permanent decision. Read and heed          fornication, Every sin that a man            The New Building for the Oak Ridge Church is “Taking Shape”
nation, a people belonging to         God’s Word. “These six things doth         (person) doeth is without the body,
God that you may declare the          the Lord hate: Yea seven are an            but he that committeth fornication                                TUPELO (East Main)
praises of him who called you         abomination unto Him.” The seven           sinneth against his own body.” (1
                                      abominations are listed in Proverbs        Corinthians 6:18)                         Two teams from the East Main Church of Christ went on Mission trips
out of darkness into his                                                                                                   this summer. Both mission trips were in July. One team went to Panama
wonderful light.” We are to be        6:16-19. “Hands that shed innocent             I am praying for you.
                                      blood” is included. God also says,                                                   and the other one to Brazil. The Panama Mission Team spent the week
a “chosen” (“peculiar”) people        “Thou shalt not kill” (Exodus 20: 13                  Avis C. Porter                 door knocking and setting up Bible Studies. The Brazil Mission Team
in the sight of man. This means,      and Romans 13:9). Just because the                                                   planned to conduct a Vacation Bible School. Gary Williams and Mat-
in my opinion, that we are to         Supreme Court gives a woman the              9803                                    thew Benfield are the local preachers for the East Main congregation.
buck the majority when it comes       constitutional right to abort her baby      Highway
to our priorities, our dress, our     -- the Lord does not. “We ought to
                                      obey God rather than man” (Acts 5:29).                                                                         Magnolia Messenger
activities and, most certainly, our       Young woman, if you are                 Thaxton,
                                                                                                                                                    Circulation -- 25,000
service to God.                       considering an abortion, I am pleading     MS 38871-
                                                                                                                                                Into Every state in the USA
    In Proverbs 31, Lemuel’s          with you to not do something you will        9711
                                      never be able to blot out of your mind                                                                        We Thank God & You
Mother sent an oracle about
July - Sept, 2010                                                             Magnolia Messenger                                                                                         Page 23

                  ... From A Woman’s Viewpoint ...                                                                                     POEMS
                                                                                    people.” If she wanted to, like so
 A Worthy Example                                                                   many others, she could use this for
                                                                                    an excuse for not attending the ser-
           - June Franks -                                                          vices of the church.                               Barbara Cagle Ray
    Our example is so very impor-                                                       The church may be relatively
tant. God is not only watching us;                                                  small where you attend. There may                   BCagleRay@Aol.Com
people watch us as well. We just                                                    not be all that many younger couples,
never know who may observing us                                                     but if you attend and do your part,
from a distance.
                                                                                                                                                      Blind of Soul
                                                                                    just maybe, you could help encour-
    According to Webster, the mean-                                                                                                      The doubter asked for a sign from God;
                                                                                    age more young people to come.
ing of example is, one serving as a                                                                                                      He waited diligently each single day.
                                                                                        Far too often, we tend to sepa-                  The sun arose at dawn like a giant pearl;
specific kind of pattern, as one set-                                               rate the young people from the older                 At night the stars appeared in bright array.
ting a good example. Paul told Timo-                                                people. Maybe we make a mistake
thy: “Be thou an example of the be-                                                 in doing so. I believe the older people              He saw the farmers sow their acres wide,
lievers, in word, in conversation                                                   enjoy being with the younger people.                 And he watched the crops come in on time.
(manner of life), in charity (love) in                                              The younger people should recog-                     He saw a mother hold her newborn child,
spirit, in faith in purity. ”(I Timothy               June Franks                   nize the responsibility God has                      Yet he saw no sign.
4:12)                                                                               placed on the older people to teach
    We are given an example of a                                                                                                         He saw the roses, the lilies, the violets—
                                          to attend church services. The Bible      the younger people.
woman in Proverbs 31. She is re-                                                                                                         Lovely flowers made by God’s own design.
                                          also says, “If ye love me you will            We should never let the idea that                He strolled in drifting feather-white snow,
ferred to in the Bible as a virtuous                                                “all who attend the church are older
                                          keep my commandments” (See I                                                                   Yet he saw no sign.
woman. She could also be called a                                                   people; therefore, I don’t want to
worthy woman -- one who is wor-           John 5:3).
                                               Even though the young woman,         attend there.” This is just an excuse.               He walked the colorful woodland trails,
thy of us following. Worthy means                                                       In our visit with this young lady,               With beautiful animals following behind.
to have worth, merit or value.            with whom we visited, lives some
                                                                                    she never said anything negative                     He beheld an ocean blue and tempest-tossed,
    Recently, we had the opportunity      distance from the church building she                                                          Yet he saw no sign.
                                          still drives the many miles to be in      about the church of which she is a
of visiting in the home of a young                                                  member. I’m sure there are some
woman whose example made a posi-          fellowship with her brothers and sis-                                                          He continued to walk with a doubtful air,
                                          ters in Christ. One brother in the        negative things she could have said,
tive impression on me for good. I                                                                                                        Waiting and watching, now impatiently;
                                          church told about how he and his          but she didn’t! This could be a les-                 Yet he ignored God’s signs all around him—
believe her example is a worthy ex-                                                 son to us. Even though there may
ample and one that we could imitate       wife often followed her home at                                                                For he is blind of soul, and cannot see.
                                          nights to make sure she arrived home      be, and probably are, some negative
in so many aspects of our life.                                                     things, we should never be critical
    We have known of this Christian       safely.                                                                                                          Tipton Street
                                               So many times we make ex-            about the church of our Lord to oth-
lady’s dedication to the Lord for sev-                                              ers, especially those outside the                                 KOSCIUSKO
eral years, and have always admired       cuses. Through the years we’ve
her desire to do what is right. It        heard all kinds of excuses for people     church. What we say often influ-
                                                                                    ences others. We should also keep
                                                                                                                                                  Ladies’ Day
seemed she did right even in what         not attending church services. But                                                                             August 21
                                          this young lady did not make the ex-      in mind that there is not a perfect
was not always ideal circumstances.                                                 congregation!                                 The Tipton Street Church of Christ in Kosciusko, Mis-
    In our visit with her, we were        cuse to us, that she lived too far from
                                                                                        We chose to not identify this spe-        sissippi plans a Ladies’ Day for August 21, 2010 with
reminded, once again, of her faith-       the church building to be able to at-
                                                                                    cial young lady. Be assured; how-             their minister’s wife Pauline Dawkins, doing the speak-
fulness to the church. We could tell      tend.
                                                                                    ever, she is a real person with a real        ing. The theme is “Always Room for More---Cultivating
by her actions and her speech that             To us, she never used the ex-
                                                                                    life. She would probably be the first         Your Faith.” The Ladies Day begins at 8:30 a.m. and
she truly loves the church and that       cuse, that her husband did not at-
                                                                                    to say that she doesn’t deserve any           will end after lunch. Arnita Riley, a nurse and a mem-
she seeks to put the church first in      tend with her all the time, so there-
                                                                                    commendation or praise for her ac-            ber at Tipton Street plans to conduct a workshop on the
her life. The Bible says, “But seek       fore she couldn’t go. Even though
                                                                                    tions and that she, too, falls short at       heart, “Know Your Numbers.” All are welcome!!!
ye first the Kingdom of God, and          I’m sure she would love for her hus-
                                          band to attend all services with her,     times. However, her example
his righteousness; and all these things                                             touched me and caused me to want                           Another Reader Responds
shall be added unto you.” (Matthew        she evidently realizes that each one
                                          of us must give account for our-          to share it with the readers of the                I am Mae Adams. I go to Iuka Church of Christ. Bro. Lance
6:33)                                                                               Messenger.                                    Foster is the Minister. I would like the Magnolia Messenger and my
    According to our observations,        selves. She understands that when
                                          we know to do good, we should not             Maybe it will help each of us to          sister would like the Magnolia Messenger... Thank you for all your
and as we were also told by others,                                                 consider the example we are setting.          prayers. I enjoyed your articles in the paper. Keep up the good
she is very faithful to attend all ser-   let anyone stand in our way -- not
                                                                                    Are you a good role model? Our                work. Thank you very much. (Mae Adams, Tishomingo, MS)
vices of the church. She takes the        even our mate. God should be put
                                          first as we have already noted.           main goal in life should be to please
Lord’s command seriously. “Not for-                                                 God. If we are doing this, then our
saking the assembling of ourselves             She also has two small children
                                                                                    example will be one that anyone
                                                                                                                                                       Ladies’ Day
together....” (Hebrews 10:25).            and, if they are not sick, they attend
                                          with her also. As parents, we are         should be able to follow.                                              (Ruleville)
    She must, also, believe the first                                                                                                                  Delmar Avenue
of all the commandments, “And thou        instructed to bring our children up
                                          in the nurture and admonition of the              Mrs. A. L. Franks                                          Church of Christ
shalt love the Lord thy God with all                                                          P. O. Box 1578
thy heart, and with all thy soul and      Lord” (Ephesians 6:1). Our children,
                                                                                           Kosciusko, MS 39090                                    September 18, 2010
with all thy mind, and with all thy       that God blessed us with, deserve to
                                                                                                                                                   Speaker: Stella Winters
strength: this is the first command-      be brought up in the church. Our
                                          children should be, yet another rea-                                                                                Theme:
ment.” (Mark 12: 29,30)                                                             Hello,
                                          son for attending all services of the          Please send me the Magnolia Messen-           “Dressed for Success” (Ephesians 6)
    If one truly loves God with all
their being, then they will put the       church.                                   ger. I have really enjoyed reading them.                   Health Fair & Panel Discussion
Lord’s church first in their life; it          You know, we never heard her         The lessons are just wonderful. I can get a
                                                                                                                                               Ages; 8 months to 80 years +
                                          say, “Well the church I attend is so      lot of studying that way. Thanks, (Burlean
will be a joy and privilege for them                                                Leatherwood, Memphis, TN)                                   Inquiries: 662-756-2573
                                          small and we don’t have many young
Page 24                                                                              Magnolia Messenger                                                                       July - Sept, 2010

         Use of the                                                                              Is your                                            13th Annual
     King James Version             The Question Box                                           name found
       may be helpful                                                                          on page 21?                                  MM MS RV Rally
                                      Miracles: Why Written?                                                                     To be held, Lord willing, at Percy Quin State Park in
                                                                                                                            McComb, MS on April 27 - May 1, 2011. Our theme will
     “Faith.” Without faith, we cannot please God (Heb.          The written account of miracles, as recorded by John       be: Living life focused on two days, This DAY and
 11:6). Faith is precious -- more precious than gold (I      and other New Testament writers, are sufficient to pro-
 Peter 1:7). “Saved by faith; justified by faith” (Rom.      duce faith in the Sonship of Jesus, the Christ. Such faith     that DAY.
 5:1). Faith in Jesus. “I believe Jesus is the Christ, the   leads to eternal life. Need we say more? This month’s               Plenty of cabins and rooms at the lodge are available
 Son of God.” Do you? What about miracles? Why per-          study is very important, as we recall the wonderful            at the present time. All of the lodge rooms are reserved
 formed? Is there a connection between faith and             miracles recorded by John and the reason why they are          under my name. You can call the State Park ( 601-684-
 miracles?                                                   written.
     John, the writer of the fourth gospel, explains his         You are invited to answer “The Question Box” and           3938) and reserve a cabin/RV site today. Don’t wait to
 purpose for recording the miracles performed by Jesus.      send your answers to us. By so doing, you will encour-         the last minute. Make your reservations today.
 He wrote, “Many other signs truly did Jesus in the          age others and you become eligible as a possible winner              If you need more information, you can call me at
 presence of his disciples, which are not written in this    of a beautiful new Study Bible awarded to one person,          337-515-7314. (Paul Franks, director of Mississippi
 book: But these are written that you might believe that     each issue, who sends in answers. Please send your
 Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing,    answers to us. Thank you for your interest in God’s            Rally)
 you might have life through his name.” (John 20:30,31)      Word. (alf)
 NOTICE: In the gospel according to John, the writer detailed eight marvelous miracles performed by                                                  Don’t forget
 Jesus as proof of Jesus’ identity as the Son of God. They are listed below. You are to match the miracle                                       LA/TX RV Rally
 of Jesus with the appropriate phrase, reference and/or number in each of the sections below. (Not                                       Oct. 27 - 31; Grapeland, Texas
 every section includes all eight of the miracles.)
                                                                                                                                               (Details on page 17)
        1. Turned water into wine                          5. Walked on water in a storm
        2. Healed the son of a nobleman                    6. Gave sight to a man born blind                                                                             LAKE CHARLES
        3. Healed a cripple (impotent) man                 7. Raised Lazarus from the grave                               New Bible Winner                      The Enterprise Blvd Church of
        4. Multiplied loaves and fishes                    8. Filled a net with great fish                                                                      Christ in Lake Charles, Louisiana
                                                                                                                           92. Maggie R. Edmonds                recently selected three new dea-
 SECTION I -- Match the the miracle listed above             SECTION II -- Match the miracle listed above                                                       cons. They are J. D. Hankins, Josh
 with the correct chapter in John where the miracle          with the number associated with each of the                    Starkville, Mississippi             Harris, and Jwill Sims. Paul
 is recorded. Supply missing numbers for verses.             miracles. Supply what is meant by each number.                                                     Franks is the local minister and
                                                                                                                            Congratulations!                    Jake Hance is the Youth/Family
 _8_John 21: 1-14               ___John     9:   _____       ___ Six ___________         ___ 38 ____________                                                    minister.
 ___John 2: _____               ___John     5:   _____       ___ 153 ___________         ___ 7th ___________
 ___John 11: ____               ___John     6:   _____       ___ 7th ___________         ___ Twelve ________
                                                                                                                                        Fellowship and Family
 ___John 4: _____               ___John     6:   _____       ___ Four __________         ___ 25-30 _________                    Amanda
                                                                                                                          Wilson (wife of
 SECTION III -- Match the miracle with the                   SECTION IV -- Match the miracle with the best                Crystal Springs’
 place where each miracle was performed                      phrase associated with each one.                             preacher, Keith
 ___ Capernaum           ___ Place of “much grass”           ___ Five porches           ___ Sick with “fever”             Wilson) appears
                                                                                                                          to be enjoying
 ___ Bethany             ___ Sea, near Capernaum             ___ 5 and 2 available      ___ Mary was present
                                                                                                                          checking over the
 ___ Cana                ___ Siloam                          ___ “Be not afraid.”       ___ Mary & Martha                 dessert table. She
 ___ Bethesda            ___ Sea of Tiberias (Galilee)       ___ Clay ointment          ___ Didymus involved              was helping pre-
                                                                                                                          pare lunch for
 SECTION V -- Miracle produced faith. Match the              SECTION VI -- Match the miracle with that over               those who had
 miracle with the appropriate phrase.                        which Jesus demonstrated his mighty power.                   come together on
 ___ “...This is of a truth the prophet that should come                                                                  Sunday, January
                                                                      ___ Power over gravity
 into the world.” (6:14)                                                                                                  17, 2010, to cel-
                                                                      ___ Power over birth defects                        ebrate the “Open-
 ___ “And he said, Lord I believe....” (9:38)
                                                                      ___ Power over death                                ing Sunday” for
 ___ “...and his disciples believed on him.” (2:11)                                                                       the new building
                                                                      ___ Power over substances
 ___ “... himself believed and his whole house.” (4:53)                                                                   of the church of
                                                                      ___ Power over deadly illness
 ___ “And many of the Jews... believed on him.”                                                                           Christ in Crystal
                                                                      ___ Power over crippling disease                    Springs, Missis-
                                                  True or False
                                                                                                                                We all know
          _______ 1. Another name for Thomas, the “doubter”, was Didymus.                                                 the importance of
          _______ 2. Jesus used the word “sleepeth” to describe death.                                                    family and the
          _______ 3. The Pharisees found fault with Jesus because he healed on the Sabbath.                               benefits of fami-
                                                                                                                          lies eating to-
 Your Opinion -- Which of the eight miracles do you believe demonstrated most vividly the power                           gether. There is something special about eating together as a family.
 of Jesus, the Son of God? __________________                                                                             This is true, whether the family is physical or spiritual. Around the
                                                                                                                          table, memories are made, love is enhanced and hearts are brought
                                                              Notice: Each person who sends in answers will               closer together. Some of our most vivid and precious memories come
  Please Send Your Answers to us.                             be recognized in the next issue of the "MM" (see            from the conversations and events taking place when we eat together.
  Name _______________________________                        page 21). Also, by random drawing, the name of                    The Bible speaks, on various occasions, of Jesus eating with his
                                                              one student will be selected to receive a beauti-           disciples. The book of Jude (verse 12) mentions “feasts of charity [love-
  Address: _____________________________                      ful New Study Bible. You may be the one. Please             feasts]”, which had apparently become common among Christians of
                                                              send your answers to:                                       the first century. Although eating together, as Christians, has been
  City: _______________ State: _____________                               The Question Box                               associated with some problems (see I Corinthians chapter 11); yet, when
                                                                             P. O. Box 1578                               properly done -- with due regard for all family members, it can be a very
  Zip:_________ Telephone: ________________                                                                               meaningful experience, serving to enhance our relationship with one
                                                                          Kosciusko, MS 39090
                                                                                                                          another as “brothers and sisters in the Lord.” We are family! (alf)