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					December PTO Meeting Minutes
December 6, 2010

Present: Nicole Jones, Pam Erickson, Nila Larson, Tarry Hall, Amy Russ

Call to Order: 6:35pm

Parent Report:
    No parent concerns at this time.

Teacher Report:
    No teacher concerns at this time.
    Mr. Olbert will take Holiday pictures of each class.
         o Holiday cards will be sent home to each family. (for parents & guardians)
    Receipt for Veterans’ Day Cake was submitted.
    4 volunteers for MAPS testing will receive a poinsettia as a thank you gift. Total expense to
     be approximately $40.00
    Sweatshirts ordered = approximately 45.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Amy Russ

Pincipal’s Report:
    At the February PTO meeting all present will receive a presentation on PBIS and
      Southside’s initiative.
          o New “Cool Tools”, lessons taught in each classroom following the motto: Respectful,
             Safe, and Responsible will begin on March 1.
    Autumn Grooms is the new Communications Liaison for the school district.
          o She invites various media to come and see our schools

Upcoming Events:
   Valentine’s Dance on February 11 from 6:30pm-8pm.
        o Cindy Brueggeman is on the refreshment committee and will organize volunteers for
           the dance.
        o Chex Mix and water will be provided
        o Cori Wisniewski will lead the dances.
   Classroom Valentine parties, February 14
   Jump Rope for Heart, February 1, 3-4:30pm
   Book Fair from March 24-29
        o Set up on March 23, books delivered March 21 &22, picked up March 30 or 31
   Grandparents’ Day, March 25
   Parent-Teacher Conferences, March 24 & 29
   Third Friday of the month is Bully Awareness Day
        o Southside will be the focus school on December 17, 2010
   Classroom Holiday parties, December 21, 2010
        o Christmas Sing-along, 2-2:30
   Early March – beginning planning for the Walk-a-thon.
   End of April – Culver’s Night
        o Would we like to do this again?

Old Business:
    Conceptual plan for the fitness course has been endorsed by the PTO.
         o Here is a brief synopsis of the discussion regarding the Fitness Course:
               We will move forward with the project
               PTO has requested a plan to be presented in writing.
               Many people will be needed to work on this project.
               It is a four to five year plan
               Each apparatus will cost approximately $1000
               We are looking to partner will area businesses, possibly Fort McCoy.
               We will work with the District on installation (codes to be met and followed)
               No grant money available as of right now.
               Looking for sponsors for equipment.
               All equipment will be handicap compliant.
               Looking to involve high school students
               Possibly use Walk-a-thon money to help raise funds for the Fitness Course.
               Incorporate the path into the Walk-a-thon
               The project needs School Board approval.

The next meeting is Monday, February 7, 2011 at 6:30pm.
            No meeting in January

Meeting adjourned at 7:15pm

Please consider attending the next PTO meeting. Southside School is always looking for family
and community involvement!!!!

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