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									                             UNDERSTANDING HYPNOSIS

Hypnosis is a funny thing - people either believe or do not believe. Unfortunately, the
problem many times with not believing is not having a full understanding of what it is.
Because of this, people fear hypnosis, believing they are required to surrender all
control of body and mind. Obviously, this belief is frightening but it is also untrue. By
understanding hypnosis, you will see that it is actually a respected and effective method
for overcoming many of life’s challenges. When performed by a certified hypnotist or
licensed hypnotherapist, you would be amazed at how beneficial hypnosis can be.

Keep in mind that when you are hypnotized, you are not asleep, although you might
appear to be, but not always. Although there is no legal definition of hypnosis, you can
think of it as a natural state of mind, something induced in everyday life. For instance,
when you become engrossed in a good book, movie, sporting event, and so on, you go
into an induced state, which is what hypnosis really is. During this natural hypnotic
state, the professional guide can offer suggestions that are absorbed by both conscious
and subconscious mind.

The bottom line is that hypnosis is like self-hypnosis, with the power being in the mind of
the person being hypnotized. In other words, you can use self-hypnosis tools if you like
but even when you are hypnotized by a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, your mind’s power
is being used while this person only serves as a guide, facilitating the process. With
training and skill, this guide can direct and lead the subject of the trance. In this case, if
you were trying to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome fear, or whatever, the hypnotist
simply guides the process to help you succeed.

You could consider hypnotism as a form of guided meditation. Think about the various
things you use on a daily basis to relax or escape reality such as music, television,
church, reading, taking a way, etc. Hypnosis is simply another medium for meditation
except in this case you use a professional guide. Again, you can use self-hypnosis or
the assistance of a certified hypnotist or licensed hypnotherapist. The difference is that
the professional has special training that you do not have, thus the results are often

Remember, you are not giving over control of your mind while being hypnotized. Again,
think about watching a movie or reading a book, although you become engrossed with
the goings on, you are not giving control of your mind to anything. The same is true
when it comes to hypnosis. This means that while you are under a hypnotic trance, you
still have the power to emerge from this stage anytime you like. However, allowing the
professional to guide you, the challenge you are facing can be resolved. As you see,
hypnosis is nothing to fear. Therefore, if you find yourself in a place where you need to
conquer, you might consider hypnosis as a viable option for getting help.

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