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									UK Identity Theft
      The UK like the United States of America is facing ongoing problems regarding identity
      theft. New technology enhancement has issued developments, such as PINS and Codes to
      use credit cards, however, studies are showing that the as technology advances so does
      criminals. Few credit cards now have chips integrated into the cards to prevent identity
      theft, however, thieves have developed new strategies that match the developments and it
      is making it easier for the thieves to steal identities.

      In the UK identity theft is an immigration crime-related action verses the purposes that
      thieves will steal identities in America. The thieves often steal identities because they are
      illegal residents in the UK and in order to remain in the country a new identity is
      required. After interviewing a gentleman in England, he claimed that postmasters stole
      identities sometimes, since the postmaster could make profit by selling the cards to
      immigrants. With this information in hand, you can see identity theft has many reasons
      and purposes, thus making it difficult for authorities to understand the crimes.

      In the year of 2004, over eleven million victims lost their identities to theft, thus this
      figure does not include the number of victims in the UK and other countries. In
      comparison to the early 90’s the number of identity theft has increased enormously, and
      the reason that the numbers escalate is that policyholders are unwilling to make the
      necessary changes to protect identity as reason of money and credit. Thus, the
      policyholders are not the only sources responsible for the ongoing crime of identity theft.
      While policyholders are more concern about making profit, they do consider risks to a
      large degree since victims of identity theft reach the policyholders and extend throughout
      the world.

      Unfortunately, a victim of any crime often is treated far worse than criminals are treated,
      thus criminals often have more rights than the victims. The problem is due to the
      Criminal Justice System who is in constant study of resolving problems, and under the
      control of various sources, thus restricting their ability to change laws at a giving time.

      In order for the crimes to fall in place, as they should, rather in order for the law to work
      harder than they do, citizens of the world must make a stand and fight by protesting the
      laws. Each person that makes a stand adds to the changes in our system. While studying
      the Criminal Justice System I found that these sources are one of the most flawed areas of
      help in our system. If we want to stop identity theft, thus we as the people need to rise
      and protest to State Representatives, Congress, Governors, and other leaders in the world.
      Once you start the protesting you should never cease, since the only way we can have
      better laws is if we all work together to make the laws work.

      The truth is the government allows particular developments and dismisses to the public
      developments that will protect them from identity theft. When a person becomes a victim
      of identity theft, it is a long-lasting victimization, since the law rarely cares about the
      individual that lost his/her identity, rather they are more concerned about the large
      companies losing money because of the crime. The law claims to be working hard to
      resolve the problems, but if you ever have been a victim of identity theft you know this is
      an outright lie.
In the UK, it is said that the people do not have a right to obtain copies of their credit
reports and in the US; people are allowed one free copy per year of their reports unless
they apply for credit and are denied. Thus, this means that anyone offering financial
agreements or extending credit have the right to our reports more so than we do. Is this
fair? No. simply put the laws are backwards and will continue to be backwards until
stands are made that forces them to act according to their pay. We as the taxpayers are
victims of policyholders, law, government and so forth. Thus, identity thefts are a minor
problem compared to the bigger problems we have in the world.

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