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									Stop Identity Theft

        Reading articles on identity theft may not sound appealing to you, but if you think that
        you are not subject to becoming the next target then you are fooling your self and
        setting your self up as an easy mark for perpetrators. The statistics on identity theft
        increase year with the figures rising over millions. The amount of money it takes to
        fight identity theft, the crime of identity theft, and the restitution caused from identity
        theft is reaching above the billions. Therefore, if you think reading information
        pertaining to identity theft is a waste of time, then you are only setting your self up
        possibly to become the next victim of identity theft.

        It is important to guard your personal information with every precaution to prevent
        identity theft. Identity theft is the process of becoming a victim for life. Do not let
        anyone fool you; once someone gains control of your identity, you will be fighting to
        restore your life permanently. Even if you are the luck one and restore your life sooner
        than others do, you will suffering, lingering memories and threats against your
        emotions for the rest of your life.

        When a person becomes a victim of identity theft the person loses self-confidence,
        hope, respect, and the emotions are often shambled worrying what will happen next. If
        you have become a victim of identity theft, you may want to seek counseling since few
        are going to understand your feelings unless they are a victim of the same crime.

        Identity theft is one of the most appalling crimes ever committed, since when a person
        is robbed of their identity they often feel raped, robbed, stripped in public, and the list
        continues. The feelings are often overwhelming and it is difficult to get back on track.
        Thus, to prevent identity theft you must learn to read and listen to the authors that let
        you know how to protect your self against the crime.

        The steps to protect your self should include protecting your identity with your life.
        When you go to drug stores, department stores, gas stations, or grocery stores make
        sure when you use your credit cards without anyone seeing you type in the PIN. This
        should include using your cards at the ATMs, since a person, observing can gain hold
        of you PIN number and use it to their advantage. You should never give your
        Passwords to your emails, banking accounts, credit cards, or any source that provides
        Password capability. It is wise to change your passwords every six months or sooner to
        protect your identity. At home, you should always place your information in a safe
        place where only you can find the information when needed. At the drive-thru areas,
        such as pharmacies or banks do not give your social security number or birth date out
        loudly, rather ask the cashier to provide you a form to write the information.

        To protect your self from identity theft, never allow anyone to use your credit cards,
        social security car, driver license or other valuable information. For women it wise to
        carry a purse and wallet rather than placing your identity in your pant pockets. Men
        should never put their information in their pant pockets either, rather they should carry
        a wallet to prevent lose. Make sure you know where your purse or wallet is at all times
        and never lie them around the house, in the car or anywhere were others can gain hold
        of your valuables.

        Online, you should take all precautions including conducting a background check on
        the site that you intend to make a purchase or provide your personal information. To do
        a background check you can type in background reviews on the company or else visit
        the Better Business Bureau (BBB) online and type in the company or site name. Once
        you find out the background of the site, make sure the lock and key is at the bottom of
        the screen backed with an‘s’ in the search engine where the http information rests. After
you finish with the site, destroy all traces of visitation to the site by going to the Internet
Options and deleting your Cookies, Files and Clearing the History.

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