Organizing to Battle Identity Theft

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					Organizing to Battle Identity Theft

       If you are a victim of identity theft, skills for organizing is required to battle the crime.
       Once you have taken all the necessary steps in reporting the crime you must learn modus
       operandi that will help you cope and win the battle. It is important to be accurate when
       describing your crime to the law, FTC, credit bureaus and other sources. If you have
       organized notes and information available, the authorities will have more available to
       them to find the perpetrator.

       Thus, keeping all documentation linking to the crime is important, even if you feel it is
       not. Therefore, setup a filing system outside of your computer and store the information
       in a safe area. If you must, rent a box at the bank to store you files, rather than taking a
       chance with storing them at your home. Thus, fires, floods and other natural disasters can
       destroy all your belongings in one sweep; therefore keeping your files in a box at a bank
       is much safer. You should also keep copies at a filing cabinet at home as a backup

       It is important to keep witnesses available or evidence of your whereabouts if you are
       victim of identity theft. Remember, the criminal has your information and capable of
       using it freely without notice, thus you never know the state of mind the criminal stores.
       Hypothetically speaking, per se a psychopath steals your identity commits a murder or
       series of murders using your identity in your area…Whom do you think is going to catch
       the blame. Of course, this hypothetic case is over dramatized, but what if? If you have a
       mental history of disorders, the authorities are not going to care if your identity is stolen
       at the time of arrest. The only hope you will have is to have evidence and witnesses
       available to protect your name.

       During the September 11 ordeal the terrorist were using someone else’s identity at what
       time the crime was acted out. Now, the media has not to my knowledge reported the
       arrest of the victims who lost their identity, however it has happened and will happen

       Once more, what if the identity thief uses your driving license pulled over and arrest…Do
       you know what the Secretary of State is storing in their files under your name? If the
       perpetrator is pulled over for drinking and driving and you have not reported the crime to
       the Secretary of State or Department of Motor Vehicles, thus when you re-apply for your
       driver license or update your license the department may reject your renewal and your
       privileges may be suspended. Likewise, if you have not reported the crime to all
       authorities and the thief has your license information, thus when you get pulled over and
       find that the criminal of identity theft has committed a crime in your name, what do you
       have available to protect your self from the law?

       As you can see, identity theft extends further than most crimes, since in many instances
       the victims are persecuted further by the law, credit bureaus, creditors, and many other

       Therefore, you should never give the original copies of any documentation to anyone;
       rather give the proper authorities copies of your notes, and other documentation. Once
       you have gone through the series of steps to fight back against identity theft, you will
       soon learn that you have only begun a hateful race of crime.
Why do identity thieves' steal you ask? Why me? Who is out to get me? Why do thieves
steal is a question inside of a series of questions. Identity thieves steal because they can,
because they find it entertaining, or else greed and desire is dancing inside their mind.
Why you, because the thief does not care who he or she hurts, and you are nothing more
than an object to his desire and greed. Who is out to get you? Identity thieves are out to
get every one that they feel has something to offer them. Therefore, do not feel as though
you are targeted for persecution (although you are), rather remember, that thieves do not
care who they hurt, or who they attack.

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