Jeopardizing your Identity

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					Jeopardizing your Identity

      When you lay your information out on the line and care little that anyone sees who you
      are, you are jeopardizing your identity and could fall into the hands of the next identity
      theft. When you visit the World Wide Web and find something that peeks your interest
      before you give out your credit card information you had better think long and hard
      before filling out that order form. If the site does not have security or encryptions then the
      site is a surefire leak that can land your information into the hands of an identity theft.

      The World Wide Web is one of the most dangerous environments created, and much to
      your surprise there are countless of predators getting away with identity theft every day.
      The law enforcement along with many other officials and agencies are working hard to
      fight the crime; however, the World Wide Web has ways of covering the tracks of
      predatory persons, thus rarely are they ever caught.

      Over the last few years thousands, if not millions of individuals have lost their identity on
      the World Wide Web alone. Out of the many that have lost their identity only a handful
      of the perpetrators were caught while, the government is spending billions of dollars each
      year to fight the crime. If you are online and planning to give out your information,
      before you place your self in jeopardy, make sure the site, have encryptions. The little
      lock and key at the bottom of the pages is a proof that encryptions exist, however the ‘s’
      behind the http located in the search engine is far more secure than the lock and keys.

      Even if the site offers, security you may want to check with the Better Business Bureau to
      make sure the site is legit. Take note that some services online will sell, lease, or else give
      your information to other services. Thus, if you are ordering online make sure that the
      site guarantees privacy and security in the terms and conditions before taking the next

      If you fall into the hands of an identity thief make sure you contact the authorities
      immediately, file a complaint with the proper governmental officials online, call the
      TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian immediately, and ask that a FREEZE be placed on
      your accounts. You will also need to cancel all credit cards, debit cards, checking
      accounts, market accounts, saving accounts and so forth. Be sure to notify your utility
      providers, mortgager, property owners and anyone that has access to your information,
      alerting them that your identity was stolen.

      When you open up new accounts in your name make sure you keep high watch over the
      activity that occurs on your accounts. Keep all statements, receipts and any information
      provided to you by the services or anywhere you use your account information. If any
      activities occur immediately, report them to the right sources to avoid further
      complications. You may want to open up three or more banking accounts and close them
      randomly if the perpetrator is not caught.
Sounds frustrating, but when you are a victim of identity theft, you are a victim forever in
most instances. Furthermore, if you become a victim of identity theft you may want to
visit your local mental health expert, since the mental anguish you will endure throughout
the process will drive you to the ground, unless you are strong willed and ready to fight
ongoing without cease for the rest of your life. It is important to learn how to take care of
your health also, since your nerves will crash you over time if you are not wise to the
steps of fighting identity theft. Do not think that it could be simple as getting a new
identity, because it is far more complicated than this.

A new social security number is rarely ever giving to an identity theft, simply because the
thief has access to your information and could easily get hold of the new number. Once a
victim of identity theft, you remain a victim for life in most cases. I encourage you to
never jeopardize your information at any time and take all precautions when anyone asks
you to give out your information.

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