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Identity Theft Alerts


									Identity Theft Alerts

       If you fall into the hands of an identity, theft it is important to continuing monitor your
       credit reports and any financial statements throughout the legal process. You will need to
       check your reports regularly and dispute any charges made against you, as well as keep
       notes on any activity that goes on in your life, including notes on your own activities.
       You will need to store a list of important documents and continuing disputing wrongful
       activities throughout the lifetime. It is also important to regularly following up with the
       authorities and credit bureaus to help ward off further insults. Keep copies of all your
       receipts and keep a copy of the police report to show as evidence that your identity was

       Identity theft offenses are spilling over the World Wide Net and telephone lines waiting
       to acquire the opening to steal your identity. Identity theft is a continuing concern, and
       today on the World Wide Net more and more individuals are becoming victims of
       identity theft everyday. To learn more about identity theft you should read every shred of
       information available to you to know when you are violated or to protect your self from
       the predators.

       All of us should know what information is existing on our credit reports. The credit
       bureaus are obligated to provide a free copy of your report once each year. Otherwise, if
       you apply for credit and are denied you are entitled to free copies of your credit reports.
       Know what those reports say as frequently as possible, monitoring them to make sure that
       no one has gained control of your information. In the year 2004, the Federal Trade
       Commission reported that more than eleven million people were victims of identity theft.
       Thus, thinking it will not happen to you is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make
       in your lifetime, since you are opening up the doors for predators to walk in and shake up
       your life.

       Identity theft may start at a certain level and escalate, since the thief may only have few
       details of your information available, but getting hold of the right information can
       provide him/her a surefire way of taking full control of your life. The impact of identity
       theft crimes is far more demeaning that other crimes, since a persons entire life is

       Victims of identity theft may be turned down from employment, denied credit deserving
       of them, and denied of rentals. Thus, it is next to impossible to survive when a person’s
       identity is stolen. Unfortunately, the law is working to fight identity theft; however, they
       are doing little in line of helping the victims recover from the crime. The credit bureaus
       only place statements behind debts or bankruptcies acted upon by the perpetrator rather
       than removing the information from the reports, thus, the victim is victimized further,
       since assumptions is what most people use to determine a giving situation. In other
       words, the victim is rarely considered and often victimized further. The feeling of identity
       theft lingers for years when a person has fallen into the hands of a thief.

       You may think it only happens to the unfortunate, or the people that are careless,
       however identity theft has claimed the lives of government officials, lawyers, cops, poor
       folks, rich folks, doctors, department store owners and the list expands down the religious
       leaders and so forth. Therefore, before you go throwing darts at the victims of identity
       theft you had better start reading information, since you never know when you may
       become the next victim. The downside is postal workers, cops, lawyers, doctors, religious
       leaders, government officials and many other are potentially the criminals of identity
       theft. You best friend or one of your family members may be your worst enemy and you
       will never know it until your credit files show unauthorized activities.
When you become a victim of identity theft, there is no turning back. You must fight
until the end of time to make sure that you are not constantly being taking advantage of
and you must learn how to accept denials of credit, thus you are a soldier in a one-man
fight and the sole fighter is the victims of identity theft crimes.

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