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									         1-800-695-2241                                                                   BARGAIN                                                         the Mail order                                     13                                                                 COOKBOOKS                                                                catalog
       10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri                                                      We have limited quantities of                                  for Healthy eating
                                                                                     books that have a dented corner,
                                                                                     bent cover, minor imperfections, or
                                                                                                                                                    SPRING – SUMMER 2011
                                                                                     are overstocked. We offer these
           VEGAN                            NEW! The 4-Ingredient Vegan
                                                                                     books at reduced prices.                           VEGETARIAN COOKBOOKS
   COOKBOOKS                                Maribth Abrams with Anne Dinshah                                                   American Harvest
                                            How to create scrumptious                Sublime                                   Nava Atlas                                  Entertaining for a
                                            entrees, salads, soups, side dishes,     Restaurant Cookbook                       Regional American favorites made            Veggie Planet
Almost No-Fat                               beverages, and even desserts with        From south Florida’s award winning        with fresh, wholesome ingredients           Didi Emmons
Cookbook                                    just a few main ingredients - four to    Sublime Restaurant - Asian, Latin, or     ranging from simple and earthy to
Bryanna Clark Grogan                        be exact. Secrets for creating           Mediterranean influences to more                                                      The ultimate entertaining guide
                                                                                                                               exotic and elegant. Decorated with          from the chef of Veggie Planet
At last! A vegan, hardly-any-fat-to-        great flavors, simple and easily, with   typical American fare. For an             Nava’s signature artwork, recipes
                                            creative combinations of beans,          adventurous foray into fusion cui-                                                    restaurant in Cambridge, Mass. With
speak-of cookbook. Get ready for                                                                                               that are beautiful to read and deli-        informative and amusing bits of wis-
guiltless burgers and fries, sausage        grains, veggies, and fruit. Also, tips   sine that titillates the taste buds       cious to eat – E, D, S, WF – 208 pgs -
                                            on how to use vegan convenience          and is completely vegan - 128 pgs                                                     dom from Didi and friends. E, S, D,
and pancakes, potato salad, ice                                                                                                #024302s - $11.95 - $6.00                   WF - #104518s – $18.95 - $9.00
cream, and chocolate cake - S, WF           foods that save time, provide lots       - #672279s - $19.95 - $10.00
192 pgs - #990124s - $12.95 -$6.50          of flavor, and make nutritious, satis-
                                            fying fare. NA - 128 pgs - #672323s                                                American Wholefood Cuisine                  Entertaining with Friends
                                                                                     Table for Two
                                            - $14.95 - $7.50                                                                   Nikki & David Goldbeck                      Simon Hope
Almost No-Fat                                                                        Joanne Stepaniak
                                                                                                                               The “Joy of Cooking” of vegetarian          From one of England’s premier veg-
Holiday Cookbook                                                                     Tired of recipes with lots of left-
                                            I Can’t Believe It’s                                                               cuisine – over 1,300 meatless               etarian restaurant chefs, 150 recipes
                                                                                     overs, or too overwhelmed to deal
Bryanna Clark Grogan                                                                                                           recipes, instructions for making            for entertaining at home, in the
From New Year's to Kwanzaa, cele-
                                            Not Meat                                 with recipes for 4-6? Enjoy the
                                                                                                                               yogurt, sprouts, and more, menus,
                                                                                     pleasures of delicious, home-style                                                    backyard, or fancy dinner party.
brate holidays that make up our             Roger, Diana & Monty Kilburn                                                       cooking basics – whole grains and
                                                                                     meals, even if you're cooking for                                                     Includes holiday menus and recipes
cultural fabric, without losing your        The president of Harvest Direct,                                                   no sugar – E, D – 580 pgs -                 – E, D, S, WF - 240 pgs hrdcvr -
                                                                                     two - NA -192 pgs- #670196s -
waistline - special chapter on holi-        Inc., a leading manufacturer of soy                                                #101116s - $21.95 - $11.50                  #042039s - $22.95 - $8.00
                                                                                     $14.95 - $7.50
day baking - S, WF, NA - 192 pgs -          products, shows how to use tex-
#670099s - $12.95 - $6.50                   tured soy in an assortment of tasty                                                Book of Tempeh
                                            dishes that are a cinch to prepare       Tofu Cookery, rev.                                                                    Flavors of the Southwest
                                                                                                                               The most extensive book written on
                                            and real family-pleasers. 128 pages      ed. by Louise Hagler                                                                  Robert Oser
Art of Tofu                                                                                                                    tempeh for the layperson, with nutri-
                                            – #670889s – $9.95 – $3.00               The most picturesque and popular                                                      Southwestern cuisine has always
Akasha Richmond                                                                                                                tional info, history, how to make
                                                                                     tofu cookbook on the market. With                                                     embodied a fusion of regional
50 celebrated vegetarian recipes                                                                                               tempeh,use in Indonesia, and more
                                            Lick It!                                 over 24 new recipes - updated ver-                                                    styles. Now it includes traditional
featuring Mori-Nu tofu and interna-                                                                                            than 130 Western-style and tradi-
                                            Cathe Olson                              sions of others that reflect today’s                                                  vegetarian ingredients and exciting
tional flavors - S, WF - 88 pgs -                                                                                              tional Indonesian recipes – E, D, S –
                                                                                     health consciousness. Color pho-                                                      new flavors, with all the zest the
#454308s - $10.95 - $4.00                   Allergic to dairy and/or soy? Now                                                  176 pgs oversize - #083358s -
                                                                                     tos, vegan recipes - NA - 160 pgs -                                                   Southwest is so famous for: chili and
                                            you can still enjoy one of most uni-                                               $19.95 - $7.50
                                                                                     #990760s - $15.95 - $5.00                                                             other favorite recipes - D, S, NA - 192
                                            versally loved foods around - ice
                                                                                                                                                                           pgs- #670498s - $12.95 -$6.50
NEW! Asian Fusion                           cream! Making ice cream at                                                         The Cheese Course
                                            home with a variety of nondairy          Tofu Quick & Easy
Chat Mingkwan                                                                        Louise Hagler                             Janet Fletcher
                                            milks is surprisingly easy, and the                                                                                            For the Love of Food
Native Thai author Chat Mingkwan            results taste so much better than        For any cook without a lot of time        Suggestions for presentation and
presents faithful vegan transforma-                                                                                            more than 40 delectable recipes for         Jeanne Marie Martin
                                            what can be bought in a store. 160       to spare in the kitchen, over 150
tions of signature dishes from all                                                   recipes from party dips to barbe-         sweet and savory pairings – how to          Martin’s 25 years of experience with
                                            pgs - #672378s - $14.95 - $7.00
corners of the Asian continent—                                                      cue. Also a good book for anyone          make your cheese course a distinc-          vegetarian cuisine results in a com-
from Japan and India to Laos,                                                        new to tofu and vegetarian cook-          tive and memorable part of the              plete guide, over 500 recipes plus
Malaysia, and the Phillipines. How                                                   ing. This new, expanded edition           meal– E, D, S, WF – 108 pgs hrdcvr -        sections on healthful diet, cooking
to create authentic Asian flavors
                                            Local Bounty                                                                       #825418s - $19.95 - $9.00                   tips, an extensive glossary of ingredi-
                                            Devra Gartenstein                        includes recipes for silken, flavored,
for Western kitchens. 192 pgs - color                                                dried, and frozen tofu - S, WF, NA -                                                  ents, and much more. E, D, S - 462
photos - #672316s - $14.95 - $7.50          Make your vegan diet even more           138 pgs -regularly - #671125s -                                                       pgs hrdcvr - #470718s - $24.95 -
                                            ecologically sustainable by using        $11.95 - $5.00                                                                        $4.00
                                            local produce. The guide to cook-                                                         Cookin’ Southern,
The Balanced Palate
Renée Louix
                                            ing with regional fruits and vegeta-                                               Vegetarian Style                            From a Traditional
                                            bles wherever you live - S, WF - 192     Tofu & Soyfoods                           Ann Jackson
Learning to look for balance in all                                                                                                                                        Greek Kitchen
                                            pgs - #672194s - $17.95 - $9.00          Cookery                                   All the hominess of Southern cuisine
aspects of preparing and serving                                                                                                                                           Aphrodite Polemis
                                                                                     Peter Golbitz                             with a dose of healthful eating in
food. Infusing macrobiotics and             Miso Cookery                                                                                                                   The richness of naturally plant-
ayurvedic principles into favorites                                                  America's foremost authority on           vegetarian versions of standard
                                            Louise Hagler                                                                                                                  based Greek cuisine, along with
dishes from cultures around the                                                      soyfoods teams up with the coun-          favorites. With humorous and
                                                                                                                                                                           health-conscious versions of all-time
world – NA – 416 pgs - #864711s -           Miso, the salty, fermented soy-          try's leading soyfoods cooks to pre-      poignant remembrances of life in
                                                                                                                                                                           favorites such as moussaka, stuffed
$18.95 - $7.50                              based paste used in Asia for cen-        sent the latest info on soy and your      the South where the pace is slow
                                                                                                                                                                           grape leaves, imam baildi, and
                                            turies, is an aid to digestion and       health, and delicious ways to make        and friendly. -E, D, S, WF -192 pgs
                                                                                                                                                                           more. E, D, S, WF – 192 pgs -
                                            may protect against cancer and           your favorite foods. - S, WF, NA - 176    #670927s -$12.95 - $6.50
Buddha’s Table                                                                                                                                                             #990930s - $12.95 - $6.50
                                            heart disease. Over 70 recipes and       pgs - #670501s - $12.95 - $5.00
Vegetarian Thai Recipes                     info from the author of Meatless                                                   Cool Coyote Café Drinks
Chat Mingkwan                               Burgers. - 96 pgs - #671028s -                                                     Mark Miller                                 The Good Breakfast Book
                                            $10.95 - $5.50                                                                                                                 Nikki & David Goldbeck
A collection of recipes especially                                                   Ultimate                                  Coolers, punches, lemonades,
selected for Western tastes and                                                      Uncheese Cookbook                         smoothies and cocktails from the            From the authors of American
easy preparation. Includes salads,          No Cholesterol Passover                                                            famous Sante Fe eatery – D, WS –            Wholefoods Cuisine, steeped with
                                                                                     Joanne Stepaniak
soups, stir-fries, curries, desserts, and   Recipes, revised                                                                   128 pgs - #156548s - $14.95 - $6.00         the Goldbecks’ tips for morning
                                                                                     The long-awaited follow-up to the                                                     repasts that are quick or leisurely.
illustrated ingredients section. Full       Debra Wasserman                          classic Unchees C ookbook.
                                                                                                      e                                                                    Some vegan, kid favorites, baked
color photographs - S, WF -192 pgs          100 recipes for the Passover season      Packed with current information on        Eat More Weigh Less                         goods – 350 recipes, E, D, S, WF – 220
- #671613s - $14.95 - $7.50                 in this new edition, all low-calorie,    how to construct a nutritious, dairy-     Dean Ornish, MD                             pgs - #613846s - $9.95 - $5.00
                                            dairy- and egg-free and low in           free diet, and pitfalls of dairy foods.   The life choice program for losing
                                            cholesterol - a minor miracle! - NA -    Dozen of all-new recipes - many
Cookin’ Healthy                                                                                                                weight safely while eating abundantly       Horizons: The Cookbook
                                            96 pgs #411149 - $9.00 - $7.99           updates of traditional favorite           - 20 weeks on the NY Times best-sell-
With One Foot Out the Door                                                           “uncheeses.”- S, WF, NA - 192 pgs -                                                   Rich Landau & Kate Jacoby
                                                                                                                               er list - 250 recipes - E, D, S, WF, NA -
Polly Pitchford & Delia Quigley             Peaceful Palate, revised                 #671516s - $15.95 - $8.00                 462 pgs - #09627Xs - $6.99 -$3.00           Gourmet Meatless Cuisine from
A light-hearted look at easy, pain-         Jennifer Raymond                                                                                                               Latin America, Asia, and other glob-
less vegan cooking. Over 140 cre-           An old fashioned, down to earth,                                                                                               al inspirations adapted for the west-
                                                                                     Vegan Bites (Recipes for                  Eat Well The YoChee Way                     ern kitchen. Includes an ingredient
ative recipes, most under 15 min-           vegan cookbook, with all the basic
                                            recipes you want, and up-to-date         Singles)                                  Nikki & David Goldbeck                      directory and cooking techniques
utes to prepare with easy-to-find in-
gredients - NA - 157 pgs- #990868s          nutritional information. A great         Beverly Lynn Bennett                      How to make delicious yogurt                for tofu, gluten, and more. Color
- $8.95 - $4.50                             book for novices or veterans - S, WF     Perfect for students, singles, and        cheese and use it in more than 275          photos – S, WF - 170pgs #671796s -
                                            -158 pgs oversize- #670315 -$19.95 -     couples of any age, these recipes         recipes - 309 pgs - E, D, S, WF -           $19.95 - $10.00
                                            $17.95                                   are designed for everyday use,            #101094s - $18.95 - $9.50
ExtraVeganZa                                                                         easily. The splashy color layout
Laura Matthias
                                                                                                                                                                           The Imus Ranch: Cooking for
                                            Sensuous Vegetarian Barbecue             makes it a fun and stimulating                                                        Kids and Cowboys
Over 250 elegant vegan dishes                                                        cookbook. - 168 pgs - #672217s -          Vegetarian No-Cholesterol
from the Phoenix Organic Farm
                                            V. Chelf & D. Biscotti                                                                                                         Deirdre Imus
                                                                                     $15.95 - $8.00                            Barbeque Cookbook
bed & breakfast. Also, how to use           A hot and healthful collection of                                                                                              The Imus Ranch is a respite for chil-
edible flowers and fresh herbs as           over 120 recipes, marinades, grilling                                              K. Schumann & V. Messina                    dren suffering serious health prob-
                                            tips, bases for soups, salads, pizza,
                                                                                     Vegan Deli
garnish and natural foods as color                                                                                             The guide to guiltless backyard cook-       lems or emotional stress. Over 125
                                            main and side dishes, desserts- 218      Joanne Stepaniak                          ing with fabulous flavors. Not just for     vegetarian recipes typical of the
agents for other foods. – 288 pgs -
                                            pgs- #296136s -$9.95 - $3.00             From the celebrated author of The         summer! - S, WF - 116 pgs -                 nontoxic setting the ranch – E, D, S,
#715513s - $24.95 - $12.00
                                                                                     Uncheese Cookbook come whole-             #111061s - $9.95 - $5.00                    WF – 256 pages, full color -
                                                                                     some ethnic fast foods that echo                                                      #862265s - $18.95 - $7.00
Foods That Cause You                        Simply Vegan, 3rd edition                authentic New York delicatessen
to Lose Weight                              Debra Wasserman                          flavor. Fresh and marinated salads,       Venturesome Vegetarian
Dr. Neal Barnard                            Over 160 vegan recipes, extensive        tempting spreads, tangy pickles,          Cooking
                                                                                     hot noodle dishes and casseroles,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Ingredient Codes
It's proven that 20 foods can actu-         nutrition section, sample menus                                                    JM Hirsch & M. Hirsch
                                                                                     and soups of every ilk. - 192 pgs -                                                      E       Eggs
ally cause you to lose weight.              and meal plans, food definitions
                                                                                                                               From Greece, Italy, Thailand, Japan,           D       Dairy Products
                                            and origins, where to buy vegan          #671095s - $15.95 - $8.00
Discover which ones and how to                                                                                                 and more, tempting ideas from                  NA      Nutritional Analyses
prepare them - melt pounds away             ingredients and products. One of
                                                                                                                               around the world. Surprisingly                 S       Sugar (all kinds)
deliciously - NA -176 pgs-                  the great basic introductory books
                                                                                                                               vegan - S, WF – 226 pgs - #840641s             WF      White flour
                                            for new vegans. – WF – 224 pgs -
#330315s- -$12.95- $6.50                                                                                                       - $21.95 - $8.50                               M       Macrobiotic ingredients
                                            #411203s - $12.95 - $3.50
14        the Mail order                                                                                                                            1-800-695-2241
                                                                     BARGAIN COOKBOOKS
                 catalog                                            We have limited quantities of books that have a dented             
    for Healthy eating                                               corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are over-
                                                                       stocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.                          10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
    SPRING – SUMMER 2011
                              VEGETARIAN COOKBOOKS                                                                             BAKING & DESSERTS                         VEGETARIAN INFO
Innovative Soy Cooking                   The Teen’s Vegetarian                     Vegetarian Revolution
                                                                                                                             Biscotti      Lou Seibert Pappas
Trudie Burnham                           Cookbook                                  Giorgio Cerquetti                                                                   Becoming Vegan
                                                                                                                             This beautiful little volume makes a
A great little cookbook for anyone       Judy Krizmanic                            A fascinting and fun look at the          wonderful gift for biscotti eaters and    Brenda Davis, R.D. & Vesanto
wanting to dabble with tofu, soy         With an icon to point out the quick       how’s and why’s of vegetarianism –        serious biscotti makers alike. Includes   Melina, M.S., R.D.
sauce, tempeh and soymilk – E, D –       and easy recipes that take you            along with 108 delicious recipes          the history of biscotti and biscotti-     The impact of veganism on health,
96 pgs - #949628s - $6.95 - $3.25        from breakfast to midnight snacks,        from top veggie restaurants, spiritu-     making tips – E, D, WF – 64 pages         the environment, animal rights, and
                                         glossary of terms and ingredients,        al leaders, famous vegetarians, and       hrdcvr - #800952s - $9.95 - $4.00         human hunger; how to get enough
The Jewish Vegetarian Year               menus, and a chapter on college           celebrities – E, D, S, WF – 258 pgs -                                               protein and calcium; what fats and
Cookbook                                 cuisine - D, S, WF - 180 pgs. -           #089004s - $14.95 - $5.00                                                           carbohydrates are best; The vegan
                                         #385061s - $9.99 - $5.00
                                                                                                                             Biscotti, Bars, and Brownies              diet for pregnant and nursing wo-
Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD, Rosa Rasiel
                                                                                   Vegetarian Times                          Terri Henry                               men, and children of all ages; Con-
Recipes grouped by Jewish holy
days and sample menus for family         Vegetarian                                Entertaining                              If your taste in cookies runs toward      suming a vegan diet in later years;
or social dining. Prayers and table      Bloomsbury Books                          Jay Solomon                               luscious squares you bake in a pan,       Vegan diets and eating disorders
blessings, appendices with advice                                                                                            this little collection will make your     224 pgs - #671036s - $17.95 - $9.00
                                         Great new ideas for vegetarian            From Chinese New Year to
about where to find vegetarian                                                                                               heart race – E, D, S, WF – 96 pgs -
                                         main dishes and appetizers, with a        Caribbean barbecue, from a vege-
pareve products. D, S, WF -212 pgs -                                                                                         #949016s - $6.95 - $3.00
                                         continental flair - 72 pgs - E, D, WF -   tarian wedding feast to Kwanzaa,                                                    Becoming Vegetarian,
#288439 -$18.95 - $16.95                 #715577s - $$8.95 - $2.00                 twenty-three delicious vegetarian         Great Good Desserts Naturally!            1st ed.
                                                                                   menus with color photos, with a
                                                                                                                             Fran Costigan                             Brenda Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS, RD
Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Café            The Vegetarian Cookbook                   “do-ahead” plan, hints and tips. E,
                                                                                   D, S, WF – 194 pgs hrdcvr -               Wonderful professional chef and           The original publication that pro-
Mollie Katzen                            Nicola Graimes                                                                      baker Fran Costigan. Fabulous             vides complete information on
From the author of Moosewood                                                       #613244s - $27.50 - $6.00
                                         An all-encompassing vegetarian                                                      cakes, cookies, sauces, pies, pud-        adopting a vegetarian diet and
Cookbook, over 350 easy recipes          cookbook, with more than 175                                                        dings, and more - S, WF - 144 pgs         staying healthy. 272 pgs - #670137s
for amazing sweets and savories for                                                What, No Meat?!                                                                     - $16.95 - $3.00
                                         recipes inspired from many cul-                                                     oversize - #310806s - $15.95 - $8.00
breakfast or brunch: muffins,            tures. Includes 65 pg ingredient,         What To Do When Your Kid
omelets, pancakes, protein bars,         nutrition guide, and all recipes          Becomes a Vegetarian
hashes and much more. If you love
                                                                                                                                                                       Healthy Highways
                                         have metric measurements as well.         DH Poneman & EA Greene                                                              Nikki & David Goldbeck
breakfast, you HAVE to have this         – E, D, S, WF - 320 pgs. - #770737s -
                                                                                                                             Gluten-Free French Desserts
book! E, D, S, WF – 320 pgs hrdcvr -                                               Trustworthy facts from leading med-                                                 Lists over 1,900 eateries and natural
                                         $15.95 - $6.50                            ical associations, easy recipes, and
                                                                                                                             and Baked Goods
#862696s - $29.95 - $12.00                                                                                                                                             food stores with directions, hours,
                                                                                   how to support your child’s choices       Valerie Cupillard
                                                                                                                                                                       phone, food facts and features.
                                         Vegetarian Cooking                        in a way that won’t make war at           The secrets for employing a wealth        Don’t leave home without it. – 230
Omega 3 Cuisine                          Around the World Lerner                   meal times – E, D, S, WF – 232 pgs -      of gluten-free ingredients that will      pgs - #101108s - $18.95 - $9.50
by Alan Roettinger with Udo              Tucked among some popular eth-            #225790s - $14.95 - $5.00                 allow you to easily prepare tasty,
                                                                                                                             original baked goods that will
Erasmus                                  nic cuisine are international dishes                                                                                          Tofu Tollbooth, 2nd edition
                                         I've never heard of before. A good        Yoga Kitchen                              tempt your family and introduce
These recipes showcase haute cui-                                                                                                                                      Comp. by E. Zipern, D. Williams, et
                                         addition for the cookbook collec-                                                   new flavors to your guests. Many
sine using healthful oils, based on                                                Shoshoni Yoga Retreat                                                               al.
                                         tor - color photos - E, D, S, WF - 48                                               color photos - 144 pgs oversize -
formulas developed by Udo                                                          Faith Stone & Rachael Guidry
                                         pgs - #596326s - $5.95 - $2.00                                                      #671876s - $24.95 - $12.50                A guide to natural food stores and
Erasmus, author of Fats That Heal                                                  From plain and simple American
Fats That Kill. Beautiful color photos                                                                                                                                 eating spots with lots of other cool
                                                                                   favorites to exotic Mediterranean                                                   stops along the way. A popular
feature dishes such as Apple and                                                   and Indian-inspired gourmet fare.         Irresistible Cookies & Biscotti
Fennel Salad and a unique Veg-                                                                                                                                         guide for travelers from Grateful
                                                                                   Recipes for traditional spice blends,     Linda Collister                           Dead cookbook author and folk
etable Lasagne. You’ll enjoy the            RAW, LIVING FOODS                      such as garam masala, and ghee,           Recipes from all over the world,
humorous recipe comments. 192                                                                                                                                          singer Dar Williams. 250 pgs-
                                                                                   the clarified butter essential to         incredibly easy to make but impos-
pgs - #470817s - $19.95 - $10.00             FROM BPC                              many Indian foods. E, D, S, WF - 256
                                                                                                                                                                       #10106Xs - $14.95 - $7.50
                                                                                                                             sible to resist. With lots of photos
                                                                                   pgs - #671451s - $18.95 - $6.00           good enough to eat. E, D, S, WF –
                                                                                                                             64 pgs - #72534Xs - $6.95 - $3.00         Vegetarian Judaism
                                         Alive in Five                             Raw Food Revolution Diet                                                            Roberta Kalechofsky PhD
     JUICES & DRINKS                     Angela Elliott                            Cherie Soria, Brenda Davis RD,
                                                                                                                             Luscious Chocolate Desserts               Coming to vegetarianism from the
                                                                                   Melina Vesanto MS RD                                                                path of Judaic teachings, and fol-
                                         Easy alternatives to complex raw                                                    Lori Longbotham
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt                                                          A comprehensive look at how to                                                      lowing the teachings to the path of
                                         recipes that require lots of time                                                   Luscious, yes, they are! Equally lus-
Mable & Gar Hoffman                                                                make a raw diet nutritionally sound,                                                vegetarianism - 250 pgs - #289455s
                                         and expensive equipment to pre-                                                     cious color photos will let you feast
More than 200 wonderful combina-                                                   from two well known experts, and                                                    -$15.95 - $8.00
                                         pare. Acclaimed raw chef Angela                                                     with your eyes before you dive into
tions you can make in your ice-          Elliott shows how to whip up mouth-       an accomplished raw chef . - 256
                                                                                   pgs - #671852s - $21.95 - $11.00          those scrumptious recipes. Not for
cream maker or freezer, with             watering lasagne, spaghetti mari-                                                   the faint of heart. From a former
yummy color photos to whet your
appetite – E, D, S, WF, NA - 256 pgs -
                                         nara, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli in
                                         cheese sauce, apple pie, deca-            Raw for Dessert                           food editor for Gourmet magazine.         PERSONAL GROWTH
                                                                                                                             – E, D, S, WF - 144 pgs hrdcvr -
#612474s - $17.50 - $5.00                dent whipped cream and straw-             Jennifer Cornbleet                        #835162s - $19.95 - $9.00
                                         berries, chocolate shake, and             The author of best-selling Raw Food                                                 The Power of Now
Juice Fasting & Detoxification           more—all in about five minutes,           Made Easy brings her quick and
Steve Meyerowitz                         with easy-to-find ingredients and         easy touch to delicious desserts,
                                                                                                                             Secrets of Fat-free Baking                Eckhart Tolle
                                         just a blender or food processor.                                                   Sandra Woodruff                           Eckhart’s guide to spiritual transfor-
Fasting on raw fruit and vegetable                                                 from luscious fruits to sinful cakes,
                                         128 pgs - #672026s - $14.95 - $7.50                                                 Over 130 low-fat, fat-free recipes for    mation offers simple language with
juices, water, detoxification, weight                                              pies, custards, ice creams, and
                                                                                                                             all kinds of baked goods - E, D, S -      a question and answer format. Go
loss techniques, fasting while work-                                               candy. Make your sweet treats from
                                                                                                                             232 pgs - #296306s - $13.95 - $7.00       from the space of your analytical
ing, juice recipes, exercises, and       Celebrating Our Raw Nature                the best food on earth - 128 pgs -
                                                                                                                                                                       mind and ego, to one where you
how to come off a fast safely - 168      Dorit                                     #672361s - $14.95 - $7.50
                                                                                                                                                                       will breathe lighter. HB190 pgs –
pgs #736655s - $10.95 - $5.50            An all-encompassing introduction                                                                                              #311523s - $22.95 - $11.00
                                                                                                                             Simple Treats
                                         to a raw, vegan diet from raw food        The Raw Gourmet
Juice Power                              expert and chef Dorit. Quick-and-
                                                                                                                             Ellen Abraham
                                                                                   Nomi Shannon                                                                        The Prophet
Teoorah B.N. Shaleahk                    easy recipes, liquid meals, dishes for                                              For anyone interested in making a
                                                                                   Enjoy a refreshing new world of                                                     Kahlil Gibran
                                         entertaining, and foods for children.                                               change to nutritious, wheat-free,
Here is a great collection of recipes                                              food preparation that will make a                                                   Perhaps the most famous work of
                                         For the novice or expert. 224 pgs -                                                 dairy-free, refined sugar-free good-
that will help boost energy, elevate                                               raw gourmet of even the most die-                                                   religious fiction of the 20th century
                                         #672088s - $14.95 – $6.00                                                           ies. These recipes are easy to follow,
mood, increase stamina, relax                                                      hard baker, broiler, and fryer. Boost                                               speaks to us of love and marriage,
                                                                                                                             straight forward, and sinfully deli-
nerves, improve memory, and make                                                   your vitality without sacrificing taste                                             joy and sorrow, reason and passion,
                                                                                                                             cious! The Simple Treats Brownie
children smile! NA - 128 pgs -           NEW! Hooked on Raw                        with dozens of recipes from the                                                     beauty and death – 120 pgs -
                                                                                                                             received the “Best of Vegetarian”
#671680s - $9.95 - $5.00                 Rhio                                      exotic to the familiar – color photos                                               #416937s - $14.95 - $6.00
                                                                                                                             VegNews Choice award in 2002 for
                                                                                   - 228 pgs oversize - #470483s -
                                         In an imaginative and energetic                                                     the nation’s top vegan brownie. S,
NEW! Power Juices, Super                 style, raw chef Rhio shares more
                                                                                   $24.95 - $12.50
                                                                                                                             NA - 128 pgs – 671370s- $14.95 -          Tibetan Meditation
Drinks                                   than 350 recipes for everything                                                     $7.50                                     Tarthang Tulku
Steve Meyerowitz                         from raw-food basics and ancient
                                                                                   BY ROSE LEE CALABRO
                                                                                                                                                                       Practical teachings and 20 step-by-
How to tap the healing powers of         cultured foods to familiar salads,        Living in the Raw Desserts                Sweet Utopia                              step exercises on how to live in har-
72 natural fruits, vegetables, herbs,    soups, main dishes, and delicious         Create elegant and satisfying pies,       Sharon Valencik                           mony, peace, and happiness.
and seeds for 115 health condi-          desserts. How to begin a raw food         cookies, cakes and cool treats. 198       Create the luscious flavors and           Relaxation postures, and traditional
tions. With 196 quick and delicious      transition that works for you - 365       pgs - #672019s - $16.95 - $8.50           familiar textures of traditional          Tibetan lore – 160 pgs hrdcvr -
recipes for juices, teas, nondairy       pgs oversize - #672507s - $29.95 -                                                  desserts without the use of eggs or       #832066s - $24.95 - $7.00
milks, and other drinks, making juic-    $10.00                                                                              dairy, perfect for anyone allergic to
                                                                                   Living in the Raw
ing fast and easy. 424 pgs -                                                                                                 dairy or eggs or lovers of sweets
                                                                                   The introduction highlights the heal-
#66528Xs - $14.00 - $7.00                Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or               ing benefits of raw foods. Includes       everywhere. A wide array of good-
                                         2 People Jenny Cornbleet                  over 200 recipes for soups, desserts,     ies including cakes, cookies, pies,
Smart Drinks                             Make fabulous raw food without a          smoothies, even main dishes from          puddings, and other treats and are                Ingredient Codes
                                         lot of special equipment and extra        raw foods - 314 pgs - #671486s -          accompanied by over 130 full-                E       Eggs
Bob Schwiers
                                         preparation time! Really delicious        $19.95 -$10.00                            color photos that provide inspira-           D       Dairy Products
Alcohol-free natural beverages,
                                         recipes especially good for the                                                     tion and anticipation. - 192 pgs - #         NA      Nutritional Analyses
sophisticated enough to substitute
                                         new raw foodie - 160 pgs -                                                          672330s - $19.95 - $10.00                    S       Sugar (all kinds)
for cocktails and other alcoholic                                                  Living in the Raw Gourmet
                                         #671753s - $16.95 - $8.50                                                                                                        WF      White flour
party drinks - 64 pgs - E, D, S -                                                  This book expands the selection of
                                                                                                                                                                          M       Macrobiotic ingredients
#996145s - $8.95 - $2.00                                                           raw dishes to include elegant and
                                                                                   impressive pates, breads, crackers,
                                                                                   entrees and desserts. 320 pgs -
                                                                                   #671761s - $19.95 - $10.00
         1-800-695-2241                                                                                                                                   the Mail order                                   15
                                                                         BARGAIN COOKBOOKS                                               We have limited quantities of books that have a dented
      10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri                                          corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are over-                      for Healthy eating
                                                                          stocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
                                                                                                                                                   SPRING – SUMMER 2011
  BUILDING, DESIGN                                                                                    NUTRITION              FOR    HEALTH
The Carbon-Free Home                                                                                                          Fresh Vegetable and Fruit                   Paul Nisson’s
                                         All About Glucosamine &                   Cranberry:
Stephen & Rebekah Hren                                                                                                        Juices                                      Raw Food Formula for Health
                                         Chondroitin Ray Sahelian, MD              The Cure for Common and
Not only how to reduce energy                                                                                                 Norman Walker, DSc                          Paul Nisson
                                         How glucosamine and chondroitin           Chronic Conditions
consumption, but how to retrofit                                                                                              Why a lack of certain vitamins, min-
                                         relieve arthritis, injuries, and more -   Phyllis I. Dales and Bruce Dales                                                       A natural foods enthusiast shares
older homes to use renewable                                                                                                  erals, and salts is the basis of nearly
                                         96 pgs - #298945s - $2.99 - $2.00                                                                                                his formula for a healthy lifestyle,
resources, ideas for sustainable                                                   The cranberry's claim to fame is its       every sickness and disease.                 based on raw and natural foods,
transportation and home garden-                                                    ability to prevent and cure urinary        Recommendations for which fresh
                                         All About Green Food                                                                                                             positive attitude, exercise. Contains
ing. Great tips for renters as well as                                             tract infections; however, it is also      vegetable and fruit juices to use,          easy and basic recipes - 128 pgs -
homeowners. 284 pgs - #392622s -         Supplements                               proving useful for candidiasis, eye        with the nutritional content of com-        #672163s - $12.95 - $6.50
$35.00 - $9.00                           Estitta & Gary Bushkin, MS, CNC           disorders, gout, incontinence, pre-        mon fresh produce - 128 pgs -
                                         Why you need green food supple-           menstrual syndrome, prostatitis, and       #190333s - $9.95 - $5.00
Circle Houses        David Pearson       ments, how much to take, more -           other conditions. Today the cran-                                                                    Power of Your Plate
Yurts, tipis, benders, and all           96 pgs - #299631s - $2.99 - $2.00         berry is replacing long-term antibi-                                                                       Dr. Neal Barnard
                                                                                   otic prescriptions, preventing illness,
                                                                                                                              Intuitive Eating
dwellings round. A look at tradition-                                                                                         Humbart “Smokey” Santillo, ND               17 leading physicians give their rec-
al buildings and instructions for                                                  and providing hope for many peo-
                                         All About Vitamin E                       ple. 64 pages - #120070s $11.95 -          A complete program for detoxify-            ommendations for diet and lifestyle
making some on your own. Many                                                                                                                                             to protect you from the most com-
                                         Jack Challem & Melissa Smith              $5.00                                      ing the body through eating more
photos – 96 pgs hrdcvr - #132861s                                                                                                                                         mon causes of death and illness. -
                                         Vitamin E’s effects on the heart, the                                                natural, raw foods. Complete with
- $16.95 - $7.00                                                                                                                                                          240 pgs - #67003Xs - $10.95 $5.50
                                         immune system, aging, and more -                                                     recipes (ditch the few transitional
                                         96 pgs - #299410s - $2.99 - $2.00                                                    recipes that are not vegetarian) –
Illuminations:                                                                     Dr. McDougall’s Digestive                  444 pgs - #252270s - $16.95 - $8.50         Prescription for Nutritional
Living by Candlelight                    Become Younger                            Tune-Up                                                                                Healing, 4 th edition
W. Arnold & S. Sullivan                  Norman Walker, DSc                        John A. McDougall, MD                      Lick the Sugar Habit                        Phyllis A. Balch, CNC
Lavishly illustrated and filled with     Considered the cornerstone of the         Topics on intestinal health that are       Nancy Appleton                              The A-to-Z reference to drug-free
beautiful ideas, from elegant tapers     famous Walker program, an outline         often taboo in common conversa-            Cure yourself of chronic illness with       remedies using vitamins, minerals,
on the dining table to a cluster of      of how to slow the aging process.         tion—with a candid, often humor-           a self-help program for decreasing          herbs, and food supplements. Over
votives at the bathtub’s edge, to        Optimal foods for nourishment,            ous look. Easy to understand, this         the nearly 150 lbs of sugar the ave-        300 disorders with recommended
transform everyday occurrences           developing a better lifestyle, and        information will enable you to make        rage person consumes in a year. -           remedies, and alternative therapies
into special occasions – 120 pgs         using attitude to influence your          more informed medical decisions            256 pgs - #296950s - $5.95 - $3.00          that can be used with nutritional
hrdcvr - #830721s - $19.95 - $9.00       health for the better. - 128 pgs -        and wiser dietary choices. - 224 pgs
                                                                                                                                                                          approaches to health – 888 pgs -
                                                                                   - #671842s - $19.95 - $10.00
                                         #190517s - $9.95 - $5.00                                                             Health and                                  #332367s - - $24.95 - $12.50
Prescriptions for a Healthy
                                                                                   Enzymes:                                   Healing with Bee Products
House                                                                                                                         C. Leigh Broadhurst PhD                     NEW! Water:The Ultimate
P. Baker Laporte, E. Elliott, J. Banta   The Cancer Survivor’s Guide               The Sparks of Life
                                                                                   Anthony J. Cichoke, DC, PhD                This book presents all the currently        Cure 2nds
Take the mystery out of building         Neal Barnard, MD                                                                     known health benefits of bee prod-          Steve Meyerowitz
your home and what to use in             How a dietary change to a low-fat,        Enzyme deficit can result in lack of       ucts, the ultimate “nutraceuticals.”
order to avoid living in a house that                                              energy, metabolism disorders, poor                                                     Discover why water is the most
                                         plant-based diet can be beneficial                                                   Bee pollen helps to alleviate aller-        important ingredient in your diet
makes you sick—what you can do           to anyone diagnosed with cancer -         circulation, and lack of mental            gies, fatigue, high cholesterol, infer-
to retrofit the house you have – 336                                               alertness. Practical information on                                                    and find out which water is right for
                                         which foods are best, simple, practi-                                                tility, impotence, prostatitis, and vari-   you. Reduce fatigue, joint pain,
pgs - #714347s - $26.95 - $12.00         cal steps to take to increase con-        enzymes, enzyme-rich foods, sup-           cose veins, and aids recovery from
                                                                                   plements, and easy tips to take                                                        allergies, and depression - 96 pgs. -
                                         sumption of these foods. 256 pgs -                                                   illness, surgery, and cancer. Propolis      #736205s - $7.95 $4.00
Straw Bale House                         #672255s - $19.95 - $10.00                charge of your life and improve            is used as an antiseptic, antimicro-
A. Steen, B. Steen, D. Bainbridge                                                  your daily food habits. D - 64 pgs -       bial and detoxifier. Honey can help
Classic, best-selling book on this                                                 #120360s - $11.95 - $3.00                  heal 30 different types of wounds
                                         Complete & Up-to-Date
revolutionary construction method                                                                                             and chronic skin infections. 64
— with technical info and details,
                                         Fat Book   Karen Bellerson
                                                                                                                              pages - # 120315s - $11.95 - $5.00                  GENERAL
                                         5th edition of the best-selling           Evening
beautifully photographed and illus-
trated - 298 pgs oversize -
                                         resource on the fat content of
                                                                                   Primrose Oil
                                         more than 30,000 whole and pre-                                                      Making Sauerkraut
#031717s - $30.00 - $15.00                                                         Nancy L. Morse                             K Kaufmann & A. Shoneck                     Buddha in the Waiting Room
                                         pared foods. From the grocery
                                         store, to the restaurant, to your         For hundreds of years, Native North        Discover the simple remedies and            Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D.
Tree Houses         David Pearson        table, this book covers it all – 894      Americans used this ordinary little        healing agents in lactic acid-fer-          After counseling terminally ill
Living an adult’s ultimate fantasy,      pgs - #332472s - $9.95 - $5.00            plant with delicate yellow flowers         mented foods: homemade sauer-               patients, Dr. Brenner gained a new
20 tree houses and the people            1st ed. #29561Xs - $5.95 - $1.50          to soothe arthritis and skin ailments.     kraut, pickles, and more. Step-by-          understanding of the nature of
who built them. Plans for building                                                 Today it also provides relief to mil-      step instructions for making them,          health, healing, and illness. Through
your own. Many photos – 96 pgs -                                                   lions with conditions such as:             traditional and modern recipes – D          his 40 yrs of experience, he offers
#132853s - $16.95 - $7.00                                                          eczema, premenstrual syndrome,             – 64 pgs - #120337s - $11.95 -              insights for doctors and empower-
                                                                                   menopause, depression, and dia-            $6.00                                       ment for patients. 140pgs -
                                         Miniature Roses                           betic complications. 64 pages - #                                                      #70063Xs - $14.95 - $7.50
                                                                                   120100s - $11.95 - $5.00
                                         Rayford C. Reddell                                                                   Prescription for Nutritional
        GARDENING                        Which varieties to select, how to                                                    Healing A-to-Z Guide to                     Healing Handbook Tara Ward
                                                                                   Fantastic Flax                                                                         A range of tools for healing your-
                                         prune and harvest – with profiles of                                                 Supplements
Can’t Miss Flower Gardening                                                        Sigfried Gursche                                                                       self, children and animals: chakras,
                                         more than 50 different types. With                                                   J. Balch, MD & P. Balch, CNC
Teri Dunn                                color photos. – 96 pgs hrdcvr -           The amazing healing properties of                                                      relaxation, releasing anger and
Planning and maintaining a won-                                                    flax, how to incorporate flax seeds        Everything you need to know                 resentment, healing sanctuary, sen-
                                         #818446s - $14.95 - $7.00
derful, health flower garden, the                                                  and oil into your daily diet, as well      about selecting and using vitamins,         sitivity, intuition, absent healing—
best flower combinations, and 100                                                  as recipes for quick and easy              herbs, and more - from the authors          pendulums, crystals, color, sound,
                                         Passport to Gardening                                                                of Prescription for Nutritional
of the best flower suggestions. Lots                                               breakfasts, lunches, salads, and                                                       massage, and spirit guides. 384 pgs
                                         K. LaLiberté & B. Watson                  baked goods, E, D - 64 pgs - #             Healing - 242 pgs - #298163s -
of color photos – 176 pgs -                                                                                                                                               - #821228s - $24.95 - $11.00
#861578s - $18.99 - $5.00                The whole earth catalog for organ-        120001s - $11.95 - $5.00                   $6.95 - $3.50
                                         ic gardeners—a sourcebook of
                                         products and information - 312 pgs
                                                                                                                                                                          The Healing Power of
                                                                                                                              The Organic Food Guide
The Flower Farmer                        hrdcvr - #132004s - $24.95 - $12.50                                                                                              Love & Intimacy
                                                                                   Food Allergy Survival Guide                Steve Meyerowitz
Lynn Byczynski                                                                                                                                                            Dean Ornish, MD
                                                                                   V. Melina, J. Stepaniak, D. Aronson        Behind the “mystery” between
An organic grower’s guide to rais-       Pests       Elizabeth & Crow Miller                                                                                              Audio edition of the National Public
                                                                                                                              organic and all-natural foods, how
ing and selling cut flowers. Over 95     A practical guide to natural man-         Find “hidden” culprits in prepared                                                     Television series on how healthy
                                                                                                                              to save money buying organics,
flowering plants, profiles of 13 suc-    agement of garden pests—from              food, and pinpoint foods that trig-                                                    relationships benefit physical
                                                                                                                              and are organic foods safer and
cessful “hobbyist turned profession-     borers and nematodes to rabbits           ger arthritis, ADHD, depression, and                                                   health. With an exclusive 60-minute
                                                                                                                              more nutritious – 96 pgs - #730692s
al” flower gardeners, flower arrang-     and deer. A Smith & Hawkin guide.         so much more. Includes delicious                                                       Q&A session. 2 audio cassettes –
                                                                                                                              - $8.95 - $4.50
ing, dried flowers, and marketing        108 pgs - #114017s - $11.95 - $4.00       recipes with no dairy, eggs, fish,                                                     130 min - #556158s - $17.95 - $2.00
tips – 224 pgs - #031946s - $29.95 -                                               gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree
                                                                                   nuts, wheat, yeast, and more. – 380        Papaya:
$10.00                                   The Sage Garden                                                                      The Healing Fruit                           Reclaiming Our Health
                                                                                   pgs - #67163Xs - $19.95 - $10.00
                                         A. Lovejoy & G. Crawford                                                                                                         John Robbins
                                                                                                                              Harald W. Tietze
Heirloom Flower Gardens                  Favorite varieties of this scented                                                                                               Why the polarization of convention-
Jo Ann Gardner
                                                                                   Food                                       Papaya is wonderfully beneficial to
                                         herb, tips on cultivating, recipes for                                                                                           al and alternative health care rais-
                                                                                   Combining and Digestion                    the digestion process and healthy
Designing in landscape and the           health, beauty, and good eating                                                                                                  es the human and financial costs
                                                                                   Steve Meyerowitz                           digestion is a key to gaining and
home with more than 300 classic          (excuse the nonveggie recipes) –                                                                                                 of medical care; what can be
                                                                                                                              maintaining optimal health.
ornamental plants introduced to          Many color photos – 142 pgs hrdcvr        A rational approach with easy-to-                                                      done to make American health
                                                                                                                              Papaya is also known and used to
North America between 1600 and           - #827585s - $17.95 - $8.00               follow techniques and exercises to                                                     care more responsive to true heal-
                                                                                                                              prevent, treat and heal a number
the 1950s. Growing, landscaping,                                                   maximize your digestion and                                                            ing - 432 pgs hrdcvr - #811693s -
                                                                                                                              of conditions such as: acne, men-
and preserving flower and herbs for      Water Gardens                             increase the flow of digestive juices                                                  $24.00 - $4.00
                                                                                                                              strual irregularities, cancer, arthritis,
culinary and craft use – period          Better Homes and Gardens                  to increase energy and health. -
                                                                                                                              low energy, fever, constipation,
plantings and theme gardens – 352                                                  120 pgs - # 736779s - $9.95 - $5.00
                                         How to create beautiful fountains,                                                   intestinal parasites, heartburn, and
pgs - #132624s - $24.95 - $12.50         ponds, and streams, what materials                                                   many others. Learn how to use this
                                         you’ll need and what climates are                                                    amazing plant for improved health.
                                         most suitable. Descriptions and                                                      Includes recipes. 64 pages photos -
                                         photos of common water plants. –                                                     # 120056s - $11.95 - $5.00
                                         144 pgs - #211769s - $16.95 - $8.00
16        the Mail order                                                    BARGAIN BOOKS                                                          1-800-695-2241
                  catalog                                          We have limited quantities of books that have a dented             
                                                                    corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are over-
   for Healthy eating                                                 stocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.                          10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
     SPRING – SUMMER 2011                                                                               NATURAL REMEDIES, TREATMENT, PREVENTION
                                                                                 Arthritis, 5th ed                          Crystal Therapy                           Living with Lupis
 HERBS/HERBALISM                         GOOD HEALTH KITS                        James F. Fries, M.D.                       Shirley O’Donoghue                        Philippa Pigache
Echinacea         Dr. Daniel Mowrey      The Art of the Bath                     Information on over 30 different           How to choose the most beneficial         The different types of lupus and
The amazing herb that stimulates         Susannah Marriott                       types of arthritis with flow charts to     crystals for you, whether for boost-      what they affect, how they are
the immune system - 56 pgs-                                                      help you relieve pains and decide          ing energy, easing tensions, or           diagnosed and treated, what you
                                         Make your bath a ritual of pleasure
#836105s - $3.95 - $2.50                                                         when to see a doctors. Recom-              increasing self-confidence. 128 pgs       can do on your own to improve
                                         - creating essential items for your
                                                                                 mended by the Arthritis Foundation         - #833900s - $9.95 - $5.00                your quality of life – 132 pgs -
                                         luxurious bath, adding bath ingredi-
                                                                                 and The Arthritis Society. – 286 pgs -                                               #699528s - $12.95 - $5.00
Gingko Biloba         Frank Murray       ents to suit your every need, and
                                                                                 #202258s - $16.00 - $7.00
The powerful immune-stimulating          bathing traditions – 96 pages hrd-                                                 Dr Peter Scardino’s Prostate
“living fossil” - 48 pgs - #836016s -    cvr - #726199s - $12.95 - $3.00                                                    Book Peter Scardino, MD
$3.95 - $2.50                                                                    Ayurveda: For Beauty and                   The complete guide to overcoming          McDougall Program for a
                                         NEW! The Chakra Deck                    Health     Janet Wright                    prostate cancer, prostatitis, and         Healthy Heart
Ginseng Book Stephen Fuller,PhD          Olivia H Miller                         Discover the ideal ayurvedic path          BPH, from the chairman of the             John McDougall, MD
Which form to use and how much,          50 cards for promoting spiritual and    for your type. Covers yoga, Eastern        Dept. of Urology at Sloan-Kettering
                                         physical health by balancing vital                                                                                           With recipes by Mary McDougall,
to deal with stress, degenerative                                                massage, breathing techniques,             Cancer Center – 496 pgs -
                                         energy centers (chakras) through                                                                                             the pioneering program including
diseases, aging, wisely and safely -                                             and meditation with beautiful full-        #332545s - $16.95 - $7.00
                                         yoga, meditation, and breathing                                                                                              step-by-step diet, exercise, and
110 pgs #297205s - $8.95 - $4.50                                                 color pictures to help guide you. –
                                         exercises. Learn how the seven                                                                                               lifestyle recommendations for
                                                                                 96 pgs - #777537s - $14.95 - $6.00         Heal Yourself with Crystals
                                         major chakras affect your overall                                                                                            bringing about dramatic health
Green Tea Book                                                                                                              Hazel Raven                               improvements in less than two
                                         health and how to free them from        Backache Survival
L. Mitscher, PhD, & V. Dolby                                                                                                Easy-to-follow instructions for effec-    weeks - 448 pgs hrdcvr - #938680s
                                         blocked energy. #841207s - $14.95       Robert S. Ivker, DO
How to use antioxidant-rich green        - $7.50                                                                            tive crystal therapy techniques to        - $24.95 - $6.00
                                                                                 A holistic medical treatment pro-
tea to prevent cancer, slow the                                                                                             ease 80 common conditions; physi-
                                                                                 gram for the low back pain that will
aging process, aid digestion, bene-
                                         The Detox Box                           affect 8 out of 10 Americans. A fast-
                                                                                                                            cal conditions, emotions, and             Nature’s Own Candida Cure
fit women's health, and even pro-                                                                                           needs for spiritual growth and heal-      William G. Crook, MD
                                         Mark Hyman, MD                          start program, the most effective
mote healthy teeth and gums! -                                                                                              ing, – full color, 160 pgs - #812633s -
                                         A comprehensive detox program           yoga positions, and what causes                                                      Learn about the relationship of
186 pgs - #298074s - $9.95 - $5.00                                                                                          $19.95 - $9.00
                                         for home. 64-page book on detoxi-       back pain (both physical and emo-                                                    candida to chronic illness and
                                         fication, 2 CDs on the medical sci-     tional). 318 pgs - #422363s - $14.95                                                 ways to control candida and
Healthy & Beautiful                                                              - $5.00                                    The Healing Power of                      regain lost health. Lifestyle
                                         ence behind detoxing, and yoga
with Tea Tree Oil                        sequences for detoxing, and 70
                                                                                                                            Movement for Cancer                       changes, dietary guidelines, and
Heidelore Kluge                          flash cards to help you remember        Beat Back Pain                             L. Hoffman & A. Freeland                  nutritious recipes - 64 pg - D -
                                         the important elements while shop-      Dr. Ruth Chambers                          Studies show exercise may be bet-         #120025s - $11.95 - $6.00
Tea tree oil fights fungus, bacteria,
and can help with muscle and joint       ping and going through your day.        52 brilliant, practical ideas for beat-    ter than rest for health while fight-
pain. Simple recipes that can be         #791006s - $19.95 - $10.00              ing back pain and getting on with          ing cancer. This book is a clear          Planning a Detox Becca Thomas
made at home: bath oils, massage                                                 a normal, active life. From treat-         guide to specific exercises               How detox can help your personal
oils, cleansing lotions, creams, rins-   Feng Shui Kit        Man-Ho Kwok        ment strategies to changing every-         designed to follow different stages       relationships and home, how to
es, inhalants, and compresses. 104                                               day routines – 256 pgs - #902146s -        of cancer treatment. – 90 pgs -           plan a detox session, and detox
                                         For centuries the Chinese have
pages - #330528s - $9.95 - $3.00                                                 $18.95 - $6.00                             #205400s - $15.00 - $6.00                 therapy for the mind – many pho-
                                         used feng shui to create harmoni-
                                         ous surroundings for happiness,                                                                                              tos and illustrations – 96 pgs -
Herbs and Health                         health, and wealth. Learn how to        Break Through Pain                         The IBS Breakthrough                      #672862s - $19.95 - 6.00
Nicola Peterson                          arrange your home or office for         Shinzen Young                              Leigh Fortson
Safe, gentle remedies for colds,         optimum feng shui. 112-page book,                                                  Healing irritable bowel syndrome          Rheumatoid
                                                                                 A step-by-step mindfulness medita-
coughs, warts, acne, rheumatism,         feng shui compass, mirror, stickers-    tion program for transforming              for good with ancient Chinese             Arthritis
bruising, and other common ail-          #830479s- $29.95 $15.00                 chronic and acute pain. How to             medicine. How to find a practition-       Zoltan Rona MD MSc
ments. Alphabetical glossary of                                                  “step outside” physical suffering,         er who can use the combination of         The natural approach to rheuma-
herbs and their medicine uses,           Headache Pack Christine Falvey          how pain transforms into energy.           herbs, acupuncture and                    toid arthritis goes beyond mere
along with color drawings and            Instructions for relieving headaches    Comes with meditation CD – 104             mind/body technique that’s right          management of symptoms to
information on how to make herbal        with herbal solutions, aromathera-      pgs hrdcvr - #791995s - $19.95 -           for you. – 176 pgs - #412626s -           address the underlying systemic
preparations – 96 pgs hrdcvr -           py, and massage, along with laven-      $7.00                                      $15.95 - $3.00                            problems that are associated with
#198031s - $16.95 - $6.00                der and peppermint oils and sweet                                                                                            the condition--rheumatoid arthritis
                                         almond for massage - #203446s -         Colour Therapy                             Liver Cleansing Handbook                  can be reversed. Find out about
Herbal Teas             C J Puotinen     $16.95 - $8.50                          Pauline Wells                              Rhody Lake                                the rheumatoid arthritis diet, sup-
A discussion of the most pleasant                                                                                           A healthy liver is essential in pre-      plements, antioxidants, herbs, the
                                                                                 Learn what different colors can do
way to take medicine -48 pgs -           Natural Beauty Kit                      for you and how to determine               venting disease and achieving             leaky gut connection, alternative
#83707s - $3.95 - $2.50                  Joanna Sheen                                                                       optimal health. Information on liver      therapies, and more. 64 pages - #
                                                                                 which color you need at any given
                                                                                                                            distress signals, role in weight loss,    120272s - $11.95 - $5.00
                                         Over 150 simple recipes for natural     time – transforming ways to bring
                                         cosmetics and beauty products,          color into your life, from clothing to     cleansing menu, eliminating toxins
Medicinal Mushrooms                                                                                                         safely, recipes and herbs for the
Christopher Hobbs, LAc                   plus 5 ingredients to help you cre-     home furnishings – 128 pgs -
A modern handbook for exploring
                                         ate your own safe beauty treat-         #832392s - $9.95 - $5.00                   liver - 64 pgs - D- #120049s - $11.95                TAI CHI
                                         ments. Includes beeswax. -                                                         - $6.00
and understanding healing fungi in
                                         #203462s - $26.95 - $13.50                                                                                                   Tai Chi – Busy Person’s Guide
Eastern and Western cultures.
Complete information on more                                                          AROMATHERAPY-                                                                   Tin-Yu Lam Learn how to incorpo-
than 25 commonly used varieties,         Pedicure       Petsa Kaffens                 FLOWER ESSENCE                                                                  rate the ancient practice of tai chi
brief descriptions of many others -      Kit includes toe separator, pumice                                                              PUZZLES                      into your busy day, whether at
264 pgs - #671435s - $18.95 - $9.50      stone, clear nail polish, foot cream                                                                                         home, at work, or on the move to
                                         and a 30 pg miniature guide to a        Aromatherapy                               NEW! Huichol Yarn Painting                improve stamina, balance, and
Siberian Ginseng                         five minute pedicure, and daily         Jennie Harding                             Jigsaw Puzzle
                                         care. - #736256s - $9.95 - $4.00                                                                                             strength and improve mood – 144
Dr. Betty Kamen                                                                  Understand the basics of aro-              Jigsaw puzzle reproduction of “The        pgs - #752070s - $14.95 - $6.00
How to use the rejuvenating powers                                               matherapy and how essential oils           Huichol Deities Teach Humans to
                                         Retreat Box: Renewal                                                               Honor the Sacred Seeds,” yarn
of an ancient herb -26 pgs -                                                     and relax, inspire, uplift, and revital-
                                         Take ten minutes out of your day,                                                  inlaid into beeswax on wooden
#834854s - $3.95 - $2.50                                                         ize. How to use the 20 most popular
                                         beat the blahs and emerge                                                          board by Gonzalo Hernandez                T’ai Chi for Beginners
                                                                                 essential oils at home, in creams,
                                         refreshed. Six bags of Ceylon                                                      Carrillo (Mexican, b. 1960) 20 x 25       Paul Crompton A stand-up book
Understand Back Flower                                                           baths, and for massages – 128 pgs -
                                         orange black tea, 6 sticks of cassis                                               inches, 1,000 pieces. #941771S -
                                                                                 #832945s - $9.95 - $5.00                                                             for use at eye level for beginning
Remedies                                 incense, incense holder, 6 rituals                                                 $17.95 - $9.00
                                         cards, and instruction card. -                                                                                               t’ai chi poses. Low- or high-intensity
Stefan Ball
                                         #833666s - $12.95 - $2.50               Flower Essences                                                                      sequences for any practice. 96 pgs
Pocket-sized guide to 38 Bach                                                                                               NEW! Island of the Sun
                                                                                 Clare G. Harvey                                                                      - #558067s - $21.95 - $7.00
flower remedies, how they work, the
link between physical and emo-           Retreat Box                             Understand how to harness the              Offering Cloth Puzzle
tional health, how to choose the         Palm size box includes, 6 bags pep-     potent therapy of more than 25             On display at the National Museum
right remedy – 64 pgs - #439039s -       permint chamomile tea, 6 sticks         flower essences from around the            of the American Indian. An Inka           Tai Chi – Live Better
$3.95 - $1.00                            apple incense, incense holder, 6 rit-   world, in remedies, creams, and            offering cloth, probably from the
                                                                                                                                                                      Ronnie Robinson
                                         uals cards (with affirmations, etc.),   spritzes – 128 pgs - #832934s -            late eighteenth century Temple of
                                                                                 $9.95 - $5.00                              the Sun, Island of Koati, Lake            Breathing techniques, staying cen-
Women’s Herbs, Women’s                   and 1 instructional card. Step into
                                                                                                                            Titicaca. From the National               tered, and the popular Hand form.
Health, revised Christopher              your own personal relaxation                                                                                                 A complete system of movements,
                                         retreat - #833569s - $12.95 - $5.75                                                Museum of the American Indian. 20
Hobbs & Kathi Keville                                                                                                       x 25 inches, 1,000 pieces. #936506S       – 128 pgs - #832927s - $9.95 -$5.00
Two of the foremost experts on                                                          HOMEOPATHY                          $17.95 - $9.00
herbal healing provide the most
extensive look at various women’s        Homeopathic Remedies for                Homeopathy: The Modern                     NEW! Pinks Watercolor Floral
health concerns and how to utilize       Children’s Common Ailments              Prescriber Henrietta Wells, MCH
herbs and other natural healing
                                                                                                                            Still Life Puzzle
                                         Carolyn Dean, MD                        A practical approach to using
techniques to manage their health                                                                                           Artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh
                                         From adenoids and allergies to          homeopathic remedies, step-by-             may have been Scotland’s finest
or augment traditional medical           warts and whopping cough, a             step instructions for first aid situa-
care - 384 pages - #671524s -                                                                                               architect and designer, in his own
                                         physician’s selection of proven         tions, everyday illnesses, and other       time and beyond. This floral puzzle
$24.95 – $12.00                          homeopathic remedies for 70 fre-        health situations. When to treat           represents his impressive and beau-
                                         quently faced health problems – 56      yourself and when to consult a pro-        tiful works. 20 x 25 inches, 1,000
                                         pgs - #836687s - $3.95 - $2.00          fessional – 236 pgs - #930273s -           pieces. #93340XS - $17.95 - $9.00
                                                                                 $12.95 - $6.00
         1-800-695-2241                                                                                                                                    the Mail order                                     17
                                                                                     BARGAIN BOOKS                                                 We have limited quantities of books that have a dented                                   catalog
                                                                          corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are over-                      for Healthy eating
      10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri                                              stocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.
                                                                                                                                                     SPRING – SUMMER 2011
All About Soy Isoflavones &                                                                                                                                      YOGA
                                             WOMEN’S HEALTH                                              INFANT & CHILD HEALTH
Women’s Health
Victoria Dolby, MPH                                                                  Asperger Syndrome                         The Natural Approach to                     The Art of Yoga
Answer to basic questions about           Natural Healing for Women
                                                                                     & Your Child                              Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)            Sharon Gannon & David Life
how soy isoflavones reduce symp-          Susan Curtis & Romy Fraser
                                                                                     M. Powers & J. Poland                     Ronald Hoffman, MD                          Two of yoga’s most amazing practi-
toms of menopause and more - 96           New edition of the classic hand-
                                                                                     A parent’s guide to early detection,      Ranging from food or chemical               tioners and teachers. These exquis-
pgs - #299402s - $2.99 - $2.00            book ailments and natural healing
                                                                                     getting the right diagnosis, under-       sensitivities and hypoglycemia to           ite photographs capture the ele-
                                          techniques especially affecting
                                                                                     standing what your child is going         specific nutritional deficiencies, the      gance and peace of their motion-
Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book,             women. Includes homeopathy,
                                                                                     through, and helping them inte-           underlying causes of ADD are com-           filled duets. – 192 pgs oversize hrd-
                                          herbalism, flower remedies, and
4th ed.        Susan Love, MD             essential oils, as well as lifestyle and   grate into social settings. 320 pgs       plex, but they are responsive to a          cover - #792078s - $40.00 - $16.00
One of the most complete and              relaxation. – 478 pgs - #145918s -         hrdcvr - #209439s - $24.95 - $6.00        wide variety of natural therapies –
trustworthy books ever published          $19.95 - $9.00                                                                       48 pgs - #837799s - $3.95 - $2.00
                                                                                                                                                                           Ashtanga Yoga
on breast care by America’s most                                                     The Autism Book
prominent authority on women’s                                                                                                                                             Anton Sinnha
                                          Natural Menopause                          S.H. Robledo & D. Ham-Kucharski           The Natural Child
health. Improved diagnostics, pre-                                                                                                                                         The form of yoga based on syn-
                                          S. Perry & K. O’Hanlan, MD                 Objective and compassionate               Jan Hunt
vention, therapies, and cutting                                                                                                                                            chronized breathing through a
                                                                                     answers to parents’ most urgent           Attachment parenting, a child-rear-         series of flowing poses, an abbrevi-
edge treatments – 640 pgs -               Newly revised edition of the book
                                                                                     questions, as well as comprehen-          ing approach that allows your child         ated version of the Primary series, 4
#209732s - $22.50 - $7.00                 on using nutrition and exercise to
                                                                                     sive information on causes, diag-         to be close to you until they have          sequences of 35 postures to
                                          glide through menopause. New
                                                                                     noses, manifestations, treatment          the confidence and experience to            enhance strength, muscle tone,
Earthly Bodies and Heavenly               studies on osteoporosis, heart dis-
                                                                                     options, issues with family life, edu-    venture out on their own; children          and energy – 128 pgs - #711530s -
                                          ease, depression, and more – 258
Hair    Dina Falconi                      pgs - #479877s - $16.00 - $6.00
                                                                                     cation, and more – 206 pgs -              reflect the treatment they receive.         $7.95 - $5.00
Falconi has been crafting home-                                                      #332243s - $14.95 - $6.00                 – 192 pgs - #714401s - $14.95 - $7.50
made bodycare products for over           Our Bodies, Ourselves                                                                                                            The Bathtub Yoga
10 years. In this book she reveals                                                   Baby Massage                              Sleeping Through the Night
her techniques and over 450 origi-        for the New Century                        Suzanne Reese
                                                                                                                                                                           & Relaxation Book
                                          Boston Women’s Health Collective                                                     Jodi Mindell, Ph.D.                         Marjorie Jaffe, Barbara Isenberg
nal personal care formulas. 230 pgs                                                  Easy-to-use stand-up guide for
– #101043s - $17.95 - $9.00               Newly revised and updated edition                                                    Proven methods for teaching your            Full color photos and illustrations on
                                                                                     encouraging bonding, and promot-          baby or toddler to fall asleep on
                                          of the long-loved classic essential        ing physical, emotional, and intel-                                                   each page, featuring yoga pos-
                                          resource on women’s health and                                                       their own—and stay asleep.                  tures for the 7 chakras and the sea
Home Spa                                                                             lectual growth – 72 pgs - #037508s        Includes starting out with newborns,
                                          sexuality - 780 pgs oversize -             - $10.95 - $5.00                                                                      creatures associated with them.
Chrissie Painell-Malkin                   #060749s - $24.00 - $10.00                                                           transitions from different sleeping         Also includes breathing exercises,
Inspired by French beauty products                                                                                             arrangements, including cosleep-            aromatherapy tips, and medita-
made from plant extracts, this beau-                                                 The Fabric of Autism                      ing, naps, twins and triplets – 370         tions. color photos - 96 pgs -
                                          Self-Healing for Women                     Judith Bluestone                          pgs - #742569s - $14.95 -$6.00
tifully photographed and inspiring                                                                                                                                         #671281s - $19.95 - $5.00
book takes you from the bath to
                                          Prevention Magazine
                                                                                     A holistic approach to give hope
your cosmetics collection, haircare       America’s top doctors, therapists,         to parents, relatives, and profession-    Victory Over ADHD, rev.                     Pilates Complete for
and fragrance, a weekend home             and health experts solve women’s           als working with those affected by        Deborah Merlin
                                          unique health problems: weight
spa plan – 144 pgs with color pho-                                                   autism. The many references,              Latest edition of the best-selling
tos - #427250s - $16.95 - $8.00           control, osteoporosis, menstrual                                                                                                 Over 35 workouts from 5 to 30 min-
                                                                                     appendices, photos and charts,            book from a parent of twin boys
                                          problems, aging, menopause, –              make this book an invaluable addi-                                                    utes long. With easy-to-choose
                                                                                                                               with ADHD on her odyssey of dis-
Lupis Handbook for Women                  144 pgs - #962653s - $8.95 -$4.00          tion to the literature on this subject.                                               menus. DVD142 – $19.95 -
                                                                                                                               covery of the varied causes of this
R Dibner, MD & C Colman                                                              254 pgs - #023528s - $17.95 - $9.00       difficult illness. Natural health pro-
Understand the disease, its diagno-
                                          Spa      A McCloud & K. Greenberg                                                    fessionals offer alternative treat-
sis, and treatment. Why women are         50 quick-and-easy ideas for incor-
                                                                                     Natural Alternatives to                   ment methods with the best                  Power Yoga for Beginners
particularly vulnerable, how to           porating nourishing skin treatments,                                                 chance of success – 224 pgs -
                                                                                     Vaccination                                                                           Liz Lark
understand lupis tests, conventional      soothing massages, blissful baths,                                                   #672347s - $12.95 - $6.50
                                          and tranquil meditations into your         Zoltan Rona MD                                                                        A stand-up book for use on the
and alternative treatments, using                                                                                                                                          floor for beginning astanga vinyasa
stress control, diet and exercise,        daily life – 120 pgs - #840972s -          A thorough and objective look at          Your Asthma-Free Child
                                          $12.95 - $4.00                                                                                                                   poses. Short, medium and longer
and maintaining a normal sex life –                                                  natural alternatives to dangerous         Dr. Richard Firshein                        sequences for any practice. 96 pgs
176 pgs - #790315s - $11.00 - $5.00                                                  and questionable vaccines.
                                                                                                                               A proven program that combines              - #535415s - $21.95 - $7.00
                                          Women’s Moods                              Become aware of the facts and
                                                                                                                               traditional medical practices with
Menstrual Cramps                          Dr. D. Sichel & J. Driscoll                presents practical information on
                                                                                     safe alternatives for children. 64 pgs
                                                                                                                               alternative therapeutic approach-           Understanding Yoga
Susan Lark, MD                            All about hormones, the brain, and                                                   es in an easy-to-follow guide for           Belinda Leith
                                          emotional health - dealing with            - #120094s - $11.95 - $6.00
Effective solutions for pain and dis-                                                                                          parents. 160 pgs - #331425s -
                                          depression and anxiety through                                                                                                   Pocket-sized guide to the origins of
comfort due to menstrual cramps                                                                                                $11.95 - $3.00
                                          nourishment, understanding, rest,                                                                                                this ancient tradition, its relevance
and PMS - from a foremost authori-                                                                                                                                         today, how it works, and how to
                                          relaxation, spirituality, exercise - 372
ty on women’s health care - 218
                                          pgs - #728524s - $14.00 - $4.00
                                                                                                                               PREGNANCY/BIRTH                             practice it – 64 pgs - #439322s -
pgs - #877718s - $16.95 - $5.00                                                                                                                                            $3.95 - $1.00
                                                                                                                               Magical Beginnings,
        BODYWORK                                                                     Shiatsu—Live Better                       Enchanted Lives Deepak Chopra               Yoga for Beginners
                                          Modern Reflexology                                                                   How to use meditation, yoga, and            M. Ansari & L. Lark
                                          Cass & Janie Jackson                       Chris Jarmey                              other techniques to give your child
Beginner’s Guide to Shiatsu                                                          Release stress, ease injuries, relieve                                                Beginner and intermediate pro-
                                          A great book for someone looking                                                     the perfect start in life, from con-        grams of positions, breathing tech-
Patrick McCarty                           for an easy-to-understand overview         ailments. The basics of shiatsu,          ception to early infancy. – 330 pgs -
                                                                                     major techniques and sequences,                                                       niques, and meditation in a stand-
Using Japanese finger pressure for        of what reflexology is and what it                                                   #135780s - $17.95 - $5.50
                                                                                     how to use it in your everyday life                                                   up book for keeping at eye level or
the relief of headaches, back pain,       does. An introduction to body sys-
                                                                                     for yourself and loved ones – 128         Natural Pregnancy                           beside your exercise mat. Modifi-
and hypertension - 58 pgs -               tems – many photos and illustra-
                                                                                     pgs - #832384s - $9.95 - $5.00                                                        cations for limited range of motion
#296594s - $6.95 - $2.50                  tions – 96 pgs hrdcvr oversize -                                                     Janet Balaskas
                                                                                                                                                                           - 96 pgs- #736485s - $21.95 -$8.00
Care Through Touch                        #672870s - $19.95 - $7.00                                                            A holistic guide to emotional and
                                                                                     Shiatsu             Susanne Franzen       physical well being. Includes illus-        Yoga: Live Better
Mary Ann Finch                                                                       Expert instruction and clear step-        trated guides for yoga, massage,
                                          Pilates for Beginners                                                                                                            Tara Fraser
Modern massage technique com-                                                        by-step color photography guide           comfort positions, eating well, med-
bines with ancient spiritual healing      Kellina Stewart                                                                                                                  The key principles of hatha yoga:
                                                                                     you gently through each routine, to       itation and emotional growth, nat-
by joining Eastern methods with the       Hands-free, eye-level stand-up             improve mental and physical health        ural remedies for common ailments.          breathing, diet, and meditation,
Christian concept of anointing            book of 30 of the most popular             - 64 pgs - #813822s - $9.95 - $5.00       95 pgs -#793431s - $12.95 - $4.00           along with the exercises. The bene-
touch. A combination of spiritual         beginner and intermediate Pilates                                                                                                fits of yoga, step-by-step exercises,
paths accompanies photos and              exercises you can do at home,                                                                                                    from simple postures to sequences,
instructions, both informational and      without equipment - with many              Understanding Kinesiology                 Post-Pregnancy Pilates                      plus full-color photo guide. 128 pgs
inspiring. – 220 pgs oversize -           color photos - 96 pgs oversize -           Roz Collier                               Karrie Adamany                              hrdcvr #296641s - $12.95 - $5.00
#411916s - $24.50 - $8.00                 #39403Xs - $21.95 - $10.00                 A pocket-sized guide to the sci-          These time-saving mini-programs
                                                                                     ence of muscle testing, what con-         will fit in between night feedings          Yoga: Poetry of the Body
Chi Kung        Master K.Y. Wong          NEW! Reflexology and                                                                 and diaper changes to provide the           Rodney Yee with Nina Zolotow
                                                                                     ditions it can help, how it works,
Many color photos guide you step-                                                                                              healing, toning, and energy boost-
by-step through the 18 movements          Acupressure: Pressure Points               and what to expect from a session
                                                                                                                               ing that will make any mom feel
                                                                                                                                                                           Yee’s highly popular and successful
                                          for Healing                                – 64 pgs - #439209s - $3.95 - $1.00                                                   approach to yoga - the physical
of Thai Chi Chi Kung, or Shibashi.                                                                                             great. – 240 pgs - #33226Xs -               and spiritual aspects, with more
This book combines benefits for           Janet Wright                                                                         $18.95 - $6.00                              than 400 photos taking students
both mental and physical stamina          A practical guide to two ancient,          Understanding Massage                                                                 step-by-step through 8 different
and is good for all ages. 56 pgs –        effective, drug-free, hands-on ther-       Eddie Caldwell                                                                        yoga practices and 45 of the most
#760982s - $9.95 - $5.00                  apies that complement orthodox             Pocket-sized guide to the various
                                                                                                                               Animals are Our Brothers                    basic yoga poses. 344 pgs oversize
                                          medicine. Reflexology foot and             types of massage, what conditions         and Sisters                                 #273312s - $21.95 - $10.00
Essential Massage                         hand charts, and an explanation of         can be treated, and various mas-          Werner Hartinger, MD
C. McGilvery & J. Reed                    massage techniques used to
                                          increase energy flow. Acupressure
                                                                                     sage techniques – 64 pgs -                Not only are animal experiments                        ANIMALS
Easy-to-follow guide to therapeutic                                                  #739063s - $3.95 - $1.00                  cruel, they may be questionable
                                          with a simplified Chinese body                                                                                                   Holistic Puppy
techniques shown in 300 step-by-                                                                                               and lead to meaningless results. A
                                          chart locating the main meridians          Understanding Shiatsu                                                                 Diane Stein
step color photos for whole-body                                                                                               former chairman of the League of
                                          and pressure point. Also treatment
massage, self massage, massage                                                       Ian Macwhinnie                            Doctors Again Animal Experiments            From the author of Natural Healing
                                          techniques for many common ail-
for babies, elders, partners, reflexol-                                              Pocket-sized guide to the principles      explores the claims and counter-            for Dogs and Cats, how to choose
                                          ments. With color photos – 129 pgs
ogy, and aromatherapy – 96 pgs                                                       of shiatsu massage, how it works,         claims, not only in the scientific liter-   and train your dog, nutrition, deal-
                                          - #671494s - $14.95 - $7.50
oversize - #097815s - $12.95 - $5.00                                                 and what it can do for you – 64           ature but in a religious context-190        ing with health problems, naturally
                                                                                     pgs - #439107s - $3.95 - $1.00            pgs - #636724s - $12.95 - $4.00             – 160 pgs - #949466s - $14.95 -
18        the Mail order                                                        BARGAIN BOOKS                                                           1-800-695-2241
                 catalog                                             We have limited quantities of books that have a dented                
                                                                      corner, bent cover, minor imperfections, or are over-
    for Healthy eating                                                  stocked. We offer these books at reduced prices.                             10am-5pm Central Mon-Fri
    SPRING – SUMMER 2011
        MEDITATION                                                                           ENVIRONMENT                        SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS                                 NOTE CARDS
                                              ODDS          AND       ENDS
Blissful Relaxation                                                                    Choose to Reuse                               LIFESTYLES                             NEW! Alternate Realities
                                           Body Painting
David Darling & The Atlantic Arts          Sophie Haynes                               Nikki & David Goldbeck                                                               Bruce McCall
                                                                                       More than 200 topics from air filters
                                                                                                                               Above All Be Kind              Zoe Weil      From the National Lampoon and
Ensemble                                   How-to instructions and simple steps
                                                                                       to zippers and 2,000 resources to       Solutions to the problems of apa-            New Yorker satirist and illustrator:
A sonic massage for the mind,              for creating temporary body art; 25                                                 thy, materialism, and dangerous
body and soul. Instrumental works          designs, such as Celtic knots,              help you reuse what you might                                                        “ConEd Party,” “Silence (Screech,
                                                                                       throw out - 456 pgs - #613862s -        peer influences by teaching par-             Ka-Bang, Yudda-Yudda-Yudda),
that immerse the listener in an            African geometry, East Asian and                                                    ents how to raise children to
ambiance of relaxation, deep               Hawaiian – includes tattoo gel pens         $15.95 - $8.00                                                                       Please,” “Gone Fishin’,” and “Fastest
                                                                                                                               humane in the broadest sense, in             Way Out of Town.” 5 each of 4
healing and rejuvenation with clar-        and tips for making your art long                                                   all areas of their lives—not just in
inet, guitar and soft percussion. 2-       lasting – 96-pg booklet - #80489Xs -        Clean & Green                                                                        designs, with envelopes. -
                                                                                                                               their interpersonal relations. How to        #93709Xs - $14.95 - $7.50
CD set - #632962s - $14.95 - $8.00         $19.99 - $9.00                              Annie Berthold-Bond                     instill respect, reverence, and
                                                                                       New and traditional ideas for living    responsibility – 272 pgs - #714932s -
Clean & Serene: Meditations                NEW! Hana’s Suitcase                        free of hazardous household prod-       $17.95 - $8.00
                                                                                                                                                                            Flora Notecards
                                           Karen Levine                                ucts. Cleaners, scrubbers, mold                                                      Susan Friedman
for the Bath
                                           Japanese curator for a Holocaust            removers for all areas of your home     A Cafecito Story Julia Alvarez               Dahlias, poppies, peonies,
Melcher Media
                                           center in Tokyo uncovers the story          - 162 pgs - #101019s - $8.95 - $4.50                                                 columbine, and lilacs, toned with
As big as a bar of soap and water-                                                                                             A delightful story about how a
                                           of a young Jewish victim of World                                                                                                sepia and hand painted. 5
proof, this little volume is ideal for                                                                                         small cup of strong coffee teaches
                                           War II through the remains of a mys-                                                                                             images/20 cards - #853810s -
leaving on the side of your bathtub                                                    Earth in the Balance: Ecology           a visitor to the Dominican Republic
                                                                                                                                                                            $13.95 - $4.50
so you can reach for it when you           terious suitcase. For juvenile readers                                              not only about the questionable
                                           9 and older – 120 pgs - #531471s -
                                                                                       and the Human Spirit
need inspiration, visualization, and                                                                                           roll of coffee in Central American
                                           $9.95 - $4.00                               Al Gore                                                                              Gardian Spirits
meditations while you bathe – 164                                                                                              society, but how to face life’s chal-
pgs - #829731s - $7.95 - $3.00                                                         Before An Inconvenient Truth, Gore      lenges – 64 pgs hrdcvr - #498008s -          Mark Wagner
                                           Icons of Blues & Soul                       wrote this heart felt book declaring    $14.95 - $7.50                               Two designs, “The Nature of
                                           ed by Henry Russell                         the need for change. He explores
Glow Guide: Meditation                                                                                                                                                      Technology” a vivid group of totem
                                                                                       the need to make changes in our
McCloud & K. Greenberg                     More than 75 artists from Bessie Smith                                              Gaviotas                                     like animals & “Family Spirit Portrait”
                                                                                       own lives, no matter how small, in
                                           and B.B. King to James Brown and                                                                                                 10 cards – #933035s - $9.95 - $5.00
Even busy days are filled with small                                                   order to make a big impact that         Alan Weisman
opportunities for affirming, rejuve-       Whitney Houston. Brief but insightful
                                                                                       can save the planet. 470 pgs –          Sustainable development and
nating, and relaxing meditations.          descriptions of their lives and
                                                                                       #866376s - $15.95 - $8.00               appropriate technology in the
                                                                                                                                                                            In Her Hands
More than 45 step-by-step ideas in         accomplishments, along with black                                                                                                P. Gianturco & T. Tuttle
                                                                                                                               planned Colombian community of
the Glow Guide show you how –              and white portraits, a great gift for
                                           your favorite blues enthusiast – 160
                                                                                       Green Living                            Gaviotas, a continuing success               Five photos of traditional women
120 pgs - #838080s - $12.95 - $3.00                                                    E Magazine                              against political and environmental          fashioning the cultural crafts that
                                           pgs - #441437s - $11.95 - $6.00
                                                                                                                               odds, a UN model for the develop-            allow them to improve the quality
                                                                                       A handbook for living lightly on the
Natural Mandalas                                                                       earth. Maintaining a healthy home,      ing world – 342 pgs - #132284s -             of life for their families – 10 cards -
Lisa Tenzin-Dolma                          John Lennon:                                                                        $16.95 - $8.00                               #91636Xs - $9.95 - $5.00
                                                                                       planet-friendly car, going organic,
30 meditations on beautiful, full-
                                           The New York Years                          avoiding GMO food, making social-
color mandalas based on land-              Bob Gruen                                   ly responsible investments, using       Growing Eco-Communities                      NEW! Ketubbot: Traditions in
scapes, wildlife, & plants help you        A day-to-day photo journal, and             chemical-free personal care prod-       Jan Martin Bang                              Judaic Ornamentation
find peace and awareness in the            extraordinary, intimate portrait by         ucts, and more – 336 pgs -              For anyone living in an intentional          Four intricate and colorful designs
beauty of nature. 160 pgs hardcvr -        John’s friend and personal photog-          #285743s - $17.00 - $8.00               community or interested in their             from Jewish marriage contracts
#832295s - $29.95 - $10.00                 rapher. Gruen’s personal stories of                                                 evolution, the process of change is          ranging from 1760 to 1867 drawn
                                           the times surrounding these images,         The Smart Kitchen                       inevitable. Case studies of real-life        up in Italy, Afghanistan, India and
Tibetan Buddhist Goddess                   many of them never seen before –                                                    communities facing change, and               Iran. 5 each of 4 designs, with
                                                                                       David Goldbeck
                                           176 pgs oversize hrdcvr - #794321s                                                  the practical issues of flexibility, self-   envelopes. - #944536s - $14.95 -
Altar                                                                                  Choose the best hardware for you,
                                           - $29.95 - $12.00                                                                   sufficiency, neighbors, technology,          $7.50
Four stunning three-dimensional                                                        appliances to save you money,
altars, each depicting a revered                                                                                               spirituality, money, and more. – 240
                                                                                       protect electric shock, and much
goddess: White Tara, Vasudhara,            Songcatchers                                more to create your perfect, eco-
                                                                                                                               pgs - #155970s - $20.00 - $6.00              Munjado Screen
Kurukulla, and Vajrayogini. Brilliantly    Mickey Hart & K.M. Kostyal                  logical kitchen. Revised and                                                         Screen prints from the Korean
illustrated adaptations of thangka         A photo-laden journey through the           expanded to include 30 new recy-        How to Re-Imagine the World                  Choson dynasty. Four card styles,
paintings, accompanied by                  world’s musical heritage and our            cling designs -130 pgs oversize -       Anthony Weston - A pocket guide              each featuring two of the Eight
descriptions of the goddess and            ongoing effort to understand,               #613870s - $16.95 - $8.50               for practical visionaries, offering big      Confucian Virtues. Brotherly Love &
her attributes as well as mantras for      appreciate, and preserve it. By the                                                 ideas for reawakening the radical            Filial Piety, Trust & Loyalty,
your meditations. - #315383s -             heralded drummer and musicolo-              Smart Power         William Kemp                                                     Righteousness & Propriety, and
                                                                                                                               imagination for social transforma-
$23.95 - $9.00                             gist from The Grateful Dead, Mickey                                                                                              Humility & Integrity. 20 cards -
                                                                                       An urban guide to renewable ener-       tion, from seeking a whole vision to
                                           Hart – 172 pgs hrdcvr -#24107Xs-                                                                                                 #917889s - $14.95 - $7.50
                                                                                       gy and efficiency. Calculate your       working at the roots – 152 pgs -
Tibetan Sound Healing                      $30.00 - $10.00
                                                                                       energy return on investing in new
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche                                                                                                        #715943s - $11.95 - $6.00                    Masters of the Stargates
                                                                                       technologies, learn how to reduce
Seven guided practices from B n            NEW! Spirit of Harlem                       consumption of water and heat,                                                       James F. Jereb
                                           Greg Marberry & Michael                     insulate for better efficiency, and
                                                                                                                               Making a Living While
Buddhism for clearing obstacles,                                                                                                                                            Vibrant paintings depicting
accessing positive qualities, and          Cunningham                                  using sustainable fuel sources for      Making a Difference, 2nd ed                  Ganesh, Merlin, Quetzalcoatl,
uncovering inherent wisdom – with          More than fifty black-and-white             heat and transportation. 434 pgs -      Melissa Everett                              Sekhmet, and Re. 10 cards
meditation CD – 104 pgs hrdcvr -           photographs and unforgettable               #323310s - $29.95 - $15.00              How imaginative people have                  –#916343s - $9.95 - $5.00
#794271s - $19.95 - $9.00                  interviews capturing the heart and                                                  made creative career choices and
                                           soul of one of the world’s most             Wild Foresting                          what they’ve done to succeed.                On Common Ground
                                           vibrant neighborhoods from the              Alan Dregson & Duncan Taylor            With a powerful 10-step program
                                                                                                                                                                            Patricia Wyatt
                                           1920s through the ’60s – 232 pgs            Wild foresting is the practice of the   covering your values and investi-
                                                                                                                               gating career options to creating            Paintings that resound the unity
                                           hrdcvr - #504063s - $27.50 - $5.00          responsible use of forests, connect-
                                                                                                                               the career of your dreams. 240 pgs           and harmony of the feminine spirit;
                                                                                       ing indigenous wisdom, global                                                        emblems of the natural world sur-
   ARTS & CRAFTS                           An Unexpected Light: Travels                practices, and cultural and biologi-    - #714002s - $17.95 - $8.00
                                                                                                                                                                            round women around in the world.
                                                                                       cal diversity. A group of forestry                                                   5 designs/10 cards - #913778s -
                                           in Afghanistan                                                                      Prisoned Chickens,
                                                                                       experts illustrate case studies from                                                 $9.95 - $5.00
Crafty Girl Accessories                    Jason Elliot                                around the world showing different      Poisoned Eggs, 1st ed
Jennifer Traig                             The author reflects on the joys and         wild foresting principles. 320 pgs -    Karen Davis, PhD
                                           perils of passage and adds bits of          #716162s - $24.95 – 12.00
                                                                                                                                                                            Sierra Club
Your guide for turning dull duds into                                                                                          A chilling account of the morally            An assortment (about 9 scenes)
                                           historical insight. This book is Elliot’s
sparkly, spangly fashion master-                                                                                               handicapped poultry industry. Quotes         featuring some of the world’s best
                                           heart felt look at Afghanistan and
pieces. Totes, jewelry, belts, slippers,                                               An Inconvenient Truth                   from poultry workers and executives          nature photography. A portion of
                                           the experience of travel itself.
you name it. – 112 pgs - #831515s -                                                    Al Gore                                 bare a world of pain and deception -         the proceeds goes to the Sierra
                                           470 pgs – #288468s - $18.00 - $6.00
$12.95 - $4.00                                                                                                                 176 pgs - #670323s - $12.95 - $3.00          Club. Printed on recycled paper
                                                                                       The former Vice President’s now
                                                                                       famous presentation in book form.                                                    with soy based ink. 20 cards –
Cool Stuff       J. Traig & J. Balmain
                                                                                       The climate crisis is growing expo-
                                                                                                                               The Power and Promise of                     #931253s - $14.95 - $7.50
Dozens of dazzling ideas for trans-                                                    tentially and this book explores the    Humane Education
forming the ordinary into the fabu-        Knitting Pretty                             problem as well as solutions.           Zoe Weil
lous: picture frames, desk doo-            K. Percival & F. Ruffenach                                                                                                       NEW! Serious Nonsense
                                                                                       Includes many wonderfully colored       For Educators, activists, educational        Bruce McCall
dads, window treatments, bed top-          The perfect book for the beginner:          pictures and graphs. 325 pgs –          reformers, and home-schooling
pers, and lamp lovelies – 120 pgs -        colorful instructions on how to start,      #865671s - $21.95 - $8.00                                                            From the National Lampoon and
                                                                                                                               parents – how to instill values in an
#829456s - $12.95 - $4.00                  simple, fun projects from scarves to                                                                                             New Yorker satirist and illustrator
                                                                                                                               educational environment that
                                           baby toys to wardrobe basics. 120                                                                                                Bruce McCall, ’30s- and ’40s-style
                                                                                                                               address suffering, oppression, and
NEW! Get Your Crochet On:                  pgs - #835332s - $19.95 - $8.00                                                                                                  futuristic scenes of profound wacki-
                                                                                                                               destruction in our society, and
                                                                                       Origami: Rokoan Style #2                                                             ness in 30 oversized postcards. -
Fly Tops & Funky Flavas                                                                                                        encourages reverence and
                                                                                                                                                                            #937073s - $9.95 - $5.00
                                           The Origami Giftbox                         Masako Sakai & Michie Sahara            respect. – 190 pgs - #715122s -
Afya Ibomu
                                                                                       Learn the origami style of              $15.95 - $7.00
A colorful collection of 30 original       Nick Robinson                               Connecting Crane Art; making sev-                                                    NEW! Tibetan Rugs
crocheted tops and accessories for         Tools, techniques, and materials            eral crane images from one piece                                                     Tibetan rugs are remarkable for
men and women. Afya’s innovative           you’ll need to practice the ancient         of paper (similar concept to paper                                                   their strong use of color and bold
creations have adorned hip hop,            art of origami. With folding tool, 20       doll chains, without the scissors).                                                  imagery. Thirty rugs in oversized
rap, and soul artists. With instruc-       sheets of decorative paper and              One large piece of decorative                                                        postcards from the Newark
tions for learning how to crochet –        book of over 20 projects -                  origami paper is included. HB, Color                                                 Museum in complex, colorful floral,
144 pgs - #589418s - $14.95 - $6.00        #071984s - $19.95 - $7.00                   – 40 pgs – #469327s - $24.95 - $7.00                                                 figurative, and geometric motifs.
                                                                                                                                                                            #932993s - $9.95 - $5.00

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