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Today, we see the number of people using hypnosis to overcome problems or
challenges in life increasing. People are tired of putting drugs in their body without
reaching success. To help you understand what hypnosis is, we have outlined some
great information. First, hypnotherapy is performed by a licensed and trained
professional. During the session, the hypnotherapy has the potential to relieve a
number of symptoms associated with habits, behaviors, emotions, actions, or medical

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment option that can be used as a stand-alone
treatment or it can be coupled with other forms of treatment. The type used for you
would depend on the problem and the intensity of the problem. Take chronic pain for
example. People all across the country live with pain, which causes problems in the
home, issues at work, and overall depression. With hypnosis, the individual with
chronic pain reaches a new level of relaxation, helping them cope much better. Some
of the other ways in which hypnosis can help include the following:

   Treating pain from labor and/or childbirth
   Relieving cramping and other symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome
   Controlling pain and bleeding for both surgical and dental procedures
   Reducing the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches
   Controlling nausea and/or vomiting from chemotherapy
   Enhancing the immune system and ability to fight off infection
   Lowering blood pressure while regulating blood flow
   Quickening he healing of certain skin diseases
   Treating and easing symptoms of asthma
   Changing negative behaviors to include overeating, smoking, shyness, and
   Reducing anxiety, stress, and fear
   Improving atopic and psoriasis dermatitis
   Eliminating or decreasing phobias

Remember that while hypnosis has been shown to improve life in a number of areas as
shown, it is not magic. When used with other treatment options and performed by a
professional hypnotist or hypnotherapist, it can make a huge difference in a person’s
life. Just as with other forms of therapy, hypnosis tends to work great for some people
and not as well for others. The key is for the individual being hypnotized to be highly
motivated and prepared to accept the suggestions being offered.

As you will discover, you have your choice of several hypnotic techniques. The one you
choose will depend on exactly what you want to accomplish, as well as your personal
preference. If you plant to work with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, he or she can help
determine which technique would be most effective for your personal situation. As an
example, if the goal is to create a situation that is relaxing, secure, and comfortable,
then the professional may use gentle, soothing tones while describing images that
promote these feelings. Then while you are under the state of hypnosis, the
hypnotherapist may make suggestions to help you achieve your specific goals such as
reducing stress or pain.

On the other hand, you might work with a hypnotherapist that uses imagery to help
stimulate the mind, creating vivid and meaningful pictures that can help you achieve
what you want to accomplish. For instance, if you were an athlete who wants to
perform optimally, imagery and suggestion can change the way in which you see
yourself performing. Then, you have the option of self-hypnosis, which can be learned
on your own or through a licensed hypnotherapist. With this, you have the option of
using hypnosis when and where needed, again to accomplish your personal goals.

With so many choices for hypnosis techniques, you can use the one that you are most
comfortable with. Again, if you work with a licensed professional, he or she can provide
you with guidelines so the process is not stressful. Again, hypnosis is not magic but
when performed correctly, the results are astounding.