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                                                                                             Shevat/Adar I 5765
                            Chavurah Beth Shalom                                                February 2005

                         Temple Talk
                                  The Chavurah Newsletter                                          
                                                                                               Beth Shalom
           Worship and Adult Education Schedule                                               P.O. Box 417
                                                                                           Tenafly, New Jersey
Shabbat Evening Service                                       February 4                          07670
                                                              8 p.m.
                                                                                          Phone: (201) 567-7806
Shabbat Morning Minyan                                        February 5                   Fax: (201) 567-5551
                                                              9:30 a.m.                           Email:
Ephraim Woolman Judaic                                        February 5      
Study Class                                                   10:30 a.m.
                                                                                        Founding Rabbi and Spi-
Shabbat Evening Service                                       February 11
                                                                                        ritual Leader:
                                                              8 p.m.
                                                                                        Rabbi Nathaniel Benjamin
Shabbat Morning Minyan                                        February 12
                                                              9:30 a.m.                 Senior Rabbinical Scho-
Ephraim Woolman Judaic                                        February 12               lar:
Study Class                                                   10:30 a.m.                Rabbi Jack Bemporad
Havdallah Service and                                         February 12               Rabbinical Associate:
Discussion                                                    8 p.m.                    Rabbi Dennis Shulman
Shabbat Evening Service                                       February 18
With Nigerian Project Slide Show                              8 p.m.                    President of the Congre-
Shabbat Morning Minyan                                        February 19
                                                                                        Bjorg Ollendorff
                                                              9:30 a.m.
Ephraim Woolman Judaic                                        February 19               Assistant to the Rabbis:
Study Class                                                   10:30 a.m.                Janine Schwarz
Shabbat Evening Service                                       February 25               Director of Education:
                                                              8 p.m.                    Debra Kronberg
Shabbat Morning Minyan                                        February 26
                                                              9:30 a.m.                 Mailing:
                                                                                        Jill Benjamin
Ephraim Woolman Judaic                                        February 26
Study Class                                                   10:30 a.m.

Shabbat Services                                                                Shabbat Morning Minyan
                                  Ephraim Woolman Judaic Study Class
Shabbat Services are held every   Saturday morning class led by Rabbi Bempo-    Minyan led by Rabbi Dennis Shulman
Friday night at 8 p.m. except                                                   includes an active discussion of some
                                  rad includes stimulating discussions about
when there are Family Services                                                  aspect of this week's Torah portion,
                                  Jewish philosophy, history, scripture and
which begin at 7:30 p.m. at the   commentary on current events. Join us every   and an explanation of a prayer or two
Alpine Community House. Please                                                  included in the service. Dress is casual
                                  Shabbat morning at 10:30 a.m. at the Alpine
note that religious school stu-                                                 and informal. Join us every Saturday at
                                  Community House. Classes will resume on
dents are required to attend      January 8, at 10 :30 a.m.                     9:30 a.m. at the Alpine Community
Family Shabbat Evening Services                                                 House.
as part of the curriculum.
Rabbi Bemporad’s Visit With Pope                               group came to Rome to thank Pope John Paul for all he
                                                               has done to promote Catholic-Jewish understanding
John Paul II                                                   and, especially, for all he has done to extend the Second
                                                               Vatican Council's positive teachings about Jews and
VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope John Paul II, meeting an            Judaism.
international group of rabbis and cantors, urged
continuing efforts to promote Jewish-Catholic dialogue         The audience took place at the beginning of a year
and respect for every person.                                  filled with events to celebrate the 40th anniversary
                                                               of the council's declaration on non-Christian
"This year we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary         religions, which included a section on the special
of the Second Vatican Council's declaration 'Nostra            ties that bind Christianity and Judaism.
Aetate,' which has significantly contributed to the
strengthening of Jewish-Catholic dialogue," the pope           "I think the only way to properly characterize what
told the group, which came to Rome under the auspices          that anniversary signifies is 'revolution, a spiritual
of the U.S.-based Pave the Way Foundation.                     revolution,'" the rabbi told his audience at the
                                                               "Centro Pro Unione," a center for dialogue run by the
The group of 130 rabbis and cantors, accompanied by            Atonement Fathers.
about 30 Catholic friends, was the largest group of
Jewish leaders ever to travel to the Vatican to meet           "Never before in history -- as far as I can tell --
the pope, said Salesian Father Norbert Hofmann,                has any really great, significant religion decided to
secretary of the Vatican's Commission for Religious            investigate itself and what it has taught about a
Relations With the Jews.                                       religion that for many years it had held in contempt,"
                                                               Rabbi Bemporad said.
Before greeting each member of the group individually
Jan. 18, the Pope expressed his hope for a "renewed            "The Enlightenment, with its ideals of the rights of
commitment to increased understanding and coopera-             man, liberated the Jews politically," he said.
tion in the service of building a world ever more firmly       "Vatican II with its 'recognition' of the Jewish
based on respect for the divine image in every human           people began to liberate the Jews religiously."
being."                                                        The civil rights won by European Jews following the
                                                               Enlightenment, he said, were threatened as long as the
Gary Krupp, founder and president of the Pave the Way          European Christian majority felt the Jews were
Foundation, thanked the pope for his efforts to                inferior and were being punished by God for not
promote Catholic-Jewish dialogue, for his                      believing in Christ.
condemnations of anti-Semitism, for his asking
forgiveness for wrongs committed by Catholics against          The Catholic Church not only has reviewed its teaching
Jews and for his 2000 visit to Israel.                         about the Jews and apologized for the ways individual
                                                               Catholics used the teaching to despise and even
"It is impossible to describe the emotional impact             justify violence against the Jews, the rabbi said, but
these milestones have had on Jews worldwide," Krupp            the church also has made a commitment to teaching
told the Pope.                                                 about Judaism in a way that Jews would recognize as
                                                               reflecting their faith.
Most of the rabbis and cantors were from the United
States, but the group also included members from               Rabbi Bemporad said the biggest challenge facing
Canada, Israel, France, Croatia and India.                     Catholic-Jewish relations today is to follow up the
                                                               council's teaching with "a theology of a living
During the audience, Rabbi Jack Bemporad, director of          Judaism," which explains how God's covenant with the
the New Jersey-based Center for Interreligious Under-          Jews endures and can be a means of salvation and which
standing, and two other rabbis formally asked God              recognizes the theological importance of the land of
to bless Pope John Paul, using a blessing drawn from           Israel for the Jews.
the Book of Numbers.
                                                               "Because of the Shoah (Holocaust) and the destruction
"May the Lord bless you and keep you, Pope John Paul           of European Jewry, the significance of the land of
II, in good health and in uplifted spirits," they              Israel, not only as a land of refuge but as a place
prayed. "May the Lord let his countenance shine upon           for the rebirth of Jewish life, has taken on a central
you and be gracious unto you and all your loved ones           significance in Jewish consciousness," he said.
and dear ones. May the Lord bestow upon you and upon
all his creation the gift of love, the gift of understanding   Father Hofmann told Rabbi Bemporad and his audience
and the greatest gift of all, the gift                         that Catholic theologians and scholars are engaged in
of peace, shalom."                                             study and debate on a "Catholic theology of Judaism"
                                                               and that pushing for an authoritative statement too
In a Jan. 17 speech in Rome, Rabbi Bemporad said the           soon could freeze the discussion prematurely.
                                 Want to come to services?

 Friday evening services along with Shabbat morning minyan services and the Ephraim Woolman Ju-
 daic study class are normally held at the Alpine Community House, Old Dock Road (off Closter Dock
 Road) in Alpine, New Jersey.

                                            Can’t drive?
 We will only be too happy to accommodate you!
 If driving doesn’t agree with you, we will arrange to get you to the synagogue for services. Just call on
 Thursday and we will arrange for a ride for you on Friday or Saturday so that you can attend services.
 If you are in a position to give someone else a ride to the Alpine Community House or you need a ride,
 please call Janine Schwarz at (201) 567-9783 or Rabbi Benjamin at (201) 567-7806.

                             Send us your e-mail address!
                             In an effort to keep you better informed about events in the con-
                             gregation and in the Jewish community, we are requesting your
                             e-mail address. It will help us reach you in a more timely man-
                             ner regarding events as they happen.

                             Be assured that your information will NOT be made
                             available to any other organizations or solicitors.

                             Our e-mail address is

Where in the world are our congregants??
Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure or simply in your office or
home, you always have access to Congregation Chavurah Beth Shalom. We
are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
If you have access to a computer anywhere in the world you have access to us
at For announcements and general infor-
mation about services, classes, school dates, holidays and much more all you
have to do is enter our website address in your browser and go.
      Andrew and Maria Wist on the Bar Mitzvah of their son
       Milton and the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter Arianna
Richard and Christine Reichman on the birth of their grandson Hen-
                        ry Atlas Reichman

                      Beverly Allen: Mazel Tov to Nat and Jill Benjamin on the birth of
                      their granddaughter Amanda Benjamin, daughter of Jason and
                      Beth Benjamin
                      Stanley and Florence Baron: In memory of his brother Norman
                      Barbara Devack: In memory of her father David Saul
                      Vincent and Dr. Joan Fiorello: In memory of her father Dr. Sidney
                      Arlene Friedman: In memory of her mother Edith Ornstrat
                      Martha Glaser: In memory of her mother Eve Urish
                      Mrs. Zina Kushner: In memory of her husband Dr. Daniel Kushner
                      Evie and George Reisman: In loving memory of her mother
                      Frances Stern
                      Mollie Tauder: In honor of the birth of her great granddaughter
                      Amanda Emily Benjamin
                      Mort and Lyn Tetelman: In memory of his mother Estelle
                      Charles and Myra Wrubel: In memory of his mother Edith Wrubel
                      Lillian Breiger: In memory of her mother Ray Green, and her
                      sisters Shirley Zeitlin and Margaret Dray

                   The best way to build our congregation is through word-of-
                   If you know of any new families in our community who might be
                   interested in joining our Chavurah, please send us their name and
                   We will include them on our mailing list to receive our newsletter
                   and membership information.
                   FEBRUARY YAHRZEITS
Week of February 5                               Week of February 19
Charles Small, father of Dr. Fred Small          Ruth Niebling, sister of Milton Tauder
Molly L. Greenberg, mother of Sheila Small       Rubin Ostrow, father of Debbie Silverstein
Freda Juroff, sister in law of Sheila Holtzman   Samuel Fish, father of Dr. Irving Fish
Landon Morley Sawyer, son of Kenneth Sawyer      Muriel Weingarten, mother of Eve Levine
Margaret Klein, mother of Robert Klein           Abraham Mindich, father of Elaine Bieger
Mac Schumer, father of Thelma Cohen              Dr. Daniel Kushner, husband of Zina Kushner
Hyman Halper, grandfather of Julie Halper        William F. Wrubel, father of Charles Wrubel
Robert Berkey, brother of Harvey Berkey          Max Glick, father of Dr. Robert Glick
Benjamin Hantman, father of Peter Hantman
Dr. Peter Byron, father of Herve Byron           Week of February 26
Ethel Roberts, aunt of Joel Siegel               Stanley Van Clair, father of Audrey Mortman
Dr. Herb Schwarz, father of Janine Schwarz       Solomon Rosen, father of Mark Rosen
Bella Squillante, aunt of Elaine Bieger          Natalie Fabian Reisman, mother of George
Week of February 12                              Emanuel Grossman, father of Lenore Woolman
Melvin P. Doof, father of Karen and Suzanne      Fanny Krugman, mother of Sheila Holtzman
Doof                                             Ephraim Woolman, husband of Lenore
Elsie Botkin, aunt of Robert Klein               Woolman
Peter Andor, brother of Judith Abraham           Ceil Nelson, mother of Ronald Nelson
                                                 Maurice Zacks, father of Dr. Jerry Zacks
                                                 Hyman Shulman, uncle of Rabbi Dennis
                                                 Gila Feldman, mother of Milton Feldman

                                                          In Memoriam:
                                                  Our deepest sympathy to
                                                 Van and Meryl Sommer on
  Yahrzeits are read at every                    the passing of his brother
  Friday night service on the an-                 Gregg Thomas Sommer
  niversary of a loved one’s
                                                  Our deepest sympathy to
  If you would like a name men-                   Brian and Ellen Glassman
  tioned that is not on the list,                 on the loss of his mother
  please contact Rabbi Benjamin.                      Muriel Glassman
                                             Dr. Zeil & Ingkan Rosenberg
                                                  and their children

                                             Tsunami Appeal Letter from
                                              Fellow Chavurah Members

Dear Friends of Chavurah Beth Shalom,
The terrible tragedy taking place in Asia due to the earthquake and tsunami have affected many hundred thou-
sands of families and, of course, many children. We are thankful that our immediate family members have not
been harmed as they live in parts of Indonesia (Jakarta and Manado) which were not affected. However we have
close friends and colleagues whose families are from Aceh Province and who are involved in emergency relief ef-
forts. Our concern is that while emergency food and water must be provided by government sponsored and larger
organizations, longer-term needs must be addressed in a careful and localized fashion.
Many friends have called us over the holidays to ask how they can help. We have established a not-for profit
group, Genesis Global Health, Inc., which will channel donations to high priority medical projects with direct local
impact. Your financial support or linkages with corporate philanthropy is needed.
We will initiate support activity in Indonesia because we know that area so well and because Ingkan and her fami-
ly are from there. One of us (Zeil) intends to lead a medical fact-finding mission to Aceh, co-coordinating with In-
donesian colleagues at such agencies as the Ministry of Health, the University of Indonesia School of Public
Health and the Indonesian Medical Association, to identify specific health needs of displaced persons once the sit-
uation has been stabilized. Zeil has worked previously as resident national health advisor in Jakarta at both USA-
ID and the Ministry of Health for 4 years and has continued consulting with these organizations on numerous
community and emergency health projects over the past 15 years, including projects in Aceh and in remote and
disaster stricken areas. Ingkan and our son Jason, who held his Bar Mitzvah this past year, intend to visit Indone-
sia and meet with our partner humanitarian groups in a couple months time. We have already initiated student
led-fund raising activities in the two schools our children attend.
Volunteer support, especially regarding web site creation, fundraising and grant writing, is needed. Thank you for
your concern.
  Donations and inquiries may be directed to:
  Ingkan Marentek and Zeil Rosenberg, MD, MPH
  Genesis Global Health, Inc.
  40 Yale Place
  Closter, NJ 07624
  Tel 201 750-1761
  Genesis Global Health, Inc. is a charitable, non-profit corporation registered in New Jersey. IRS
  501(c)(3) tax exempt status is pending approval; acknowledgement letters for 2005 donations will be
  sent once this approval is received.
  Some first hand photos taken by a friend and colleague who just led an immunization drive which
  immunized 14,000 children last week in Aceh province, Indonesia.
                                        It is a Jewish tradition to come together in
                                        the home to mark the end of the holiness of
                                        Shabbat for a Havdallah service. We invite
                                        you to pray and sing as we bless the coming
                                        week with this brief service.
                                                Join us for our next
                                                 Havdallah Service
                                                  and Discussion
                                               Saturday, February 12
                                                      8 p.m.
                                                Check your weekly e-mail
                                               announcement for location.

               Dena Florczyk Presents:
              The Nigerian School Project
Come see my images of Nigeria as I present a slide show at
                   Shabbat services
                  Friday, February 18
                        8 p.m.
           at the Alpine Community House
To contribute to the Nigerian School Project please send your donation to: DENA
FLORCZYK c/o HOPE CDC, 1321 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

                                            A Special Thank You To
                                    Pianist Carolyn Enger-Tsipouras
                              who performed for us in a recital at Shabbat Ser-
                               vices in January the works of Bach, Beethoven,
                              Copeland and Brahms. We are proud to have her
                              as a member of Chavurah Beth Shalom. We hope
                               to welcome her back for another concert in the
Parents and students                       Petitions calling for divestiture of in-
                                           vestment in Israel
approaching college:
                                           Posters alleging Human Rights viola-
                                           tions against Palestinians (ignoring, of
Do you know what is                        course, the Human Rights violations
happening on college                       against Israelis who are targeted by ter-
campuses across the                        rorists)
USA?                                       Jewish students are targeted and need
                                           to be prepared. They need information
                                           to counter anti-Israel propaganda. They
Are you aware of what                      need to know where to go for help.
Jewish students must
                                           For example, at Columbia University the
face?                                      "David Project" is attempting to provide
                                           information to counter the anti-Israel
By Laurie Fergenson                        campaign and to show how students
                                           have been harassed.
There have been allegations of profes-
sors harassing students who support        The UJA has prepared informational
Israel. At Columbia University, one pro-   pamphlets especially for students enter-
fessor asked a student how many Pales-     ing college.
tinians he had killed.
                                           Jewish students and Jews everywhere
The following have occurred at campus-     are part of the struggle for Israel. At
es:                                        Chavurah Beth Shalom, we are planning
                                           a spring program to inform parents and
Rallies against Israel and mock           students of the problems some may en-
"checkpoints" protesting Israeli anti-     counter.
terrorism measures
                                           Please let us hear from you to help us re-
Conferences featuring speakers who        search this issue and let us know what
try to delegitimize Israel                 you would like discussed.

     Parents of College Aged Students!
        Please forward the contact information of your
             College-aged children so that we may
              forward this announcement to them
           and receive their input and experiences.
We wish to thank the following families and individuals for supporting
our High Holy Day Appeal. Your generosity has helped us to meet our in-
creased financial obligations this past year and we hope that others will
join the list of contributors to help us reach our goal.
Steve Abrams & Cathy Fleming             Dr. Stanley & Rita Heller
Ronald & Marjori Abramson                Leonard & Alisen Herman
Mike & Elaine Adler                      Barbara Hoffman & Bruce Locklin
Beverly Allen                            Alex & Adele Holman
Mel & Doris Allen                        Gary Hertz
Murray & Fran Altchuler                  Alan & Renee Hirsch
Stanley & Florence Baron                 Brian & Julie Keery
Angelica Berrie                          Alex & Yana Kors
Leonard Blumenthal                       Harriet Krasilovsky
Peter & Nancy Brown                      Cantor Stan & Deborah Kronberg
Daniel & Hazel Buchwald                  Dr. Robert & Beth Krugman
David & Jacqueline Burstein              Ira & Ava Landsman
Dr. Herve & Bryn Byron                   Felicia Leibman & Family
Joseph Casser & Thelma Cohen             Joseph & Arlyne Lesser
Alex Coleman                             Alvin Mass
Edmund & Ruth Dollinger                  Jeffrey & Katina Mayer
Edward & Barbara Dolinsky                Leo Mazer & Dr. Joelle Bunting
Carolyn Enger                            Sidney & Isabel Merians
Vincent & Dr. Joan Fiorello              Stephen & Hon. Sybil Moses
Arthur Kooper & Barbara Colmer           Ronald & Aura Nelson
Paul Ehrenzeller & Suzanne Summers       Drs. Herbert & Teruko Neuwalder
Milton Feldman                           Drs Arthur & Candace Ollendorff
Everett & Laraine Fergenson              Stephen & Bjorg Ollendorff
Paul & Karen Fierstein                   Dr. Deane & Susan Penn
Ira & Linda Fish                         Mr. & Mrs. Murray Pozner
William Fox                              Neil & Elaine Plaxsun
Arlene Friedman & Family                 Dr. Zeil & Angkin Rosenberg
Deborah Friedman                         Steven Rosenschein
Yvonne Frydel                            Marvin & Laurie Scott
Dr. Sheldon & Ilene Gelman               Jon & Danielle Schwartz
Dr. Steven & Jennifer Gillon             Ken Sawyer & Family
Dr. Robert & Eleanor Glick               Stephen & Roberta Server
Helen Goody                              Alan & Ellen Silberman
Harold & Eileen Greenspan                Drs. Steven & Sue Simring
Toba Goldstick                           Henry & Arlette Strauss
Wilfred & Marianne Goldstick             Hank & Sue Weinberg
Marshall & Dr. Jill Hagen                Ellen Katz Willner & Family
Dr. Howard & Stephanie Halpern           David & Naoko Yarin
Peter & Rita Hantman
Religious School News                                                           By Debra Kronberg
On a cold day in January, the children and             ments in the second half. Although our many
their parents were treated to a magical journey        new families have caused increased student
to the land of Israel. Award winning Israeli           enrollment, we have managed to maintain the
photographer Stanton, presented a wonder-              character of our school, which offers small
ful multimedia presentation called "1000 Faces         classes and personal attention. We invite par-
of Israel". We got to see first hand the diversity     ents to sit in on some of our classes, which
of our brothers and sisters who have made              range from 1st grade through 5th grade on
Israel their home.                                     Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 PM to 5:15
                                                       PM., and grades 6 and 7 from 5:30 PM to 7:00
In honor of Tu'B'Shevat we distributed Jewish          PM.
National Fund Certificates, so that each family
may plant a tree in Israel. Israel, always aware       We are especially proud of Ryan Greiss who is
of our obligation as Jews to repair the world,         participating in our student teacher program.
plants more trees than it destroys.                    Ryan is a High school student at The Horace
                                                       Mann School and has been working on
Creativity continues to flourish at our Chavu-         Wednesdays as our sixth grade teacher’s aide.
rah Religious School as Esther's class made            He has been of great assistance to our staff by
Mezuzot out of toothpaste boxes and Shiri              working with our younger students. The re-
Gall's classes are preparing dramatic skits            sults have been excellent and we are encourag-
about the Bible Stories that they studied this         ing more of our teenagers to get involved, as
year.                                                  they have in years past.
When the month of Adar arrives, our joys ab-
ound! Save the date of Friday, March 25th at           The January snowfall has raised the question of
7:30 for our wonderful SHABBAT/PURIM cel-              snow and school closings if necessary. Should it
ebration. The children and their parents are           snow on any Wednesday, please call 201-567-
encouraged to come in costume as we celebrate          7806 regarding religious school cancellation.
Queen Esther's success in freeing the Jewish           Rabbi Benjamin can also be reached on his cel-
people of Persia from the wicked Haman who             lular phone at 201-294-8028. We also send out
sought to destroy us.                                  E-mail announcements regarding school clos-
                                                       ings and other important announcements and
We thank the children for their continued ef-          timely information.
forts to raise Tzedakah for the victims of the
tsunami.                                      is our e-mail ad-
                                                       dress. Please send us yours. Complete con-
The first half of our religious school year is over    fidentiality will be maintained.
and we are now anticipating new accomplish-

 Once each month we invite a member of our Chavurah to be our guest speaker or performer
 at our Friday evening Shabbat service. Please consult your newsletter and e-mails for announce-
 ments or visit our website
 We wish to thank Dr. Dolores Malespina of the New York State Psychiatric Institute who spoke to
 us in November of current research in the treatment of Schizophrenia. By examining the novel
 hypothesis that new genetic mutations can cause schizophrenia, this illness pattern may be useful
 in gene identification for schizophrenia.
 In December we welcomed attorney Joe Lesser who spoke of Jewish supreme Court Justices,
 Louis Brandeis, Benjamin Cardoza, Felix Frankfurter, Arthur Goldberg and Abe Fortas. Joe's lec-
 ture was interesting and informative providing insight into their lives and personalities as well as
 their contribution as outstanding jurists.
                                            Hope House
        Our member Karen Sarraga has established a residential facility for pregnant tee-
        nagers with resources that will enable them to become productive members of the
        Hope House, located at 1329 Teaneck Road in Teaneck, offers a structured eigh-
        teen-month program to provide teens with life-skills necessary for positive growth.
        Focus on healthy change through individual, group, relationship and family coun-
        seling programs will enable teens to break the stigma of poverty, welfare depen-
        dency, and lack of male role models. The empowered young woman from Hope
        House will know how to access appropriate health care and have the resources ne-
        cessary for healthy parenting. These life skills include money management, cook-
        ing, home-making skills, resume writing, interview skills. A broad range of coun-
        seling for individual and group, family and relationship, parenting skills, stress
        management, and mentoring.
        The benefit of Hope House will bring positive change to teen parents and their
        children through continued education job training and introduction into the com-
        munity. If you know anyone requiring the services of Hope House, please call Ka-
        ren Sarraga at (201) 837-0887. Also, financial support from the community is
        greatly needed.
        Karen and her husband Ramon are members of Chavurah Beth Shalom. They re-
        side in Teaneck with their sons Adam and Eric, who will become a Bar Mitzvah this

             weight matters!
                            WEIGHT MATTERS INC.
                            177 MAIN STREET #437
                             FORT LEE, NJ 07024
                    Tel: 201-585-4737 Fax: 201-886-1861

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                           Haggadahs Anyone?
Elegant Haggadahs which your family and friends will want to use year after year are
available now. They include magnificent illustrations by artist Tobi Kahn as well as
thoughtful and inspirational text by Rabbi Jack Bemporad. With nearly two thousand
copies sold to date, the Chavurah Beth Shalom Haggadah has been called a “thinking
persons Haggadah.” It is attractive, artistic, informative and interesting and easy to
use at the Seder table. As members of Chavurah Beth Shalom, we can all be proud of
our Haggadah and grateful to those who made it possible though their hard work and

     To order you Haggadahs, call (201) 567-7806 or fill out the order form below.

                               Haggadah Order Form




                        Please send me _______ Haggadahs at $10 each.

      Enclosed is my payment by check of $__________. Please make your check payable to
                                    Chavurah Beth Shalom.

             For your convenience, Visa and MasterCard can also be used for payment.

     Card Number:________________________________Expiration Date:__________


                                 Kindly return this form to:
                                 Chavurah Beth Shalom
                                       P.O. Box 417
                                    Tenafly, NJ 07670
     Chavurah Beth Shalom Tribute Cards
A beautiful and tasteful card is available to send to friends and family in times of joy or
sorrow. The original design is suitable for Yahrzeit, Mazel Tov’s, Sympathy and Honors.
             Please support the congregation while showing that you care!
                 You have two options to purchase/send tribute cards:
 Option 1 – You may purchase a box of cards and have them sent to your home to be
                          mailed at your convenience.
    Option 2 – You can purchase an individual card and have us mail it for you.
                      Option 1 – Please send cards to me at:
        Enclosed is my check for $100 for a box of 10 cards
       Option 2 – Please send a tribute card to the following:

     Enclosed is my check for: $18 Tribute, $36 Silver, $100 Gold

                                          MAIL TO:
                Gayle Gerstein, P.O. Box 915, Alpine, NJ 07620-0915
        The Ephraim Woolman
          Judaic Study Class
    Saturday Morning at 10:30 a.m.
This class led by Rabbi Jack Bemporad includes
stimulating discussions about Jewish philosophy, his-
tory, scripture and commentary as well as current is-
          Held at the Alpine Community House.
              Coffee and Bagels will be served.

             Shabbat Morning Minyan
                Saturday Morning at 9:30 a.m.
Known as a “member and guest-friendly service,” this Minyan led by
Rabbi Dennis Shulman meets for less than an hour each and every
Saturday and always includes an active discussion of some aspect of
this week’s Torah portion and an explanation of a prayer or two in-
cluded in the service.
Dress is casual and informal.
The minyan meets around a conference table in the basement of the
Alpine Community House.
Children and guests are most certainly welcome.
  Congregation Chavurah Beth Shalom
  Temple Talk
  The Chavurah Newsletter
  Shevat/Adar I 5765
  February 2005

   Chavurah Beth Shalom, P. O. Box 417, Tenafly, NJ 07670

                           BONNIE S. MAY
           Member of Chavurah Beth Shalom
                       Former Bergen County Resident
                  YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN
         (646) 250 2666

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