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									Antisocial Identity Thieves

       Some people believe that antisocial personality types are the source of identity theft.
       Contrary to believe not every person with antisocial personality types steal identities.
       Few times thieves caught stealing identities have antisocial behavior patterns, which
       differs from personality types, but for the most part thieves come in all forms.

       Identity thieves work in political offices, dental and doctor offices, at home, and so forth.
       Thieves are trickier to understand than most criminals, since most of them function in
       society under every ones noses and few ever detect behaviors or personalities that
       indicate the person is a thief.

       Antisocial Personality types are often violent, whereas thieves are not always violent or
       aggressive. Certain types of thieves will dig through trashcans to steal information that
       opens the doors to additional information, while other thieves will violently take the
       information, extending to murder. For example, the September 11 attack started with a
       plan, which included stealing identities so that the terrorists could carry out the act of
       violence. While this is less common, still it is frightening, since these types of thieves
       have more than Antisocial Personalities, they also have Psychopathic and Sociopath

       Common thieves steal information by utilizing their place of work, stealing information
       from company files, or else by backhanding other employees into giving them the
       information. The most common thief today are hackers, which are people that specialize
       into breaking into computer files by use of specially designed devices and programs, or
       strategies. The thieves will also use “skimming” modus operandi to steal information.
       Thus, the thief utilizes “data storage devices” to enable them to „swipe cards‟ of stolen
       credit card numbers. They may also use the device at ATM Machines, which means that
       if you use the machine the thief may be capable of stealing your information.

       In one instance a practical defraud was set up so that one thief could steal, while another
       thief carried out another crime, yet other criminals followed in pursuit. In this incident,
       the woman visited a local tavern, and instead of taking her drink with her to the
       bathroom, she left it on the counter. When she came out of the bathroom, she took a swig
       of her drink and found her self in a world of confusion. The woman was led outside of
       the tavern, onto the sidewalks when a man swept past her, jerking the purse from her
       shoulder nearly knocking her over. Still confused, the woman was led by another man to
       her own vehicle, where the perpetrator drove off with her intact in the passenger seat.
       When the woman woke up the next morning, she found her self seated in the crime of
       predators ready to rape her. With wits in tact, she took control by manipulating the
       perpetrator and escaping calling her friend. When she called her friend, who in turn called
       the authorities, she found that the thief had already used up her debit card, and added
       additional charges, which lead to overdrafts. The authorities found that the rapist, thief,
       and others arrested in the case were all chained together and had probably committed this
       same crime in the past.

       Antisocial personality or behaviors, sure, if you are looking for an excuse, but the real
       reason was, these persons involved in the crime were CRACK ADDICTS.
What could have been good people turned sour when drugs controlled their minds. Still, a
person falling victim to drugs often has roots, such as a desire to cause harm or commit a
crime against another person. To date, there is only one diagnosis that is legitimately not
reliable for crimes committed by them. That diagnose today is known as DID/
Disassociate Identities, previously known as Multiple Personality Disorders. This
particular diagnose, the person has amnesia and often acts out of historical events that
occurred in their life without awareness of the action.

Therefore, thieves are common and rarely do they have anything other than a criminal
mind with the exception of few.

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