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					              How to bring your tweets to Facebook fan pages?

With Facebook having 750+ million users and twitter with 225 million accounts, there is no doubt
that today’s world is attached to social networking sites. Businesses have understood the potential
of social media marketing and have been working on the optimum use of them. Some businesses
strengthen their hold on Facebook while some on Twitter.

Twitter has quickly built brand awareness and a loyal following, especially among the bloggers,
online marketers, evangelists, basically anyone with something to promote seem to find Twitter
extremely valuable.

Businesses such as H&R Block (HRB) and Zappos are now using Twitter to respond to customer
queries. Market researchers look to it to scope out minute-by-minute trends. Media groups are
focusing on Twitterers as first-to-the-scene reporters. (They were on top of the May 12 China
earthquake within minutes.) Loads of new applications and services are growing around the Twitter
platform, leading some to suggest that the micro-blogging service could become a powerhouse in
social media.

But Facebook pages provide a forum for dialogue between customers and the brand, giving
companies the opportunity to build better relationships with target audiences and current
customers. Facebook allows a company to gain a deeper understanding of how the brand is
perceived online – through direct feedback and also by monitoring what users are saying about the
brand. Each time a Facebook user becomes a fan of a Facebook page, a notice is posted as news
item for all of that user’s friends to see. This creates an opportunity for a Facebook page to go viral
and reach new viewers. In a service-based sector like hospitality, customer feedback is vital.
Facebook allows users to communicate their experiences directly and give the company the
opportunity to respond. Facebook can be used as a medium for creating brand awareness in
addition to a company’s corporate website. It provides brand exposure to a potentially new
audience and gives organizations the opportunity to position themselves in new and unique ways. As
a Facebook page grows its fan base, traffic to the company website will increase. Facebook pages
also appear in Universal Search Results.

This debate of finding the best platform for the promotion can only give one solution that the future
of social media marketing is the joining of Facebook and twitter.

SocialAppsHQ has come up with a solution in which users can get the best of both worlds. Users can
now have their Tweets on their Facebook fan page. This will help the marketers to

Increase news dissemination: Fans can see your tweets on your fan page. Hence any update by you
on twitter is available on Facebook. This increases your news dissemination.

Increase Followers: Your fans will be able to see your tweets on Facebook and this might get you
more Facebook fans to become your followers on Twitter.

“All speech, written or spoken, is a dead language, until it finds a willing and prepared hearer.” –
Robert Louis Stevenson

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