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									             How to integrate your blogs to Facebook fan pages

Did you know that 77% of internet users read blogs?

Today’s market is a cut throat one where the main aim for the businesses is of extensive
promotion of their brand. Businesses are using every technique devised to promote the
product, from sale incentives to competitions and many more.

One such devisable way of promotion of business is with the use of internet. Businesses write
their own blogs for the reader to read. Blogs are used by business to write articles about their
products and services as well as to write about the industry events or something within the
company to make the readers feel as a part of the business.

Presently, social media platform growth is being lead by Facebook. It is reaching close to a
billion user mark. This shows the enormous use of social networking sites and hence, Facebook
becomes an indispensable platform for the promotion of the business. Most of the businesses
have their fans on Facebook, talking and engaging with a lot of new stuff.

On Facebook, businesses can also engage with their customer or potential customers by
conducting online competition, update fans through statuses, upload pictures, release coupons,
conduct polls and a lot of other stuff. In all Facebook has now become an integral part of the
new marketing strategy. Having said that, blogs is another thing that a niche audience follows.
They are really important to businesses as well.

“Blogging is a communications mechanism handed to us by the long tail of the Internet.” – Tom

Blogging is a very important medium of interaction, whether the world is utilizing it for
commercial or social purposes. Businesses can share their thoughts, promote company’s
services or discuss matters of opinion both casually and formally. A recent study shows that 46%
of all Businesses who used Company Blog have acquired long term customers. Another study
from Hubspot reported that companies with business blogs received 55% more visitors than
business Web sites without blogs. The study also reported Business blog marketing accounted
for almost double the amount of inbound links and over four times, both of which help to
increase search engine visibility.

Clearly, blogs provide customer-business interaction. They provide a platform for a creation of a
personal relation between the business and the customers as well as prospective customers.
Since one cannot do without blogs and Facebook both then what is the best online promotion

As per my understanding, the best online promotion strategy is the integration of both the form
of online promotion. SocialAppsHQ has developed a RSS tab application for the integration of
blogs and Facebook.

RSS tab brings your blogs directly from your website to your fan page.

Fan Convenience: Your fans will not have to go to another website to read your blog. They can
read the blog on the fan page itself and stay connected.

Increase your following: Besides other loyal visitors, your Facebook page fans might also like
and start promoting it among their friends
I would advise all the marketers to rethink and redesign their marketing strategy to reap the
most out of their efforts.

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