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                                                       FINAL MINUTES FROM FMG CALL
                                                                31 May 2011
                                                              17:00 - 17:50 CET

  Participants : Chair Mike Doran, Mary Kay Blantz, Johan Pontén, Chris Hassler, Bill Luddy, Anders Grangard, Peter Potgieser, Rajan
                 Dhanjee, Tauno Kangur

  Apologies: Mark Crawford

  Recorded by: Rajan Dhanjee, Tauno Kangur

     ITEM                                               DISCUSSION                                           ACTION AGREED /             Action Item
                                                                                                             Person(s) responsible         Number
1) Approval of the         Approved with the addition of mCommerce brochure under item 3)                  Approved                    1430
2) Approval of the         Approved                                                                        Approved                    1431
draft Minutes of the
call on 16 May 2011
3) UN/CEFACT             D10A Schema production:                                                             FMG Chair to contact      1432
Projects & Activities   Jostein has sent the next run of schemas to ICG for final audit.                       ICG Chair for follow up

                         D11A CCL – Status report:                                                           FMG Chair to contact      1433
                        ICG Chair had promised next results of audit pass by May 23. TBG17 has not             ICG Chair for follow up
                        received it and had therefore to cancel their planned call.

                         Status of Rec 37
                        Question of coordination with UNCITRAL (which could place this item on
                        their working group agenda in October) raised by Bill. FMG Chair stated this
                        would not fit within the Project Team’s timeframe. Secretariat indicated that it
                        had drawn to the Project Team’s attention the questions raised by the Russian
                        delegation and had received no further information.

                         XML Schema to support CCTS3/NDR3
                        ATG chair not on call

                           Mobile Commerce brochure

                        TBG15 Chair: this is an information paper, not a proposal for standardization.     TBG15 Chair to prepare         1434
                        Bill: UNCITRAL will have legal issues of mCommerce on its agenda.                 an e-mail explaining the item

4) UN/CEFACT             FMG/PG presentations                                                              Secretariat to remind
Plenary, 7/8 July       Still missing PG presentations to be sent to FMG list ASAP                        ATG, ICG and TMG Chairs          1435
2011                                                                                                      to send in their presentations

5) UN/CEFACT               Ag. TBG Chair gave an overview on the consultations process where
reorganization              consensus has not yet been achieved. Issues are mainly with roles of
                            domains and chairmanships.
6) Liaison Activities      FMG Vice-Chair (Anders): nothing further to report, with setup of new
                            structure this will be discussed anew.

7) UN/CEFACT               2011 – Forum meeting in Geneva – September 19 to 23 in Geneva                    Secretariat to set up the    1436
Forum meetings              International Conference Centre.                                                  website for this Forum
                           2012 – Spring – India: March – The Ministry has approved the
                            organization of the event. Following decision on exact dates and venue, a
                            formal invitation will be sent by Indian Delegation.

                           2012 – Autumn – Austria – will be held at Technical University of
                            Vienna, timing is not known yet.

                           2013 – South Korea – verbal proposal from Kim. No confirmation as yet.
8) Group reports           ATG: Not on the call.
                           ICG: Not on the call.
                           LG: Nothing further to report.
                           TBG: Nothing further to report.
                            TMG: Not on the call

9) Secretariat report       Rajan reported that a meeting on the TFIG Project had been held between
                            the secretariat and the Project Team on 26-27 May and weekly conference
                            calls will now occur. The secretariat, FMG and TBG15 Chairs concurred
                            there had been a good spirit of collaboration and a positive outcome to the

                            Tauno informed the group on the UNECE website update due to
          introducing a new content management system. Everybody was asked to
          look at the new site and in case errors/missing content is found to report it
          back to Tauno.
10) AOB    Next FMG call on Tuesday 14 June at 17.00 CET                                     Secretariat to book the   1437


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