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     FALL SESSION I ■ SEPTEMBER 5, 2006 — OCTOBER 27, 2006
     FALL SESSION t ■ NOVEMBER - F R 8 : 3 0 A - 5 0 P m ; c L o s e d 19, s u n
e m A i L : P R d @ c i . P i e d m o n II. c A . u s • h o u R s : m o n6, i2006m—: 0JANUARY s A t & 2007
     Piedmont RecReation dePaRtment
                                        358 Hillside Avenue
                                        Piedmont, CA 94611
                                 phone 420-3070 • fax 420-3027
                      e-mail: •

                                                         Office HOurs
                                             Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm
                                              Closed Saturday and Sunday

                                                          FaLL 2006
                                                       tuesday, september 5–Friday, october 27
                           SeSSion i                   Make-up week: October 30–November 3

                                                       monday, november 6–Friday, January 19
                          SeSSion ii                   Make-up week: January 22–January 26

                                                       tuesday, september 5–sunday, october 15
                             TenniS i                  Make-up week: October 16–November 3

                                                       monday, october 16–sunday, december 3
                            TenniS ii                  Make-up week: December 4-10

                                                       Friday, november 10, Veterans' day
                           HolidayS                    november 20–24, thanksgiving Break
                                                       december 18–January 1, winter Recess
                                                       monday, January 15, martin Luther King day

     COVER - MERyl Shi; tOp Right: ZOE BRinnER, COlE SwEnSEn; MiddlE Right: Elka SOREnSEn, niChOlaS lOduCa, MiChEllE dOty; BOttOM: RaChEl ElliOt
                                   phOtOS c A . u s • h o OVER : lOuiSE - aSSlEMan; nSidE - 5 : 0 By m ; c Bo s e d
e m A i L : P R d @ c i . P i e d m o n t .By dOnna ButtlaiRE; Cu R sBy m o n CF R i 8 : 3 i0 A mdESign0 PdOnna L uttlaiRE s A t & s u n
           tabLe oF contents                                           ReGistRation
           Adult Activities               18-20
           Art *                               11                    RESidEnt pRE-REgiStRatiOn dEadlinE iS:
           Ballet                               9
                                                                             Monday, August 7 • 5:00pm
           Basketball                  6, 14, 16
           Bridge                              20                             nO phOnE REgiStRatiOn
           Camp Cottontail                      7
                                                                                       August 4–14
           Carpentry                           12
           Ceramics *                          19        RESidEnt "gRaCE pERiOd" FiRSt COME, FiRSt SERVE BaSiS:
           Chess                               13
                                                                                       August 8–10
           Cheer Camp                           7
           Chinese *                           10               nOn-RESidEnt pRE-REgiStRatiOn RECEiVEd thRu
           Chinese Culture Camp *               7
                                                                  auguSt 10 pROCESSEd lOttERy StylE On:
           Clay                                15
                                                                            Thursday, August 10 • 5:00pm
           Community Events & Services 2-5
           Cooking                             15                      OpEn REgiStRatiOn FOR all BEginS:
           Cross Country Running *             16
                                                                             Monday, August 14 • 8:30am
           Drama                          13, 16
           Fencing                          6, 14                         intERnEt REgiStRatiOn BEginS:
           Flag Football                  14, 17
                                                                   Tuesday, August 15 •
           Guitar *                            17
           Gymnastics                           9             There is a fee to use this service. Complete the registration form.
           Healthy Hoppers Camp                 7               Pay with a Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover.
           Ice Skating Camp                     7               Receive an instant e-mail confirmation of your enrollment.
           Jazzercise                          22                    Credits cannot be used with Internet Registration.
           Kids' Night Out                      3
           Knitting                            15
                                                            dOwnlOad thiS CatalOg at:
           Mini Super Star Sports               9
           Middle School Activities 14, 16-17
           Music                                8
           Pre-School Activities         3, 7-11     Piedmont                                    tRansPoRtation
           Registration Information 2, 23-24
           Rental Facilities                   25    HistoRicaL                                  You must sign up at least five
                                                                                                 working days in advance of the first
           Safe Sitters
                                                     society                                     day your child needs transportation.
                                                                                                 We offer transportation for students
                                                     The Piedmont Historical Society
           Science               4-5, 10-11, 13                                                  from Schoolmates to Recreation
                                                     extends an open invitation to all
           Sewing                              15                                                classes. We are unable to transport
                                                     Piedmont residents to visit our display
           Single Seniors                      22                                                students directly to school sites.
                                                     of historical memorabilia and learn
           Skiing/Snowboarding                 17                                                Students are transported to the near-
                                                     more about Piedmont's history.
           Soccer Camp                          6                                                est Schoolmates or to the Recreation
                                                     Our history Room is located in the
           Spanish                             10                                                Department and then walked to the
                                                     Piedmont Recreation Department
           Stroller Strides                    20                                                class. We do not accept one day or
                                                     building at 358 Hillside Avenue.
           Tennis                     16, 18-19                                                  partial session transportation requests.
                                                     Please call Shirley Price to schedule
           Tae Kwon Do                    12, 20                                                 There is no charge for this service.
                                                     a visit.
           Tot Zone!                            3
           Tot's Night Out                      3    shirley Price
           Transportation                   2, 21    658-1606
           Track & Field Camp                   6
           Volleyball                          16
           Yoga                           17, 20

   2       Phone: (510) 420-3070               •    FAX: (510) 420-3027           •   on Line:
                                                                                                                               PresChool, sChoolmates & Community serviCes
tot Zone!                                                                             scHooLmates
2-41/2 yEaRS
                                                                                      k-5th gRadES
If you are looking for a fun place for your child to play and you
                                                                                      Schoolmates is a before and after
need care only for a few hours a day, Tot Zone! is perfect for
                                                                                      school child care and recreation
you! Tot Zone! is a drop-in child care program that
                                                                                      program providing a variety of
offers a fun pre-school environment for your little
                                                                                      activities for children in grades
one. At Tot Zone!, your child participates in fun games,
                                                                                      K-5. The program includes arts and
art activities, story time, and more! You have the option of filling out a calendar
                                                                                      crafts, dance, sports and games, and
for your time slots or 'dropping in' with 24-hour advance notice. This program
                                                                                      environmental education. There is a
begins on September 11, 2006.
                                                                                      site at each of the three elementary
Please send your child with some yummy snacks/lunch and dressed in clothes            schools and is open M-F, 7:30am-
that allow for fun play! There are a limited amount of drop-in spaces available.      6:00pm. To register, please contact
Calendars for Tot Zone! may be picked up at the Recreation Department after           the appropriate site listed below for
August 23. Tot Zone! is for children who are born two years at start of program.      a monthly calendar.

m-F 9am-1pm                                 drop in (24 hour notice)                  sarah normart
Piedmont Recreation Department              Piedmont Recreation Department            Beach Schoolmates           420-3077
R $35 • NR $45                              R $37 • NR $47                            michael murphy
                                                                                      Havens Schoolmates          420-3078
                                                                                      martha Paquin
Kids' & tots' niGHt out                                                               Wildwood Schoolmates        420-3076
21/2-5 yEaRS OR k-5th gRadES
Let the kids have a special night out at the REC! For the K-5th graders, we start
                                                                                      erin Rivera
                                                                                      Schoolmates Supervisor      420-3072
at 6:30pm and end at 10:00pm. The 21/2-5 years olds are invited for a night
from 5:30pm to 8:30pm designed just for them! We provide a healthy dinner,
activities, music, and tons of fun! This program works best for children who
have attended programs without their parents and transition easily. We have           HoLiday scHeduLe
1 adult and 2 Jr. CIT's to every 7 children.                                          Schoolmates is open the following
                                                                                      times and days. Calendars are avail-
k-5th gRadES                                21/2-5 yEaRS                              able the first week of December.
september 15                 8000.151       october 13                    8000.153    November days meet at Wildwood
                                                                                      Schoolmates and December days
october 13                   8000.154       december 1               8000.255         meet at Havens Schoolmates.
december 1                   8000.253       Piedmont Recreation Department
                                                                                      nOVEMBER 20-24           7:30-5:00
                                            R $35 • NR $45
January 26               8000.254                                                     dECEMBER 18-21           7:30-5:00
Piedmont Recreation Department                                                        dECEMBER 22-25              ClOSEd
R $40 • NR $50                                                                        dECEMBER 26-29           8:30-5:00
                                                                                      JanuaRy 1                   ClOSEd

KenneLLy sKate PaRK scHeduLe                                                          PubLic swim
                                                                                      Public swim for Piedmont residents is
Park is located adjacent to
                                                                                      available on Fridays (except the third
Coaches Field on Moraga Avenue
                                                                                      Friday) and on the third Saturday of
                                                                                      each month. For further information
september - october                          Bike Priority hours:
                                                                                      including fees, please contact the
Schooldays                     3pm-dusk      Tuesday                     3pm-4:30pm
                                                                                      Piedmont Swim Club.
Saturdays/Holidays             1pm-dusk      Thursday                    3pm-4:30pm
Sundays                        1pm-dusk      Sunday                      1pm-2:30pm   Piedmont swim club

emAiL:                     •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                     FUn in the FALL
holiday events & CamPs

                         Harvest Festival
                         Sunday, September 24
                                                                                                                 "PRedatoRs & PRey"
                         11:00-3:00pm                                                                            6-10 yEaRS
                         You will have a wonderful time at the Havest Festival!                                  mad Science Staff
                         The Harvest Festival has a wide variety of exciting                                     In this camp, kids learn how animals,
                         activities for all ages—the carnival as well as                                         big and small, adapt to life. Campers
                         the Jazz Festival coupled with the enjoyment of                                         learn how birds and beasts catch prey
                         seeing and tasting Piedmont backyard edibles.                                           without becoming someone else’s
                                                                                                                 lunch. Kids discover what Mr. Owl ate
                         Bring your entries, your appetite, and your enthusiasm to this wonderful
                                                                                                                 during the famous owl pellet dissec-
                         community event. The Festival is in Piedmont Park, The Carnival is in the parking
                                                                                                                 tion. We also find and magnify small
                         lot, and The Farmers' Market, provided by Village Market, is in front of the
                                                                                                                 critters—from insects to pond slime.
                         Community Hall. Outstanding jazz musicians are showcased throughout the
                                                                                                                 Campers build a birdhouse to take
                         festival. Enter a Scarecrow and see it displayed in the lawn area. Call Elizabeth at
                                                                                                                 home and have creepy-crawly fun
                         923-0455 for details to enter your own scarecrow.
                                                                                                                 building a bughouse! Kids learn how
                         Choose from a variety of categories to enter. Entry forms are available at City Hall,   changes in wind, water and tempera-
                         the Recreation Department, or at Prizes and ribbons are          ture can affect Earth’s inhabitants.
                         awarded. Bring your entries by 10:00am on the 24th to the Community Hall.
                                                                                                                 november 20-22 (3 days)
                         The Carnival, presented by the three elementary schools, has face painting,
                                                                                                                 M-W 10:00-2:00                1810.221
                         games, contests, a cake walk, potting activities and more. The Harvest Festival
                         boasts outstanding food.
                                                                                                                 Location to be announced
                                                                                                                 R $180 • NR $205
                         Your help is needed as a volunteer to assist us!
                         the harvest committee welcomes your participation.
                         For information call Bill Drum, 658-1244, or email:                Haunted
                         Enjoy your garden this summer and get ready for the fabulous Harvest Festival!
                                                                                                                 HiLLside House
                                                                                                                 oF HoRRoR
                          novembeR                                   HaLLoween                                   The ghastly creatures and ghouls
                                                                                                                 return to 358 Hillside. We invite you to
                          adventuRes                                 caRnivaL!                                   witness for yourself the haunted roost
                                                                                                                 of the unrested spirits!!! Are you brave
                          1St-5th gRadES                             This is an fun event
                                                                     for PreK to 5th graders.                    enough??? Tickets on sale October 3.
                          Come have a blast during the break.
                          Each adventure is from 9:00-4:00pm.        Join us for a fun filled                    wed, october 25
                                                                     Halloween Carnival and                      lightS On Only             6:30-7:30pM
                          november 20              7200.211          Magic Show! The Carnival features
                          Pump it Up/ Jack London Square             refreshments, a jumping tent and
                                                                                                                 thurs, october 26
                          & Lunch                                                                                nOt SO SCaRy               6:30-7:30pM
                                                                     various carnival games, such as
                                                                                                                 SCaRy                      7:40-8:15pM
                          november 21               7200.212         Loolipop Tree, Sponge Throw, Face           VERy SCaRy                 8:30-9:15pM
                          Teddy Bear Factory & Lunch                 Painting, and many more activities.
                                                                                                                 Fri, october 27
                          november 22              7200.213          fri, Oct 27 • 7-9pm                         nOt SO SCaRy               6:30-7:30pM
                          Movie & Scavenger Hunt & Lunch                                                         SCaRy                      7:40-8:15pM
                                                                     Piedmont Recreation Department
                                                                                                                 VERy SCaRy                 8:30-9:15pM
                          Meet at Wildwood Schoolmates               Tickets are 2 for $1, or 15 for $5
                          R $70/day • NR $82/day                                                                 Piedmont Recreation Department
                                                                     and are sold at the event.
                                                                                                                 Child $6 • Adult $4
         4               Phone: (510) 420-3070                •    FAX: (510) 420-3027              •     on Line:
                                Holiday Happenings

                                                                                                                                 holiday events & CamPs
                                           tRee LiGHtinG                                santa visits!
FLiGHt academy                             ceRemony                                     Invite Santa and his elf to
                                                                                        visit your home!
                                           Come to the annual tree
camP                                       lighting ceremony
                                           sponsored by the
                                                                                        Arrangements may
                                                                                        be made for Santa to
6-10 yEaRS                                                                              deliver holiday gifts
                                           Piedmont Beautification
mad Science Staff                                                                       to your children
                                           Foundation and Garden Club
Explore the fundamentals of flight.                                                     during the visit.
                                           in front of the Piedmont
Learn celestial navigation and discover                                                 Registration begins
                                           Community Hall.
the wonders of the Milky Way. See                                                       Friday, December 1.
                                           Santa will be there!
how air and wind affect kites, hot air                                                  Available to
balloons and parachutes. Discover the      Wed, nOv 29 • 7:15pm                         Piedmont residents
fundamentals of rocketry, the stages                                                    and limited neighborhoods.
                                           Admission is free.
of rocket flight and experiment with
huge water rockets. We build our                                                        fri, dec 15 • 6-9pm
own rockets that we can launch.
Take-homes include the new Mad
                                           HoLiday                                      Sat, dec 16 • 6-8pm
Science Skyblazer rocket, a rubber
band-powered airplane, a kite,
                                           woRKsHoP                                     $25.00 per 10 minute visit.

                                           5-10 yEaRS
a boomerang, a mini flying disc,
a propeller-driven space orbiter
                                           jane backuS                                  notes
and more!
                                           MAKE, BAKE, and
                                           DECORATE your                                FRom santa
december 18- 21 (4 days)                   own mini                                     Wouldn't your child just LOVE to
M-Th 10:00-2:00           1810.211         gingerbread                                  receive a personal letter from
                                           cookie house. All materials included.        Santa Claus!? Imagine the look on
Piedmont Recreation Department
                                                                                        your child's face when he or she
R $240 • NR $265                           december 2 (1 day)                           reads a letter that Santa has written.
                                           Saturday 9:30-12:30        2950.261          Registration is available November
                                           Piedmont Playschool Building                 10 at the Piedmont Recreation
                                           R $45 • NR $55                               Department. Cost: $10.00

  decembeR adventuRes
  1St-5th gRadES
  Join us for an exciting fun-filled day travelling around the Bay Area! You can sign up for each day or the whole
  adventure experience. Each day is from 9:00-4:00pm with extended care available at Havens Schoolmates.
  Itinerary subject to change.

  december 18                  7200.214     december 21                7200.217        december 29                 7200.210
  Ice Skating, Bowling - Lunch Included     Chabot Space & Science, Roberts Park -     Lawrence Hall of Science & Movie -
                                            Lunch Included                             Bring Lunch
  december 19                   7200.215
                                                                                       Havens Schoolmates
  Scandia & Jelly Belly Factory -           december 27                  7200.218
                                                                                       R $60/day • NR $70/day
  Bring Lunch                               Pump It Up & Crab Cove -
                                            Lunch Included
  december 20                  7200.216
  Exploratorium & Chrissy Field -           december 28                7200.219
  Bring Lunch                               Oakland Zoo - Lunch Included

emAiL:                    •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                               Holiday Camps
holiday CamPs
                co-ed indooR socceR camP
                5-10 yEaRS	                         	
                                                                                                                      8-18 yEaRS
                Sal criSpi                                                                                            bill cracraft
                Learn to play Indoor Soccer! Indoor Soccer is a fast-paced soccer game that helps                     Bill Cracraft expands
                improve outdoor soccer skills and conditioning. Soccer skills are learned playing                     his successful
                fun games like "Crab and Shrimp" and "Cat and Mouse". Team play is emphasized                         classes to fun and
                through participation in small sided games i.e., 3v3 or 5v5 with players divided                      education holiday
                into teams by skill level and age. Please bring a snack and water bottle. On the                      camps. Come join us
                last day of camp, parents are invited to participate in the "Big Game" on the Staff                   to combine the mental
                Team vs. the Campers.                                                                                 challenge of out-thinking
                                                                                                                      your opponent with the agility
                november 20-22 (3 days)                             december 26- 29 (4 days)
                                                                                                                      of martial arts. There are tactical
                M-W 9:00 -11:00                  7160.211           Tu-F 9:00-11:00                   7160.212
                                                                                                                      games, drills and bouting in the
                PMS Morrison Gym                                    PMS Morrison Gym
                                                                                                                      class. Bring water, wear comfortable
                R $47 • NR $57                                      R $63 • NR $73                                    clothes and athletic shoes.
                 Children who attend indoor soccer and track have a supervised lunch break between 11:00-11:30am.     All protective gear and equipment is
                co-ed indooR tRacK & FieLd camP                                                                       8-13 yEaRS
                5-10 yEaRS
                Sal criSpi                                                                                            BEginning
                Campers compete for points in the 5-event Pentathalon (3 running, 2 field).                           december 18-21 (4 days)
                There are also relay races daily. In between events, fun running games are played,                    M-Th 9:00-12:00             8055.211
                e.g. "coyotes and roadrunner" and "capture the baton". Please bring a snack and                       Veterans' Memorial Building
                water bottle. On the last day of camp, parents are invited to participate in the                      R $191 • NR $216
                "Giant Relay" on the Staff Team vs. the Campers.

                november 20-22 (3 days)                             december 26- 29 (4 days)                          intERMEdiatE
                M-W 11:30-1:30                     7030.211         Tu-F 11:30-1:30                        7030.212   december 18-21 (4 days)
                PMS Morrison Gym                                    PMS Morrison Gym                                  M-Th 1:00-4:00              8055.212
                R $47 • NR $57                                      R $63 • NR $73                                    Veterans' Memorial Building
                                                                                                                      R $191 • NR $216

                basKetbaLL camP                                                                                       8-18 yEaRS
                3Rd-6th gRadES                                                                                        BEginning
                recreatiOn Staff                                                                                      december 26-29 (4 days)
                This is a camp where players are drilled in                                                           M-Th 9:00-12:00             8055.213
                basic skills and play scrimmages. Effort is                                                           Veterans' Memorial Building
                made to group players by grade and skill                                                              R $191 • NR $216
                level. Participants should wear shorts and gym shoes and should bring a snack.

                3Rd-4th gRadES                                      5th-6th gRadES
                december 18-22 (5 days)                                                                               december 26-29 (4 days)
                                                                    december 18-22 (5 days)
                                                                                                                      M-Th 1:00-4:00              8055.214
                M-F 9:00-11:30                     7020.211         M-F 1:00-4:00                          7020.212
                                                                                                                      Veterans' Memorial Building
                PMS Morrison Gym                                    PMS Morrison Gym
                                                                                                                      R $191 • NR $216
                R $89 • NR $100                                     R $105 • NR $115

     6          Phone: (510) 420-3070                      •    F A	X : ( 5 1 0 ) 4 2 0 - 3 0 2 7      •     on Line:
                                              Holiday Camps

                                                                                                                                  holiday CamPs
cHeeR camP
1-5th gRadES
recreatiOn Staff
Catch the spirit with
                                              k-5th gRadES                             cHinese
Cheerleading Camp!
                                                                                       cuLtuRe camP
                                                                                       9 & up yEaRS
This camp offers                              Come and jump
children an                                   rope your way to a                       united yOuth enrichment
opportunity                                   healthy heart with the                   SchOOl teacherS
to learn the                                  Piedmont Recreation                      This class is for
fundamentals of                               Department at the                        students who
cheerleading, including motions,              HEALTHY HOPPERS summer camp.             are interested
jumps, and basic tumbling. Campers            This fun-filled camp where HEALTH        in Chinese
enjoy cheering and dancing, as well           meets HAPPINESS is full of hip-hopping   culture. It is
as the opportunity to create his/her          jump rope rhymes, dizzy double-dutch,    taught in English
own cheers and dance with the staff.          extreme school yard games, nutritious    and students are
This camp is geared toward par-               snacks, and so much more! Don’t miss     not required to come from a
ticipants of all skill levels. Get into the   out on the chance to hop, skip, and      Chinese background. It is a basic
Spirit and join us for some cheers and        jump your way to a healthier, happier    exploration of China and the intro-
spirited fun!                                 you!                                     duction of Chinese cultures: themes
                                                                                       include Chinese character history,
december 18-21 (4 days)                       december 26-29 (4 days)                  Chinese food, holidays, and etiquette,
M-Th 9:00-1:00              8056.211          Tu-F 9:00-12:30             8056.212     etc. Students learn Chinese calligraphy,
Veterans' Memorial Building                   Veterans' Memorial Building              how to use chopsticks, make stuffed
R $192 • NR $218                              R $104 • NR $120                         buns and dumplings, and make
                                                                                       Chinese traditional paper-cuts and
                                                                                       knots. Come and explore Chinese
ice sKatinG                                   camP                                     history, language, and art. A $15
6 yEaRS and up
Oakland ice Staff
                                              cottontaiL                               material fee is included. This course is
                                                                                       unique and engaging; it gives stu-
                                              3-5 yEaRS                                dents a very interesting, hands-on
Learn to skate at this fun facility. This
is an introductory class for beginners
                                              recreatiOn Staff                         educational experience that they will
                                              Camp Cottontail Winter Camp!             thoroughly enjoy.
only. You learn to skate, how to stop,
                                              Campers will explore arts and crafts,
turn, and some basic moves. The fee                                                    november 20-22 (3 days)
                                              games, songs, special guest speakers
includes: practice after your lesson,
                                              and much more!                           M-W 9:00-11:30             2000.211
skate rental the day of your lesson,
                                                                                       Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
$1.00 off any additional sessions you         december 18-21 (4 days)                  R $104 • NR $119
decide to skate during this series,           M-Th 9:00-1:00          8056.213
and transportation to and from the
                                              Lower Level Community Hall               december 18- 22 (5 days)
rink. Wear long pants, gloves, and a                                                   M-F 9:00-11:00             2000.212
                                              R $144 • NR $165
sweater or light jacket. Bring a lunch.                                                Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
december 18-21 (4 days)                                                                R $139 • NR $159
M-Th 12:30-3:30           3860.211
Recreation Department bleachers,
next to the pool.
R $134 • NR $154

emAiL:                      •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
        KindeRmusiK viLLaGe
        BaBiES-18 MOnthS
        nanci Schneidinger
        Kindermusik Village provides families a warm introduction to music, and encourages participation in a music-making
        community. Not only is this class an incredible bonding experience for you and your child, but it’s also a great way to meet
        other parents and find future playmates for your little one! Babies growth and development are stimulated as they experi-
        ence an abundance of singing, creative movement, dancing, vocal play, and object and instrument exploration. Scarves,
        balls, egg shakers, and drums are just some of the props and instruments Baby will enjoy exploring.
        Zoom BuGGY How many ways can Baby and Parent zoom in Village? Hop in the Zoom Buggy! and find out! Through a va-
        riety of songs, chants, and instrumental selections you and Baby will experience the rumbling of a baby buggy, the squeaky
        stroller, the bumpa bumpa bumpa of the wagon, the train chugging up the track and much more. Home materials include a
        CD, book, art banners, home journal with words and music to the songs, and a vinyl carry bag. ($32 home kit included).
        dReAm PiLLow Baby is the star in Dream Pillow, with each activity carefully planned to stimulate his developing brain,
        thereby promoting physical, social, cognitive, emotional, and language development. But it is the parent who is watching
        and guiding this little star on the rise, and Dream Pillow, like all of the Village units, is written with the parent very much in
        mind. Home materials include a CD, board book, art banners, home journal with words and music to the songs, and a vinyl
        carry bag. ($32 home kit included).

        Zoom BuGGY                                   dReAm PiLLow
        wed. 11:30-12:15           3510.131          wed. 11:30-12:15           3510.231
        September 6-October 25 (8 classes)           November 8-January 17 (8 classes)

        thurs. 9:30-10:15          3510.141          thurs. 9:30-10:15          3510.241
        September 7-October 26 (8 classes)           November 9-January 18 (8 classes)

        thurs. 11:30-12:15         3510.143          thurs. 11:30-12:15         3510.243
        September 7-October 26 (8 classes)           November 9-January 18 (8 classes)
        Recreation Department, 2nd Floor             Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
        R $106 • NR $118                             R $106 • NR $118

        KindeRmusiK "ouR time"
        miLK & cooKies
        17 MOnthS-31/2 yEaRS
        nanci Schneidinger
        Cook up musical fun with Kindermusik’s “Milk and Cookies”! The theme centers around the “home” and the things that
        make it cozy, such as, cooking, making toast, planting, building, hammering, washing, and going to the market.
        Children experience vocal play, instrument play-along and exploration, music and movement story time, group dances,
        expressive movement and many engaging activities. “At Home” kit contains: a colorful insulated lunch bag with two CD’s,
        stir xylophone, activity book, and two books. Fee includes the kit ($52).

        nEw StudEnt                                  nEw StudEnt                                  COntinuing (uSE SaME kit)

        wed. 9:30-10:15            3510.132          wed. 9:30-10:15            3510.232          wed. 9:30-10:15            3510.234
        September 6-October 25 (8 classes)           November 8-January 17 (8 classes)            November 8-January 17 (8 classes)

        wed. 10:30-11:15           3510.133          wed. 10:30-11:15           3510.233          wed. 10:30-11:15           3510.235
        September 6-October 25 (8 classes)           November 8-January 17 (8 classes)            November 8-January 17 (8 classes)

        thurs. 10:30-11:15         3510.142          thurs. 10:30-11:15         3510.242          thurs. 10:30-11:15         3510.244
        September 7-October 26 (8 classes)           November 9-January 18 (8 classes)            November 9-January 18 (8 classes)
        Recreation Department, 2nd Floor             Recreation Department, 2nd Floor             Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
        R $126 • NR $138                             R $126 • NR $138                             R $74 • NR $86
  8     Phone: (510) 420-3070                •    FAX: (510) 420-3027              •   on Line:
HaPPy Feet RHytHmic Gymnastics

                                                                                                                                  PresChool sPorts & Ballet
4-5 yEaRS
gymnaSticS Staff
This class teaches beginning gymnastics and tumbling. Students learn the basics of all gymnastic
events, as well as additional skills to enhance strength, coordination, agility, and confidence.
Equipment incorporated into the class includes bars, low beam, ladders, trampolines and spring boards,
barrel and incline mats, vaulting blocks, tunnels, and music games. Attire: no jeans or dresses.

Friday 3:15-4:00            3210.152        Friday 3:15-4:00             3210.252
September 8-October 27 (8 classes)          November 17-January 19 (7 classes)
Veterans' Memorial Building                 Veterans' Memorial Building
R $118 • NR $138                            R $103 • NR $123

PRe-baLLet & PRe-taP                                                                   mini suPeR
3-4 yEaRS
caitlin Smith                                                                          staRs sPoRts
This is a combination class that exposes students to both ballet and                   cLass
tap, designed for children 3-4 years old who are new to ballet or have                 31/2-6 yEaRS
less than 2 sessions of pre-ballet. This class focuses on the basic elements           Introduce your
of body, rhythmic, and spatial awareness, elements essential to all forms of dance.    child to the world of
The tap portion of the class teaches basic steps and rhythmic patterns. This is a      sports and school-yard
fun and energetic environment that begins building a foundation for creative           games. This program is a great way for
movement. There is a informal presentation for parents at the end of each session.     toddlers to develop eye-hand coordi-
                                                                                       nation, balance skills, and begin to de-
Friday 10:30-11:30            3100.112      Friday 10:30-11:30             3100.212
                                                                                       velop team play. Fun activities include
Piedmont Community Hall                     Piedmont Community Hall
                                                                                       a mini obstacle course, parachute play
Friday 1:15-2:15              3100.113      Friday 1:15-2:15               3100.213    which is combined with schoolyard
                                                                                       games like kickball, red light green
Friday 2:15-3:15            3100.115        Friday 2:15-3:15            3100.215       light, timekeeper and more.
September 8-October 27 (8 classes)          November 17-January 9 (7 classes)
                                            Veterans' Memorial Building                5-6 yEaRS
Veterans' Memorial Building
R $83 • NR $98                              R $73 • NR $85                             thursday 2:15-3:00            7171.142

                                                                                       thursday 4:15-5:00            7171.144

baLLet i & taP                                                                         31/2-41/2 yEaRS
5-7 yEaRS                                                                              thursday 3:15-4:00          7171.143
caitlin Smith                                                                          September 7-October 26 (8 classes)
Ballet I is designed for children 5-7 years old who are new to ballet or               Piedmont Rec. Basketball Courts
have had less than 2 sessions of pre-ballet. The class includes basic ele-             R $68 • NR $76
ments of ballet and a focus on barre exercises, center floor technique,
and individual and class development. The tap portion of the class is
                                                                                       5-6 yEaRS
designed for students with some movement background. Wear comfortable
clothing or a leotard. Ballet shoes optional. For tap, bring tap shoes or other hard   thursday 2:15-3:00            7171.242
soled shoes. There is an informal presentation at the end of each session.             thursday 4:15-5:00            7171.244
Friday 3:30-4:30              3100.116      Friday 3:30-4:30               3100.216    31/2-41/2 yEaRS
Friday 4:30-5:30            3100.117        Friday 4:30-5:30            3100.217       thursday 3:15-4:00          7171.243
September 8-October 27 (8 classes)          November 17-January 19 (7 classes)         November 9-January 18 (8 classes)
Veterans' Memorial Building                 Veterans' Memorial Building                Piedmont Rec. Basketball Courts
                                                                                       R $68 • NR $76
R $83 • NR $98                              R $73 • NR $85

emAiL:                     •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
sCienCe, sPanish & Chinese
                                                                         3-6 yEaRS
                             1-3 yEaRS + adult
                             Music and movement for Adult and            Keep the beautiful
                             Me in SPANISH! Listen to the beautiful      sounds of Spanish
                                                                         available to your child by letting him/      5-7 yEaRS
                             sounds of Spain by letting him/her
                                                                         her enjoy age-appropriate activities in      This is a basic Chinese course
                             enjoy age-appropriate music and
                                                                         total French immersion guided by a           designed for students who are
                             movements. An adult participates
                                                                         native Spanish teacher. Child should         beginners. In this class, students
                             with the guidance of a native Spanish
                                                                         be able to be away from parent/care          learn Chinese phonics, Pinyin, strokes.
                             teacher. Your child is in his/her prime
                                                                         giver adult and focus for up to 20           Students use Pinyin to read a few
                             language-acquisition years and this is
                                                                         minutes on one activity.                     Chinese poems and songs and
                             the time to give them the gift of being
                                                                                                                      recognize some Chinese simplified
                             bilingual for the rest of their life! The
                                                                         tuesday 9:45-10:45            2000.122       characters. The class is fun and allows
                             adults even learn some Spanish too.
                                                                                                                      children to actively participate while
                                                                  tuesday 2:00-3:00           2000.125
                             tuesday 11:00-12:00         2000.121                                                     learning in order to develop their
                                                                  September 5-October 24 (8 classes)
                             September 5-October 24 (8 classes)                                                       interest in the Chinese language.
                                                                  tuesday 9:45-10:45          2000.222                A $15 material fee is included.
                             tuesday 11:00-12:00         2000.221
                             November 7-January 9 (8 classes)     tuesday 2:00-3:00           2000.227                m/th 3:30-5:00           2000.111
                             Recreation Department, 2nd Floor     November 7-January 9 (8 classes)                    September 18-November 16
                             R $120 • NR $140                     Recreation Department, 2nd Floor                    (18 classes)
                                                                  R $120 • NR $140                                    Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
                                                                                                                      R $355 • NR $384

                                                     P re S chool M ad S cience
                             3 1/2-5 1/2 yEaRS
                             mad Science Staff
                             Enroll your curious, creative child in our hands-on science classes while giving yourself a little break. As you’ve noticed,
                             preschool minds are like sponges; they want to learn, if given the chance. This class also introduces them to the social
                             structure of being in a classroom. The workshops are very interactive and promote exploration. Each session offers a
                             different topic each day. Classes may have the following themes.

                             cReatuRes: biG & smaLL                                               PeoPLe science
                             Giant guys and small fries, creatures come in every                  Children discover all about the human
                             size! We meet and learn about the amazing                            body, especially the parts we can-
                             animals we share the planet with. We get                             not see like the skeleton and heart.
                             down and dirty with squiggly-wiggly squirmy                          Explore our amazing senses of taste,
                             worms, take flight with our feathered-                               smell, hearing , sight and touch!
                             friends, and go on fossil digs to see what                           We "digest" how important healthy
                             we can discover about that famous Gigan-                             nutrition choices are to fuel our bod-
                             tasaur T-Rex! Kids will get a fun project to keep                    ies! We use hand's on activities for all classes; for example
                             them thinking about science all the way home.                        how sensitive our finger tops can be or observing the
                                                                                                  powers of sight! Each day includes a fantastic take-home
                             tuesday 10:45-11:30         1810.121                                 project based on the day's class.
                             September 5-October 24 (8 classes)
                             Recreation Department Attic                                          tuesday 10:45-11:30         1810.222
                             R $129 • NR $149                                                     November 7-January 16 (8 classes)
                                                                                                  Recreation Department Attic
                                                                                                  R $129 • NR $149
    10                       Phone: (510) 420-3070                 •     FAX: (510) 420-3027            •   on Line:
    willy chen ' s famous science                                                   Hands on aRt:

                                                                                                                               sCienCe & art
                                                                                    tHe woRLd
                                                                                    oF animaLs
by tHe sea                                  be a scientist!                         5-10 yEaRS
pREk-1St gRadES                             k-2nd gRadES                            alex White
                                                                                    Explore the wonderful world of animals
Willy chen                                  Willy chen
                                                                                    in a different art project each day.
Discover what animals                       In this class we
                                                                                    Kids will learn a variety of techniques
live close to and in the                    explore various areas
                                                                                    and styles through drawing, painting,
sea as we explore marine                    of science. Students
                                                                                    sculpture, and crafts.
life. We make paper models of marine        discover what is hot and
animals to take home. Find out which        what is cold and make ice               5-8 yEaRS
sea animal father gives live birth to       cream as part of the process. They      t/th 2:30-3:45	                 2900.111
its babies. Learn about sea shells, fish,   also learn about magnetism,             6-10 yEaRS
whales and other sea animals.               chemistry, and more.
                                                                                    t/th 4:00-5:15                  2900.112
Friday 4:30-5:30 	        1810.141          thursday 4:30-5:30        1810.131      September 5-October 26 (16 classes)
September 8-November 3 (8 classes)          September 7-November 2 (8 classes)      Recreation Department Attic
Piedmont Recreation Department              Piedmont Recreation Department          R$130 • NR $150
R $95 • NR $110                             R $95 • NR $110                         5-8 yEaRS
No class October 26                         No class October 26                     t/th 2:30-3:45                  2900.211
                                                                                    6-10 yEaRS
                                                                                    t/th 4:00-5:15                  2900.212
                                                                                    November 7-January 18 (16 classes)
RocKy                                       animaLs &                               Recreation Department Attic
                                                                                    R$130 • NR $150
adventuRe                                   tHeiR younG
k-2nd gRadES                                k-1St gRadES
Willy chen                                  Willy chen                              aRt FoR tots
Students examine, observe,                  Discover                                3 1/2-5 1/2 yEaRS
and compare different                       which
                                                                                    geneSSa kealOha
types of rocks. They will                   animals hatch
                                                                                    Mixed media and fun art materials
discover how a choco-                       from eggs.
                                                                                    is what this class is all about. We use
late chip cookie and a                      Go on an egg
                                                                                    clay, collage, paint, pastels, sequence,
rock are alike. Students                    hunt and make paper
                                                                                    stencils, watercolors, glitter glue and
will create rock layers with bread,         puppets or models of animals such
                                                                                    as many materials and methods as
raisins, peanut butter, and jelly. They     as ducks, elephants, and snakes. Role
                                                                                    possible to make art. If you like, after
will make erupting volcanoes. They          play being animals as you learn about
                                                                                    class there is a brief snack period, and
will learn what causes an earthquake.       their behavior.
                                                                                    Genessa will walk students from class
thursday 4:30-5:30         1810.241         Friday 4:30-5:30             1810.231   to Havens upon request.
November 9-January 18 (8 classes)           November 17-January 19 (7 classes)      m/w 10:45-11:30             2110.117
Piedmont Recreation Department              Piedmont Recreation Department          September 8-October 25 (15 classes)
R $95 • NR $110                             R $75 • NR $85														            Recreation Department Attic
	                                                                                   R $119 • NR $139

                                                                                    m/w 10:45-11:30             2110.217
                                                                                    November 6-January 17 (14 classes)
                                                                                    Recreation Department Attic
                                                                                    R $112 • NR $132

emAiL:                    •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                          Kids' caRPentRy                                                                         tae Kwon do
CarPentry & tae Kwon do
                          k-5th gRadES                                                                            6-10 yEaRS	
                          rOy rObleS     directed by jOSh gOldberg
                                                                                                                  arnaldO bOlanOS
                          Kids' Carpentry is a successful 19 year after-school
                                                                                                                  Tae Kwon Do is an
                          program designed especially for boys and girls, kinder-                                 official Olympic sport.
                          garten through fifth grade. The safe use of hand tools is                               It connects the person
                          emphasized while kids work together on boats, trucks, bird                              as a unit in mind, body
                          feeders, doll furniture, airplanes, and other items. In addition to the fun, the kids   and spirit. Through
                          gain experience in measuring, and applied mathematics such as using fractions.          forms, we develop
                          By visualizing, planning, and building projects children develop abstract reasoning     patience and con-
                          capabilities and fine motor skills. Not only can children select from a wide range      centration. Through
                          of project choices supplied by the teacher but are also encouraged to design and        free-sparring, we
                          build based on their own needs and imaginations. Carpentry classes are taught           develop reflexes,
                                                                                                                  spirit and humility. Through medita-
                          with one teacher for every eight students, ensuring careful attention and respect
                                                                                                                  tion, we develop inner awareness
                          for each child. Class size is limited.
                                                                                                                  and confidence. This class teaches
                          k-2nd gRadES                                   k-2nd gRadES                             self-confidence, self-discipline, self-
                          monday 2:15-3:30        1830.111               monday 2:15-3:30         1830.211        defense, self-respect and respect for
                                                                                                                  others. This is a co-ed program.
                          September 18-October 30 (7 classes)            November 6-January 8 (6 classes)
                                                                         R $129 • NR $149                         BEginning
                          tuesday 2:15-3:30         1830.121
                                                                                                                  m/w 3:45-4:45             3220.111
                          September 19-November 7 (7 classes)            tuesday 2:15-3:30         1830.221
                                                                                                                  September 6-October 25 (15 classes)
                          No class October 31                            November 13-January 16 (7 classes)
                                                                                                                  R $111 • NR $131
                          Veterans' Memorial Building                    Veterans' Memorial Building
                          R $151 • NR $176                               R $151 • NR $176                         adVanCEd
                                                                                                                  m/w/F 4:45-5:45           3220.112
                          1St-5th gRadES                                 1St-5th gRadES                           September 6-October 27 (23 classes)
                          monday 3:30-4:45        1830.112               monday 3:30-4:45         1830.212        PMS Multi-Purpose Room
                          September 18-October 30 (7 classes)            November 6-January 8 (6 classes)         R $171 • NR $196
                                                                         R $129 • NR $149
                          tuesday 3:30-4:45            1830.122                                                   BEginning
                          tuesday 4:45-6:00         1830.123
                                                                         tuesday 3:30-4:45            1830.222    m/w 3:45-4:45             3220.211
                          September 19-November 7 (7 classes)            tuesday 4:45-6:00         1830.223       November 6-January 17 (14 classes)
                          No class October 31                            November 13-January 16 (7 classes)       R $104 • NR $124
                          Veterans' Memorial Building                    Veterans' Memorial Building              adVanCEd
                          R $151 • NR $176                               R $151 • NR $176                         m/w/F 4:45-5:45           3220.212
                                                                                                                  November 6-January 19 (21 classes)
                            aLL-GiRLs caRPentRy                                                                   PMS Multi-Purpose Room
                                                                                                                  R $156 • NR $181
                            1St-6th gRadES
                            rOy rObleS directed by jOSh gOldberg
                            Due to popular demand, we will again offer an all-girls
                            carpentry class for girls of all ages (K-6 grades). Come with your
                            sister, neighbor or friends. We will have many exciting projects
                            for girls to build (doll furniture, bird houses, etc.). This is a great
                            opportunity for girls who have not yet taken a carpentry class!

                            monday 4:45-6:00          1830.113            monday 4:45-6:00          1830.213
                            September 18-October 30 (7 classes)           November 6-January 8 (6 classes)
                            Veterans' Memorial Building                   Veterans' Memorial Building
                            R $151 • NR $176                              R $129 • NR $149
    12                    Phone: (510) 420-3070                  •     FAX: (510) 420-3027             •   on Line:

                                                                                                                                   danCe, Chess & sCienCe
dRama                                                                                 cHaLLenGe
1St-5th gRadES                                                                        6-11 yEaRS
randy mccOmmOnS                                                                       berkeley cheSS SchOOl
This class focuses on basic theater skills while emphasizing the creativity, enjoy-   If you are new to chess or want to
ment, and personal growth of each child. Activities such as mime, clowning, sing-     polish your skills, come develop your
ing, improvisation, and role playing are used to develop individuality and group      understanding and enjoyment of the
cooperation. Each class has performances at the close of the second session.          king of games. Lessons of play com-
Drama Rocks T-shirt provided.                                                         bine the skills of thinking and creativity
                                                                                      with the thrill of sport. We spice up the
1St-2nd gRadES                             1St-2nd gRadES                             class with chess puzzles, an ongoing
                                                                                      tournament, and speed chess.
wednesday 3:30-4:30          3410.122      wednesday 3:30-4:30        3410.222
September 6-October 25 (8 classes)         November 8-January 17 (8 classes)          monday 5:15-6:15          2600.121
Havens Auditorium                          Havens Auditorium                          September 11-October 23 (7 classes)
R $109 • NR $129                           R $82 • NR $97
                                                                                      monday 5:15-6:15           2600.222
pERFORManCES: OCtOBER 28 & 29              nO pERFORManCES
                                                                                      November 6-January 8 (6 classes)
                                                                                      Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
3Rd-5th gRadES                             3Rd-5th gRadES
                                                                                      R $100 • NR $115
wednesday 4:30-6:00          3410.131      wednesday 4:30-6:00        3410.231
September 6-October 25 (8 classes)         November 8-January 17 (8 classes)
Havens Auditorium                          Havens Auditorium
R $149 • NR $169                           R $118 • NR $138
pERFORManCES: OCtOBER 28 & 29              nO pERFORManCES

           M ad S cience                                      of          M t . d iablo
1St-5th gRadES
mad Science Staff

FaR out science                                                     enGineeRinG mania
Join us for the exploration of light and energy.                    Engineers work with everything from sky-
Learn about electricity, make indoor lightning                      scrapers to water, and in this series our
and conduct hair-raising experiments with                           “junior engineers” will build with triangles
our electro-static generator. Discover the                          and trusses to make bridges and towering
properties of light, colors, holograms &                            skyscrapers; explore centripetal force and
special effects. Use a real laser to create                         gravity; investigate air and air pressure; and
illusions and design a light show. Uncover the hidden compo-        even discover theme chanics of oil spill
nents of ordinary light and use Newton’s color wheel to demon-      clean-ups. As always, students get really
strate them. Watch things expand and shrink with heat! Make a       cool take home projects that build on the
take home project each week.                                        days’ curriculum.

monday 3:45-4:45           1810.117                                 monday 3:45-4:45            1810.217
September 11-October 23 (7 classes)                                 November 6-January 8 (6 classes)
Piedmont Recreation Department                                      Piedmont Recreation Department
R $115 • NR $135                                                    R $99 • NR $111

emAiL:                    •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
FenCing, FootBall & BasKetBall
                                 youtH FLaG                                    youtH basKetbaLL!
                                                                               2nd-5th gRadES
                                 FootbaLL                                      This popular basketball program is open to 2nd-5th grad-
                                                                               ers who want to learn basketball and have fun playing
                                 4th gRadE
                                                                               with their friends. The format of the program is intramural
                                 This is a new Program
                                                                               with each grade playing independent of the other and boys
                                 for 4th graders.
                                                                               and girls in separate divisions. 4th and 5th grade boys meet Monday and
                                 Sign up and join
                                                                               Wednesday evenings; girls meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There
                                 the fun at Hampton
                                                                               will be some weekend play. The 3rd graders play on weekends in the
                                 Field playing flag foot-
                                                                               Middle School and High School Gyms. The 2nd graders will play in the
                                 ball during September and
                                                                               Piedmont Community Church gym on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
                                 October. Practices and games will be
                                                                               The 5th graders play from Dec-Feb. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders play Jan-
                                 3:30-5:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.
                                                                               Mar. Further information is distributed through the schools or check the
                                 Registration flyers will be distributed
                                                                               box for Youth Basketball! on the registration form on page 23.
                                 through the schools.

                                 awesome FencinG
                                 8 and up yEaRS
                                 bill cracraft
                                 BEginning 	                                  intERMEdiatE                               adVanCEd
                                 Bill Cracraft emphasizes the fun of          Intermediate fencers must have taken       Advanced fencers must have taken
                                 fencing in a safe environment. Often         beginning fencing and be familiar with     an Intermediate fencing class and
                                 referred to as physical chess, fencing       advancing, retreating, lunging, parry-     be familiar with intermediate foot
                                 combines the mental challenge of             ing, and riposting. This class focuses     and handwork, basic USFA and right
                                 out-thinking your opponent with the          on refining these skills and adding        of way rules, and have fenced on an
                                 agility of martial arts. During the Basic    more attacks and parries to the fencers'   electric strip. This class focuses on
                                 Foil class, Bill teaches the fundamentals    repertoires. This class prepares fencers   new parries, strategies, and advanced
                                 of footwork, attacks, defense and strat-     for competition, and includes discus-      footwork. Following this class, fenc-
                                 egy. There are tactical games, drills and    sions of United States Fencing Associa-    ers are prepared to compete in USFA
                                 bouting in the class. Bring water, wear      tion rules. Bring a water bottle, wear     tournaments. Bring a water bottle,
                                 comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.      comfortable clothes and athletic shoes.    wear fencing knickers or ankle length
                                 All protective gear and equipment is         All protective gear and equipment is       sweat pants. Protective gear, includ-
                                 provided.                                    provided.                                  ing electrical fencing equipment, is
                                 wednesday 3:30-5:00        8055.131          wednesday 5:00-6:30        8055.132
                                 September 6-October 25 (8 classes)           September 6-October 25 (8 classes)         Friday 5:00-6:00           8055.152
                                 R $127 • NR $147                                                                        September 8-October 27 (8 classes)
                                                                              wednesday 5:00-6:30        8055.232        Havens Multipurpose Room
                                 Friday 3:30-5:00           8055.151                                                     R $139 • NR $159
                                                                              November 8-January 17 (8 classes)
                                 September 8-October 27 (8 classes)
                                                                              Havens Multipurpose Room
                                 Havens Multipurpose Room
                                                                              R $139 • NR $159                           Friday 3:30-5:00           8055.251
                                 R $124 • NR $144
                                                                                                                         November 17-January 19 (7 classes)
                                 wednesday 3:30-5:00        8055.231
                                                                                                                         Friday 5:00-6:30           8055.252
                                 November 8-January 17 (8 classes)
                                                                                                                         November 17-January 19 (7 classes)
                                 R $124 • NR $144
                                                                                                                         Havens Multipurpose Room

                                                                                                                         R $122 • NR $142

                                 Phone: (510) 420-3070                •      FAX: (510) 420-3027           •   on Line:
Home on tHe                                yaRn between                               tHReads &

                                                                                                                                  Clay & CraFts
RanGe                                      two needLes                                needLes
beGinninG cooKinG                          beGinninG KnittinG                         beGinninG sewinG
k-5th gRadES                               6-12 yEaRS	                                7-12 yEaRS	
nataSha ravnik                             jane backuS                                jane backuS
Have you ever had dirt for lunch?          Have fun learning to                       Have fun sewing
Come to Chef Strawberry's class and        knit! Beginning step by                    colorful projects
see that you have. We cook recipes         step instruction work-                     with themes based
that follow the seasons. Create your       ing with two knitting                      around the up-
own recipes, make a cookbook, and          needles and a piece of                     coming holidays!
experience traditional foods. We have      yarn.... to creat a web of stitches that   Enjoy hand sewing while building
fun learning, playing, and sharing our     willl make a scarf and a hat! using        a foundation of sewing techniques,
meals together.                            colorful yarns and large size needles,     terms and stitches, as proper use
                                           students will learn to cast on and use     of needles, threads, scissors, fabric
k-2nd gRadES
                                           the basic knit and purl stitches, as       types, and learning 5 basic hand
tuesday 2:30-4:00             2210.121
                                           well as knitting terms.                    stitches. The class will also participate
1St-5th gRadES                                                                        in the Snuggles Project! Sewing a
tuesday 4:15-5:45          2210.152        m/w 3:30-5:00            2220.131
                                                                                      small soft cuddly blanket to donate
September 5-October 24 (8 classes)         September 6-October 25 (15 classes)
                                                                                      to the Pet Adoption Shelter.
R $130 • NR $150                           R $202 • NR $232
                                                                                      tues/thurs 3:30-5:00 2220.141
                                           m/w 3:30-5:00            2220.231
                                                                                      September 5-October 26 (16 classes)
k-2nd gRadES
                                           November 6-January 17 (14 classes)
tuesday 2:30-4:00             2210.221                                                R $211 • NR $241
                                           Piedmont Playschool Building
1St-5th gRadES                                                                        tues/thurs 3:30-5:00 2220.241
                                           R $184 • NR $209
tuesday 4:15-5:45           2210.252                                                  November 7-January 18 (16 classes)
November 7-January 16 (8 classes)                                                     Piedmont Playschool Building
Veterans' Memorial Building                                                           R $211 • NR $241
R $130 • NR $150

cLay woRLd                                 cLay & PotteRy                             cLay & Goodies
5-8 yEaRS                                  6-10 yEaRS                                 6-10 yEaRS
recreatiOn Staff                           recreatiOn Staff                           recreatiOn Staff
Exploring the world of clay creation       Did you ever wonder how to use a           This class centers around yummy
is what this class is about. Students      potters wheel? Well, now you can!          food! The first half of the class,
learn methods of construction, de-         Learn to make all sorts of beautiful       students make cups, bowls, plates,
sign, decoration and hand building.        cups and forms on the wheel. Prepare       and a teapot out of clay. The second
Students create assigned projects as       to have fun and get messy! We also         half, students make delicious food for
well as have plenty of free clay fantasy   do plenty of hand work with clay, and      their dishes. They take home many
time.                                      have free clay time too.                   beautiful ceramics and tasty recipes.

m/w 2:30-3:45	          2110.111           m/w 4:00-5:15                  2110.125    Friday 3:30-5:00          2110.151
September 6-October 25 (15 classes)        September 6-October 25 (15 classes)        September 8-October 27 (8 classes)
R $141 • NR $161                           R $141 • NR $161                           R $100 • NR $115

m/w 2:30-3:45	              2110.211       m/w 4:00-5:15               2110.225       Friday 3:30-5:00          2110.251
November 6-January 17 (13 classes)         November 6-January 17 (14 classes)         November 17-January 19 (7 classes)
Recreation Department Attic                Recreation Department Attic                Recreation Department Attic
R $134 • NR $154                                                                      R $88 • NR $103
                                           R $134 • NR $154

emAiL:                   •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                       m i d d l e                                         s c h o o l
middle sChool sPorts & aCtivities
                                    Join other middle school students and
                                                                                 This great program is for children who are
                                    learn the game of volleyball!                just starting out or have already played in a
                                                                                 Youth Basketball Program.
                                                                                                                                 cRoss countRy
                                                                                                                                 6th-8th gRadES
                                    6th gRadE                                    6th gRadE                                       This is an exciting New Fall Sport
                                    The 6th grade program                        The 6th grade players participate in an         (Sept.-Oct.) It is open to 6th, 7th,
                                    is developmental in nature                   intramural league, played in Dec/Jan.           and 8th grade students. Practices
                                    with the emphasis on learn-                  The season ends with a tournament.              will be Mondays, Wednesdays and
                                    ing about the game as well                                                                   Thursdays from 3:15-4:45pm. There
                                    as developing basic skills.
                                                                                 7th-8th gRadES                                  will be meets with other middle
                                    All practices are after school                                                               schools. Sixth graders run 1.0 mile
                                                                                 There are two programs.
                                    3:30-5:00pm. Registration                                                                    and seventh and eighth graders run
                                    flyers are distributed through               Traveling Team Program
                                                                                                                                 1.25 mi. The season will end with fun
                                    the Middle School or check                   The traveling team Program is an
                                                                                                                                 championship meets for each grade.
                                    the mailing list portion of the              after school program in which teams
                                                                                                                                 Cross Country will be coached by
                                    registration form on page 23.                compete against other schools. There
                                                                                                                                 Len Goldman, an experienced run-
                                                                                 is a boys and girls “A” and “B” team in
                                                                                                                                 ner and middle school track coach.
                                    7th-8th gRadES                               both the 7th and 8th grades. Players
                                                                                                                                 Further information is distributed
                                    The 7th and 8th grades compete               are selected for the traveling teams
                                                                                                                                 through the schools in August or
                                    against other schools with an “A” team       based upon skill evaluation. The sea-
                                                                                                                                 check the mailing list portion of the
                                    and a “B” team. Games and prac-              son for traveling Teams runs from late
                                                                                                                                 registration form on page 23.
                                    tices run from September-October.            Nov.-Jan. for girls and from the middle
                                    Practices are after school between           of Dec.-Feb. for boys.
                                    3:30–5:00pm. The season concludes            Intramural Program
                                    with tournaments for each team.              The intramural Program practices and
                                    Registration flyers are distributed          plays games during weekday evenings
                                    through the Middle School or check           in Dec.-Jan. Registration flyers for both
                                    the mailing list portion of the registra-    programs are distributed through the
                                    tion form on page 23.                        Middle School or check the registra-
                                                                                 tion form on page 23.

                                    middLe scHooL dRama                                                                          middLe scHooL
                                    6th-8th gRadES
                                    randy mccOmmOnS
                                                                                                                                 eveninG tennis
                                                                                                                                 6th-8th gRadES
                                                                                                                                 A 6-week evening tennis clinic for
                                    thEatER ROCkS: Back by popular demand this 12 week class, leading toward                     middle school students in September
                                    a performance in January, will challenge the middle school student while provid-
                                                                                                                                 and October. The program will be
                                    ing a playful place to grow creatively. Drama games, improvisations, and scene
                                                                                                                                 Monday and Wednesday evenings
                                    work will be thrown into the mix along with the play production. Come Rock out!
                                                                                                                                 from 7:00-8:30pm.
                                    Directed by Randy McCommons.
                                                                                                                                 Further information
                                    Performance dates: Jan 13 and 14, times TBA.
                                                                                                                                 will be distributed
                                    monday 3:30-5:30           3410.141                                                          through the Middle school
                                    September 11-January 8 (12 classes)                                                          in August or check the
                                                                                                                                 mailing list portion on
                                    Havens Auditorium
                                                                                                                                 the registration form
                                    R $270 • NR $300
                                                                                                                                 on page 23.

     16                             Phone: (510) 420-3070                   •   FAX: (510) 420-3027               •    on Line:
 m i d d l e                               s c h o o l                                 & m o r e

                                                                                                                                 middle sChool sPorts & more
FLaG FootbaLL                              saFe sitteRs
5th-6th gRadES                             11-15 yEaRS                               *NEW*
This popular youth program is open to
5-6th graders who want to learn the
                                           jane backuS • Sarah gOOrjian
                                           Learn how to be a responsi-
basic skills of flag football and com-
pete in an intramural league. Games
                                           ble sitter and more employ-               GuitaR
                                           able as a certified gradu-                9-15 yEaRS
and practices are at Linda Beach Play-     ate of the Safe
                                                                                     bruce brill
field on M-Th at 3:30-5:00pm, running      Sitter Program,
                                                                                     This class is a beginning guitar class,
from Sep.-November. Further informa-       taught throughout
                                                                                     thus no previous experience in music
tion is distributed through the schools    the U.S. and recognized by the Ameri-
                                                                                     is needed. You need to bring a guitar
or check the mailing list portion of the   can Academy of Pediatrics. Learn the
                                                                                     with ALL SIX STRINGS ATTACHED.
registration form on page 23.              basics of child development, infant
                                                                                     The materials (sheet music, handouts,
                                           and child care, hands-on rescue
7th-8th gRadES                                                                       guitar pick and pencil) are provided.
                                           breathing and basic first aid. Learn
The middle school football program is                                                We play rock and roll, blues, pop
                                           how to handle emergencies, who to
open to 7th and 8th graders who want                                                 and classical and students learn note
                                           call in case of an accident, prowler,
to develop flag football skills and have                                             reading, guitar tablature, and strum
                                           power failure etc. Also covered are
fun competing against other schools.                                                 chords in addition to playing "in
                                           fee setting, screening jobs for safety,
Each grade has an “A” and a “B” team.                                                tempo" with other kids.
                                           and how to have fun with kids. Bring
Teams are formed according to skill
                                           snack and lunch. You recieve a Safe       Friday 3:45-5:00        3510.146
evaluations. Practices are held before
                                           Sitter Kit. Students must attend both     September 8-October 27 (8 classes)
school at witter Field (6:30–7:30am),
                                           Saturdays for certification.
two or three days per week. All games                                                Friday 3:45-5:00        3510.246
are away except for the last one, which    wed/thu 6:00-8:30             7201.121    November 17-January 19 (7 classes)
is a night game at Witter. The program     October 18-19 (2 days)                    Recreation Department, 2nd Floor
runs from Sep-Oct. Registration Flyers
                                                                                     R $90 • NR $105
are distributed through the Middle         saturday 9:00-3:00         7201.231
                                           October 21 (1 day)
school or check the mailing portion of
the registration form on page 23.          Recreation Department, 2nd floor          yoGa
                                           R $114 • NR $134                          6th-8th gRadES
                                                                                     laurence kOrth

bLue anGeLs youtH
                                                                                     Yoga facilitates physical, emotional,
                                                                                     and mental development in a non-

sKi & snowboaRd PRoGRam                                                              competitive and safe environment. It
                                                                                     helps develop body-awareness and
7-16 yEaRS                                                                           flexibility of the body and mind. In this
In its 15th season (4th with Piedmont Recreation), the Blue                          class, children move, bend, and stretch
Angels provide youth an opportunity to ski or snowboard                              their bodies in natural and fun-filled
the local mountains with their friends and other snow sport                          ways. Yoga welcomes any child who
enthusiasts. The five Saturday coaching program is geared for first timers through   is curious about moving into differ-
experts and includes five full days of tickets, luxury bus transportation to the     ent poses like Cobra and Eagle pose.
Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, five full days of coaching taught by professional resort     Laurence designs a class according to
instructors, lunch, a Pro Tec helmet sponsor bag, and rental discounts at select     the age and interest. Wear comfortable
sport shops. The Blue Angels provide a learning environment that fosters athletic    pants or shorts, T-shirt, and bare feet
skills, independence, and self-esteem. For more information and a parent guide,      and an empty or semi-empty stomach!
call Blue Angels 925-939-7669 or go to
                                                                                     wednesday 3:30-4:30        3152.122
January 20, 27; February 3, 10, 24          8049.311
                                                                                     September 20-October 25 (6 classes)
Meet at Piedmont High School • Departure Time 6:00am • Return Time 7:30pm
                                                                                     Recreation Department, 2nd floor
Fee $699 before Oct. 31, 2006; $799 after Nov. 1, 2006
                                                                                     R $46 • NR $56

emAiL:                   •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                                 inStructOr: jOe kim
         tEnniS FOR tOtS                              hand, backhand and service. The vol-           and footwork. The instruction is on a
         A fun introductory class for 5-7 year        ley is introduced as well as the rules         more individual basis. There are drills
         olds. There are games and exercises          and court terminology of the game.             and practice. Game play includes
         designed to improve coordination                                                            strategy.
         and promote an understanding of                                                             adVanCEd
                                                      Recommended for the player who
         the basic strokes. Junior racquets are                                                      Get your game in top form as you
                                                      has had some previous instruction.
         strongly recommended.                                                                       participate in fun singles and doubles
                                                      Continued work on fundamentals
         BEginning                                    with emphasis on stroke production             matches. Instruction is individualized.
         An introductory class for players who                                                       We emphasize doubles technique and
         are new to tennis or have had                                                               strategy as well as introduce the more
         Tennis for Tots or similar classes.                                                         advanced strokes: lobs, overhead, ap-
         Coordination games and introduction                                                         proach shots and volleys.
         to the basics of tennis are covered                                                         nOtE
         including: forehand, backhand and                                                           Players may be moved to a different class
         serves.                                                                                     if their skills are not at the class level at
         adVanCEd BEginning                                                                          the discretion of the instructor and the
         This class is for the player who has                                                        consent of the participant.
         had some lessons. Skills are on fore-

         SESSiOn i September 5-October 15 (6 weeks)
           Code            Session                     Age          Days       Time            Court      Resident      Non-Res Instructor
           5100.112    Tennis for Tots                5-7 yrs       M/W      10:30-11:15 am    Linda          $66         $78          Joe
           5100.111    Tennis for Tots                5-7 yrs       M/W      2:30-3:15 pm      Linda          $66         $78          Joe
           5120.112    Beg./Adv. Beg.                 7-9 yrs       M/W/F    3:30-4:30 pm      Linda          $136        $156         Joe
           5100.124    Tennis for Tots                5-7 yrs       T/Th     2:30-3:15 pm      Linda          $72         $84          Joe
           5120.123    Beg./Adv. Beg.                 8-10 yrs      T/Th     3:30-5:00 pm      PSF            $144        $164         Joe
           5120.114    Int./Adv.                      10-13 yrs     M/W/F    4:30-5:30 pm      Linda          $136        $156         Joe
           5150.123    Match Play/Drill 2.5-3.0       Adult         T/Th     9:00-11:00 am     PSF            $216        $246         Staff
           5150.124    Adv. Strategy/Drill 3.5        Adult         T/Th     11:00-1:00 pm     PSF            $216        $246         Staff
           5150.161    Adv.Footwk/Srv/Vol 3.5-4.0 Adult             Sat      9:00-11:00 am     Linda          $108        $128         Staff
           5150.179    Beg./Adv. Beg. 2.0-2.5         Adult         Sun      8:30-10:30 am     Linda          $108        $128         Staff
           5150.170    Adv.Match Play/Drill 3.5       Adult         Sun      11:00-1:00 pm     Linda          $108        $128         Staff

         SESSiOn ii October 16-December 3 (6 weeks) - No class November 20-26
           Code            Session                     Age           Days      Time            Court        Resident    Non-Res Instructor
           5100.212    Tennis for Tots                5-7 yrs        M/W     10:45-11:30 am    Linda          $66         $84          Joe
           5100.211    Tennis for Tots                5-7yrs         M/W     2:30-3:15 pm      Linda          $66         $84          Joe
           5120.212    Beg./Adv. Beg.                 7-9 yrs        M/W/F   3:15-4:15 pm      Linda          $136        $156         Joe
           5100.224    Tennis for Tots                5-7 yrs        T/Th    2:30-3:15 pm      Linda          $72         $84          Joe
           5120.223    Beg./Adv. Beg.                 8-10 yrs       T/Th    3:30-5:00 pm      PSF            $144        $164         Joe
           5120.214    Int./Adv.                      10-13 yrs      M/W/F   4:15-5:15 pm      Linda          $136        $156         Joe
           5150.223    Match Play/Drill 2.5-3.0       Adult          T/Th    9:00-11:00 am     PSF            $216        $246         Staff
           5150.224    Adv. Strategy/Drill 3.5        Adult          T/Th    11:00-1:00 pm     PSF            $216        $246         Staff
           5150.261    Adv.Footwk/Srv/Vol 3.5-4.0 Adult              Sat     9:00-11:00 am     Linda          $108        $128         Staff
           5150.279    Beg./Adv. Beg. 2.0-2.5         Adult          Sun     8:30-10:30 am     Linda          $108        $128         Staff
           5150.270    Adv.Match Play/Drill 3.5       Adult          Sun     11:00-1:00 pm     Linda          $108        $128         Staff

 18      Phone: (510) 420-3070                   •   FAX: (510) 420-3027           •   on Line:
               tennis inFoRmation                                                    *NEW*

                                                                                                                        tennis & CeramiCs
lOcatiOn Of cOurtS                     3. Reservations may be made through

Linda Beach - 2 courts
Linda Avenue
                                          the Piedmont Recreation Depart-
                                          ment, 420-3070, and must be paid
                                          in advance by check, cash or credit    beGinninG/ inteRmediate
next to Linda Beach Playfield
Park courts - 2 courts                 4. Court reservation forms must be in
                                          hand to establish a court reserva-
                                                                                 maria gin
Piedmont Park
                                                                                 This fun class is an
Highland & Guilford Avenues               tion.
                                                                                 introduction to the
PsF -2 courts                          playing time                              fundamentals of clay
Piedmont Sports Field                  1. Playing time will begin and end        as well as teaching
Hampton & La Salle Avenues                on the hour at Recreation and PSF      more advanced
                                          courts, 1/2 hour at Linda and Park     techniques to
Rec - 4 lighted courts                    courts.                                continuing students.
Recreation Department                  2. Regardless of the time players         We cover handbuilding
Vista & Bonita Avenues                    begin, courts must be relinquished     including coil, pinch and slab
decal feeS                                by non-decaled players to decaled      construction. There will be
Adults $35 • Youth $10                    players with a confirmed court         instruction on elementary wheel
                                          reservation in hand.                   throwing to make cups, bowls
decal year
From October 1-September 30            regulatiOnS                               and plates. A number of different
                                       1. Decals purchased with proof of resi-   decorating techniques will be
reServatiOn fee                                                                  demonstrated. Fee includes all clay,
1. Adult: $4.00/hour weekdays
                                       2. Piedmont residents with decals         glazes and firing.
   $5.00/hour weekends
                                          always have priority in free play.
2. Youth: no charge weekdays
                                       3. No players with a decal may be
                                                                                 tuesday 6:30-9:30pm 2110.131
   $3.00/hour weekends                                                           September 6-October 25 (8 classes)
                                          bumped at any time by a non-de-
reServatiOn ruleS                         caled player.                          R $181 • NR $206
1. Decal players may reserve courts    4. Courts will be relinquished            tuesday 6:30-9:30pm 2110.231
   up to one month in advance for 1       according to rule #1 under Playing
                                                                                 November 8-January 17 (8 classes)
   or 2 hour periods.                     Time unless courts are reserved.
2. Youth may reserve the Piedmont
                                                                                 Piedmont Recreation Attic
                                       5. No private lessons, except
   Sports Field courts on a priority                                             R $181 • NR $206
                                          Recreation Department sponsored
   basis.                                 or permitted, are allowed at all.

                                                                                 beGinninG/ inteRmediate
Piedmont                               PRivate tennis                            adult

Ladies                                 Lessons                                   Saadi ShapirO

tennis cLub                            any agE
                                       Private lessons may be arranged
                                                                                 wed. 6:45-9:45pm         2110.121
                                                                                 September 5-October 24 (8 classes)
adult ladiES                           through the Recreation Department
The Piedmont Ladies Tennis Club has                                              R $181 • NR $206
                                       office. Non-residents must be
openings for new tennis members.       enrolled in a current tennis class.       wed. 6:45-9:45pm          2110.221
Any woman residing in Piedmont is      The fee is $45 per hour and lessons       November 7-January 16 (8 classes)
eligible to play.                      are arranged Monday-Friday.               Piedmont Recreation Attic
                                       Courts must be reserved through           R $181 • NR $206
a laddER • Tuesday mornings
                                       the Recreation Department, 420-3070,
B laddER • Wednesday mornings
                                       and the person taking the lesson must
There is a $40 annual fee.             have a reservation form in hand.
Please visit '' for more

emAiL:               •     houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                   stRoLLeR                                      yoGa
adult aCtivities
                   stRides                                       laura timOthy
                                                                 Put Yoga in your life! Come join our easygoing class and wipe away the
                   adult + 6 wEEkS & up                          stress of the day while learning traditional yoga poses to gain flexibility
                   Healthy                                       and strength. Classes are taught in a combination of B.K.S. Iyengar
                   Moms,                                         and Amrit Yoga styles to blend the attention to the de-
                   Happy                                         tail and proper alignment with meditative awareness.
                   Babies is a                                   Laura Timothy has been teaching yoga for over 10
                   total fitness                                 years and is a graduate of the Advanced Studies
                   program for moms that they can do             Teacher Training Programs of both The Yoga Room
                   with their babies. It includes Power          in Berkeley and the Amrit Yoga Institute.
                   Walking and intervals of body toning
                   using exercise tubing and the stroller.       eSSential baSicS level 1-2
                   Taught by nationally certified instruc-       A beginning class suitable for new students as well as continuing students with
                   tors, it’s a great workout for any level      a focus on the fundamentals, alignment breath, and meditation. The practice of
                   of exerciser. More than just a stroll in      continuning students is also addressed and supported.
                   the park, this is a real workout that gets    tuesday 5:15-6:30          3152.121          tuesday 5:15-6:30          3152.221
                   you striding back into shape! Please                                                       November 7-January 16 (8 classes)
                                                                 September 5-October 24 (8 classes)
                   bring water for yourself, shade for your
                                                                 Piedmont Community Hall                      Piedmont Community Hall
                   baby (hat, umbrella, etc.), sunblock,
                                                                 R $73 • NR $85                               R $73 • NR $85
                   towel, and basic diaper bag essentials.
                                                                 prenatal yOga
                   mon/wed 9:30-10:30 1520.155                   A beginning yoga class for pregnant women that features gentle, supportive
                   Starting September 6 (10 paSSeS)              stretches and strengthening poses that can help ease the discomforts of
                   Meet on the street side of the Blue           pregnancy. The class focuses on poses and meditations to help prepare physically
                   Vase at Exedra Plaza.                         and mentally for labor, delivery and motherhood. Laura is a mother of two and
                   R $120 • NR $140                              has enjoyed teaching prenatal yoga classes at a number of local yoga studios.
                                                                 She has experience assisting couples durng pregnancy and childbirth.

                   easybRidGe!                                   wednesday 5:45-7:00        3152.131          tuesday 5:15-6:30          3152.231
                   adultS                                        September 6-October 25 (8 classes)           November 8-January 17 (8 classes)
                   betty kael                                    Piedmont Recreation Department               Piedmont Recreation Department
                   EasyBridge! is a                              R $73 • NR $85                               R $73 • NR $85
                   unique and innova-
                   tive approach for novice
                   players to improve their game of
                                                                 tae Kwon do
                   bridge. This marvelous approach pro-          14 yEaRS & up
                   vides the opportunity for both young          arnOldO bOlanOS
                   and old to experience new techniques          A Martial Art and Competitive Sport, Tae Kwon Do is an Official
                   and bidding conventions in a support-         Olympic event. The sport relies on dynamic kicking and striking
                   ive and interactive setting, where hav-       skills that make competition exciting, yet is also firmly based on
                   ing fun and making new friends is the         a traditional Martial Art regime of repetition, tactic, and safety.
                   ultimate goal. Each class begins with         Expect a high aerobic workout and bring water. Uniform optional;
                   a brief lesson followed by supervised         wear loose, comfortable clothing.
                   play in a fully sanctioned duplicate
                   game. (new schedule monthly).
                                                                  m/w 5:45-7:15            3220.118           m/w 5:45-7:15           3220.218
                   Friday 12:00-3:00                              September 6-October 25 (15 classes)         November 5-January 17 (14 classes)
                   September 1-November 17 (11 classes)           PMS Multi-Purpose Room                      PMS Multi-Purpose Room
                   Piedmont Community Hall                        R $117 • NR $137                            R $109 • NR $129

                   Betty Kael 839-8896
   20              Phone: (510) 420-3070                 •      FAX: (510) 420-3027            •   on Line:
              tRansPoRtation ReGistRation FoRm 2006
                            Fall Session I • September 5-October 27 (8 weeks)
                            Fall Session II • November 6-January 19 (8 weeks)
                          You must sign up for transportation at least 5 working days in advance
                            of the first day your child needs transportation. no eXcePtions.
           We offer transportation by van for students from Schoolmates (not the school) to and from Recreation classes.
               Arrangements can also be made by parents to pick their student up at the end of the Recreation class.
We will not accept one day or partial session transportation requests. We do not transport to non-Recreation Department programs.
                           There is no fee for this service. Please complete a separate form for each child.

Childs Name                                               School                    Grade           Time dismissed from school

Age                          Date of Birth                         Weight if 6 years or younger

Mother Name                  First                                 Last                             Phone

Father Name                  First                                 Last                             Phone

Home Address                 Street                                City                             State            Zip

                                                        Start      End           Pick up my child      Return my child     I will pick my
 Recreation Class Title     Code Number      Day(s)
                                                        Time       Time         from Schoolmates       to Schoolmates         child up

  Consent: Children under 6 years of age must ride in Recreation Department booster seats, unless they weigh in excess of 60
  pounds. I am authorizing such transportation for my child. I realize that such a program has certain risks involved and that
  every effort will be made to safeguard the participants and their equipment. However, no amount of precaution taken by staff
  can ensure the safety of participants unless all of the participants obey the rules. Participants are expected to understand the
  rules as well as their responsibilities to others participating in this program. If a child is disruptive, causes discipline problems,
  or is found in violation of any safety rules established by the driver, s/he may be suspended or terminated from the Recreation
  Department Fee Class Transportation Program. I also understand that although every effort will be made to deliver students
  "on time", students may from time to time arrive late for class.

  I have read and understand and hereby agree to abide by the rules and terms of this contract.

  signature                                                          date

emAiL:                    •     houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                   attention: sinGLe senioRs
adult aCtivities
                   adultS                                                                                JaZZeRcise
                   A bit of "Joie de Vivre" for Piedmont seniors. We welcome you to join us as we cul-   adultS
                   tivate new friendships, have guest speakers, and plan enjoyable excursions such
                   as the theater, museums, restaurants, historical places, etc.                         JAZZERCISE		
                                                                                                         										 IT SHOWS!
                   our goal is to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of seniors, as well
                   as promote the pursuit of intellectual development through excursions, speakers,      Give yourself one hour a day.
                   and special events. Meet us for refreshments in a friendly and informal atmo-
                   sphere. For more information call Janet Epstein, Coordinator, 420-3070.               You deseRVe it!
                   who: Especially Senior Singles                                                        Feel great, look terrific, and
                   where: Piedmont Community Hall, 711 Highland Avenue                                   energize your life. Jazzercise
                                                                                                         offers a blend of dance, pilates,
                   time: 4th Wednesday of the month, 10:00am-12:00noon                                   yoga and strength training set to
                                                                                                         your favorite music. Easy to fol-
                   in Addition: The Piedmont Seniors is pleased to offer Extended Tours through
                                                                                                         low, fun choreography includes a
                   Collette Vacations, the oldest tour company in the United States. Two exciting
                                                                                                         gentle warm up, 30+ minutes of
                   trips are scheduled for 2006:
                                                                                                         aerobic workout, muscle toning
                                                                                                         and strength training. Jazzercise
                   OCTOBER 17, 2006                                                                      is for all fitness levels.
                                                                                                         To register, come to class 15

                   The Great Smokies and Kentucky                                                        minutes early. Wear comfortable
                                                                                                         clothing and shoes and bring a
                     Join us for a fun-filled trip to the breathtaking Smoky Moutains. You’ll ex-        mat or towel for floor work.
                     plore the history and beauty of this enchanting region of Tennessee and the
                     “Bluegrass State” of Kentucky. During your leisurely 3-night stay in
                                                                                                         monday-Friday 9:15 am
                     Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you’ll explore the awe-inspiring Great Smoky                 tues and thurs 6:00 am
                     Mountain National Park, and a tour of the largest home in America,
                     the incredible 250-room Biltmore Estate! In Nashville, enjoy a city                 sunday 8:00 am
                     tour of the Old Ryman Auditorium and Music Row, and then
                                                                                                         sunday 9:15am
                     be treated to an evening of spectacular entertainment at the
                     Grand Old Opry. Highlights of your final 2 nights in Kentucky                       50% oFF enRoLLment Fee
                     include visits to world famous Churchill Downs and the                              (regularly $39) $20 for the 1st
                     Kentucky Horse Park, as well as Sinking Springs Farm, the                           month when you sign-up for
                     birthplace of Abraham Lincoln. This 8 day tour includes 6                           eFt, then come all you want
                     breakfasts, 4 dinners, travel insurance and roundtrip air for                       for only $42 per month
                     only $l,799 pp double occupancy.
                                                                                                         Veterans' Memorial Building
                                                                                                         864-1415 or
                   MARCH 16, 2007                                                                        for more info.

                   Georgia and South Carolina
                     Revel in the hospitality and rich history of America's South
                     and see why Charleston has been called the "charm spot
                     of the South". Highlights include historic Atlanta and
                     Charleston, Boone Hall Plantation, Beaufort, Savannah,
                     Factors Walk, St. Simons Island and the luxurious Jekyll
                     Island, where notables such as Rockefellers and Vander-
                     bilts once owned "cottages". This popular 8 day tour is
                     priced at $1,919 double occupancy.

                   For more information and a detailed brochure, call Janet epstein at 420-3070.

  22               Phone: (510) 420-3070               •    FAX: (510) 420-3027            •   on Line:
                                                                  Piedmont RecReation dePaRtment ReGistRation FoRm - 23
                                                   Code Number                          Child's Name                   Date of Birth      Sex        1, 2
                                                                                                                                                                       Activity Name           Day           Time                                                             Fee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Please complete the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Van Transportation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         transportation form on page 21.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        at least 5 working days in advance.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        You must sign up for transportation

                                                                                                                                                                           Please pay for first choices only                Total Fee

                                                 Adult Name                    First                                      Last                                                                 Child's last name if different

                                                 Home Address                 Street                                      City                                         State             Zip

                                                 Phone                        Day                                         Evening                                      Mobile                  Emergency Phone          Relationship

                                                   Consent: I hereby absolve the City of Piedmont, its employees, and officers from all liability that may arise
                                                   as the result of my participation in the above mentioned activities, and in the event that the above named              method of Payment
                                                   participant is a minor, I hereby give my permission for his/her participation as indicated and in so doing
                                                   absolve the City of Piedmont, its employees, and officers from such liability. I agree to and understand that                Check                                   Cash
                                                   refund or transfer requests must be made five working days prior to the first class meeting unless classes are               MasterCard                              Visa
                                                   canceled by the Recreation Department and exceptions cannot be made to this policy. Please contact the                       American Express                        Discover Card
                                                   office if your child has special needs. An unsigned registration will not be processed. I have read the registra-
                                                   tion instructions and policies on page 24 and agree to abide by them.
                                                   Refunds: I understand that there is a fee charged to process refunds and that refunds will only be made                 signature
                                                   if requested five working days or more prior to the first class meeting. I also understand that the City of
                                                   Piedmont Recreation Department occasionally takes photos of department programs and that these photos                   card number                                  date
                                                   may include me or my child. I hereby authorize use of these photos for promotional or marketing purposes
                                                   at the discretion of the Piedmont Recreation Department.                                                                expiration                                   Amount

                                                   signature                                                                date

houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                   Please check any program for which you would like to have materials mailed to you:
                                                                                                                                                                                Phone ReGistRAtion (for staff use only)
                                                          7-8 Grade Football-0001.001                     5-6 Grade Football-0001.004                                      would you like to receive e-mail updates about upcoming
                                                          PMS Volleyball-0001.002                         2-5 Grade Basketball-0001.005                                    programs, registration information, events and more?
                                                          PMS Basketball-0001.003                         PMS Tennis-0001.006
                                                          4th Grade Football-0001.007                     Cross Country Track-0001.008                                          Yes       No     Email
registration inFormation                                                RESidEnt pRE-REgiStRatiOn dEadlinE iS:
                                                                                Monday, August 7 • 5:00pm

                                                                                  nO phOnE REgiStRatiOn
                                                                                           August 4-14

                                                         RESidEnt "gRaCE pERiOd" FiRSt COME, FiRSt SERVE BaSiS:
                                                                         Tuesday, August 8-Thursday, August 10

                                nOn-RESidEnt pRE-REgiStRatiOn RECEiVEd thRu auguSt 10 pROCESSEd lOttERy StylE On:
                                                                               Thursday, August 10 • 5:00pm

                                                                          OpEn REgiStRatiOn FOR all BEginS:
                                                                                Monday, August 14 • 8:30am

                                                                             intERnEt REgiStRatiOn BEginS:
                                                                    Tuesday, August 15 •
                           1.  Fill in all information on the form. Incomplete and/or illegible forms will not be processed.
                           2.  More than one participant may be listed on the form.
                           3.  Include second choice classes if desired. A second choice is an alternative in case your first choice is closed/full. Indicate a first choice
                               with a 1 and a second choice with a 2. You will be registered for all first choice classes unless they are closed/full.
                           4. You may register for more than one session at a time. Some classes fill up for both sessions early.
                           5. Sign and date permission/release form.
                           6. Enclose your check or charge card information for first choice classes only, payable to Piedmont Recreation Department.
                           7. Send to or drop off completed registration form at: Piedmont Recreation Department, 358 Hillside Avenue,Piedmont, CA 94611. FAX to
                               420-3027 or starting August 15, internet registration at Random/lottery resident pre-registration cut off date is August
                               7. August 8-10 late resident registrations are processed in the order received. Non-resident pre-registration received thru August 10 are
                               processed lottery style on August 10. Open registration for everyone begins August 14.
                           8. Confirmations/receipts will be mailed once your registration is completely processed. Please check them for accuracy.
                           9. All cancellations and transfers must be made a minimum of five working days prior to the first class meeting. After this time no refunds
                               will be issued other than for classes cancelled by the Recreation Department. There is a sliding scale processing fee for refunds based on
                               the class fee. Transfers after this five day period may only be made from a class over the minimum enrollment requirement to a class of
                               equal or greater cost.
                           10. Please notify instructor of any disabilities your child may have.
                           11. If placed on a waiting list, you may not attend the class unless you are notified that a space is available.

                           randOm/lOttery regiStratiOn
                                The Recreation Department has a fairness policy to ensure that all residents will have an equal opportunity to enroll in classes. The three
                                step process begins with a pre-registration period for residents only with registrations chosen randomly—lottery style. In the second
                                phase, late resident registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis for residents only. Phase three is open registration for
                                residents and non residents. Please see above for registration dates and deadlines.

                           leaving children at prOgramS
                                Please do not drop children off at a program or location unless you are sure a staff member is present. Children should also be aware of
                                where to get assistance (such as the office or other staff member) if they need help.

                           equal acceSS pOlicy
                                The Piedmont Recreation Department is proud to provide quality recreation programs to all Piedmonters on an equal opportunity basis.
                                Our programs are also available to non-residents on a space available basis. Registration, facility allocation, and general support is free of
                                preferential treatment, gender bias or any other type of discrimination. If you have any questions about this policy or wish to register a
                                complaint, you are encouraged to notify any member of the Recreation Department Staff, the Recreation Department Head (420-3070)
                                or the Office of the City Administrator (420-3040).

                           late pickup pOlicy
                                Children not picked up at the end of a program are subject to late charges. A copy of this policy is available upon request.

                                If your child has lice and/or has been dismissed from school he/she will be unable to attend any programs until cleared.

                           make-up claSSeS
                                If classes are cancelled by the Recreation Department or classes are rained out those days are made up the week after the end of the

    24                          session. If more make-ups are due than can be scheduled, credits or refunds will be issued.
                           Phone: (510) 420-3070                    •     FAX: (510) 420-3027                  •   on Line:
                                                                                                                                     Piedmont reCreation dePartment
                                           RentaL FaciLities
   Piedmont has three large wonderful rental facilities: the elegant Community Hall, the Mediterranean style Exedra Plaza,
   and the lovely Veterans' Memorial Building. These facilities are available on a rental basis for parties, weddings, receptions,
   retreats, conferences or meetings. Piedmont citizens receive a discounted rate. For rates and reservations, call
   Penny Robb or go to

   Penny Robb          Barb murrey
   420-3075            420-3081

                                                                                   community HaLL
                                                                                         711 Highland Avenue

                  exedRa PLaZa
                      Highland Avenue

  Also available for rent to Piedmont residents are:
     RecReation dePaRtment buiLdinG
    RecReation dePaRtment Picnic aRea
             beacH PLay FieLd
          Piedmont sPoRts FieLd                                                    veteRans'
             & coacHes FieLd                                                    memoRiaL buiLdinG
                                                                                         401 Highland Avenue

                                                   you aRe coRdiaLLy invited....
                                                          is a wonderful DVD now available for your viewing

                                                             pleasure about the Piedmont Rental Facilities.

                                                          Beautifully narrated and choreographed, the DVD

                                                                     gives ideas and information about

                                                              our Halls, Outdoor Staging, and the kitchens

                                                   that can be rented for all types of fun and educational events.
emAiL:                   •   houRs: mon-FRi 8:30Am-5:00Pm; cLosed sAt & sun
                                                                                                                                          Piedmont reCreation dePartment
                               RECREATION COMMISSION

        Dana Kirby    Mons CeDerCreutz       Peter Fishel        brooKe Guiney      bruCe loPer         bob MCbain        leesy taGGart
          Chair         ViCe Chair                653-8353          601-9153          658-0507            547-0597          923-9871
         655-1846           652-9193

     cOmmunity phOne directOry                                            piedmOnt unified SchOOlS
       American Legion Post 514                              658-5409          Beach Elementary                                  594-2686
       C.H.I.M.E.                                            836-6677          Havens Elementary                                 594-2680
       Dress Best for Less                                   653-0221          Wildwood Elementary                               594-2710
       Piedmont Adult School                                 594-2655          Piedmont Middle School                            594-2660
       Piedmont Asian/American Club                          655-5407          Piedmont High School                              594-2626
       Piedmont Baseball Foundation                          658-4418          Millenium High School                             594-2703
       Piedmont Beautification Foundation                    655-4371          Switch Board                                      594-2600
       Piedmont Boy Scout Office                             547-4493
       Piedmont Boys and Girls Choirs                        547-4441
                                                                          piedmOnt recreatiOn department
                                                                               main office                                       420-3070
       Piedmont Campfire Headquarters                        985-3031
       Piedmont Civic Association                            547-5886          Mark Delventhal, Director                         420-3073
       Piedmont Community Church                             547-5700          Senadin Catic, Maintenance Worker
       Piedmont Education Foundation                         832-4261          Kathie Long, Office Assistant
       Piedmont High School Athletic Boosters Club           482-1325          Barbara MacLean, Fiscal Services Tech
       Piedmont Historical Society                           658-1606          Barbara Murrey, Office Assistant                  420-3081
       Piedmont Ladies Tennis Club                           420-1554          Lenny Parker, Coordinator                         420-3074
       Piedmont Language School                              652-5229          Buzz Redford, Supervisor                          420-3074
       Piedmont League of Women Voters                       654-6489          Erin Rivera, Supervisor                           420-3072
       Piedmont/Montclair Rotary Club                        601-7351          Penny Robb, Supervisor                            420-3075
       Piedmont Newcomers Club                               654-1151          Cora Wood, Department Secretary
       Piedmont Soccer Club                                  594-1970
                                                                               Martha Paquin, Wildwood Schoolmates               420-3076
       Piedmont Softball Foundation                          547-0597
                                                                               Sarah Normart, Beach Schoolmates                  420-3077
       Piedmont Swim Club                                    655-5163
                                                                               Michael Murphy, Havens Schoolmates                420-3078
       Piedmont Swim Team                                    654-2410

     piedmOnt city OfficeS                                                city adminiStratiOn
                                                                               Geoffrey Grote, City Administrator
       Administration/City Clerk                             420-3040
                                                                               Mark Bichsel, Finance/Personnel Director
       Animal Control                                        420-3006
                                                                               Mark Delventhal, Recreation Director
       City Administrator                                    420-3042
                                                                               Lisa Ravazza, Police Chief
       Finance                                               420-3043
                                                                               George Peyton, City Attorney
       Personnel                                             420-3046
                                                                               Larry Rosenberg, Public Works Director
       Fire - Non-emergency                                  420-3030
                                                                               John Speakman, Fire Chief
       Police - Non-emergency                                420-3000
                                                                               Ann Swift, City Clerk
       Emergency - Fire-Police-Medical                            911
       Recreation                                            420-3070     city cOuncil
       Public Works                                                            Michael Bruck, Mayor
         permits, licenses                                   420-3050          Nancy McEnroe, Vice Mayor
         streets, sewers                                     420-3065          Abe Friedman
       KCOM - Channel 13                                     420-3083          Dean Barbieri
                                                                               Jeff Wieler

24       Phone: (510) 420-3070                •      FAX: (510) 420-3027              •      on Line: