Golf Drills To Improve Your Game by mrsmarts


									                       Golf Drills To Improve Your Game

Many people believe that simply getting out on the course and playing as
often as they can is practicing their golf game. While playing often does help
you improve, to really see improvement you need to perform golf drills that
will target very specific components of your game so you can improve them.
Just getting out on the course means you could just be “practicing” the same
errors, drills focus on golf mechanics and will fix those errors.

Drills to strengthen your core come in handy when you need to improve your
swing. One such drill is similar to push ups. Get in a push-up position on the
floor and hold your body straight with just your hands and feet on the floor.
Then, lift your right hand and left leg up and balance for 10-15 seconds.
Repeat this move with your left hand and right foot. This drill increases
strength and also works on your balance.

One of the simplest putting drills is simply to practice putting when you have
an opportunity. At home, you can putt a few shots during each commercial
break of your favorite show. At work, putt a few while the computer boots up
in the morning, or when you’re waiting for a report to run. Vary your shots so
you’re not putting from the same distance each time. Adding a few practice
putts in each day can go a long way in improving your putting skills.

No matter which drill you are working on, think about how your body is
working while you practice the drill. Would you do better if you have more
strength in your lower back? Would increased flexibility help you perform
better? This is when you can combine fitness into your drill practice. If your
drills help you identify areas where you can strengthen your body, by all
means incorporate some exercises into your fitness routine to combat those

Drills can hone in on particular problem areas and really help you focus on
the steps to improve those areas. With a little extra effort, you’re on your
way to a great game of golf.

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