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SuperBadass Policy _ Code of Conduct


									SuperBadass Policy & Code of Conduct
1. Rules and Rights
     a. Basic Rules

           i. Be Courteous

                  1. This is the most important rule of them all. This server is founded
                      on good times and fair play. Try to the best of your abilities to
                      help out the new players. If you’re bored one day, trying taking a
                      newer member on a tour of the server.

          ii. No Racism

                  1. Any form of racism will not be permitted on this server.

          iii. No Trolling

                  1. Anything to solicit a negative emotional reaction from another
                     player on purpose to considered trolling.

          iv. No Flaming

                  1. Please don’t start any flame wars in the main chat. If you have a
                     disagreement with another player, please settle it in private chat or
                     outside of the game. If a mod has to get involved, it could end up
                     with both of you muted/jailed if you don’t adhere to this rule.

           v. No Assholes

                  1. This coincides with rule number 1, be courteous. Please refrain
                     from treating people with blatant disrespect.

          vi. No Custom Clients

                  1. This includes Fly mods and X-ray mods. Zan’s Minimap is the
                     ONLY exception.

                                          .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
    vii. No Duping

            1. Self explanatory. Using any methods, it’s against the rules to
               attempt to duplicate blocks or items in game.

   viii. No Griefing

            1. Griefing is defined as any action that hinders the legitimate gaming
               experience of other players. This includes theft, the destruction of
               property by the addition or removal of blocks, and any other
               abusive behaviors.

     ix. English Only

            1. If you want to speak in a different language, please do so in private
               chat using /msg.

     x. You Have No Rights

            1. Do not argue with Staff Members.

     xi. Play Nice!

b. Moderation Rules

      i. Staff members are required to help to the best of their ability when a
         player expresses a legitimate need for help.

     ii. Staff members may not use their powers in any manner which violates the
         basic rules (ex: repeatedly teleporting a player into lava).

     iii. Staff members with the /item and /give commands may not use those
         command for personal profit (i.e. selling to shop) or the profit of other

     iv. Staff members may provide basic materials for building projects, but may
         not provide rare materials such as gold and diamond blocks.


                                      .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
c. Player Rights
      i. Player Ranks

            1. Default

                   a. The basic player experience. All new players are a member
                        of this group and have access to basic commands including
                        access to a kit consisting of iron tools.
            2. Trusted

                   a. Members of this group have been deemed as trusted by the
                        community. As such they are entitled to extended rights
                        such as building protection and warp/teleport commands.
                         Trusted members are selected via a vouching system.
            3. Donor

                   a. Members of this group have made a monetary contribution
                        to the server. Having donated to the server they are
                        entrusted with the same privileges as Trusted members.
                         They are also given access to /god, /mc, and a special
                        donor kit consisting of diamond tools.
            4. AwesomeSauce

                   a. Members of this group represent the highest level of the
                        Non-Staff community. They have generally made some
                        form of contribution to the community (not necessarily
                        monetary) and have proven to be trustworthy over a long
                        period of time. AwesomeSauce members retain the
                        privileges of the group they were selected from, but also
                        gain access to the WorldEdit compass tool and all
                        WorldEdit movement commands. While not part of the
                        server staff, they are expected to act as examples to the rest
                        of the community.

            5. Badass of the Month

                   a. An honorary rank issued to a single player each month.
                        This member has proven themselves to be the best that the
                        community has to offer and is rewarded with entrance to           3
                        the ranks of AwesomeSauce and access to the WorldEdit
                        SuperPickaxe for one month.

                                     .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
ii. Staff Ranks

       1. Mediator

              a. The role of the Mediator is to handle basic player disputes.
                    In the case of arguments, trolling, racism, etc. the
                   Mediators will have the power to resolve these situations
                   using /mute, /tjail, /kick, and /ban. Mediators are not
                   responsible for block-related griefing.
       2. Moderators

              a. Moderators are responsible for block-related griefing,
                   situations in which items are stolen, and cases of
                   exploitation. They have access to LogBlock/BigBrother for
                   the purpose of finding griefers and the WorldEdit
                   SuperPickaxe in order to handle minor incidents of
                   griefing. Moderators are also capable of changing the time
                   of day and setting warps. Moderators can handle basic
                   build rights by adding and removing members from
                   protected regions.
       3. Super Moderators

              a. Super Moderators fulfill the same role as Moderators, but
                   also have access to player rollbacks and WorldEdit
                   restores. They can also spawn items for the purpose of
                   fixing griefed areas and use some basic WorldEdit
                   commands. Super Moderators are capable of creating
                   protected regions for Trusted+ players who wish to have
                   their projects protected.
       4. Admins

              a. Admins are primarily responsible for server-side
                   configuration and maintenance. As such, Admins are
                   responsible for handling issues of player rights and Staff
                   abuse. When in game they also deal with issues of grief.

iii. Non-Moderation Staff

       1. Editor
              a. The Editor is responsible for handling the news feed for the
                   website by reviewing content submitted by users and

                               .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
                 posting that content on the front page. As this is a Non-
                 Moderation position, there is no special rank in-game.
      2. Contest Master

             a. The Contest Master is responsible for organizing and
                 judging monthly contests for the server. Like the Editor,
                 they have no special rank in-game.
      3. Games Master

             a. The Games Master is responsible for organizing
                 community games such as Scavenger Hunts, PvP
                 Tournaments, and Spleef Tournaments. Like the Editor,
                 they have no special rank in-game.
iv. Vouching and Promotions

      1. Trusted

             a. Trusted members are selected via a vouch system. In order
                 to become a Trusted member, another member of the
                 Trusted+ groups must vouch for them using a petition (/pe).
                  Players must be a member of Trusted+ for at least one
                 week in order to vouch for another player. In the case of a
                 Trusted player being demoted or banned, the player that
                 vouched for them, Staff members excluded, will also be
                 demoted for one week. Furthermore, if a player has been
                 banned, they will not be promoted any earlier than two
                 weeks after the ban was lifted.
      2. Donor

             a. A player can become a Donor by donating at least 5 USD
                 via PayPal to Donations are usually
                 processed within 1-2 business days. This process can be
                 sped up by sending a copy of the receipt to Unshkblefaith.
      3. AwesomeSauce

             a. AwesomeSauce members are generally selected by Server
                 Admins based on merit and the recommendations of current
                 AwesomeSauce and Staff members. Community members
                 that attain the honorary Badass of the Month rank will            5
                 transfer to the ranks of AwesomeSauce at the end of their

                              .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
       4. Badass of the Month

             a. The Badass of the Month is selected by a monthly poll held
                 in the Trusted Lounge of the forums. To gain entry to the
                 poll, you must have someone vouch for you on the monthly
                 BOTM thread. In order to be eligible to vote/nominate/win
                 you must be Trusted + at the time of the vote.
v. Staff

       1. Moderation

             a. Moderation staff members are selected and promoted based
                 on server needs. Selections are based on several metrics
                 including availability and dedication to the community.
                  Promotions to and within the moderation staff are at the
                 discretion of the server admins.
       2. Non-Moderation

             a. These Staff positions are selected via a formal application
                 process on the forums.
       3. Building Rights

             a. All players have building rights in any region that hasn’t
                 been claimed or protected by another player. These rights
                 may be revoked in the case of rule violations.
       4. Building Protection

             a. Trusted+ members are entitled to have their areas protected
                 by a member of the Moderation Staff. Region protection
                 makes an area virtually grief-proof against external
       5. Chest Protection

             a. All players have access to LWC which allows them to
                 protect personal chests, furnaces, and dispensers against
                 theft. Thefts from unprotected chests will NOT be
       6. Rollbacks and Restore                                                      6

             a. In cases of griefing, players are entitled to having their
                 areas restored by the Moderation Staff. Staff members will

                                .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
                             do everything within their power to undo damage done by

2. Reporting Griefing and Abuse

     a. Griefing

           i. In instances of griefing a player should immediately inform an available
              staff member by using the command “/pe open <message>”. Please
              refrain from spamming the chat as this will only hinder the staff’s ability
              to organize and handle the situation.

     b. Staff Abuse

           i. In instances of staff abuse a player should record the time of the abuse and
              send a private message to either Unshkblefaith or t0phux in-game or on
              the website. Be sure to include the time of the abuse as well as your time
              zone, so that the given time can be converted to CST. Do NOT spam the
              chat with complaints of abuse. This shows a lack of respect for the Staff
              and will result in disciplinary action.

3. Disciplinary Actions

     a. General Action

           i. All disciplinary actions will be taken according to the nature and severity
              of the offense. Minor offences will initially be met with warnings and the
              use of mutes and kicks. Should the offences continue, the moderation
              staff will be obligated to jail, demote, or ban the offenders. In cases of
              griefing, a demotion or ban will be immediately instituted, followed by a
              rollback/restore of the affected area. All bans and demotions will be
              logged using the bans spreadsheet for server records. This spreadsheet can
              be found in the mod’s only section of the forum. Any person that has been
              banned, and does not show up on the list will be reversed, so make sure
              you update the list!
                   1. Default

                         a. In the case of repeated or major infractions, default
                             members will be automatically banned. Any vouches for             7
                             the player will also be ignored.

                                          .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
            2. Trusted/Donor

                    a. In the case of repeated or major infractions, Trusted/Donor
                       members will be demoted to default. The demotion will
                       remain in effect for no less than one week, at which point
                       the player is eligible to return to their original rank. In
                       order to return to their original rank a player must be
                       vouched for by a member of AwesomeSauce+. Should the
                       infractions continue, the offender will be banned. No
                       donations will be returned if a player is demoted/banned.
            3. AwesomeSauce

                    a. In the case of repeated or major infractions,
                       AwesomeSauce members will be demoted based on the
                       severity of the offence. In general, an AwesomeSauce
                       member will be demoted to their previous rank (i.e.
                       Trusted/Donor) depending on which class they came from.
                        In the cases of severe offences, the member will be
                       demoted to default. Demotions will remain in effect for no
                       less than two weeks at which point they will become
                       eligible to return to AwesomeSauce. In order to return to
                       AwesomeSauce a player must go through the formal
                       selection process again.
            4. Staff

                    a. In the case of repeated or major infractions, staff members
                       will be re-evaluated by the server Admins. If it is
                       determined that they are unfit to be a member of the staff, a
                       player will be demoted to either AwesomeSauce or
                       Trusted/Donor based on the severity of the offence.
                        Otherwise, they will receive either a demotion to a lower
                       staff position or a temporary demotion to a non-staff
                       position for no less than 1 week. Cases involving non-
                       moderation staff members will be handled according to the
                       non-staff group they are a member of.

b. Chat Mutes

      i. Chat mutes are the standard punishment in cases of flaming, trolling and
        racism. They will be issued on a temporary basis as a warning against
        continued violations.                                                            8

                                    .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
c. Jail

          i. Jail is the standard punishment in cases where a player refuses to leave
             another player’s property after repeated requests. This is a secondary
             action that should only be taken if a player is not responding to warnings.
             Jail may also be used as a means of securing griefers in the event that the
             ban system is not working properly.

d. Kicking

          i. Kicks will be used as a secondary warning. In the event that mutes are not
             applicable, and verbal warnings are not heeded, a staff member may issue
             a final warning by adding the warning as the “Reason” for a kick (ex:
             /kick <playername> <reason>).

e. Banning

          i. A ban will be instituted in the event that a Default player fails to heed staff
             warnings or griefs another player’s property. Bans may also be used as a
             means of punishing a Trusted+ member until an Admin is available to
             demote them. All bans can be contested on the website, but will not be
             honored unless the appeal is made by the banned player. A ban will not be
             lifted any earlier than 2 days after it is instituted.

f. Demotions

          i. Demotions will be instituted in the event that a Trusted+ player fails to
             heed staff warnings or griefs another player’s property, or in the event that
             a staff member abuses their powers. If an Admin is not available to carry
             out a demotion, staff members are able to institute a temporary ban or jail
             the offender.

g. Rollbacks

          i. In the event of griefing, staff members will be able to rollback the griefer’s
                 1. Local

                         a. Local rollbacks will be carried out in instances of minor
                            griefs, where it is unlikely that the offender griefed more
                            than a few areas.                                                  9

                                          .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11
2. Global

      a. Global rollbacks will be carried out in instances of major
            griefs where it is likely that a player griefed several areas.
            These rollbacks will permanently remove all changes that a
            player made to the world, including homes. People
            returning from a ban for griefing will often teleport home to
            find that their home has been “griefed”. There is nothing
            that the staff can or will do about this. In the case that a
            global rollback affects an area that belongs to someone
            other than the offender, the Staff will be more than happy
            to help you repair it.


                         .:SuperBadass:. | Unshkblefaith / t0phux | 4/17/11

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