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					What Is Pet Day Care?

Many people shudder at the thought of leaving their animals home alone.
Like children, pets require love and attention during the day as well as
at night. From this fundamental belief was founded the idea of pet day
care. At day care your pet will be fed, groomed, trained and played with
any time you are not available to do so.

Pet day care can be divided into two categories: boarding services and
actual day care. Boarding services can be found for animals from hamsters
to horses, and are particularly useful if an owner is going to be away
overnight or for an extended period of time and has no one to care for
their pet in their home, or if an owner has insufficient space for the
care of a large animal (this is very common in the case of horses). The
pet will be given their own sleeping space, feeding dishes and toys, and
will be cared for daily as if they were home. Time is allotted for daily
grooming, training, exercise and play.

Day care is available for pets whose owners wish to drop them off in the
morning and pick them up in the evening after working hours. Again,
bedding, toys and feeding bowls are often provided. While facilities of
this type can be found for most small animals, dogs are the main focus,
and many more facilities for them can be found than for others. At doggy
day care, dogs are cared for by a staff of trained professionals,
educated in dog behavior, safety and health management. They are groomed
and provided training by an experienced trainer according to their level
of knowledge.

In most facilities dogs are separated into groups according to both age
and size. As the equipment for small dogs is inadequate for large ones,
while large equipment may overwhelm a small dog, this is very important
for a pet's well being. The division is usually made at twenty five
pounds. Puppies have their own separate area, where they are played with,
taught basic training and, just like a young child, are "potty trained"
(housebroken). Plenty of personal attention is given, with time allotted
for play and naps.

Another trend that is currently sweeping the nation is pet spas. These
generally cater only to smaller animals. Here animals are groomed,
exercised and pampered in the same manner as humans visiting a spa; their
ears, teeth, nails and hair will be cared for, and they will be walked,
played with, massaged (if the facility has the appropriately trained
staff) and cared for. These services, again, can be found for most small
animals, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs, and may be
purchased on a daily basis or for extended periods of time (overnight
stays are available in spas with boarding facilities). A variation on
this theme is offered in do-it-yourself pet spas, where owners are
encouraged to groom their pet themselves, furthering the bond between pet
and human. The spa will provide the appropriate space, as well as a wash
basin, shampoo, nail clippers and other grooming equipment. Pet spas can
be a wonderful treat for all animals.

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