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• Mitch Landrieu is the mayor of New Orleans. He was
  elected on February 6, 2010.
• The Criminal Sheriff of New Orleans is Marlin Gusman.
  The Criminal Sheriff upholds the prison system, offers
  security for the for the Criminal District Court, and give
  backup to the New Orleans Police Department when
              Major Bodies of Water
• New Orleans is on the Mississippi River.
• It is also a port off the Gulf
 of Mexico.

• Lake Pontchartrain is another large body of water.
• The major language spoken in New Orleans is
• However, New Orleans has some slang terms
  in their language, such as: “Where yat?” which
  means “Hello, how are you doing?”.
• Also, when someone from New Orleans says
  they are “Makin’ groceries” it means they are
  grocery shopping.

• As a home to one of the largest ports in the world, New
  Orleans is very busy.
• New Orleans is a major place for oil refining.
• Ship building is another major industry in New
• Tourism also helps the economy of New Orleans.
• The gross domestic product per capita in New Orleans
  is $38,800.
             Famous People
• Louis Armstrong- Musician and singer
• Marshall Falk- former running back
  for the St. Louis Rams
• Eli and Peyton Manning- Brothers
  who are both quarterbacks in the NFL
• Reese Witherspoon- actress
• Lil’ Wayne- rapper
                       Mardi Gras
• Mardi Gras is a big holiday in New Orleans celebrated on Fat Tuesday. This
  holiday is a huge party. Many people parade around in costumes. Also,
  there are floats people throw items off of. Many where purple, green, and
  gold beads they catch. There is music playing. Most of the businesses and
  road are shut down for the party. Mardi Gras is just a holiday to have
• New Orleans is the host of two sports teams:
  the Saints and the Hornets. The New
  Orleans Saints is the city’s football team,
  and they just won the super bowl last season.
  The New Orleans Hornets is the basketball
  team. They are 12-4 as of November 28.
• Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August
  29, 2005. Of all the natural disasters in the
  United States, Katrina was the costliest; it cost
  more than 80 billion dollars because of all the
  damage. Also, it was one of the top five
  deadliest. This hurricane killed at least 1,836
  people. Reconstruction took awhile. Even in
  2009 houses were still damaged. Hurricane
  Katrina was a detriment to New Orleans and
  to the United States itself.
• New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz.
• Jazz gained the popularity it has today
  in New Orleans.
• When the city first started jazz, it was
  using African rhythms with European
• Louis Armstrong was a major
  contributor to New Orleans Jazz.
• After jazz, New Orleans also
  contributed to the start of rock and roll.
• Gumbo- a thick soup or stew, made with greens,
  chicken or seafood, and some seasonings.
• Jambalaya- shellfish, chicken, sausage, or ham cooked
  with rice. Herb, spices, and vegetables are also added.
• Red beans and rice- celery, onion, bell pepper, thyme,
  cayenne pepper, bay leaf, red beans, and pork bones
  prepared gradually and simultaneously in a pot and
  spread over rice.
• Shrimp Creole- a dish like stew. It is made with shrimp
  and zesty tomato sauce. Rice is served with Shrimp
• The oldest part of New Orleans is the French Quarter. It is
  also the most famous. The French Quarter was founded by Jean-
  Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville in 1718. New Orleans’ center
  used to be based on the French Quarter, but it is still very lively.
  The whole district is now a National Historic Landmark because
  of all the historic buildings. The French Quarter is very beautiful
  and historic.
           Cajun Swamp Tours
• This tour is run by the people of New Orleans.
• It is a fun, genuine tour of the swamp.
• There are 24 people on a boat, and one sees the
  wildlife first-hand. Animals are just a few feet
         Audubon Aquarium of the Americas
• This aquarium, created by the Audubon
  Institute, is considered one of the leading
  aquariums in the United States.
• Over 10,000 animals reside in the aquarium
  with 530 species.
• The Aquarium opened in 1990.

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