Stratford by wpr1947



Statford-upon-Avon is Shakespeare's town. He was
  born on the 23rd of April 1564 and he died on the
                 23rd of April 1616.
                The Street Signs
   It is an English street
    sign, where you can see
    four famous towns. On
    this sign we can read
    « Miles , Hours and
    Locks »
(a lock is une écluse)
The canal
        In this picture you can
         see Stratford's canal ,
         and boats. The canal was
         created in 1793.
   It's the statue of William
    Shakespeare. William was
    the writer who wrote a lot
    of plays such as Romeo
    and Juliet , Macbeth,
    Hamlet . . .
  You can see boats and a lake
    and in the background the
                       A barge
   In this picture you can
    see a barge where people
    live. They are decorated
    with stars.
A Lock
      This is a beautiful Lock.
   You can see people on the
    bank of the canal.
History of the canal
             This is the history of the
              canal where you can see
              the date of creation, and
              the dates of the historic
              moments about the canal.
                     The bridge
   This is a picture of the
    group on the bridge.

This diapo was created by
  Nolwenn and Laurie.

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