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    Tanzania - Day 1                         Day 2
    4:00 p.m.                                11:40 a.m.
    Dear Diary,                              Dear Diary,
    After a long journey, we’ve arrived in   So much to tell you! This morning we
    Tanzania! We’re in Arusha, which is      flew (in a l i tt l e plane!) to the
    kind of the home base for lots of the    Serengeti to start our safari. We
    safaris here. Our hotel is on an old     arrived at our camp, which was al-
    coffee plantation and my room has a       ready set up with tents and every-
    view of Mt. Meru, which is a huge        thing, then piled into three Land
    peak with a crater at the top. Wow!      Rovers with the rest of the group to
    The sun is setting now and the clouds    go out and see the animals. The
    around the mountain are all orange       Serengeti National Park is what you
    and gold. I can’t believe I’m in         usually think of when you imagine a
    Africa—and that tomorrow we’re           safari: a huge, grassy plain where all
    going to start our safari!               kinds of animals graze and wander.

1                                                                                     2
    early for the “great migration”—          5:00 p.m.
    that’s when millions of wildebeest        Dear Diary,
    move from one place to the other-         The sun has gone down and we’re
    but we’re just in time to see lots of     about to have dinner in camp. It’s a
    baby animals! I’ve seen baby giraffes      pretty good camp, with bottled water
    (six feet tall!) and ostriches and lots   and towels and everything. Of course
    of gazelle babies on their shaking,       we have mosquito nets to keep out
    tiny little stick legs. Now we’re         the bugs when we’re in bed. My arm is
    having a picnic lunch in the park, then   still kind of sore from the shot I had
    more driving around to see more ani-      to get to come to Africa, and we
    mals. My camera is going to be SO         have to take malaria pills. But it was
    full!!                                    worth it! Dinner smells really delicious,
                                              I think they’re grilling some meat over
                                              the fire. Anyway, this afternoon I
                     Poc t Sh

                                              saw a family of warthogs, they were
                                              so ugly they were cute! And there

3                                                                                         4
    were four little ones squealing and      I’m glad there are a lot of us in the
    running after their mom. The guides      camp, because I would n ot want to
    said they are dangerous animals to       hear that sound all by myself, even in
    get near. No problem, I wasn’t about     a tent!
    to try! We also saw baboons ( n ot
    my favorite animals!) and on the way
    back to camp, the guide found a little
    African hedgehog, all curled up in a
    ball with his prickly spines sticking
    out. He made snuffly noises like an
    old man with a head cold. The spines     Day 3
    were very sharp; I’d never want to       7:00 a.m.
    accidentally step on one with my bare    Dear Diary,
    feet!                                    Okay, I had to get up early and write
    The moon is coming up and you can        this, because last night a l eop ar d
    hear lions roaring in the dark, Diary!   came through our camp! I just heard

5                                                                                     6
    something prowling around and then      television, it’s much faster and excit-
    sniffing and some growling. I got         ing and sad when it’s in real life. I
    under the covers, I can tell you,       mean, I know they have to eat—they
    Diary! But the guides say it’s pretty   have babies, too—but the poor wilde-
    common for cats to wander through       beest! The lions settled down to eat
    camp—that’s why all the food and        and of course the hyenas were
    pots and everything are locked up       “laughing” (a horrible sound) and
    tight! The leopard just went away,      trying to sneak in. When we passed
    nobody hurt him and he didn’t hurt      the place on our way back to camp,
    anyone. Whew.                           it was just vultures on the bones. I’m
                                                      ust                 bon
    2:00 p.m.                               going to try and take a nap (it
                                                     o                      (it’s
    Dear Diary,                             pretty hot out) because we’re going
                                                      ot              we re g
                                            on a night safari later. Although the
    Today was a little upsetting. We        guide said the lion hunt was pretty
                                                      id                   pret
    saw lions kill and eat a wildebeest.    much the most exciting thing yo you
    Two lionesses did the hunting and       could hope to see, day o r nig
                                                           o           night!
    although you see things like this on
7                                                                                     8
    Day 4                                      pet. They’re pretty shy, too. We
                                               also saw lions (and their eyes are
    7:30 a.m.
                                               super glowing green at night!),
    Dear Diary,
                                               hyenas, African dogs, and a small
    The night safari was amazing. W
           ght                        We       herd of elephants. I wasn’t sure it
    drove around using a floodlight on the
               und                             was a good idea to bother sleeping
    top of the Land Rover to try and see
             he                                elephants. Would you want a big
    animals. We saw a g enet iin a             light in your face all of a sudden?
    tree—it looks like a cross between a
                 k lik                         Everything looks a little spooky at
                                                        ng               spook
    leopard and a lemur, because it has a      night on the plains. But I wouldn’t
    spotted body but a striped fluffy tail       have missed it.
    and it hisses and climbs trees but isn’t
    really a cat. The guide said they are
    related to mongoose. Some people
    have them as pets! But they mostly
    like to come out at night, so I don’t
    think that would be much fun as a
9                                                                                    10
     5:30 p.m.                                Something else you don’t think about
     Dear Diary,                              in Africa very much are the birds—but
     Another day of driving and seeing
            er                                you can see more than 500 species
     animals. My favorite was the chee-
              .                               of birds in the Serengeti alone! One of
     tah, because not everyone gets to see
                                      t       my favorites was the tiny Fisher’s
     a cheetah on safari. They are the
           etah                               Lovebirds, which are so bright orange
     fastest animals on earth, running up
           st                                 and green that they look like little
     to 70 miles per hour—that’s as fast      flying popsicles! We also saw Secre-
     as a car on the freeway! Although        tary birds, which are like eagles on
     they can’t keep it up for very long,     stilts, because their legs are so long.
     of course, they’re made for sprinting    They were named Secretary birds be-
     really fast after prey. Although         cause they have long feathers on their
     they’re cats, they can’t retract their   heads that reminded someone of secre-
     claws back into their paws like other    taries (men secretaries—and a long
     cats can. It’s too bad there are so      time ago!) with quill pens tucked behind
     few of them left in the wild now.                                     weird
                                              their ears. I think that’s a w way

11                                                                                       12
     to get a name! We saw one catch
                  me!                        many animals, Diary—elephants, ba-
     and kill a snake. Gross. Tomorrow
                              Tom            boons, birds, and wildebeests, all next
     we leave for Ngorongoro Crater.
            ve                 Crat          to each other and walking around.
                                             There were so many baby wildebeest!
     Day 5                                   They are also kind of ugly cute, like
                                             the warthogs. Wildebeest look like
     10:40 a.m.                              someone put together an animal out
     Dear Diary,
             iary,                           of parts that don’t fit together too
     Some people call Ngorongoro Crater
                ple                          well. Cow heads and antelope legs and
     the eighth wonder of the world. It
                    nder                                                know!
                                             giraffe shoulders—I don’t know Just
     certainly is amazing. We drove                                       run!
                                             weird looking. But they can ru And
     through forest up the sides of the      when they migrate, the plains shake
     mountain until it opened up into a      under their hooves. That’s what they
     10-mile wide collapsed volcano crater   say, anyhow.
     that’s become a flat grassland filled
     with animals. I’ve already seen so

13                                                                                     14
     4:20 p.m.m.                               The Maasai people we met wore
     Dear Diary,                               mostly dark, bright colors of red or
     Ngorongoro Crater is one of the f
          rongoro rater o
               oro                       few   blue. The women wore beautiful beaded
     places in the world where you can see
        ces                                    jewelry that they made themselves.
     black rhinos. Our guide ta t some
         k nos.               talked to so     Our guide said the Maasai tradition-
     Maasai and they told us where a
         asai                   wher           ally use cattle as a way to measure
     rhino had been sighted recently. So we
                          d recently           wealth—the more cattle, the wealthier
     went there and waited and waited
                   nd         an wait          someone is—and they mix cattle
     and finally saw one black rhin
               y                 rhinoceros.   blood with their milk sometimes, as
     It was a male and our guide said          a special drink. Diary, the more I see
     that it weighed over 2,000 pounds!        of the world, the more I realize how
                                                     e rld,                        ho
     So if a rhino sat on you…well…bye!        different people may t h i n k about
     Black rhinos are really just grayish      things—but I also realize how a
                                                      —but                        alike
     white, same as white rhinos, isn’t        they usually f e e l about things.
     that silly? They have two horns.          Customs are different, but our
                                               feelings are the same everywhere.

15                                                                                        16
     Maasai necklace
     Color this beautiful Maasai necklace
     with bead colors that mean some-
     thing: red=bravery, blue=the sky,
     green=the land, orange=friendship,
     white=purity/health, and black=people

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                                                   complete the picture.

17                                                                             18
     Day 6                                    shower, which I love!). But the walls
                                              are sliding doors, so you can keep
     11:00 a.m.
                                              them open and feel what it’s like to be
     Dear Diary,
                                              living high in a mahogany tree.
     Today we are at Lake Manyara.
                              Manyara         There’s only one thing that makes me
     There are hundreds of flamingos           nervous, Diary. Lake Manyara is
     wading through the shallows, and         famous for lions that climb trees!
     dozens of hippos in the pools, Diary!
              f                      D        That’s one houseguest I’d rather n ot
     They are one of my favorite animals!
                     f                        have, if you don’t mind!
     I love the way their ears wiggle when
     they’re in the water. I couldn’t stop
     watching them. And guess what?
     We’re staying in a t r e e h o u s e !
     It’s so awesome! They have real beds
     and sofas and bathrooms, just like a
     normal house (except for the outdoor

19                                                                                      20
     4:00 p.m.                                      up most of the entrance hole with mud
     Dear Diary,                                    and stuff, so only her beak sticks out
     We had fresh fish for lunch in the              (and they have really long beaks, like
     open-air b oma , and then went for a           toucans). Then she stays there, and he
     bush walk with a guide. This place has         feeds her through the hole until their
     tiny antelope! The d i k - d i k is about      babies are hatched and ready to leave
     as big as a cat and the K l i p s p r i nger   the nest. Kind of like being grounded
     (that means “rock jumper”) is the size         and having to stay in your room! I
     of a small dog. I wanted to take               wonder if the females l i k e being stuck
     some home and keep them in our back            in there all that time?
     yard! Do you think Coconut would               8:30 p.m.
     have liked that? We also saw an Af-            Dear Diary,
     rican hornbill, which is a big bird (bigger
     than the d i k - d i k !) that nests in the    I watched the sun going down over the
     hollow of a tree. The female goes in           lake and then went through all my
     the nest, and then the male fills                                       house.
                                                    photos back at the tree hous It’s our

21                                                                                              22
     last day on safari. Tomorrow we fly         Day 7 -        2:00 p.m.
     back to Arusha and then onto a big         Dear Diary,
     plane for home. I can’t believe there      We’re in the plane flying home,
     are all these animals in the world,        Diary, so this is my last entry. I’ve
     Diary. It’s even harder to believe that    been so many places and seen so
     many more are no longer alive be-          many wonderful things. I’m glad that
     cause people have hunted them for          Africa was on the list because it’s
     stupid reasons—like making magic           made me want to help, somehow.
     medicine (that doesn’t even work!)         When I get back to America, I’m
     from their horns, or rugs from their       going to see what I can do to make
     skin, or tables from their legs. I don’t   life better for the animals on our
     know why we can’t share the Earth          planet. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even
     with animals, instead of treating          be a zoologist when I grow up! Or a
     them like we’re special and they’re        veterinarian. I’m looking out of the
     not. I love it here in Tanzania—and I      plane and I can see Mount Kilimanjaro
     feel sad to go.                            below. K wa h e r i , Tanzania! Goodbye!

23                                                                                         24

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