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                               NEWARK MIDDLE SCHOOL
                           SUBSTITUTE TEACHER HANDBOOK
                                     2010 – 2011

         We are pleased that you have chosen to work with our students at the Newark Middle School. We
hope that the material in this folder will provide you with the necessary information to successfully carry out
your duties as a substitute teacher. It is expected that you will make every effort to carry out the instructions
provided for you in the plan book left by the classroom teacher. Your tasks as substitute teacher are
recognized as perhaps the most difficult in our school. Your comments about the helpfulness and
completeness of the plans will be a useful tool for the teacher when he/she returns. Therefore, we ask that
you fill-out the Substitute Teacher Staff Feedback Form in order to continue improving our procedures. Our
belief is that a Substitute Teacher is indeed a REAL TEACHER who will follow and administer the
regulations and policies of the Newark Middle School and the Newark Central School System. Please accept
this letter as an indication of our appreciation and willingness to support you as you go about your teaching
duties. If we can be of any assistance to you in the office, please do not hesitate to ask.


Please read the enclosed information very carefully. It is provided to make your day not only easier, but also
more effective.
Principal:                    Mark Miller                    Phone: 332-3291              ext: 3291
Assistant Principal:          Teresa Prinzi                  Phone: 332-3296              ext: 3296

Main Office Secretaries:
                               Marlene McIlwain               Phone: 3303/4035
                               Vanessa Stewart                Phone: 3306
                               Bobbi Cameron                  Phone: 3295

School Nurse:                  Ann Allerton                   Phone: 3305

Time Out Room:                 Scott Hurteau                  Phone: 4115

Guidance Counselors:           Tracy Altman                   Phone: 3334
                               Matt May                       Phone: 3307

Guidance Secretary:            Kathy Sapp                     Phone: 3304
Custodians:                    John Meath                     Phone: 4144

Red Phone-Emergency:                                          Phone: 4911

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                                      Table of Contents

     Entering the Building
     Accidents
     Classroom Management
     Code of Conduct
     Dismissal
     Emergency Evacuation/Lockdown
     Faculty Room
     Home Base Procedures
     Keys
     Leaving the School
     Length of Day
     New/First Time Substitutes
     Parking
     Photocopying
     Proctor/Monitor Duties
     Restrooms
     Room numbers
     School Closing
     Smoking
     Student Procedures
     Study Hall Procedures
     Time-out Room

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   All substitutes must register and sign in each morning in the main office.
   Make sure you obtain the ID Badge for Substitutes and wear at all times.
   Bobbi will assist you with the forms. You cannot be paid without registering.
   Our school day starts at 7:30 for students. If a teacher is assigned “morning duty”, then that staff
    member is expected to be on duty at 7:15. If you are substituting for a staff member who is assigned
    morning duty starting at 7:15, then you may leave school at 2:45.

  Any accident occurring in the school building or on the school grounds should be reported to the teacher
  in charge of the activity or to the office immediately.

        From the first moment of class, the specific actions of a teacher, especially a substitute teacher, set the
tone or order or disorder. Indecision and unfriendly behavior during the first moments of class may permit a
pattern of turmoil or resentment to quickly emerge, a situation that will be very difficult to correct.
Like the daily teacher, you are a "Role Model". Treat the student with respect, and above all, do not be
sarcastic. Set a positive climate and students will usually react accordingly. The easiest way to set a positive
climate is to be at your assignment, ready to go at the proper time. This is especially true for study halls.
        Substitute teachers are frequently the recipients of student misbehavior; however, the teachers are not
always the directly-intended targets. Students want to see "what the sub is really made of". Don't be afraid to
consult with the other team teachers - they are an excellent reference on your students behavior.
Control your temper. Flying off the handle provides great fun for the students, and it really shows them that
they have "gotten to you". When you "lose your cool", you immediately lose your ability to solve discipline
problems rationally. Such a situation is embarrassing to the teacher as well as to the student.
Remember, a "don't do that" statement is really a negative command. Worse yet is a "if you do that one more
time" statement. Students will definitely test you and if you do not follow through with your "threat"
immediately, you have lost the class.
        Do not be afraid to report a student for misbehavior-discipline referral forms are available in the main
office. Under no circumstances should you simply send a student out of the room. If you find it necessary
to send a student out of the room:
A.      Complete a time out pass and give it to the student to take to Mr. Hurteau in the time out room.
B.      Call the time out room (4115) and give your name and the name of the student sent.
C.      If you attempt to send a student to the time out room and the student refuses to leave, call the office
        immediately and ask for an administrator.

Students are expected to conduct themselves in ways that are truthful, honest, and straight forward. This
extends to all school work that is turned in including homework, projects, tests, and quizzes. Cheating and
plagiarism will not be tolerated. All students will be held personally accountable to this standard of conduct.
Newark Central School District has developed a code of discipline and responsibilities for all students. This code
spells out student misbehaviors to appropriate discipline action. It is each student’s responsibility to read this
Substitute Handbook                                                                                   Page 4 of 10
code so that he/she understands which behaviors are unacceptable and what actions will be taken as a
consequence. It is also the student’s responsibility to seek interpretation of any parts of the code not understood.

Dress code:
Individual students and parents have the primary responsibility for acceptable student dress and general
appearance. School is a formal place of learning. The Middle School is a place where people’s feelings,
morals and values need to be respected at all times. Therefore:
     Clothing choice that causes disruption or provides the opportunity for a health and safety issue at
       school will be permitted.
     Hats, clothing, and attire which have an expression (phrase or word) or insignia (picture, symbol, or
       patch) which is obscene or of sexual nature, or which advocates racial or religious prejudice is

Clothing that is distracting to others or disrupts the climate of the middle school will not be allowed. This
includes, but is not limited to:
     Short shorts, cropped tops, see-through attire, boxer shorts, pajamas, and garments which display
       inappropriate messages (e.g. alcohol, tobacco, drugs, death, satanic or demonic messages, violence,
     Any attire that shows bare shoulders or midriffs, or clothing that reveals undergarments is not
       acceptable. This includes tube tops, net tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, plunging necklines (front
       and/or back), and see through clothing. As well as clothing worn inappropriately, (unbuttoned to the
       point of immodesty, too tight, see through, too low cut, etc.)
     Any student whose attire is considered distracting, disruptive or unsafe in the school environment
       may be removed from class until the clothing is modified or changed, if necessary, by replacing it
       with an acceptable item. Any students refusing to comply with the request of the administrator could
       be subject to discipline at the discretion of school administration. It’s that important.
     Chains, including “chokers”, dog chains, wallet chains, etc. are considered dangerous and not
       appropriate for a safe school environment. Wallet chains and chains hanging from belt loops are not
     No head coverings should be worn in the building during regular school hours.
     Outerwear including coats, bulky outerwear, jackets, scarves, gloves and sunglasses are not to be
       worn during school hours.
     Shoes must be worn at all times.
     Extremely informal clothing such as pajamas and tank top undershirts are considered both distracting
       and inappropriate for a middle school setting.
     Any clothing that has the appearance of or relates to gang activity or involvement is clearly forbidden
       at school as this is in direct violation of our school mission statement and strongly impacts how
       students learn and staff may teach.
     Hats may be worn to school, but not in school and must remain in the lockers throughout the school

Harassment can take many forms: physical (i.e. inappropriate touching), sexual, verbal, or nonverbal.
Harassment prevents students from learning and it not only affects individuals, but the entire school.
Harassment is illegal and unacceptable at the middle school.

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Threats and harassment off school grounds. Any student who threatens or harasses a student off school
grounds that results in a student feeling uncomfortable coming to school in fear of their mental or physical
safety will be subject to school disciplinary procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, threats made on
the Internet, WebPages, instant messaging or harassment directed towards students traveling to and from

Unacceptable behavior:
• When a student is referred to an administrator for unacceptable behavior, the administrator will work with
the teacher, the student and the parents to identify the behaviors, which are interfering with the expectations
of the school. A definition of unacceptable behaviors follows:
Abusive Language
     Swearing or the use of words meant to hurt or demean another person. Racial, ethnic and/or
        religious comments will not be tolerated
     Failure to comply with the reasonable request of any staff member
     Absence from school or classes without parental knowledge or consent
     Defacing or destruction of any property, including but not limited to books, desks, walls, lockers,
        school buses.
     Stealing other people’s property (money, clothing, food, books, etc.)
Verbal, sexual, and/or physical harassment
     Disrespectful behavior, such as bullying, pushing, intimidating, purposefully scaring, threatening,
        making inappropriate comments, gestures, or unwanted physical contact.
     Any behavior that makes a student feel uncomfortable regarding their bodies is considered sexual
        harassment and will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
     Outward signs of affection (i.e. kissing, hugging, etc.) that are deemed distracting to the educational
        environment by a student or staff member are included in this behavior.
Disorderly conduct
     Pushing, shoving, throwing objects (including snowballs), blocking halls, stairs or doorways,
        slamming lockers/doors, and similar actions
Threatening to kill or harm a student, staff member, threatening to bring in, or pretending to have a weapon
in school will result in immediate parent contact and automatic in-school or out of school suspension.

The use, possession, sale, or purchase of drugs, drug related paraphernalia, controlled substances, or alcohol
is prohibited on Newark Middle School or Newark Central School grounds. If a student is acting irrationally
or exhibits a bizarre behavior pattern, assume the student to be ill and notify the school nurse-teacher or main

DISMISSAL: At the end of the day (3:00 PM)
    Have students put chairs up on desks
    Close and lock all windows
    Turn out lights/lock and close door
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EMERGENCY EVACUATION/LOCKDOWN: Please refer to the Red Safety Evacuation Folder.

The exit procedure for each room is posted on the wall by the door. If the alarm bell sounds:
    Close all windows
    Obtain class attendance list/register.
    Turn off lights and close the door. Staff will be the last to leave a classroom to make sure that all
       students have left the classroom.
    Follow students out of building. Neither the staff nor students should be speaking during fire drills.
    Each staff member will be responsible to account for and supervise her/his students upon arrival at
       the designated evacuation site.
    A Runner will come around to assess whether all students are present and accounted for.
    No one is to reenter the building until directed to do so by the principal or his/her designee.

The faculty room contains for faculty usage: a microwave oven, a refrigerator, snack vending machine, a pop
machine, coffee machine and adjoining cafeteria.

   Have students review their homework planners
    Does the student have all assignments listed?
    Does the student have all materials necessary to complete homework?
    Designated folders will be used for all homework assignments.
   Give students reminder of upcoming responsibilities/activities/events.

If you have been given a key, please safeguard it. Never entrust a key to a student. Be sure the classroom is
locked whenever you leave the room especially when the room is empty during the day. At the end of your
day, please come to the office to sign out and return all keys.

LEAVING SCHOOL: At the end of the day (3:00 PM)
   Return keys and Sub-Folder to main office and sign out
   Leave all teaching materials you received at the beginning of the day, along with any other homework
     assignments or notes you may have collected in the same location (teacher’s room or office, etc.)

LENGTH OF DAY: As a substitute teacher, you are expected to be here no later than 7:30 and remain in
the building until the completion of the school day (3:00). Please check with the office for your
assignment from 2:30 – 3:00 and before leaving.

A new or first time substitute has many forms to fill out for district and payroll purposes. You need at least
two forms of identification. The secretaries in the office will assist you.

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Your teacher has an assigned parking spot that should have been indicated by the Sub Service special
instructions. If you are unaware about whether you have parked in the correct spot, please let the main office
secretary know.

A photocopier is located in the room adjoining the main office and in the back hallway for the copying of
material. Ask for directions and assistance if needed.

These duties and locations should be indicated in the substitute teacher folder. If you are not sure of a duty,
ask for an explanation in the main office. You are responsible for performing the assigned duty. Most
teachers have at least one duty daily.

Restrooms are located in all main hallways at different locations – Staff restrooms are available.

Room numbers are indicated on the building map and on the master teacher schedule plan.

If the school is to be closed because of weather conditions or an emergency situation, announcements of the
school closings will be made over radio stations WHAM, WVOR, and WCMF.
If you have been called to substitute prior to a closing - the closing would eliminate the need for your service.

In the event of a natural or man-made emergency during the school day, students will be dismissed from school
to return home. If conditions are unsafe to leave the building, students will be maintained in the building. In the
event of a Ginna emergency, requiring the evacuation of students, the reunification center for Newark Middle
School is the Woodlane Church.

Smoking is not permitted in the Middle School building or on school grounds.

Class seating chart: A seating chart for each class should be available in the substitute teacher folder.

Attendance: every substitute teacher must carefully take attendance at the beginning of each class.
Please call ext. 3306 with any absences.

Class absence form: Record the name of each student absent on the "FEEDBACK FORM". Check
attendance sheet and if the student's name is not on the class listing, please notify the office that a student is
In the event that a seating chart is not available, please have students sign a sheet of paper and turn it in with
your "FEEDBACK" form.

Tardiness: Allow the student into the classroom. Mark name and time on feedback form. Save the
excuse or pass. Report their attendance to the main office.
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Leaving class: No student should be allowed to leave the classroom without a pre-signed pass unless it is an
emergency (guidance, nurse, office, band, chorus, and library). Keep a listing of names and destinations of
all students who leave your room. Please use your best judgment and when in doubt, please ask.

Locker passes: Students should not be given passes to go to their lockers either during class time or study
hall time. They should be at their lockers only before and after school, and before and after lunch.

   Study halls should be treated as a classroom.
   No one should leave without a pass.
   Only one person at a time should be allowed to the bathroom with a pass.
   If you are suspicious of a student acting strangely, or who looks "ill", send the student to the nurse.
   Attendance must be noted and absences recorded.
   Students are allowed to sign out to go to the library (five at a time, pre-signed pass from a teacher has
    priority); students may also sign out to the computer room if they have a pre-signed pass.
   Use your discretion on all other matters (office, nurse, etc.). If in doubt-please call the office or ask
    another staff member on your team.
   All study halls should be quiet. There should be no talking, and students should work independently.

Computer lab procedures
   A pre-signed pass is necessary to use the Computer Lab. The pass must be obtained from the
     classroom teacher or from the Computer Lab teacher before the study hall class.
   Students who leave study hall to use the Computer Lab are required to return to their study hall before
     the end of that period.

TIME OUT ROOM – ISS (Philosophy and Purpose):
Our Time Out Room is organized to serve a number of different functions and provide a positive experience
by which a student and staff member can correct inappropriate behavior. This room provides an area for
students who continue to disrupt the educational environment after repeated efforts by the teacher have been
made to address the issue. Staff members may send students to the Time Out Room directly for one period.
After that period, the student is to return to his/her normal schedule. Any other use of the Time Out Room
for a student must have the approval of the Principal or Assistant Principal of the NMS.

Procedures for Staff Placing Students in the NMS Time Out Room:
    The staff member sends the student to the Time Out Room with a pass and school work to complete.
    The staff member then calls the Time Out Room X4115 and gives his/her name and name of the
      student sent.
    It is expected that if a student is experiencing difficulty in any aspect of any school experience with a
      teacher, that there be communication with the parent to inform them of your concern. This
      communication should come from the Student’s regular teacher.
    The staff member MUST complete a disciplinary referral form by the end of the day and place a copy
      in the student’s regular teacher’s mailbox and submit it to the Assistant Principal.

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                                                 THANK YOU
        The role of an effective substitute teacher is very hard but rewarding work. It requires enthusiasm,
patience and great dedication. The substitute teacher shares in the very stimulating and rewarding challenge
of a full-time teacher: working with young minds. Your energies and efforts are greatly appreciated. If at any
time you have questions, comments or concerns, please share them with the faculty or main office personnel.
Again, welcome to the Newark Middle School. Have a good and productive day!

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