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Vectorform Games     Galactic Aliance is a tower defense game originally developed
                     for the Microsoft Surface to be played at the opening of the
Gallactic Alliance   Microsoft Stores in Arizona and California. It has since been
                     ported to the iPad. Unlike other games in the genre, this
                     game uses the Surfaces multi-touch technology and allows
                     up to 4 players to work cooperatively. My role in the the game
                     include the overall design, user interface, and animations.
College For Creative Studies   An annual publication for the College for Creative Studies. In
                               previous years, the publication was limited to only print work and
                                                                                                      Spine also won one of three judges prizes at the 2007 AIGA
                                                                                                      Design Re:view, an Award of Excellence at the 35th Annual
Spine 2005                     had a narrow color palette. With this edition we tried to push the
                               format as far as possible, replacing the straightforward book
                                                                                                      UCDADesign Competition and was featured in How Magazine’s 2006
                                                                                                      Design Annual and Print Magazine’s 2006 Regional Design Annual.
                               format with a series of cards for each artist as well as a CD-ROM
                               that includes animations, short films, music, and interactive work.
                               The packaging doubles as a poster, acting to tie everything together
                               while being able to exist as a separate work.
Al Franken for Senate          This application was designed for Al Franken’s 2008 Senate
                               campaign in Minnesota to showcase the places he visited and the
On The Trail web application   people he met while traveling the state. By using a collection of
                               icons to represent each location as well as a timeline at the bottom
                               of the screen, users can go on a virtual tour of the many events that
                               Al attended and can jump to a location or date of specific interest.
Detroit Urban Craft Fair   A limited edition silkscreened poster that was designed for
                           the 2007 Detroit Urban Craft Fair at The Majestic Theatre.
2007 Poster                The poster is printed on a brown French paper stock and is
                           3 ink colors. All the lettering was hand drawn with Sharpies and
                           then scanned to keep with the general handmade aesthetic
                           that can be found at the fair.
Saturday Looks Good To Me   Ann Arbor based Saturday Looks Good To Me plays sweet Motown-
                            inspired indie pop. This seven inch is the first in a long line of
Alcohol 7 inch              records released by the band, who tours internationally. The cover
                            illustrates the title track Alcohol.
Chicago Artists Coalition   Worked with the Chicago Artists Coalition to come up with a new
                            contemporary logo to replace the previous identity they had, as
CAC Branding                well as come up with an identity for their new gallery in the Chicago
                            neighborhood of Wicker Park.
Vectorform          Despite Vectorform’s high technology focus, I have always been a
                    fan of the vintage and handmade aestetics. Taking cue from my own
2009 Holiday Card   interests I created this email holiday card for the company which
                    was sent out to various clients as well as internally. The focus of the
                    card more seasonal than holiday based, and had the company’s logo
                    be mixed in with the snowflakes to emphasize the brand.
American Bar Association   Working with Manning Productions in Chicago, I was brought in to
                           help visualize what Uncle Sam’s attic might look like for The American
Uncle Sam’s Attic          Bar Association. This online Flash game is designed to teach middle
                           school age kids about the constitution and voting rights. In the
                           game, players have to match up archival photos and political
                           cartoons with their corresponding voter-related constitutional
                           amendment. As you mouse over the scrapbook choices, descriptive
                           information appears to educate players about their significance.
Lotte Department Store   Worked with Korean department store Lotte to help establish
                         an iPhone app that provided various functions to the consumer,
iPhone Application       including store locations, live based coupons, valet requests, a
                         schedeule for appointments with personal shoppers, and a catalog
                         of merchandise in the store.
Sarah Radtke     I was approached by Sarah Radke, a fresh graduate of chiropractic
                 school, to design her business and appointment cards. Working
Business Cards   with the idea that her job revolves around the adjustment of bones, I
                 chose to go super literal. From there I collected images of Halloween
                 skeletons and collageds and layered the bones. To avoid making it
                 look too spooky and make it a bit more soothing, we went with the
                 baby blue for the color.
The City of Pontiac DDA   The city of Pontiac is a northern Detroit suburb that at one time had
                          a very vibrant downtown area that has deteriorated over the past
PontiacLive.com           few years. Looking to celebrate the city, the businesses that have
                          remained, and the reopening of the Phoenix Plaza Ampetheatre, I
                          was brought in to design and develop a website to help promote
                          the city. Major events that happen in the city include concerts at the
                          Phoenix Plaza, as well as street festivals such as Arts Beats & Eats. In
                          order to make the website as vibrant as possible, I collected a large
                          variety of photography as well as made the website have a dynamic
                          back end soit could be updated with up to date information.
Cartoon Network   Clipbook is an application designed for Cartoon Network’s website
                  where kids can create their own animations using a variety of tools.
Clipbook          After the kids are done making their animations they can submit it
                  to the gallery where people can vote on their favorites, or print up a
                  copy and make a paper flipbook to take with them.
Target                       Worked with Target’s creative team to help establish a cohesive
                             online campaign for their Field Trip grants program. Since launching
Field Trip Grants Campaign   the program in 2007, Target has awarded $9.76 million in grants,
                             providing 1.2 million students in all 50 states with the opportunity
                             to experience learning outside the classroom and enhance their
                             studies in the arts, math, science and social studies.
Skate Stadium     A concept designed to revitalize the area occupied by the former
                  Tiger Stadium before it was torn down, Skate Stadium was an idea
Identity System   to turn a large unused parking lot at the corner of Michigan and
                  Trumble into a skate park. This would help bring people to the area
                  who might not usually come to the Corktown neighborhood of
                  Detroit and help redevelop the area. The identity of the park was
                  designed with the heritage of the area in mind, using the image of
                  the tiger and also referencing its close proximity to the expressway
                  with bright colors and diagonal lines to represent street signage.
You’re Welcome!   Sheets of sarcastic wrapping paper designed to beat your friends
                  to the punch, and guilt trip them into thanking you. You’re welcome!
Weapping Paper
Font Files               A series of three mini file folders, each designed to represent
                         different stages of type exploration. The first folder contains found
Type Exploration Books   type that has come from signage, magazines, album covers, and
                         hand writing. The second file folder contains type created from
                         everyday household items and self created type. The final file folder
                         con- tains 3 different typefaces developed from the explorations in
                         the other two. The final result being the Digit All One, which is a fully
                         developed font created in Font Lab.
Astroboy was called
Tetsuwan Atom in Japan.
The black and white series was          In Brazil, Astroboy was called Marte, o                                    In 1982 a coloured version was released and shown in
                                        Menino Binico-Mars, the Bionic Boy. It was                                Melbourne throughout the 80 s. In 1996 it was shown
created, animated and produced by                                                                                 here on cable TV. Many of these episodes are available
                                        the first animated TV series to be produced
Osamu Tezuka (1928-1989) through        in Japan and after becoming a worldwide hit,
                                                                                                                  on video in Pal format through Siren Entertainment
                                                                                                                  and are still enjoyed by young children today. The
his own company named Mushi             Japanese cartoons began to flood the market                               series begins with the death of Dr Boynton s (a
Productions. Tezuka, like his father,   with the release of other successful series                               robotics engineer) son Aster (Toby in the new series)
                                        such as Gigantor, 8th man and Prince Planet.                              in a car accident set in the year 2000 (help with some
was a qualified doctor of medicine                                                                                character names from Dave Sternberg). He makes a
                                        The large oval eyes became the standard for
but was more interested in drawing.     most other Japanese cartoons. 193 episodes
                                                                                                                  robot in his son s image, but disappointed that he s
                                                                                                                  not a real boy he disowns him, and he is sold to a robot
Astroboy was a successful comic         were produced, but only 104 of them were                                  circus and here is named Astroboy. The ringmaster
strip in Japan in the 50s. It was       redubbed and shown on TV outside Japan. The                               Cachatore (Hamegg in the new series) treats him
                                        voice of Astroboy and Astrogirl was Billie Lou                            cruelly, but he is ater rescued by Dr Elefun (large
released in Japan between 1963 -                                                                                  nose and two puffs of hair on the sides of his head)
                                        Watt (died 2001, married to and survived by
1966 and was shown on Melbourne         Hal Studer who also was part of the dubbing
                                                                                                                  who is against slavery of robots. Under his guidance,
                                                                                                                  Astroboy embarks on adventures, fighting anything
TV in April 1966 at 5.30pm Sundays on   cast on Kimba). Billie was a female, not a male                           that threatens mankind. Astroboy can fly using jet
channel 0.The tv week described it      as many people believe. She later went on to                              rocket propulsion; has weapons including a lazer and
                                        be Kimba and Jimmy Sparks from Gigantor.                                  machine gun, and has emotions.
as Cartoon adventure series about
                                        The voice of Dr Elefun was Cliff Owen who
a youngster in the 21st century.        also played Inspector Blooper from Gigantor.

Digit All One                           Digit All One is a modular font based on dot matrix patterns. Thanks
                                        to the the variations in width, this font reads well at large and small
Typeface Design                         sizes.
Personal Project   One day while drinking out of the plain white coffee cups at the coffee
                   shop that was downstairs from my studio, I realized that the lids of
35 Coffee Cups     the cups kind of looked like hats. From that point on I drew a new face
                   on every coffee cup I got for a little over a month. What I ended up
                   with was a whole wall of 35 different cups at my desk at work.

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