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									                          Molenet Case Study 2

QR Code Treasure Hunt – Staff Development
Pamela Forchione
Aylesbury College


QR Codes, CPD, Blackberry, iPhone, Staff


QR Code Generator (Kaywa), QR Code Reader Apps for iPhone and
Blackberry (i-nigma), Blackberry Storm 2, iPhone.

Main Subject Area:

Staff Development

Main Level:


Introduction and overview

This case study is based on a Technology Treasure Hunt using QR Codes,
a CPD activity with staff. The focus of the activity was to enthuse staff in
the use of mobile technology and give them ideas on how they could use
the devices with their students.

Staff were split into groups and used QR codes to help them navigate
between ILT sessions. Each group was given iPhones and Blackberrys with
i-nigma reader installed. Each ILT session was 15 minutes long and
included Dropbox, Prezi, Animoto, Webex, Using the Wii and an
Introduction to the Molenet Academy room. The groups moved
simultaneously from one session to another. The groups collected an
envelope at each session and one envelope contained the treasure. The
group with the treasure won Blackberry goody bags.

150 members of staff took part with 25 in each group. Each group had 4
devices and staff members took turns in reading the codes.
This activity was designed to create awareness and give tutors some ideas
on how they could use mobile technology. This was one activity which
forms a part of the dissemination of our Molenet 3 project.


Aim: To enthuse and motivate staff to use mobile technology within their
teaching and learning.

Staff at Aylesbury College are aware of the Molenet Project and that we
have mobile technology available to book and use with their learners.
However, often they need more ideas about how they can use them within
their classrooms so that they are effective tools for teaching and learning.
This activity was designed to give staff some ideas on how they could use
the devices. In this instance, the QR codes gave staff directions to each
ILT session but staff could also see how these codes could be used for
other purposes, such as contact details, advertising, web links etc.

Addressing the challenge

Each QR code was created using a free QR Code Generator available
online (Kaywa - The directions were input,
the code generated and then copied onto a Word document. The
document was then printed, laminated and posted around the College.
Staff groups scanned the codes to get directions to their next ILT session.

The i-nigma code reader app was used on both the iPhones and the
Blackberrys. The iPhone i-nigma app was downloaded via iTunes. The
Blackberry app was downloaded from the i-nigma website (http://www.i-

Outcomes and reactions

Impact on teaching and learning

The Treasure Hunt activity (although not in-depth training) increased
awareness of the new technologies that are available to use with students.
We have excellent mobile technology resources available within the
College but the challenge is encouraging staff to use them effectively. This
type of event gives staff the motivation to “give it a go”. This increased
awareness and confidence of teachers leads to an improved student
experience within the classroom.

Learners’ reactions

Staff were motivated and enthusiastic during the activity.
Some staff comments:
“Total technology update”
“Everything was new and interesting”
“More insight into up to date technology, created awareness”

Teachers’ reactions

E-Learning Development Officer comments:

“It can be difficult to think of new ways to engage and motivate staff in
the use of technology but the treasure hunt gave staff a little taster of
what can be achieved and how we can make learning that little bit more
exciting for our students!”

Managers’ reactions

MIS Manager comments:

“This event provided us with an excellent opportunity to disseminate
across the College a wide range of m-learning activities and ideas in a fun
and interactive manner. The teaching and support staff seemed energized
by the day and many took away ideas that they will integrate into their
Scheme of Work next year.”

Lessons learned

The Blackberry app can be tricky to use, it doesn’t always capture the
code straight away and sometimes takes a few attempts.

The biggest challenge of the whole activity was timing. For the treasure
hunt to work each session needed to be the same length and the groups
needed to leave and arrive at sessions on time. We had an ILT Champion
accompany each group ensure timings were kept to and the group didn’t
run into problems.

Next steps

There was a lot of great feedback from staff about the format of this
event. A student group used the QR Codes and did the treasure hunt the
very next day. It is planned to have further similar staff development
events (1 afternoon every term) and further training on using mobile
technology will be given.


Animoto video – on Mole TV
Photos of staff reading QR Codes:

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