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					        Safety Rules

Stay off the Belts!                                                                                                       Los Angeles World Airports

    Caution, Belt may start moving without warning.
                                                                                                                           TBIT Baggage
    Load conveyor belts ONLY when the belts are moving.
    Do not sit, stand or walk on belts                                                                                   Handling System
     (Authorized exceptions: Siemens/O&M bagroom Personnel when belts are                                                     (BHS)
     safely locked out/tagged out.)

Conveyor to be Re-Set Only by O&M Personnel
    Do not pull jammed bags off belts, a strap or lock caught on a belt could cause
     major damage if not removed properly, causing long delays.
    Call 310-417-0721 whenever there is a bag jam or system failure.
    Do not attempt to re-start system; it could result in injury to you or other employees.

8 ft Overhead clearance & Rules for safe Use
    Do not stand or park at entrance or exit of the building.
    If you are in vehicle or tug proceed forward with caution.
    Close all container (AKE, AAU, AAF, etc) doors before moving
    Do not transport baggage or cargo on top of carts or containers.

Drive Safely in Baggage Areas
    No speeding! Maximum allowable speed is 5 mph.
    Protect indoor air quality vehicles should idle no more than 15 seconds.
    Keep arms and legs inside all moving vehicles and doors closed.
    Drive on right side of all lanes.
    Tow no more than 2 LD-7 or 2 LD-8 dollies.
    Tow no more than 4 LD-3 dollies or 4 baggage carts.
    When leaving the “Sort Piers” tow no more than 3 LD-3 dollies or 3 baggage carts

                                                                  Do you have any questions about the operation of the
                                                                             Baggage Handling System?                       Work Safe!
                                                                         Call: Terminal Operations Bag Boss                Work Smart!
                                                                                     (310) 877-1480                      Follow the Rules!
                                                                                  ( 24-Hours a day )
                                                                                                                         Reduce Downtime!

                                                                                  Los Angeles World Airports
Five Keys to reducing conveyor downtime!

                                                                                   Take off Bags Accessories
  No Bags on wheels                      Take off Bags Accessories                Keep Oversized Off
                                                                                      If bag has accessories (hooks,
        Load all bags with wheels             If bag has accessories                straps, etc) remove them and
                                                                                         Oversized equipment (skis,
         UP and to the rear or it will          (hooks, straps, etc) remove              gold clubs, fishing bags.
                                                                                       place them inside thetubes,
         cause a conveyer jam and               them and place them inside               surf board, etc.) closed
                                                                                     Ensure all bag are goes onand
         stop the system.                       the bags.                                oversize belts
                                                                                       secured properlyor elevators
                                               Ensure all bag are closed                only.
                                                and secured properly.

  Space between the Bags                                                            Put Odd sized in Tubs
                                         Put Odd sized in Tubs
        No bags should be                                                             Odd sized equipment (car seats,
                                               Odd sized equipment (car                baby strollers, backpacks,
         touching or overlapping.               seats, baby strollers,                  luggage carts, etc.) MUST go
        Keep all bags a “Foot” a               backpacks, luggage carts, etc.)         into tubs.
         part.                                  MUST go into tubs.

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