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					                        Rotary Club of the Valley of the Moon
                               Number one Mid size Club in District 5130
                             6572 Oakmont Drive, Suite A, Santa Rosa, CA 95409
        Volume IX            Issue No. 18      Gordon Freedman, President    December 4, 2009

                                                           a minute …‟ „Thank you‟ the blonde
                                                           says, and hangs up the phone.

                                                           The divorce judge reviewed the case
                                                           carefully and announced: „I‟ve decided to
                                                           award your wife $775 a week‟. The
                                                           husband replies „That‟s very fair, your
                                                           honor, every now and then I‟ll try to send
                                                           her a few bucks myself.‟

                                                           Then there was the one about Australian
                                                           farmer, the Texan and the grasshoppers–
                                                           very funny!

The Four-Way Test of things we think, say or
                                                       VISITING ROTARIANS AND GUESTS
Is it the Truth?
                                                    Sergeant-at-Arms Jerry Dion introduced
Is it Fair to all concerned?
                                                    visiting Rotarians Don Ryndak from Sonoma
Will it build Goodwill and better Friendships?
                                                    and Harry Hufford from LA 5 and Oakmont.
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?
                                                    Carolyn Anderson sponsored two guests,
                                                    Sandie Scheingold and Kris Peters.
We all wish President Gordon a speedy                    PRESIDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS
recovery from his throat procedure, and we‟re
looking forward to seeing (and hearing) him next    Past-President John kicked off our club
week.     Past-President John Heilbronner           announcements by sharing
chaired today‟s meeting and asked Francine          the 1972-1973 Rotary
Dorshkind to lead us in the pledge.                 motto: “Let‟s take a new
                                                    look – and act” from Good
Dan Grow got everyone                               will begins with you “by
chuckling with a few                                President Roy Hickman.
jokes for our Thoughts for
The Day:                                            At our last meeting, we
                                                    mentioned     the     great
       A blonde calls                               success of the Foundation
       Delta Airlines and                           Dinner. Our club was awarded the „Every
       asks – „Can you                              Member Every Year‟ banner for an outstanding
       tell me how long                             all member effort in 2008-2009. We also
       it‟ll take to get from San Francisco to      received   a    certificate  for    outstanding
       New York City?‟ The agent replies, „Just     performance in Polio Plus giving in 2008-2009.
                                      Rich Irwin                                         coming       up
                                            proudly                                      quickly. Sign-
                                          presented                                      up sheets were
                                      these awards                                       on every table
                                      to      John                                       – Todd needs
                                                                                         to know how
                                                                                         many tickets
                                                                                         you‟d like to
                                                                                         have. If you
Heilbronner.                                            didn‟t sign up at Friday‟s meeting, get in touch
                                                        with Todd and let him know. We‟ll be working
           ANNOUNCEMENTS                                in earnest on the Crab Feed after the Holiday
John Derby reminded us
that there are just two                                 Frank Sites asked that we
weeks left until the big                                start collecting business
drawing for the Raffle.                                 cards from the people we
We‟ve sold a whopping                                   do business with around
842 tickets, and rumor has                              town. Pass the cards along
it that the winning ticket                              to Frank, and our Crab
hasn‟t been sold yet ….                                 Feed ambassadors will be
                                                        charged with soliciting
                       Barb                             donations from this group
                      Spangler         used       an    in the New Year. We need
                      innovative technique to sell      to cast a wide net for donations to make this
                      a ticket at a recent dinner       event a success!
                      event with a group of
                      friends from out of town.                                Gay Weir reported that
                      To make a long story short,                              our Rotary dollars are hard
                      let‟s just say that it‟s pretty                          at work this holiday
                      easy to sell a raffle ticket                             season.           Carolyn
                      after you‟ve performed a                                 Anderson and Gay have
                      Heimlich maneuver on                                     purchased $1,800 in gift
                      someone who‟s choking.                                   certificates for Sierra
                      Barb does not recommend                                  Youth Center and R
making a habit of choking friends to sell tickets,                             House.       We‟ve also
but in this case, it worked!

Also, Jim Carty circulated a very innovative            purchased $280 in bus
way to get more sales by letting people know            tickets    for    Sonoma
that, for $50 ticket, they get a chance to win          County VetConnect to get
$10,000 for any end of year charity contribution        vets up to the new local
they‟d like to make. See the emails for details.        VA clinic near the airport,
                                                        and we‟ve donated $1,000
It was also noted that Al Blake has done a great        to Redwood Food Bank.
job in writing and publishing the raffle articles in    VOM Rotary at work –
the Oakmont News and The Kenwood Press –                thanks Gay and Carolyn,
very good work, Al!!                                    for spearheading this great effort!

And right on the heels of the raffle, Todd              Carolyn Anderson also announced that we‟ve
Vandenberg announced that the Crab Feed is              donated $600 to the Guatemalan Literacy Project
(matched by the District) and donated to the             Eastern Europe, and Japan.           Mostly, he
Siberian Project.                                        celebrated a year with no pirates!

Lois Kelly reminded                                      Francine Dorshkind donated to celebrate a
us that the Holiday                                      wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with her
Dinner       is       fast                               granddaughters.
approaching            on
December 18. About                                       President Gordon donated to celebrate the quiet
50 people have signed                                    in his house this week, for which Irene is most
up so far; get your                                      grateful!
reservation in to Lois
ASAP. This will be a                                     Fred Adair donated to
great night for the club!                                celebrate      a       fun
                                                         Thanksgiving with the
   BIRTHDAYS, ANNIVERSARIES                              family in Palm Springs.
                                                         Phil Wigen challenged
Member Birthdays:                                        the membership to start
                                                         thinking about Ohio State
None                                                     and Oregon in the Rose Bowl and get those
                                                         Happy/Sad Dollars ready!
Spouses Birthdays:
                                                         Bill Shaver announced that there was $183.50 in
None                                                     today‟s weekly
                                                         raffle.     Jim
Anniversaries:                                           Carty held the
                                                         winning ticket
None                                                     for the second
                                                         week in a row,
                             Jim Spangler donated        but to no avail –
                             happy       dollars    to   so the jackpot
                             celebrate selling more      keeps      going
                             raffle tickets to our       up!!
                             friends at Calvary Tire.                            GUEST SPEAKER

                        Pat Campbell donated                                     Les Holve, MD presented
                        happy      dollars      to                               today‟s guest speaker,
                        celebrate being laid-off
                        recently, and referred all
of her travel clients to fellow Rotarian Paula
Schnelle, who promptly donated additional
happy dollars to thank Pat
for the impending new
clients!                                                 Angelo Capozzi, MD
                                                         with a $600 check for
Visiting Rotarian Harry                                  Rotaplast.
Hufford       donated     to
celebrate all the great                                  Dr. Capozzi (right) is
travel that he has enjoyed                               an alumnus of Notre
this year including trips to                             Dame and received his medical degree from
the         Mediterranean,                               Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University in
Chicago. He was an Air Force Captain and              supplies to host hospitals and inspired local
Chief of Plastic Surgery at David Grant Air           governments to develop cleft programs of their
Force Hospital in Fairfield, CA. His career in        own.
Plastic Surgery has been impressive, including
serving as Chairman of Plastic Surgery                Some of the Rotaplast missions scheduled for
Department and Director of the residency              2010 include:
training program at St. Francis Memorial
Hospital in San Francisco.                            Nepal          January
                                                      Venezuela      February
He has been performing International service          Mexico         February
since 1976, completing more than 40 missions,         India          March
including 26 Rotaplast international missions. In     Peru           April
                           1992, as a member of       San Salvador   May
                           the San Francisco          Guatemala      May
                           Rotary, Dr. Capozzi        Brazil         June
                                      co-founded      Egypt          July
                           Rotaplast,          an     Mexico         August
                                     organization     India          September
                           dedicated           to     Vietnam        October
                           improving the lives        Philippines    October
                           of children with cleft     China          November
                           palate and other           Ethiopia       December
conditions requiring reconstructive surgery.
                                                      To volunteer for any of these missions, or to
Since its                                             learn more about Rotaplast, visit the website at:
in 1992,
Rotaplast                                             This is truly one of the best examples of Rotary
has                                                   at work, and Doctor Capozzi‟s presentation was
conducted                                             very moving – makes us all proud to be
over 150                                              Rotarians
missions                                                               CLOSING
performed surgery on more than 13,000 children        Past President John thanked our greeter, Gay
in 19 countries. Missions are staffed by medical      Weir, Francine Dorshkind for leading the
and non-medical volunteers and work in                pledge and Dan Grow for our Thought For the
collaboration with a local Rotary Club in             Day. He also thanked Jim Carty, Dennis
developing countries. The logistics of preparing      Schroeder, Phil Wigen and Frank Sites for
for and performing many surgeries in a short          setting up the room and Bill Shaver for
time (usually two weeks per mission) are              managing the weekly raffle.
staggering, and require a great deal of flexibility
and commitment to getting the job done.               Remember to bring a potential Rotarian as a
                                                      guest to breakfast. Please tell or email Fred or
The long-term goal of Rotaplast is to develop the     Gordon if you are bringing a guest.
surgical and post surgical follow-up skills in the
countries where missions are delivered. By             PRESIDENT'S THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK
promoting self-sufficiency, Rotaplast extends the
value of each mission.                                 “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a
                                                      hard battle” Plato
Beyond performing the surgeries, Rotaplast has
also contributed by donating 125 tons of medical
The meeting was closed with the ringing of the       1/1/10 Dark – New Year’s Holiday
                                                     1/08/10 Children’s Cancer Community – Michael
           “Rotary is in Your Hands”                 Irvine

               MEMBERSHIP                            1/15/10 Civil War Miniatures – Bob O’Connell

No new member postings this week.                    1/22/10 Club Assembly – VOM Rotary Vision Plan

Share Rotary with your friends. We should            1/29/10 Oakmont Emergency Preparedness – Fred
invite business friends and neighbors to a           Polkinghorn
meeting. Who do we do business with, what
neighbors do we know, what former Rotarians          4/30/10 VOM Rotary Charter Dinner
could be asked to join us? Clip and save the
invitation below to give to a friend, neighbor,
or business associate. Please tell or email
Gordon or Fred Polkinghorn if you are
bringing a guest.                                          ERRORS AND OMISSIONS
Guests and potential Rotarians are invited           Please submit any corrections or omissions to
twice at the Club’s expense.                         Barb Spangler for insertion in the next bulletin

          ASKED THEM!

Cut and put in your wallet

       You are invited as a guest
of_____________________________to attend
a breakfast meeting of Valley of the Moon
Rotary. The Club meets Friday mornings at
7:15 a.m. at the Quail Restaurant 7035
Oakmont Drive in Oakmont.                               Dr. Les Holve introduced our speaker, Dr.
                                                                 Angelo Capozzi (right)
                                                     Editor:          Barb Spangler
                                                     Publisher:       Jack Monahan
                  2009-2010                          Photographer     Jack Monahan
12/11/09 CHP 2009 – Not your grandfather’s           President: Gordon Freedman; President Elect: Valerie
Highway Patrol – John Sloat                          Hulsey; Secretary: Pat Randall; Treasurer: Arnie
                                                     Lamb; Jerry Dion; Sgt-At-Arms
12/11/09 Club Board Meeting – Sonoma National

12/18/09 Holiday Dinner and Raffle Drawing – Quail

12/25/09 Dark - Christmas Holiday