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					  Youth and Family Programming
   FLiP Me OVeR
                                 IYar-SIvan-Tammuz 5771 vOLumE 11, ISSuE 2

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“Off and Running”
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“Circumcise Me”
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Summer Camps
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Family Programming to
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           R Cente
Find y
    3800 Kalmia avenue | Boulder, CO 80301 | main: (303) 998-1900 | Fax: (303) 998-1965 |

    boulderjcc center|point                                                                                               board of directors
                                                      quarterly                      erik Bernstein                                    david Levin
                                                                                       Jon Brandon                                Paula Pollachek
                                                                                        Leah Csapo                                  Matthew Rich
           R C te                                                                        Josh dinar                                    Susan Rona
      nd yOu


                                                                                    Adam edelman
           inside this issue                                                     Jennifer Goldman
                                                                                                                              Capital Campaign Chair
                                                                                                                                Heather Schwartz

                                                                                     Carolyn Grant                                    Adam Sirkus
                                                                                            Secretary                                      President
         Capital Campaign                                           4              david Hansburg                                      tom trager
                                                                                      Ayal Korczak                                  Butch Weaver
         Grocery Scrip & Car donation info                          4

         ny, ny - Save the date!                                    5
         Adult Programming                                          7
                                                                                      Jonathan Lev                                  Marketing &


                                                                                  Executive Director                     Communications director
         Boulder Jewish Festival                                    8               (303) 449-3996                              (303) 998-1900 x113
         Community Concierge                                        9                                                              Melissa Morrow
                                                                                                                                    Graphic Designer
         Message from                                                                                               
                                                                               Kathryn Bernheimer

         Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado                       11            Program Director
                                                                              B’Yahad Israel Center                                Ben Brumbaugh

         Congregation & Community                                        maimonides Wellness Center                           Development assistant
         Organization directory                                     12               (303) 998-1021                         (303) 998-1900, ext. 108

                                                                                           Beth Litz                               Carla Chamblee
                                                                                Shalom Baby Director                                Office manager
                                                                                      (720) 364-1812                                 (303) 447-3313
                                                                                                   (303) 447-5936 fax
                                                                                     Phil Rubinstein
                                                                                      J-Teen Director                                Jerry Pinsker
                                                                                                      Facility Director
                                                                                                                                    (303) 998-1900
                                                                                Shari Blake Schnee                   
                                                                               Shalom FamilyDirector
                                                                                (303) 998-1900 x106                                      Jodi Fried
                                                                                                 Community Concierge
                                                                                       Susie Valdez                                 (303) 998-5626
                                                                                  Preschool Director
                                                                                     (303) 448-9939                               Susahnn Valente
         Join us on Facebook at                                             Office assistant
                                                                                                                                   (303) 998-1029
         Follow us on Twitter at                                Lisa Webber               
                                                                         Boulder JCC Library: HaSifria
                                                                          Outreach to Young Families
                                                                                      (303) 449-4531

         June 10 is the deadline for the Fall CenterPoint, which will
         cover August/September/October/November 2011.

2                                                     visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
                           Final Letter from the President
                           This is my final “letter from the president.” As my tenure as President of the Board of the JCC comes
                           to a close, I reflect back with pride. I have been so blessed to serve this community. The JCC has put
                           a lot in motion during the last 2 years while I’ve led the board of directors. We’ve said good-bye to our
                           beloved Linda Loewenstein, hired a dynamic new leader, Jonathan Lev, we’ve raised more money,
                           supported more people in need, and had more participants and members than ever before. Many
                           people have contributed to the success of the organization, and without the full support of those
                           people, which include community leaders, staff, and numerous volunteers, none of what I look back
                           on would have been possible.

                             I have truly enjoyed these past two years and I hope that my contribution has benefited the community.
                             The most important characteristic I tried to instill with the people I worked with was a common vision.
                             As a board, we listened to the concerns and needs of the people here, and from that perspective,
    developed what I thought was the best path forward. Making sure we are focused on our future must remain the top priority
    for all of us. While we do that, let us all be happy, smile and rejoice!

    I’m grateful to have served,
    Adam Sirkus

   the Boulder JCC extends a huge thank you to the following
   businesses and organizations for their incredible support of
   the 2011 9Health Fair:
   King Soopers
   Half Fast Subs on the Hill
   Starbucks Coffee at
      30th and Arapahoe
   Moe’s Bagels
   Eldorado Springs Water
   Colorado National Guard
   Boulder Medical Center
   Calvary Bible Church
                                           Thank you to our amazing volunteer committee!
   Pima Medical Institute
   Lions Club                              Linda Helton -
   9Health Fair                               Boulder Medical Center Volunteer Coordinator
   AMR Ambulance                           Sheryl Buchman - Medical Coordinator
   Quest Diagnostics                       Charlotte Gregory – Non-Medical Coordinator
   Colorado Wilderness                     Meagan Foster – Non-Medical Coordinator
      Rides and Guides                     Emily Norman - Food Coordinator
   Pi Beta Phi                             Anita Liscom - IEC Coordinator
   AEPi                                    Tiana Lujan - Green Coordinator
   Costco                                  Rebecca Schwartz - Publicity Coordinator

   And, thank you to all of our 120+ medical and non-medical volunteers for helping to make
   this year’s fair a huge success! More than 500 Boulder community members were served.
   We couldn’t have done it without YOU!

                                                               Proud Partner:
                                                            Boulder Medical Center

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                                   3
    Cornerstone Campaign update
    IT’S HAPPENING! The JCC’s new building project is moving forward on several fronts
    simultaneously. The Board of Directors has hired an owner’s representative and is in
    the final stage of selecting an architecture firm. The JCC is also working with the Oreg
    Foundation to submit our plans to the City in the fall of 2011. The Building Committee is
    hard at work planning for our new home. We also continue to focus on raising the final
    $5.5 million towards our $20 million goal.

    We need your help! If you are interested in a particular aspect of the project, get
    involved! It really does take a village.                                                    CORNERSTONE
                                                                                                C A M P A I G N
                                                          To learn more:
                                                          1) Visit our new building website at, where you
                                                          can register to receive regular updates.

                                                          2) Plan to attend one of our Campaign Informational Lunches, held on the
                                                          3rd Wednesday of each month (June 15, July 20, August 17, September 21).
                                                          Register online at

                                                          3) Contact Susan Rona at

                                                          What began in Boulder 50 years ago as a few people gathering to pray in
                                                          private homes has evolved into many thriving synagogues and a robust
    Jewish community. These pioneers created an environment where a JCC could flourish. Now we are at the point of expanding
    where Jews and non-Jews alike can come together in a Jewish setting to learn, celebrate, enjoy cultural events and socialize.
    This is a transformative moment in time. Be a part of it!

      other ways to support the BJCC

                                                             2           EASY Ways to
                                                                         Support the BJCC
                                                             Do You Buy Groceries?
                                                             Every time you shop at King Soopers, Safeway, Sunflower Market or
                                                             Liquor Mart, you could be helping the Boulder JCC. And it won’t cost
                                                             you anything - REALLY!

                                                             Every time you buy a gift card for one of those stores at the Boulder
                                                             JCC, we receive 5%. You don’t pay any more for your purchases,
                                                             but the Boulder JCC gets a gift. You don’t even need to stop by the
                                                             Boulder JCC to pick up your gift cards. We can mail them or we’ll even
                                                             deliver (within Boulder city limits).

    Support us by donating your vehicle!
    Don’t want your car anymore? We can help you turn the stressful process of selling
    your car into a stress-free way of donating to the Boulder JCC! We benefit by
    receiving the proceeds of your donation and YOU receive the tax deduction.

    For more information about the programs above, contact Ben
    Brumbaugh at 303-998-1900, x108, or

4                                                visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
                                                         Sunday, September 18

                                                              Avalon Ballroom
                                                           Menorah's Fundraiser Celebrating
                                                             Jewish New York and Honoring

                                                                    Professor David Shneer

                                                         An evening celebrating the vibrant
                                                    culture, diverse cuisine and rich history
                                                        of the country's largest Jewish city.
                                                                               5:30 pm
                                                                        $75 per person;
                                                   $65 early registration before July 31
                                                      A percentage of the proceeds will
                                                               fund a scholarship or the
                                                            Program in Jewish Studies

                                                                        Come enjoy the
                                                                   New York experience.
                                                                See the splendid panorama of
                                                               New York captured on camera.

                                                             Test your knowledge of Jewish
                                                           New York with our trivia contests.

                                                                     Enjoy deli-licious cuisine
                                                                from Little Italy to Chinatown.
                         NEW                                       Enjoy Broadway show tunes
                                                                      and New York standards.

        Kathryn Bernheimer | director, Menorah, *B’Yahad* Maimonides | (303) 998-1021 |
        visit us online at for full program information and details.

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                 5
        The Boulder JCC gratefully acknowledges the following
    organizations for their generous support of our many programs:

      Boulder Jewish
      Community Foundation


6                            visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
    Kathryn Bernheimer | director, menorah, *B’Yahad* maimonides | (303) 998-1021 |

                                                                                                                                               menorah: arts ∙ culture ∙ education
    visit us online at for full program information and details.

  class                                                                        art show opening and film
                        Torah of Sageing® -                                  I’ve never Seen so many Flying Tzitzis
                        acquiring a Heart of Wisdom                          Photography by Barry Meriash
With Rabbi Ori Har DiGennaro                                                 Barry Meriasch presents the spirit of Chasidic life with the
                                                                             intention of seeing beyond the strange appearance and
The class offers knowledge and powerful contemplative                        behavior to the rich world of joy that has been refined in the
tools for gathering and giving expression to the wisdom of our               fire of painful and dark times.
ripening lives. This intergenerational class entwines journal                Sunday, June 5
writing exercises, text study, interactive and individual                    6 pm
meditations, and group sharing. Rabbi Ori Har DiGennaro,
founder and codirector of Center For Spiritual friendship, has               Co-sponsored by Aish Kodesh
taught adults Biblical Hebrew and Kabbalah, including at
Naropa, and is the author of “God Speaks Here and Now: A
Guide for Living.”                                                                                        “Circumcise me:
                                                                                                          The Comedy of
Seven Sundays beginning June 5 (no class on July 3)
4:30 – 6:15 pm                                                                                            Yisrael Campbell”
Fee: $130                                                                                                 With discussion led by Rabbi
At Holos Health, 3000 Center Green drive, Suite 130                                                       Gavriel Goldfeder
( for directions)
to register:                         Have you heard the one about the son of an ex-nun who
or 303-440-1024                                                              converts to Judaism – three times - moves to Israel, starts
                                                                             dressing like a Hasid, and becomes one of Israel’s premiere
Co-sponsored by Center for Spiritual Friendship, Haver Rabbinical Council,   comedians? An intimate look at the “Matisyahu of comedy,”
Boulder JCC’s Maimonides Wellness Center and Holos Health.
                                                                             this short film shares Campbell’s hilarious stand-up routine
                                                                             and the wild life story that inspires his humor.
  older adults : author talks
                                                                             Sunday, June 5, 7 pm
                        “On Hitler’s mountain:                               $10; includes kosher wine and snacks
                        Overcoming the Legacy
                        of a nazi Childhood”                                   special screenings
                        With author Irmgard Hunt
                                                                                                 “The Inspector General”
                        Hunt’s moving, unsettling memoir is part
                        of a literary and historical trend: examining                            Directed by Herman Koster
                        the lives of ordinary Germans during WWII.                               Starring Danny Kaye, Walter Slezak, Elsa
                        She was born in 1934 in Berchtesgaden,                                   Lanchester; Original music by Sylvia
                        where Hitler set up his headquarters, and                                Fine and Johnny Green; Written by Harry
                        her book shows how Nazism pervaded                                       Kurnitz and Philip Papp.
                        day-to-day life.
                        thursday, June 23, noon                                                   Very loosely based on Nikolai Gogol’s
                        $8 for lunch and program                                                  19th-century masterpiece of dramatic
                                                                             satire, which is being produced this summer by the Colorado
  film and panel                                                             Shakespeare Festival, the 1949 screen version stars Danny
                                                                             Kaye as a schlemiel in a traveling Gypsy medicine show who
                                                                             is mistaken by corrupt town officials for the feared Inspector

                      “Off and running”                                      The CSF’s production of “The Government Inspector” (or
                                                                             “The Inspector General”) is directed by Efim Zvenyatsky in
                    With white Jewish lesbians for parents and               collaboration with the Maxim Gorky Theatre in Vladivostok,
                    two adopted brothers, Brooklyn teen Avery                Russia. The play previews July 6, opens July 8 and will be
                    grows up in a unique and loving household.               performed in the University Theater on July 15, 16, 21, 27, 29;
                    But when her curiosity about her African-                August 4, 9, 13.
                    American roots grows, Avery embarks on
                    a complicated exploration of race, identity,             Sunday June 26, 4 pm and 7 pm
and family that threatens to distance her from her parents and               At the Boedecker theater
Jewish identity.                                                             At the dairy Center for the Arts
Wednesday, June 15, 7 pm                                                     2590 Walnut St.
$10 at the door                                                              $9; $7 for seniors and students; $6 for dairy members
Panel discussion following the film                                          tickets available in advance at or at the door
At the Boulder JCC
                                                                             tALKBACK WitH KAtHRyn BeRnHeiMeR FOLLOWinG
                                                                             tHe SCReeninGS

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                                                                                     7
8   visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
           Jodi Fried | Community Concierge | (303) 998-5626 |
           visit us online at for full program information and details.

                                                                                                                         community concierge
                           ‘Cause Community Matters
                           Purim and Passover 2011 are behind us. For me, both
                           holidays were full of spirit in so many ways. Purim
                           embodied a sense of fun, joyfulness, and loss of inhibition.
                           Watching hundreds of kids run through the JCC, make
                           mishloach manot (gifts of food given to friends on Purim),            community
                           and jump on the jumpy castle at the JCC Purim Carnival                  concierge
                           brought back fond memories of my childhood, highlighted
                           the importance of giving, and made me think about the immense opportunity that exists
 for Boulder Jewry. This sentiment was echoed once again, right before Passover at our Pre-Passover Israeli wine
 tasting hosted by Molly and Adam Sirkus, and at our Passover in the Matzah Aisle* program in conjunction with
 our local King Soopers stores. Each of these events and holidays brought together the Boulder Jewish community.
 This all makes me smile, and this is why I’m here!

 Whether you’re a newcomer to Boulder, or an old-timer looking for something more, please remember that I am
 here for you! I can help you get settled, identify activities, programs, and resources that suit your needs, and help
 individuals and families navigate their Jewish journeys in Boulder County.

 Please don’t hesitate to contact me at: 303-998-5626 or
 On twitter: @boulderjcc

 *Passover in the Matzah Aisle is a program of the Jewish Outreach Institute.

                                                 Third Thursday Happy Hours
                                                 For young adults, young professionals, and the young at heart,
                                                 ages 21-35, come meet and hang out with other Jewish young
                                                 professionals in Boulder County every third Thursday of the
                                                 Month. Locations change, but dates stay the same!

                                                 thursday, June 16
                                                 thursday, July 21

 Thank you to Strategic Resources for sponsoring the IDF Happy Hour on Thursday, May 19!

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                                               9
                                          What Matters to Boulder JFS
                                          Get the Help You Need from Boulder JFS
                                          Our skilled geriatric care manager can design an
                                          independent living plan for you to maintain your
                                          independence, while providing a support system
                                          for your special needs. Boulder JFS offers:
                                          • Consultation
                                          • Information and Referrals
                                          • Care Management
                                          • Shabbat Meals
                                          • Volunteers
                                          • JFS at Home 24/7 Home Care
                                          For more information, call (303) 415-1025 or
                                          visit our website at

              Congregation Nevei Kodesh: Jewish Renewal Community of Boulder
               Celebrating our “chai” (18) years of Jewish life well lived.

                   Gala Evening - Dinner, Dance and Roast!

                        Saturday, June 18, 6 p.m.
                    RABBI TIRZAH FIRESTONE
                    Avalon Ballroom, 6185 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder

              We celebrate Reb Tirzah’s 18 years as rabbi. We honor her passion,
              spiritual depth, visionary leadership, and dedication to human rights!

               Tickets available online or at the door. For information please go to our website.

     Nevei Kodesh • 3269 28th St. • Boulder • 303-443-4567 •

10                             visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
        Federation Announced $35,000 in
        emergency Funding for Boulder School
        In April, the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado (Federation) approved $35,000 in emergency funding
        to help enable the Boulder Jewish Day School (BJDS) to finish the 2010-2011 school year and honor
        its commitments to its families and teachers. Representatives from the school approached Federation
                                leadership in early March 2011 with a request for emergency funding, as they
                                were projecting to exhaust their cash on hand by the end of the month and were
                                facing a revenue deficit of $70,000 through the end of their fiscal year in July.
                                Federation agreed to consider funding half of the shortfall, with the school raising
                                the other half. Shortly thereafter, the school Board of Directors voted to close
                                the school for the 2011-2012 school year, and Federation’s Coordinating Council
                                (CC) and Jewish Resource Center (JRC) Board approved the emergency funding.

        Richard Galdieri, BJDS Board president and parent of two current students, was devastated that his
        children can no longer attend the school next year, but was grateful that his children could finish the
        school year. “It has been a sad and difficult time for all the BJDS families as they undertake the challenge
        of finding new schools for next year,” said Galdieri. “We are extremely grateful to Federation for helping
        us finish out the remainder of this academic year, as closing mid-year would make this transition even
        more difficult. Their support, in addition to our own fundraising have enabled us to give the children time
        to say goodbye to the school they love.”

        BJDS, a community day school that has been in existence for 17 years, served students in grades Pre-
        Kindergarten through 5th grade. Three years ago, the school’s enrollment reached an all-time high with
        65 students but has since declined to 26 students. School leadership was projecting a further decline
        for the 2011-2012 school year, prompting the decision to close the school next year.

        “It is most unfortunate that BJDS is closed,” says Judy Robins, Federation’s CC chair. “Federation
        supported the school during its years of serving the Boulder Jewish community, and we have been
        committed to assisting the school as it faced this challenge. This is what Federation is all about – being
        there for Jewish communities in Colorado and around the world when they are in need.”

        About the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado
                              For more than 60 years, the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado has been building
                              and sustaining Jewish life across Colorado, in Israel, and around the world. Each
                              year Federation mobilizes the Jewish community to raise the crucial funds required
                              to provide food, refuge, comfort, education, and emergency assistance to millions
                              of people in-need. Last year, Federation raised $10.3 million that benefited dozens
                              of charitable agencies, both locally and worldwide.

        More information: Melissa Gelfand at 303-316-6491, or

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                       11
 directory of congregations & organizations   exploring Jewish Boulder and Surrounding Areas!

                                              COnGReGAtiOnS                              Kehilath Aish Kodesh                  Hadassah
                                                                                         Modern Orthodox Congregation, Boulder 303-440-5558
                                              Adventure Rabbi                            303-443-2497
                                              Reform Congregation, Boulder               Haver
                                              303-417-6200                                                                     Boulder Rabbinic Council
                                                         Pardes Levavot              
                                                                                         Jewish Renewal Congregation, Boulder
                                              Chabad Lubavitch of Boulder                303-563-2110                          Hebrew High Boulder
                                              Orthodox Congregation, Boulder                    Colorado Agency for Jewish
                                              303-494-1638                                                                     Education
                                              Chabad at Cu
                                              Orthodox Congregation, CU-Boulder          ORGAnizAtiOn COntACtS                    Hillel at Cu
                                              303-444-2775                                                                        303-442-6571
                                                               Anti-defamation League - Boulder
                                              Chabad of Longmont                  Jewish Genealogical Society
                                              Orthodox Congregation, Longmont                                                     of Colorado
                                              303-678-7595                               American israel Public Affairs Committee 720-221-6858
                                              Chabad of nW Metro denver                                    JStreet Colorado
                                              Orthodox Congregation, Westminster                                        
                                              303-429-5177                               American Jewish Committee      
                                              Congregation Beth Ami                                                               303-691-3562
                                              Congregation for Humanistic Judaism        Allied Jewish Federation - Boulder
                                              720-748-1533                               303-316-6466
                                                                         Limmud Colorado
                                              Congregation Beth evergreen                Boulder Jewish Community Center
                                              Reconstructionist Congregation,            303-998-1900
                                              Evergreen                                               Longmont Shabbat Group
                                              303-670-4294                                                                        303-651-6822
                                                          Boulder Jewish Community Foundation
                                              Congregation B’nai torah                                      Ramah Outdoor Adventure
                                              Reform Congregation, Westminster                                                    303-261-8214
                                              303-552-0498                               Boulder Jewish Family Service  
                                                                                             Stepping Stones
                                              Congregation Bonai Shalom                  Type “Boulder” in the search bar.        720-628-6648
                                              Conservative Congregation, Boulder                                        
                                              303-442-6605                               B’yahadtReX
                                                            720-974-6560                             tuv Ha’Aretz/Hazon CSA
                                                                                - click on Israel     Hazon Supported
                                              Congregation Har HaShem                    Connection, then on B’YahadTREX          Agriculture Program
                                              Reform Congregation, Boulder                                              
                                              303-499-7077                               Boulder Jewish Festival                  Type “Boulder” in the search bar.
                                                                                                                                  yesod Foundation
                                              Congregation nevei Kodesh                  Boulder Jewish news                      303-448-4919
                                              Jewish Renewal Congregation, Boulder      
                                              (303) 443-4567
                                                            Cu Program in Jewish Studies
                                              Conscious Learning Community     
                                              Center of Spiritual Development, Boulder

12                                                                                 visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
                         David A. Perlick 
              Estate Planning ∙ Business ∙ Real Estate 
                  (303) 449‐6543 
                     885 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302 

       Protecting Colorado for over 25 years
       Home Security System
       $169.00 Installed                     s*
                                     3 Month
       $30.00 Per Month                FREE
       • Control Panel
       • Keypad
       • 2 Door Contacts
       • 1 Motion Detector

       *Requires 36 month contract

             Call 303-448-4357 for more information.

                                                                                   in Boulder

       Helping adults and families for 20 years.

                                     Michael R. Freedman, PhD
                                      Licensed Clinical Psychologist
                                                                                   B U Y- I T R E ALTY
                                                                                     g a r y   k o r n f e l d   ,   b o u l d e r

                                     2027 11th Street • Boulder, CO 80302
                                              (303) 443-4487                       303-946-7587

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                                     13
        sunday                monday                   tuesday                wednesday               thursday                  friday                saturday
                                                                          1                       2                       3                      4

 5 A Day in the Springs 6
       TEEN                                        7                      8                       9                       10                     11
 Annual JGSCO Brunch          Keitanat Har
       JG - 10 am           HaShem Summer
   Torah of Sageing ®        Camp Begins
      Class Begins            CHH - 9 am          Tuesday Night Torah - Talmud Lunch n’ Learn                             2nd Shabbat Musical
    MEN - 4:30 pm                                 Every Tuesday Night!     with Rabbi Marc                                 Service and Dinner
  Art Show Opening -        Sense-ational Story      KAK - 8:30 pm           CBS - Noon                                       CHH - 6 pm
    Barry Meriash
     MEN - 6 pm              Time – Magical
   “Circumcise Me:            Garden Begins
    The Comedy of              SB - 9:30 am
   Yisrael Campbell”
     MEN - 7 pm

 12                        13                      14                     15                      16                      17                     18
                                                                                                  Magical Music Begins
                                                                           An Afternoon With         SB - 10:30 am
                                                                              the Rockies                                                         Gala Dinner, Dance
                                                                                 TEEN             Magical Music Begins         Community          and Roast honoring
                                                       Rockies Game                                  SB - 11:30 am            Shabbat Service         Rabbi Tirzah
                                                          TEEN                                                                 LS - 7:30 pm       Firestone’s Chai Year
                                                                              “Off and Running”
                                                                                MEN - 7 pm            Third Thursday                                   NK - 6 pm
                                                                                                       Happy Hour

 19                        20                      21                     22                      23                      24                     25
                                                                                                        “On Hitler’s
                                Lake Side                                                                Mountain:
                              Getaway Begins                                                          Overcoming the
                                  TEEN                                                                Legacy of a Nazi
                                                                                                       MEN - Noon

 26                        27                      28                     29                      30
                             Jedi Engineering
       “The Inspector          Camp Begins                                                         Hebrew Aleph-Bet
           General”              SF - 9 am              Overnight &            SumART Begins         with Morah
     at the Dairy Center                                Hike Begins              SB - 9:30 am      Yehudis Fishman
          for the Arts       Art of Magic &               TEEN                                      CBS - 6:45 pm
            MEN -          Mystery Camp Begins
       4 pm and 7 pm            SF - 9 am

                                    BJCC : Boulder JCC LIB: Boulder JCC Library MEN: Menorah SB: Shalom Baby SF: Shalom Family TEEN: J-Teen
           AJF: Allied Jewish Federation AR: Adventure Rabbi BA: Beth Ami BHH: Boulder Hebrew High BJDS: Boulder Jewish Day School CBS: Congregation Bonai Shalom
                CHH: Congregation Har HaShem CLB: Chabad Lubavitch of Boulder CJCL: Chabad Jewish Center of Longmont HAD: Hadassah HAV: Haver HIL: Hillel
          JG: Jewish Geneological Society KAK: Kehilat Aish Kodesh LS: Longmont Shabbat Group M: Maimonides NK: Nevei Kodesh PL: Pardes Levavot SST: Stepping Stones

14                                                          visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
      sunday                 monday                   tuesday           wednesday                thursday                     friday                saturday
                                                                                                                       1                        2

 3                      4                        5                     6                       7                       8                        9

                                                      Adventures in      Preschool Parents’                            2nd Shabbat Musical
                                                        Boulder             Book Club                                   Service and Dinner
                                                         TEEN              LIB - 7:30 pm                                   CHH - 6 pm

 10                     11                       12                    13                      14                         Jewish and
                                                                                                                       15Interfaith Family      16
                                                                                                                            Shabbat Picnic
                             Sense-ational                                                                                    SB - 5 pm
  Outdoor Adventure          Story Time –
   in Aspen Begins                                                                                                          Shabbat Potluck
                        Little Explorer Begins                                                                             Picnic in the Park
        TEEN                 SB - 9:30 am                                                                                    NK - 6:30 pm
                                                                                                                       Community Shabbat
                                                                                                                          LS - 7:30 pm

 17                     18                       19                    20                      21                      22                       23
                          Pre-Engineering                                                      Magical Music Begins
                         Lego® Camp Begins                                                        SB - 10:30 am
                             SF - 9 am                                      Breckenridge
                                                                             Excursion         Magical Music Begins
                           Engineering                                         TEEN               SB - 11:30 am
                        FUNdamentals with
                          LEGO® Begins                                                             Third Thursday
                            SF - 9 am                                                               Happy Hour

 24                     25                       26                    27                      28                      29                       30
                          Jedi Engineering
                            Camp Begins                                                         COMING SOON!
                              SF - 9 am                                                              August 1
 31                                                                               Children’s Peace Garden Summer Camp Begins
                             Engineering                                                             SF - 9 am
                            Challenge with
                            LEGOs® Begins
                              SF - 9 am

                                 BJCC : Boulder JCC LIB: Boulder JCC Library MEN: Menorah SB: Shalom Baby SF: Shalom Family TEEN: J-Teen
        AJF: Allied Jewish Federation AR: Adventure Rabbi BA: Beth Ami BHH: Boulder Hebrew High BJDS: Boulder Jewish Day School CBS: Congregation Bonai Shalom
             CHH: Congregation Har HaShem CLB: Chabad Lubavitch of Boulder CJCL: Chabad Jewish Center of Longmont HAD: Hadassah HAV: Haver HIL: Hillel
       JG: Jewish Geneological Society KAK: Kehilat Aish Kodesh LS: Longmont Shabbat Group M: Maimonides NK: Nevei Kodesh PL: Pardes Levavot SST: Stepping Stones

JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.                                                                                    15
                                    catering            +

                            celebrate all occasions large or small
     Weddings • Memorials • Seders • Parties • Mitzvahs • Briss • Anniversaries • Corporate Events

                       Serving Colorado’s Jewish Community Since 1987
     catering services: 303.443.4049       www.aspiceo               event center: 303.444.3452

       THE ONLY
                                                                                      Accredited Buyer Representative

                                                                                      Certified Residential Specialist

                                                                                      Certified EcoBroker®

        INDEPENDENT                                                                   Graduate Realtor Institute

                                                                                      “RE/MAX HALL OF FAME”

          AND JEWISH-OWNED                                                            “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”

                                                                 Eric Jacobson - 303-441-5619
          NEWSPAPER                                                     Broker Associate

            IN BOULDER

16                                     visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771
                     Lisa Webber | (303) 449-4531 |
                     visit us online at for full program information and details.
                      Summer library hours remain the same:
                      Monday – Friday, 9am – 1pm.
                      We have done some wonderful programming in the library! The Pre-                               library
                      school parents’ Book Club is off to a great start and will continue over                   HaSifria at the Boulder JCC
                      the summer. The book club is a fun, casual way for preschool parents
                      to socialize and connect, enjoy a glass of wine, and discuss good
library: ha sifria

                      upcoming dates:
                      July 6, 7:30 pm in the library, book TBD
                      august 24, 7:30 pm in the library, book TBD
                                                                        Thank you to all of you who have been bringing your little ones to the
                                                                        PJ Library Toddler Storytime. We will pick up again in the fall with our
                                                                        monthly, cozy storytimes for kids, newborn to 2 ½ years old. And, of
                                                                        course, all preschool classes will be coming to the library for storytime
                                                                        and for the opportunity to check out great Jewish books once the
                                                                        school year starts up again. Enjoy your summer!
                                              LORI LUCAS
                                              SAT/ACT/GRE Coach
                                                     College Apps
                                                     Castle House
                           An initiative of
              8                                              JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.
Phil Rubinstein | director, J-Teen | high school |
visit us online at for full program information and details.

  a Day in the Springs
  Get some exercise and take in some                                               a night with the rockies
  scenery on a hike through the Garden of
  the Gods. Afterwards, spend the afternoon                                        Meet at the JCC and head down
  exploring and playing old arcade games in                                        to Coors Field to catch an evening
  Manitou Springs.                                                                 Rockies game.
  June 5                                                                           June 14
  $60                                                                              $28
  incoming Grades 9-10                                                             incoming Grades 9-12
                                                                                   Outdoor adventure
                                                                                   in aspen
                                                                                   Spend four days and three
                                                                                   nights exploring Aspen and the
                                                                                   surrounding areas. We will camp
                                                                                   the Maroon Bells and hike, bike,
                                                                                   raft, and enjoy all that Aspen and
  Overnight and Hike                                                               Snowmass have to offer.
  Take a drive up the mountains and camp                                           July 10-14
  out with your buddies. Wake up bright and                                        $395
  early for a refreshing, morning hike up Mt.                                      incoming Grades 10-12
  June 28-29
  incoming grades 10-12
                                    It’s almost the end of summer! Spend a day
                                    hanging out with friends at Waterworld.
                                    August 10
                                    incoming Grades 10-12
                                                                                                     J         teen
visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771                                        7
         Phil Rubinstein | director, J-Teen | high school |
         visit us online at for full program information and details.

         p                                                         e
           Lake Side Getaway                              an afternoon                        adventures
           Join us for three days and two nights
                                                          with the rockies                    in Boulder
           of summer fun at Nebraska’s Lake               Meet at the JCC and head down       Spend the day in Boulder and
           McConaughy. Teens will lodge near              to watch an afternoon Rockies       experience rock climbing,
           the beach and spend days playing with          game.                               strolling on Pearl Street followed
           friends on the lake. Lake adventures                                               by cool down time at the Boulder
           include tubing, sand castle building,          June 15                             Reservoir.
           bonfires, a real Wild West shoot out,          $28
           and more!                                      incoming Grades 6-8                 July 5
           June 20-22                                                                         incoming Grades 6-8
           incoming Grades 7-9
                                                          Breckenridge Excursion
                                                          Take a trip to the mountains for a day of adventure in Breckenridge.
                                                          Explore what the mountain has to offer during the summer, have lunch
                                                          in Breckenridge Village, and spend the afternoon boating on Lake
                                                          July 20
                                                          incoming Grades 7-8


                J                                JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.
Beth Litz | director, Shalom Baby | prenatal - 5 years | (720) 364-1812 |
        music & movement                                                creative arts
 magical music*                                       Sense-ational Story Time –
 5 months – 5 years                                   magical Garden*
 With Kristin McLean                                  Ages 2-4 years
 Two different class times!                           With Ariana Hall, Lightning Bug Literacy
 Babies, toddlers and preschoolers: We
                                                                                                                                                                shalom baby

                                                      Join us for a Sense-ational Story Time!
 will rattle and bang our instruments,                Enter the world of the Magical Garden
 stomp our feet, wiggle and dance,                    with a four-week series focusing on
 imagine and create with our minds, and               fanciful flowers, fruits and vegetables,
 sing and sound our voices. Through all               and our favorite garden friends! All
 of this musical PLAY, we expand our                  participants will receive an E-Book
 musical skills such as pitch and rhythm,             Parent’s Guide to Extending Learning,
 and learn musical concepts important to              and kid-friendly garden tools.
 early childhood. Best of all, it’s FUN!
                                                      4 Mondays: June 6 – 27                                       SumarT*
 5 thursdays: June 16- July 14                        9:30-10:15 am                                                2-4 years
 10:30-11:15 am                                       $43 Boulder JCC or Moxie Mom
 11:30 am – 12:15 pm                                  Members
 $50.50 Boulder JCC                                                                                                During this summer art class, kids will
                                                      $48 Guests                                                   get to paint, explore different types of
 or Moxie Mom Members
 $56 Guests                                                                                                        play dough and create simple crafts.
                                                      Sense-ational Story Time –                                   If weather permits, we will take our
 5 thursdays: July 21 - Aug 18                                                                                     creating outdoors so we can get really
 10:30-11:15 am                                       Little Explorer*                                             messy! Multiple art stations will allow
 11:30 am -12:15 pm                                   Ages 2-4 years                                               your child to move at their own pace.
 $50.50 Boulder JCC                                   With Ariana Hall, Lightning Bug Literacy                     Class maximum 8 kids, so register early.
 or Moxie Mom Members
 $56 Guests                                           In this four-week series, your Little                        4 Wednesdays: June 29 – July 20
                                                      Explorer will adventure into the                             9:30-10:15 am
                                                      mysterious solar system, play like a                         $43 Boulder JCC or Moxie Mom
                   thursday, May 26                   paleontologist, sail the ocean blue                          Members
                   10:30-11 am                        and explore the wild, Wild West! All                         $48 Guests
                   11:30 – noon                       participants will receive an E-Book
                   to attend the demo, RSVP           Parent’s Guide to Extending Learning,
                   with your choice of class time     and an essential Little Explorer Kit.

 free demo class
                   to                                                                            jewish culture
                   Space is limited.
                                                      4 Mondays: July 11- August 1
                                                      9:30-10:15 am                                                Jewish and Interfaith
 Tumbling room at the “J”                             $43 Boulder JCC or Moxie Mom                                 Family Shabbat
 Summer Open Play Times                               Members
 6 months – 5 years                                   $48 Guests                                                   Picnic Dinner
                                                                                                                   For parents-to-be and families with
                                                                        Monday, May 23                             children 3 years and under
 Take a break from the summer sun                                       9:30-10:15 am                              Older siblings welcome to attend.
 and enjoy open play time in the JCC’s                                  take a sneak peak at our Sense-
 tumbling room. Adult supervision is                                    ational Summer Story time! Join            Are you looking for a way to connect
 required at all times. Socks must be                                   us as we waddle like a duck and            Jewishly in the Boulder area? If so, let’s
 worn by children and adults while in the                               leap like a frog over at the Pond!         get together for a picnic Shabbat dinner
 tumbling room.                                                         through song, art, story time              at the JCC’s preschool playground. You
                                                                        and sensory based exploration              bring your family and a picnic dinner and
 Mondays, 9-11 am (closed July 4)                                       stations, what may seem like a
 thursdays, 9-11 am and 2-4 pm                                                                                     we’ll provide the challah, candles and
                                                                        typical pond to adults becomes

                                                      free demo class
 (closed June 9)                                                                                                   grape juice.
                                                                        a world of magic and mystery to
 Free for anyone enrolled in summer                                     your preschooler!
 PAL, JCC Preschool summer camp or a                                                                               Friday, July 15
 Shalom Baby summer class.                                                                                         5 - 6:30 pm
                                                                        to attend the demo,                        Boulder JCC Preschool Playground
 $5 Guests                                                              RSVP to               $5 per family
                                                                        Space is limited.
                                                                                    * These programs qualify for a MazelTot Family Discount.
                                               Check out, and click on the Shalom Baby
             Early Childhood Programs
                                                 tab for more detailed info and to register for programs!
visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771                                                                                5
            Susie Valdez | director, Preschool | (303) 448-9939 |
            visit us online at for full program information and details.



                                                                                             mm      p
                                                                                               er Cam
                                                    Summer Camp at the JCC
                                                    preschool is an enriching and
                                                    playful experience for children
                                                    ages 2 ½ - 5 years old (entering
                                                    kindergarten). Campers will explore
                                                    nature, friendship, art, science and
                                                    music all through Jewish lenses. Our
                                                    camp teachers are skilled, creative,
                                                    early childhood educators who
                                                    will facilitate a fun and stimulating
                                                    experience for your child!
                                                    For more information and a daily sample schedule, please
                                                    visit, and click on the “Summer Camps &
                                                    Programs” tab, and then click the “Preschool Camp” tab.
                                      Camp Session Schedule and Pricing information
                                      Cost per 2-week session                                     Cost per 2-week session
                                      Half-day                                                    Full-day
                                      9am-1pm:                                                    9am-3pm:
                                      t/th Session 3: $138; Sessions 2 and 4: $168                t/th Session 3: $175; Sessions 2 and 4: $228
                                      M/W/F Session 3: $200; Sessions 2 and 4: $240               M/W/F Session 3: $275; Sessions 2 and 4: $330
                                      M-F Session 3: $345; Sessions 2 and 4: $380                 M-F Session 3: $480; Sessions 2 and 4: $530
                                        Session 2                     Session 3                     Session 4                Mini-Session
                                       June 20 – July 1                July 5 – 15                   July 18-29              Aug 1 – Aug 5
                                        Payment due                 (no camp July 4)                Payment due              Payment due
                                           June 1                     Payment due                      July 1                   July 15
                                                                        June 15                                           (Cost is ½ the cost
                                                                                                                          of 2-week session)
                                      For children that stay for the full day camp, there will be tumbling, science, sculpture and
                                      building, music, and cooking. A snack will be served before children are picked up at 3 pm.
                                       * This program qualifies for a MazelTot Family Discount.
       4                                          JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.
Shari Blake Schnee | director, Shalom Family | 6 years - 12 years; grown-ups | (303) 998-1900 x106 |
Shalom Family Summer Camp Info
Your child(ren) will not want to miss these fun and enriching summer camp experiences! For more information
and to register online, visit, and click on the “Summer Camps & Programs” tab.
                                                                 the Art of Magic and Mystery Camp
                                                                                                                                    shalom family

                                                                 Taught by full time professional magician and actress
                                                                 Erica Sodos
The Boulder JCC, Hazon and Growing Gardens Present
                                                                 Ever wish you could magically make
Children’s Peace Garden                                          a ball disappear or turn a pencil
Summer Camp at the “J”                                           into a frog? Finding out secrets and
                                                                 creating a character are all a part of the
Join us for an exciting camp experience that will give kids a    incredible process of learning magic.
direct and deep connection with adamah (the land), plants,       We will explore these concepts and
Judaism, and each other while having tons of FUN! A week         more during this exciting camp which
of experiential gardening activities will be filled with relay   will culminate in a magic performance
races, insect scavenger hunts, bee hive exploration, creating    and party for friends and family.
recipes from the garden and art projects! For three days,
camp will be held at the Boulder JCC’s new garden and for        June 27 - July 1
the other two days, we’ll be at the Children’s Peace Garden      Ages 8 - 13
in North Boulder.                                                M-F, 9 am – noon
                                                                 $165 for JCC Members;
August 1 – August 5                                              $180 for non JCC members
Group 1: Ages 4 – 6
Group 2: Ages 7-10
M-F, 9 am – noon
$165 for JCC Members; $180 for non JCC members
                       The Boulder JCC and Play-                 Engineering Fundamentals
                       Well TEKnologies Present                  with LEGO®
                                                                 Have your child become a Play-Well
                       Lego® Camp!                               Engineer! Students take on real-life
                                                                 engineering challenges that explore
                                                                 concepts in physics, architecture,
                                                                 mechanical and structural engineering with
Jedi Engineering                                                 over 100,000 pieces of LEGO® material.
Build planes, droids, and palaces inspired by designs made       From racecars to Battletracks, this is a
a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Motorized sand        hands-on and minds-on camp suitable for
crawlers, Drone assembly lines, and Battle-cruisers galore.      LEGO novices to “maniacs.” Designed by
A new offering of original designs for young Jedi ages 5-7       engineers, the curriculum challenges both
from Play-Well TEKnologies.                                      new and returning students to reach the
                                                                 next level of engineering comprehension all while having fun.
2 Sessions Available!
June 27 - July 1 OR July 25 - 29                                 July 18 - 22
Ages 5 – 7                                                       Ages 8 – 12
M - F, 9 am – noon                                               M - F, 1 pm - 4 pm
$150 for JCC members, $165 for non-JCC members                   $150 for JCC members, $165 for non-JCC members
                                                                 Engineering Challenge with LEGOs®
Pre-Engineering with LEGO®                                       Accept the challenge. You will work cooperatively with your
Have your child become a Play-Well Engineer! Students            teamates to complete the mission. Achieving mission goals
will build cities, bridges, and motorized cars/planes and        will necessitate construction of trucks, bridges, elevators,
explore the many creative possibilities of engineering with      cranes, bulldozers, conveyor belts, and other motorized and
the LEGO® system. With access to over 100,000 pieces of          alternatively powered contraptions. Instruction will be provided
LEGO, your child will have the opportunity to build what they    by staff. Familiarity with the LEGO® Technic building system
have only dreamed of with the support of an experienced          is desirable and can be obtained by attending Engineering
Play-Well Engineering instructor to guide them.                  FUNdamentals camp.
July 18 - 22                                                     July 25 - 29
Ages 5 – 7                                                       Ages 8 – 12
M - F, 9 am – noon                                               M - F, 1 pm - 4 pm
$150 for JCC members, $165 for non-JCC members                   $150 for JCC members, $165 for non-JCC members
visit us online at www. JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771                                                    3
                       3800 Kalmia avenue | Boulder, CO 80301 | main: (303) 998-1900 | Fax: (303) 998-1965 |
                                                                    boulderjcc youth and family programming
                                       Shalom Baby offers an array of programs designed for babies, young children and their parents.
                                       From childbirth preparation to providing support for parents – plus classes, activities and fun for
    Early Childhood Programs           new parents and children through age five.
                                       Our school offers opportunities for exploration and discovery in a play-based environment. We
                                       strive to nourish children’s innate sense of curiosity, wonder and inquiry.
                                       Shalom Family is a next step for families with elementary and middle school-aged children who
                                       are ready for more connection with the Boulder JCC family. Our classes enrich and inspire kids
    Youth and Family Programs          and their parents!
                                       JTeen: The newest department at the JCC, J-Teen focuses on programs and resources for high
                                       school students, 9-12th grade, including Maccabi Games/ArtsFest, Bouler Jewish Teen Council,
                                       babysitting I&R and more.
                                       JCC Library: HaSifria offers books, music, and movies to the community. New releases, children,
                                       teen and holiday books plus an extensive collection of reading from Arts to Talmud to Zionism.
         HaSifria at the Boulder JCC
                                       Community Concierge: Helps families find & access the resources they need in both Jewish
                   community           Boulder & in broader Boulder County.
                                                                                         ly Journe
                                                                                       miHand-in-Ha y

                                                                               riching F

                                                                                                 inside this issue
                                                                             enp-by-Step a

                                                                               Summer Camps at the Boulder JCC                                     3
                                                                               Preschool Summer Camp                                               4
                                                                               Shalom Baby                                                         5
                                                                               Middle School Programming                                           6
                                                                               High School Programming                                             7
                                                                               Library                                                             8
                                                                                             June 10 is the deadline for the next CP, which will cover
                                                                                                       August/September/October/November 2011.
2                                                  JUNE - JULY 2011 / Iyar-Sivan-Tammuz 5771 visit us online at www.
   for CenterPoint                         ly Journe
                                         miHand-in-Ha y


                                 riching F
                               enp-by-Step a

                                               S   yOutH And FAMiLy PROGRAMMinG
                                                                                       IYar-SIvan-Tammuz 5771
         Early Childhood Programs
                                                          Youth and Family Programs
                                                                                       Summer Camps

                                                                                       page 3
                                                                                       Preschool Summer Camp
                                                          J                            page 4
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