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Career Spotlight on Motocross Mechanic

          Mike Vanderpool

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A dirt bike has a size either a 125cc or a 250cc or 450cc and there also either a 2 stroke or a 4

stroke. It depends on the engine and how powerful the motor is 2 strokes are the fastest.
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                             Career Spotlight on Motocross Mechanic

       Imagine going to a racetrack and seeing a racer do a superman knack-knack and suddenly

he crashes! Who is he going to call to fix his bike? He needs a motocross mechanic. As with

any possible career choice, someone considering a mechanic as a career s should be familiar with

its history, the nature and conditions of the work, the skills and training needed, and the financial

and staffing outlook.

                                  Nature and Conditions of Work

       Motocross mechanics work either by themselves or with a partner. As becoming a

Motocross Mechanic you need to have a shop or garage. But for a motocross mechanic the best

place to be is around dirt tracks because dirt bikes. You have a racer who is having trouble with

his bike he brings it to you and you work on do the full service for a bike which is clean the

filter, change oil, tire pressure, then the motor with pistons or new clutch, then last pressure wash

the bike to get it as clean as possible. Sometimes the riders mechanics mix gas for them if it’s a 2

stroke which is a bike runner off gas and oil you mix both together some riders like 50-1 or 25-1

which is the amount of oil or gas. Some are worked for a dealership like Honda, Suzuki,

Yamaha, or Kawasaki making either dirt bikes or croc rockets. Sometimes working on a motor

can get very dirty during a race if he needs a new tire or if he blew the head then it gets real

rough cause in a race the rider has 2 motors 2 races and you have to get it done before there next

race. If you get up working for a pro racer its hard cause you will have to travel to races

sometimes in other countries and across the country. Most of your time will be motocross which

takes up all your time everyday to going to practice and prepping up the bikes and after changing

the oil, cleaning the filter, tire pressure, and wash the bike then the next day the something for
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everyday until off season. Also part of the mechanics job is to get the rider sponsored and

schedule there races and travel directions. And during the race the mechanics holds up the time

on a board they hold up every time the rider goes by or he will tell them to be smart or if there

going to low on a bank turn he will tell him to go wide on the turns. A mechanics Job is very

important for a racer the mechanic does a lot for the rider from being a good mechanic to a good



          In 1924 the first off-road event was held in Camberley in Surrey at Europe. It increased

during the 1930 in Britain.

                                       Financial and Staffing Outlook

                                        Skills and Training Required
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