Stress taking Charge

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					Stress taking Charge

                My nerves are shot. I cannot take it anymore. What does everyone expect of me?
      Sound familiar? It is obvious that stress is taking charge of someone life when they are
      screaming these words in the air. Turn it around and tell your self I will not allow stress
      to control my life. No one expects me to do more than I can do. I am expecting more of
      my self than anyone else is expecting. My nerves are in a rumble, so I need to relax so I
      can calm down. Sound better? It is true you can be saying all these possible words and
      stop stress from taking charge of your life. We all were born with survival skills, which
      include the ability to continue living even when times are bad. We hear stories about the
      different stress management techniques and how they can help us cope with stress. We
      also hear stories about stressors and how to avoid them. The stressors include common
      problems in life. However, we need to expand on stressors since we are all different and
      handle stress differently. When you feel stress do you head to the local liquor store telling
      your self that after all you have been through you deserve a good drunk. Maybe you do
      not have an alcohol problem, but on occasions, you reach for the bottle to relieve your
      stress. Some so-called experts would claim an alcohol problem is existing while others
      that are less judgmental can see that sometimes this person decides to relieve stress by
      subduing the problems. we are all subject to be titled alcoholics since the criminal justice
      system and mental health experts all have their own ideas as to who is a drunk and who is
      not. We may have full control of our life a make a couple of bad decisions down the road
      and called an irresponsible drunk by the so-called experts that believe they have all the
      answers. When in fact they too head off to the bar after work and drink, and many of
      them will drive home after drinking a few alcohol beverages. Wow! No wonder we are
      all stressed? I will tell you a short story about a woman that was arrested for DUI and
      later drink alcohol at a local tavern with the prosecutor. Talk about a stressor and stress
      increase potential. Moving on…you may not have an alcohol problem but you do have a
      failure in your stress management scheme. Something is lacking so you need to review
      your life and study your problems carefully to see if any problems are removable. Pull up
      all your resources and examine them carefully to determine if any one resource can prove
      benefit to eliminating your problem. You can start by asking your self what is my
      problem. Ok, so what if you do not resort to alcohol when stress occurs? What if you find
      a partner and engage in unprotected self-believing this will eliminate your stress? If this
      is you then you better sit down, think about the consequences of your behaviors, and
      accept that you have a problem and a failure in your stress management scheme. Maybe
      you prefer to eat uncontrollably when stress is overwhelming. Binge eating is nearly as
      bad as having unprotected sex or drinking excessively. Now we see that we have three
      stressors to review, alcohol, stress and food. Ok, the first guy decides to get drunk when
      stress is overwhelming. Has he decided to skip alcohol and take control of his life? Now
      he put his problems on temporary hold. The second person has also put her life on
      temporary hold, while the third person is binging hoping that the food terminates the
      suffering. All three are similar in contrast. Not all three of these people have a stress
      management scheme that will hold them up when disaster hits and are more likely to
      claim their nerves are shot when stress hits and they cannot take it anymore. It is time to
      take control of stress and take charge of your life. Stress is good, bad and ugly! When
      stress controls your life, it can produce very ugly results.